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Best Cheap Mattress

Best Cheap Mattress 2022

With years of research and scoping through many mattresses, I have finally accumulated the best cheap mattress. You may find it challenging to find the best value mattress in the UK. However, there are numerous out there.

Let me assure you that cheap does not mean low-quality. I have tested all of the mattresses that I mention in this article. Moreover, some of them surprised me with their material quality and performance.

Since childhood, I have not been much of a sleeper, even though I loved sleep. Thus, I felt mesmerised by the comfort the best value mattress possessed. I felt the urge to share my experience with you.

I will guide you through a budget-friendly mattress hunting adventure. Moreover, it eliminates the misconception that price means performance. When it comes to mattress shopping, I pride myself on my knowledge.

This list will contain a comprehensive review of the best value mattress in the UK. Along with the curated list, I have also answered some of the most frequently asked questions about mattresses that might interest you.

Are you ready to get the comfiest and cheapest mattress ever? I hope my experience with the best value mattress helps you choose the right one.  

  • – Best For Side Sleepers
  • – Best For Back Sleepers
  • – Best For Front Sleepers
  • – Best For Combo Sleepers
  • Inofia Pocket Sprung Mattress – Best For Couples
  • – Best For Hot Sleepers
  • Sealy Posturepedic Aspen Mattress – Best For Back Pain

My Top Cheapest Pick – Vesgantti Original Hybrid Mattress 

Key Features

  • A perfect blend of softness and firmness
  • Absorbs moisture and sweat due to airflow technology
  • Motion isolating dynamic response
  • Hypoallergenic material
  • Seven pressure relief zones

Recommended For

  • Any preferred sleep positions: High-end dynamic technologies make it possible for everyone to sleep peacefully.

Avoid If

  • Preference for specific firmness: This may not be a good choice if you’re looking for a harder or softer mattress.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

Amongst all the other best value mattresses, this is my personal favourite. It is a classic medium-firm feel pocket sprung mattress. I found the design and build of this mattress to be for all types of sleepers.

I made each of my brothers try it out, and they seemed to have a comfortable experience. I found this hybrid bed to have a great blend of softness and firmness. Moreover, it provided firm comfort that I love from a Vesgantti classic.

This mattress used the spring layer technology and a breathable foam layer on top. Further, it was Centipur-US certified, making it safe and free from chemicals. The internal layers of the original hybrid mattress have a unique comfort system powered by the spring layer.

This comfort system consisted of breathable foams that used a multi-layer design. After this, the mattress had a supportive spring layer. Moreover, it was hypoallergenic. Thus no sniffles!

While sleeping, I found that the foam had a highly breathable texture when I used the mattress. Therefore, the company’s claim of adding an increased airflow was valid. The best part?

It has a feature that absorbs moisture and sweat, thus keeping you dry while sleeping. I was genuinely astonished by this feature and the perfect hug-like comfort it gave me. As I sunk into this heavenly mattress, I realised how soft and perfect it is for side sleepers.

The motion isolating dynamic response makes it an ideal mattress for couples. Therefore, making it perfect for you and your loved ones. Each of the springs present in this product is individually wrapped. That makes sure that the bed only responds when applying pressure to it.

I was surprised by the shock-absorbing capabilities it had. To test that, I jumped up and down, reliving my childhood days, and realised the resilience it possesses. Further, it absorbed the noise and vibrations, which my girlfriend corroborated as she sat on one corner of the mattress.

You will be surprised to know that this best value mattress has seven pressure-point zones. I tested them out and reached a heavenly bliss of pressure relief. Moreover, if you have pain anywhere in your body, this mattress will help relieve that.

There is edge support on this mattress that enables you to sit or sleep on the edge of the bed. Further, the bed’s firmness is just right, thus giving your spinal cord the alignment it needs during sleep.  

There was something unique I observed with the Original Hybrid Mattress. It gave me a memory foam vibe when I was rolling around on the bed. Further, you can get this mattress from single to super king. I used the small double variant of this mattress.

Above all, this mattress gives you a 100-night trial period and comes with a 10-year warranty.

Cheapest Best Value Mattress – Starlight Beds Deep Sprung Double Memory Fibre Mattress

Key Features

  • Engineered with 13.5 Gauge European Bonnell Open Coil Spring Unit
  • Valued for its softness and comfort
  • Made with high-quality visco-elastic memory fibre
  • Uses recycled plastic bottles
  • Free from allergens

Recommended For

  • Back and side sleepers: It provides medium to soft comfort, perfect for you.

Avoid If

  • Looking for a larger mattress or a front sleeper: It is relatively shorter in dimensions. Further, the material is not suitable for heavy or front sleepers.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

One word to describe this mattress would be “surprised.” Right from the delivery to the feeling of laying on it, I was astonished by this product’s quality. Moreover, this is the cheapest on my list; therefore, it surprised me with its unique features.

Okay, let me start by talking about how it got delivered. Unlike most hybrid mattresses, this one did not come in a rectangle box. Instead, they rolled it up in the shape of a burrito which eluded its flexibility.

I was initially a little sceptical about the quality due to the pricing. However, I felt that the mattress provided a comfortable and pleasant sleep. This statement in itself is a lot coming from a light sleeper.

Starlight Beds has been in the industry for thirty or so years. They exclusively manufacture their affordable beds in Great Britain. Moreover, their Deep Sprung mattress has a unique touch of softness and comfort.

That is due to “the micro-quilt cool touch” panel used in their sizeable onion-style top. Moreover, it has a grey border giving it a sleek look. It uses the European Bonnell Open Coil Spring engineered with a 13.5-gauge unit.

This technology allowed the distribution of my weight as I sunk into the comfort of the bed. Thus, giving me a medium to soft feel while laying down. I would say that I fell asleep quickly, and once I woke up, I had a relaxed start to the day. That makes it ideal for back or side sleepers.

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I still believe that it was a Monday; thus, the revitalised feeling was incredible. After jumping on it for a minute, I narrowed the fabric to being made from high-quality memory fibre. Further, the depth of the mattress was 23 cm.

The mattress had an added eight layers of comfort. Two of those layers are made with visco-elastic memory fibre that has next-gen features embedded in it. This fibre gives your body support and provides a comfy feeling.

I loved this brand’s recycled plastic bottles to make their best value mattress. Polythene Terephthalates present in plastic pollutes the ocean and harm the environment. So, when you buy this mattress, you are helping yourself and contributing to a better future.

The memory fibre did not quickly adapt to my 6 ft body as the mattress itself was 90 cm x 190 cm. Thus, please refrain from buying this if you are taller than me. Further, it helped to relieve pressure and gave me anatomical support. Nonetheless, it resulted in a good night’s sleep.

The fabric was made with cutting-edge materials that are free from allergens. You will have a cleaner and fresher sleep. Upon research, I found that the company complies with all the British Safety Laws. Therefore, making it an excellent purchase for the range.

However, some drawbacks are bound to happen in the best value mattress. This one did not have side support, making it impossible to sit on the bed corner. Further, the vacuum packing needs to be opened within seven days after you receive it.

Cheapest Foam Mattress With Coils – Simba Comfort Zoned Foam Mattress 

Key Features

  • Uses Hypoallergenic sleep cover (Oeko-Tex 100 standard)
  • Breathable surface with a comfort layer
  • Improves spinal alignments for people with back pain
  • Provides cloud-like comfort
  • Better and fresher sleep cycle

Recommended For

  • It moulds perfectly with all types of sleepers.

Avoid If

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

I was stunned to see that Simba had created a budget mattress. This cheaper version is only available on third-party platforms. Moreover, I was fascinated by the level of convenience it gave me.

It uses minimal layers in its production, thus, making it efficient. As I fell asleep on this best value mattress, I found its simplicity appealing and comforting. Further, top-quality foam usage is contributing to these features.

When I got this mattress, I did not believe the stylish design just because of its price. It did not indicate being the best value mattress. The use of its unique two-layer foam design had a knitted finish to the cover.

The cover weighs in at 500 g making it breathable and luxurious. Further, the cover featured a temperature regulation technology that added comfort. This property allows the hot air to pass through the mattress and keep it away from your body.

Even more, the mattress cover is Oeko-Tex 100 certified to intrigue you. Thus, ensuring that it meets all the standards and has hypoallergenic properties. If you have allergy problems, this product will not harm you.

The mattress uses an open-pore design exclusive to the Simba line, called Simbatex. Further, these advanced foam layers help with the heat transference I mentioned earlier. Along with its breathability, it has the properties to blend in with your body thoroughly.

My 6 ft frame was entirely moulded into the layer, thus giving me a cloud-like sensation. I can relate to the comfort level of being cradled. Further, the mattress supported me from every side.  

The use of high-definition foam in the base gave this mattress support. Therefore, I felt the physical definition of solid support from this mattress. Four castellated zones in the bed provide support to your physical ailments.

The zones carefully apply pressure while aligning your spine to a posture that will not harm your body. Further, I felt this mattress had unparallel breathability and excellent support for your body.

I will call it a balanced mattress as it is neither firm nor soft. Therefore, if you are a front, back, or side sleeper, it will perfectly support you through your sleep. The aesthetic design and the appealing features of this medium-firm mattress make it a good choice for you.

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You will receive this foam mattress in a vacuum-sealed carton box. Further, it will have a 100-night trial period and a three-year warranty. Moreover, I ordered the UK double, a decent size for my girlfriend and me.

Best Value Mattress For Backaches – Sealy Posturepedic Aspen Mattress

Key Features

  • Handcrafted in the UK
  • Best for chronic back pain
  • Made with high-end spring technology
  • Comfortable for back and front sleepers
  • The durable Damask cover provides breathable properties.

Recommended For

  • Back sleepers and front sleepers:  This mattress provides adequate support to the spinal cord along with posture defining spring system

Avoid If

  • Side sleepers with a preference for softness: This mattress is too firm that might make you feel uncomfortable.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

Since my chronic injuries as a child, I have been getting recurrent back pains for years. However, the time I spent sleeping on this mattress has proved fruitful. I found this sturdy mattress to be comfortable enough for a good sleep.

Not to mention, this Sealy mattress is affordable. Moreover, after trying it out, I will consider this the perfect Posturepedic mattress in the budget. It is a sprung mattress that you can enjoy regardless of your sleeping position.

However, if you are a side sleeper and have an innate dislike for firm beds, this will not be ideal. Someone with back pain will benefit from this product. Moreover, this is a perfect purchase if you are a front sleeper.

This mattress uses an exclusive spring system that uses their PostureTech Core Support technology. Further, this will help support your body weight as you sleep soundly at night. I managed to get a peaceful sleep which was a much-needed rest for my body.

This Sealy mattress uses an easy-care feature, thus making it easy to maintain. I recommend that you rotate the mattress every few months to get the best benefit. Do not flip it! Moreover, anyone suffering from chronic back pain will benefit from sleeping on this exceptional Posturepedic Aspen Mattress.

This is the best value mattress due to the durable pocket spring system. Further, it is a long-lasting product that will be a friend to your pocket and your spine.

With excellent support and comfort, this mattress has become one of my favourites in the market. Along with this, the cover used is made from a breathable material called Damask. That helps keep your body temperature regulated. Further, the hand-tufted cover makes it firm and more durable.

This Sealy mattress comes in many sizes. It varies from single to super king. However, you will be pleased to know that the most significant model is still affordable. The mattress will have a five-year warranty. As the price was pretty low, I used this Sealy mattress’s “double” variation.

Best Value Mattress Made From Hybrid Foam – Emma Essential Mattress 

Key Features

  • Comfort and firmness packed into one
  • Use of zoned support channels to facilitate luxurious support
  • Temperature regulated open-pore structure.
  • Mattress handles for easy manoeuvring.
  • Spine alignment

Recommended For

  • All body types: The unique material perfectly supports the hips, shoulders, and spine while sleeping.

Avoid If

  • Chronic back pain: This mattress provides adequate support to the back due to its softer materials.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

This mattress uses all-foam, which is a signature product for the brand Emma. This European mattress is custom-made by German engineers. Thus, making the sleeping experience soft and supportive.

I found out that these foams are unique as they gave me a feeling of luxurious softness. It uses Zoned Support channels in the foam combo that facilitates this coupled with the supportiveness. Emma is a famous brand known, so I will assume that you might have owned one once in your life.

I have always been fascinated by their excellent spine support features. They claim to provide an unparalleled and optimal spinal alignment required for a good night’s sleep. The popularity dictated that they offer the citizens a new best value mattress.

With this, the Emma Essential Mattress came into existence. If you have an avid interest in the world of mattresses, you will know they own the UK’s most awarded mattress title. I want to emphasise that this foam mattress is exquisite for everyone.

 It uses regulated materials to create a chemical-free and safe-to-use mattress. Moreover, this mattress had a two-layer support design of high-quality breathable foams. Further, I noticed that these layers have dual covers made of polyester and polypropylene.

Upon research, I discovered that the top half is temperature regulated because of the pure polyester and hybrid foam. Moreover, the polyester fibre cover helped control overheating and the surface cooler. Thus, making me feel refreshed. This innovative technology of heating prevention is one of the reasons I love it so much.

The cover’s bottom half had a base along with sturdy sidewalls. However, this was made with 89% polyester. Along with that, it also had 11% polypropylene in the material. Further, the non-slip coating featured in the base facilitates a secure fitting to the bedframe.

This feature enabled the mattress to remain fixed to the bedframe. I tried moving the bed; however, I failed to do so. Therefore, Emma Essential has reduced movement!

According to the website, I would wash the top cover at just 40 degrees in the machine, which I confirmed as I tried that out. Therefore, you need not worry about keeping your mattress pristine.

I would say that the mattress handles made it easier for me to rotate it every week to get all the benefits evenly distributed. Further, the perfect blend of hybrid and HRX foam makes this mattress a breathable support system.

The breathable feature is due to its open-pore structure. That contributes to eating the moister and giving you a sweat-free experience while you sleep. Further, the base foam has a more durable and firm nature.

This layer is supportive for your back as it provides pain relief. The unique design helps with its seven support zones made with innovative properties. Moreover, it helps you with your spine alignment. I was fascinated by the heavenly comfort and gentle pressure; this mattress provided.

After a long day, I instantly felt like melting away into a blissful slumber as I lay down to sleep. That is the best value mattress if you require comfort and support simultaneously. However, overall, this mattress is on the softer side, which means your weight will dictate the firmness you feel.

Initially, this mattress did not come with an extended trial period. However, the 14-night mark was enough for me to decide on its cloud-like properties. It also has a lengthy five-year warranty. Thus, you can deduce that this product has longevity, which is an excellent price.

Due to my stature, I used the double variation in their range. The dimensions were perfectly adequate for me, with 135 cm x 190 cm. Further, the width was 18 cm which was a smaller size.

The Best Value Mattress Made With Purotex – Silentnight Mattress-Now 3 Zone Memory Mattress 

Key Features

  • Made by a UK super-brand
  • Medium feel mattress
  • Made with Purotex
  • Three layers of comfort and firmness
  • Healthier sleep

Recommended For

  • People with allergies: The Purotex eradicates all the dust-mite allergens.
  • Side sleepers: The medium-soft properties make it perfect for side sleepers.

Avoid If

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

Silentnight has been in the industry for over 70 years, making it a super-brand here in the UK. Therefore, they have experience in creating comfortable budget mattresses. However, their best value mattress to me is their Silentnight 3 Zone Memory Foam Mattress.

I realised from the unpacking that it was a medium feel mattress, thus supporting its claim. The innovative use of friendly bacteria and its memory foam design transformed this mattress into a healthy alternative.

I witnessed a significant reduction of moisture in the product because of this technology. Moreover, the decrease in dust-mite allergens makes it the perfect hypoallergenic mattress. It creates a cleaner and healthier mattress to sleep on.

The way these bacteria work is fascinating. You unknowingly activate the Purotex as you are sleeping and multiply it. Further, it then kills any harmful bacteria or dust mites that might lay hidden on the bed. Therefore, in a way, this mattress protects you from getting sick.

The surface of this best value mattress uses a soft material that gives a cosy sleep surface. Apart from this, there are two other layers, thus highlighting the name. I felt that the mattress provided pressure-relieve and comfort as I slept.

The memory foam layer of the mattress featured as the second layer is softer than the average. This feature allowed a hug-like feeling, like my body sunk into the soft fabric. Moreover, this helps keep the weight balanced, thus giving you a supportive feel.

The layer relieved the pressure to keep my bones and joints relaxed. The next layer of this Silentnight mattress uses a zoned Miratex foam. It provided a softer level of support to my shoulders. At the same time, it was giving my lower back and hips the much-needed firm support.

You could say that all of these three layers help facilitate a perfectly snug feeling as you go to bed. Moreover, they have unique stand-alone features that ensure the mattress is pressure-relieving and soft. On the other hand, the bottom part is durable and helps keep these layers.

Further, the medium-soft properties make it perfect for people who sleep on their side. I found this to be ultra-comfortable at its prize range. Additionally, I used the double variation of this bed. However, it comes in single to king variations along with Euro single, double, and king.

Everything considered, I believe that this is an affordable one that will be an excellent addition to your bedroom. Further, it comes with a flexible sixty-day trial period and a three-year warranty.

Best Value Mattress For Couples – Inofia Pocket Sprung Mattress

Key Features

  • Seven layers of comfort
  • 3D knitted breathable covers
  • High-elastic comfort foam layers
  • Intricate spring layer
  • 100-night trial

Recommended For

  • Any sleep positions: It is specially made for everyone.  
  • Couples: The technology used to manufacture this bed is perfect for two people.

Avoid If

  • Looking for a softer or harder mattress: This one is in the medium-soft range.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

After using this Inofia mattress, I realised that it was specially made for any sleeping position. It features a breathable aspect that keeps you supported and cool while sleeping. The fabrics used to make this mattress is high-quality for the price it came in.

The mattress itself is made up of seven different layers. Thus, making it a hybrid. It has 3D knitted and breathable covers that wrap all the layers together. Further, allowing air to escape and retracts the heat from your body.

The first three layers are made out of foam. As I lay on this bed, I felt comfortable and quickly sunk into the support it provided. Moreover, I could move and shift soon due to the high elasticity in the comfort foam layers. The ensured comfort was refreshing!

Other than that, this layer was able to relieve my pressure points. Further, the skinnier parts of my body had good support and superb comfort. The second layer of this mattress is made out of high-density foam.

This foam has a sturdy texture that allows your body’s perfect snuggly feeling. Moreover, it comes with a dual-layer that allowed more resounding support that I did not witness in any other mattress. The comfort was not too much. My joints and bones were off the pressure and comfortable.

I relaxed as I lay on this mattress, completely sinking into its soft foamy texture. The top layer has a non-woven fabric layer that helps separate the springs and the first foam layer. Thus, providing a much-needed break.

The presence of the two sterile layers keeps the mattress clean. The spring layer has this on both sides to provide a more contained experience. Further, it also helps keep the air from collecting nasty particles.

The final spring layer is intricate and complex in design. Each of the pocket springs is wrapped. They are further facilitating better airflow and aiding in pressure relief. Moreover, the springs are separated to an adequate amount.

That enables each of them to react differently to your body. I believe that this mechanism makes the sleep experience better. So, being a restless sleeper beside your sound asleep partner will no longer bother them. Therefore, this is a perfect bed for couples!

You will not affect your partner’s sleep due to its motion-transfer reduction system as you fidget around. Further, the spring layer has scientific proof of aligning the spine correctly. Therefore, it can combat any back pain. This best value mattress helps distribute the weight of your body perfectly.

The high-electricity foam used in manufacturing this product distributes your sleeping surface evenly. On the contrary, the high-density foams give you a supportive feeling for your back and shoulder. It also balances the mattress to provide you with additional support.

I believe that the fabric layer has an innate ability to prevent the formation of moulds. That is due to the porous nature. The sterile layer adds firmness and shape to the Inofia mattress. Moreover, this layer projected its features to facilitate the pocket springs to do their job.

The mattress was 22 cm deep and came in six different sizes. I used the small double for my room when I tested it out. In addition, the mattress came with a ten-year warranty, making it more secure.

I also received the perk of having a trial of hundred nights. That will help you figure out whether this mattress is for you or not. Therefore, if you are looking for the best value mattress for couples, I recommend this product.

It is affordable and has many features. You can call this a balanced hybrid mattress with a medium firmness feel. Therefore, if you like softer mattresses, I suggest looking at some of the other options on this list.

Best Value Mattress For Orthopaedic Needs – Signature Crystal 300

Key Features

  • Made with natural materials
  • Wool enriched the hand-tufted top layer.
  • Ideal for orthopaedic requirements
  • Exemplary breathable material
  • No notion transfer feature

Recommended For

  • People with chronic back pain: It is specially made for people suffering from back and joint pain.  
  • Couples: No motion transfers allowing you to sleep peacefully even with a fidgety partner.

Avoid If

  • Looking for a softer mattress: Even if the firmness depends on your weight, it is substantial.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

This mattress has natural fillings on each of the sides of the spring. Thus, making this pocket sprung mattress a unique one. Moreover, a member of the National Bed Federation used his abilities to manufacture this for optimum comfort.

It is built in the UK, thus following all the manufacturing regulations we have. Therefore, you can ensure that this local best value mattress is safe and regulated. The manufacturers provided to select every inch of material for a cosy sleep carefully.

Once I set down the mattress on my bed frame, I realised it was double-sided. Therefore, giving you the freedom to flip it over anytime you want. I also noticed its easy to use handles.

I could use these handles to move it around with ease. However, I suggest that you rotate and flip the mattress every six weeks for better performance. You will also get to see a prolonged life of this Happybeds mattress. So, feel free to manoeuvre it around quickly and efficiently.

These easy to use handles contributed to the better instalment of the mattress. I used minimal effort to get it onto the bed. After which, I sunk into the fabric.

The hand-tufted top was so soft and comfortable to lay on. I believe the mattress cover has carefully selected wool to enrich the softness. The tufted feature made sure to secure both sides of the surface.

It enabled a durable and better-performing mattress top. Further, lengthening the life of the mattress by this fastening technique. You will find that this allows the components of the wool top to be softer and more durable than usual.

Thus, it was precisely why I had a good night’s sleep on the surface of the mattress. I felt happier and more at ease after I woke up. Further, there are air vents on each side of the bed, which enable breathability.

After a few days of excessive use, I found out that these vents contribute to more than just breathability. It helps with overall air circulation, which ensures cleanliness on the mattress. Further, keeping it pristine and better performing.

Other than this, the use of cotton in its fabric helps prevent any form of moisture build-up. Therefore, helping you keep yourself free from sweat. It absorbs any moisture that may accumulate on the woven linen. Moreover, this gives a better and softer feeling when you gently touch the surface of the mattress.

Inside the mattress is a naturally filled spring layer. This natural material on both sides of the spring is made from all-natural materials. Namely, cashmere, silk, cotton and wool. These elements are compressed together in this best value mattress to ensure the ultimate comfort level.

Each of the 3,000 count pocket springs in the layer is individually wrapped. Most mattresses in this range come with less spring and more foam, making the sleep experience less desirable. I was surprised to see the intricate design and technology that made this mattress.

Therefore, the spring count in this Happybeds mattress is surprising to me. You will find that each of the carefully placed springs uses individual fabric pockets. That allows each of these spring layers to have unique and parallel movement to your body.

It also suggests that there is no motion transfer along with the mattress. Therefore, your sleep will not be disturbed by its continuous movements if you sleep beside someone. It can be a good mattress for people who suffer from restlessness at night.

Your movement will only allow the springs you are laying on to move. It makes for an excellent bed for couples. I also noticed that the comfort level is equal to the support. Moreover, the natural materials on top and bottom of the spring layer provide comfort.

On the other hand, the spring layer gives you good support. Further, relieving any pressure or stress on your joints. It also provides support to your spine while you sleep. Thus, making this bed enough for people with chronic pain.

According to their website, this is the best mattress for people with orthopaedic problems. It gives you back and joint support, which is excellent for the price.

The mattress I bought was a small double. However, it is available in six variations, from small single to super king. The depth of the bed was 25 cm, which was adequate for me. Further, the firmness of this mattress will depend on your body weight. So, choose accordingly.

FAQs About Best Value Mattress

Now that I have successfully familiarised you with the best value mattress in the market. Let us discuss some questions people tend to ask me. Further, being a mattress enthusiast, I must answer all the queries before buying a mattress.

How would you know you require a new mattress?

In my years of research and trying out different mattresses, I have concluded that a well-maintained mattress will last you ten years. However, the National Bed Federation suggests changing it every eight years.

Moreover, the cheapest best, value mattress will require frequent maintenance or regular replacing. So, if you find your bed to have squeaky springs or worn-out fabric, I suggest it is time for you to get another one.

Further, if the mattress does not give you the same comfort or support level, you know what to do. If you fail to replace your old mattress, you may wake up with pain that might lead to chronic illness.

I believe a good mattress is not the amount you have spent on it. Instead, it is the relaxation you get from it. Therefore, you can invest in the best value mattress listed above if you are short on money.

How do you know which cheap mattress to get?

Honestly? I feel like this is a pretty legit question. Further, the answer is subjective and entirely depends on your needs and requirements. Even the best value mattress comes in different shapes, sizes, and types. Let me break it down for you.

  • Continuous coil mattress – The ultimate budget option for you! I believe these are significantly cheaper and provide a good night’s sleep. However, they may turn saggy over time.  
  • Open coil mattress – These mattresses are less supportive as they are hard to maintain structure and shape. Moreover, it is a value for money option.
  • Pocket spring mattress comes in soft, medium, and firm variations that make them more breathable. Moreover, it is perfect for couples and is a more luxurious option.
  • Memory foam mattress – I believe that this mattress is best for people with back pain. It also has cheap and expensive options for you to choose from. Moreover, it is hypoallergenic and shapes your body perfectly.
  • Latex mattress – The mattresses build from this material are durable and breathable with their firmness. Further, there are a lot of cheaper versions available in the market.  
  • The hybrid mattress uses memory foam, pocket springs, and latex to provide the ultimate sleeping experience. It relieves aches and induces comfort. Further, it is available in all price ranges.

Additionally, you will find the best value mattress available in UK standard sizes like:

  • Small single – 75cm x 190cm
  • Single – 90cm x 190 cm
  • Small double – 120 cm x 190 cm
  • Double – 135 cm x 190 cm
  • King size – 150 cm x 200 cm
  • Super-king size – 180 cm x 200 cm
  • Emperor – 200 cm x 202 cm
  • Large emperor – 215 cm x 217 cm

You will see that beyond the king sizes, the prices skyrocket. Therefore, I suggest that you stick to the first four size options if you are looking for a cheaper option.

Further, if you move around on your bed during sleep, you will need a soft or medium-soft mattress. This way, your body will not have any pain. On the other hand, a medium-firm bed will help you if you sleep on your back. That is because you will need firm lower-back support.

A firm mattress is perfect for people who sleep on their front. That will help keep you in a comfortable and stable position while you sleep. As you can see, there is no straight answer to the question at hand. Further, you need to analyse your sleeping patterns and requirements before investing in the best value mattress.

I hope this list helps you choose the best value mattress that perfectly suits your requirements—looking for a couple’s mattress? You can select the Inofia mattress. Or, are you in need of a bed for your back pain? Sealy has got you covered.

Apart from this, are you in need of the cheapest mattress in the UK? To understand the features, you can read through my Starlight Beds deep Sprung Double Memory Fibre Mattress review. No matter what you need in your budget range, I have accumulated a list for everyone. Therefore, please choose the best value mattress from my collection and enhance your sleeping experience.

With this, I wish you happy shopping for the best value mattress!

Written by:

Max Stevens