Top 6 Free Trial Mattresses You Need to Try

Updated June 2021

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Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

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Emma Original Mattress

Lightweight Sleeper


DreamCloud Mattress

Averageweight Sleeper


Simba Hybrid Mattress

Heavyweight Sleeper


Helix Plus

Back Sleepers


Ergoflex 5G Mattress

The Best Mattresses

I have always been the kind of guy who does not like buying the first thing he likes. I like to take my time and weigh my options properly before I make a decision. That is especially true when I have to invest in something as significant as buying a mattress.

In such cases, I have come to realise that free trials are my best friend. I get to try mattresses, see how they are and figure out if they have anything for me. Given that I am a picky sleeper and my girlfriend is quite the opposite choosing a mattress is not easy.

If you are anything like me, you also need to have your options open before putting down your money on a single mattress. I have made this job easy for us by curating a list of the best mattress free trial options.

Please give it a read and make sure you try all the mattresses mentioned to find one you like and make it yours!

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress review

Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress with Natural Foam & New Zealand Wool.


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For me, this mattress was the perfect choice because it had everything I could dream of. I am a hot sleeper, so the temperature control, in the beginning, was an excellent aid for my sleep. However, over time it got a little uncomfortable as the mattress would heat up during the night, but it was not very noticeable.

One of the best features of this mattress is its 365-day trial. While most mattress trials are a few days to weeks long, you can test this mattress out for 365 days and return it if you do not like it. I personally really enjoyed the mattress and would recommend it to people who want to sleep on their side.

Side sleepers will enjoy this mattress because of its even weight distribution technology. The memory foam is perfect for people who sleep on their side as it evenly distributes the weight and makes it easy for you to fall asleep. It is also suitable for people up to 230 lbs.

The 5-layer memory foam is made with sustainable products, and it is climate neutral. The cover has advanced temperature control, and the subsequent layers are made with memory foam and polyfoam. That makes it a very comfortable and firm mattress to sleep on.

This mattress was also great for my injuries. I did not wake up with any shoulder pain in the morning, even though I like to sleep on my side. Moreover, I did not find it uncomfortable to fall asleep at night despite my back pain!

If you do not enjoy sleeping on firm mattresses, this might not be the one for you. However, it was great for me to share this mattress with my girlfriend, and we could both sleep on it comfortably.

Emma Original Mattress review

Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress with Natural Foam & New Zealand Wool.


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The Emma Original Mattress was an excellent choice for me as a side sleeper. I thoroughly enjoyed sleeping on it and testing it out. The free trial period on this mattress is 200 days, which is comparatively lower than Nectar’s. However, the mattress also comes with a 10-year warranty.

The comfort level on the Emma mattress was pretty great. My girlfriend and I enjoyed the weight distribution, temperature control, and firmness of the mattress. I weigh 75 kg (165 lbs), so in my opinion, the mattress was on the firmer side. My girlfriend felt the same way as she weighs 41 kg (90 lbs).

While you are not required to flip the mattress, the Emma mattress still comes with side handles. That makes it easier for you to carry it around and rotate it if necessary. However, flipping the mattress is not requires as the top layer is made of durable memory foam that does not let you down!

The services offered by Emma are top-notch. However, a few customers faced difficulties with their orders and the size of the mattress. Fortunately, I did not have to experience any of that with my order.

If you have any concerns with your mattress, you could always reach out to their customer service department for a prompt response. They can guide you through the delivery and transport of your ordered item.

DreamCloud Mattress review

Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress with Natural Foam & New Zealand Wool.


Key Features

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Choosing a mattress is a great deal for me, even though I do not sleep much. That makes it all the more important for me to pick the mattress that suits my needs throughout the year. Well, I jumped at the opportunity that DreamCloud provides.

The brand offers a 365-night trial period for its highest-quality hybrid mattress. Luxury mattresses, especially those that combine both memory foam and coils, are especially expensive, but not in this case. This piece of mattress comes with a warranty of a lifetime and at relatively reasonable prices.

You can try this mattress for an entire year, and if you are not satisfied, send it back and enjoy a 100% refund. Isn’t that awesome! Except, if you are a lightweight sleeper, you will not feel the need to do so.

I’m an average weight person — 75 kg (165 lbs), and I did not find sleeping on the DreamCloud mattress all that comfortable. While sleeping on the back was still acceptable enough, I could not sleep in my usual position — i.e., on the side. That is because I felt bunched up around my hips and shoulders. The same goes for stomach sleeping.

That being said, you need not worry if you are a lightweight sleeper. That is a medium-firm mattress — 7.5 out of 10, ideal for individuals like you. Additionally, its memory gel foam and cashmere blend cover allow enough breathability. So, if you are a hot sleeper like me, go no further.

Try it for yourself for 365 days, and you will love it!

Simba Hybrid Mattress review

Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress with Natural Foam & New Zealand Wool.


Key Features

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The Simba Hybrid Mattress is another excellent option for mattress pickers like you who wish to try it before purchase. This piece comes with a full 200-day free trial, letting you experience both colder and warmer temperatures of the year.

Besides, it has a guarantee of 10 years. So, if you face any trouble during this course, you are liable to get an all-new Simba Hybrid mattress for free!

Yes, it is indeed a fantastic option because some bed types do not support all kinds of mattresses. Resultantly, your expensive purchase goes down the drain within a few years. Simba lets you get past this problem.

Another considerable issue that this mattress solves (at least for me) is providing a cool sleeping environment. Apart from a highly breathable surface, the mattress is backed by an open-cell Simba-Pure layer with moisture-wicking properties.

To top it all, its third layer comprises a titanium Aerocoil spring-comfort layer. That further allows all-around ventilation, allowing you to sleep at peace even in the warmest of temperatures.

What’s more? I found the mattress to be excellent for side sleepers. I like to sleep on the side, and most mattresses make me sink a little too deep, with their coil layer piercing into my body. Hybrid provides just the right balance of firmness — medium, allowing me to sleep comfortably.

Needless to say, I’m an average weight sleeper, and it supported my weight almost perfectly. That is, irrespective of whether I slept on the back or the side. Plus, its cone-shaped coils are soft enough.

One problem that I may face is the disturbance when I sleep with my girlfriend. She loves to cuddle (which is perfectly okay), but it can get pretty discomforting as this mattress does not isolate motion.

Nevertheless, the Simba Hybrid Mattress is one of the ideal options for a sleeper like me. Also, it comes with a 200-night free trial which is like a cherry on the cake. So, you can go ahead too and try out this superb option.

Helix Plus review

Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress with Natural Foam & New Zealand Wool.


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If you are an individual with a larger frame, you probably prefer a softer mattress that does sag. Such pieces do not provide enough support, making your body sink a little too deep.

Helix Plus is specially designed for heavyweight individuals, providing strong support in every position. As you lie down, the thick upper layer provides relief points while its 8-inch tall coils allow you to rest comfortably.

The best part about this piece is its durability, a problem faced by most plus-size individuals. This particular mattress uses dense, quality foam, ensuring long-term use. Moreover, the mattress comes with a guarantee period of 10 years. So, even if the mattress sags or reflects problems, you can get it replaced for free.

The prime purpose here is to check the trial period, and I loved what this mattress offers. It comes with a 100-night trial session, which is enough for you to test its comfort. If you do not find the right firmness level, you might as well return the mattress and get a full refund.

Being an average-weight side sleeper, I found the mattress a tad bit on the firmer side. However, if you belong to the latter category of average weight or plus size sleeper, this mattress is the right amount of soft.

Besides, it has two exceptional qualities, motion isolation and a robust edge, which I don’t usually find. Its strong coils at the side make it easy for me to sleep when my girlfriend comes over as she drives me towards the edge with her cuddles. Also, a big thanks to its individually-pocketed coils, allowing me to sleep without any movement disturbances.

What’s more? The Helix Plus comes with additional features like compatibility with adjustable beds. Therefore, you can use it for all types of beds, adjustable, slat, and more.

Ergoflex 5G Mattress review

Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress with Natural Foam & New Zealand Wool.


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If you are looking for a memory foam luxury mattress at a value, the ErgoFlex 5G is an excellent option. Though the mattress comes with a free trial of only 30 nights, I found it more than enough to make my decision. Well, with its exceptional features, I would have agreed to a 7-night trial as well.

That is the prime reason I have included this option in this list despite the relatively shorter trial period. Plus, it has a 10-year worry-free warranty. So, rest assured you are not flushing your money down the drain.

It is a memory foam mattress with high-density foam layers. The first layer itself is a whopping 9 cm deep, providing the ultimate comfort to your back. As soon as I lay down on the mattress, I could feel the relief in the pressure points, providing the perfect spinal alignment.

Keeping all things aside, what made me fall in love with this mattress is its special Cool-Sleep layer. Present right at the core, this foam prevents any warmth or moisture from building up in the entire mattress. It ensures complete air circulation.

To top it all, the other open-cell memory foam layer is better than the previous versions. This fifth-generation foam allows heat dispersal significantly, with the Tencel cover adding to the breathability. Therefore, it is THE mattress for hot sleepers like me.

I felt completely relaxed and fresh after sleeping on this mattress. Moreover, the cover is anti-bacterial and also washable. It is a complete win-win situation for all you cleanliness freaks out there.

What’s more? The Ergoflex scores 6-7 out of  10 in terms of firmness, slightly on the firmer side. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for those of you who have chronic back pain. I surely am one of them due to my sports injury as a teenager. However, I’m not much of a back sleeper.

Still, this mattress meets my needs as well. The Ergoflex 5G contoured to my hips and shoulders well, without letting me sink deep inside. Plus, it is compatible with adjustable beds — another feature making it hard to ignore!

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Buying Guide

Features to look for in Mattresses.

Before you buy a mattress for yourself or even pick one to try, you should educate yourself a little. I find it easier to decide when I narrow down my options and then choose one mattress out of the best. Here are a few top features to look out for before investing in a mattress.


Depending on your preference and medical history, you should pick a mattress that suits you best. Try not to go for too firm or too soft; a moderately firm mattress that retains its shape is suitable.

Temperature Control

If you are a hot sleeper like me, go for a mattress with temperature control in its top layers. This way, you can avoid waking up in a pool of your sweat.


Some mattresses can be extremely pricey. Set a budget and stick to it so you do not end up overspending on your new mattress.

Brand warranty

When you pick a mattress, make sure it has a good brand warranty. Mattresses are not investments you make every year. So, make sure the one you get lasts you a few good years at least!


If you are allergic to many things, you should opt for a mattress made of hypoallergenic materials. This way, you can enjoy uninterrupted sleep at night without getting allergic reactions from your mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can go ahead with a standard, regular mattress with an adjustable bed, but there is a twist. It needs to be flexible enough to be compatible. The best types of mattresses for adjustable beds include latex, memory foam, and hybrid.

Yes, memory foam is undoubtedly the best mattress type for adjustable bed bases. It is the most flexible option that often comes with added layers and features. That being said, the mattress might have problems like sagging, a warm environment, etc. Make sure to look for one that has cooling and responsive features.

Once you have set up the adjustable bed base, add rubber or anti-slip pads to each of its corners. It will prevent your mattress from sliding sideways, giving well-rounded stability.

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