Best Mattress For Sciatica 2022

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Best Mattress For Sciatica

Best Mattress For Sciatica 2022

I am obsessed with sleep, and my friends and family always ask me questions about my not-so-managed sleep schedule. As little as I slept, I participated in an all-nighter competition and came out as a winner.

My reckless sleep pattern is due to my chronic injuries, migraines and, for the most part, travelling. My girlfriend lives in Thailand, and I had to travel back and forth from the UK to meet her, and thus, my sleep pattern was highly affected.

So, to find a solution to my back pain and sleep problem, I tried and tested many mattresses.

If you suffer from sciatica, you will need a mattress to provide immediate pressure relief. I shortlisted the top mattresses whose luxury and comfy construction helped me get adequate sleep.

Let’s take you through the detailed reviews of the best mattresses for sciaticathat impact sciatica pain as per your preferred sleep position and body type.

Final Comparison Table

Here, I come to an end of all the reviews for the best mattress for sciatica. I will quickly summarise the best picks to understand which mattress is perfect for your condition.  

  • Dormeo Memory Plus Memory Foam Mattress – Best For Side Sleepers
  • – Best For Back Sleepers
  • – Best For Front Sleepers
  • – Best For Combo Sleepers
  • – Best For Couples
  • – Best For Hot Sleepers
  • – Best For Back Pain

Best Value: DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress

Key Features

  • The mattress comes with individually wrapped coils to provide responsive and robust support.
  • Entry-level price point
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 365-night home sleep trial

Recommended For

  • Side sleepers with back pain – The DreamCloud come with memory foam comfort layers to offer excellent support and light contouring to side sleepers.  
  • Stomach sleepers – The stable support from the mattress prevents the midsection of stomach sleepers from sinking into the mattress.
  • Back sleepers – The mattress helps all the sleepers with different weights to maintain proper spinal alignment. It will support the spines and keep them well-aligned with minimal sinkage and sagging.  

Avoid If

  • You are a lightweight sleeper– The sleepers weight less than 130 pounds might not feel the sink for pressure relief and contouring.
  • You are easily disturbed by your partner’s motion. The slight motion transfer of the matter might affect your sleep if your partner makes even the slightest motion.  

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

DreamCloud is a hybrid mattress that incorporates pocketed coils, memory foam, and polyfoam. I loved this mattress because, being a luxury model, it is available at a reasonable price and comes with high-quality construction.

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It offers a medium-firm feel with a rating of 6 on a scale of 1-10 firmness levels. Further, most sleepers prefer the firmness to sleep comfortably.

The mattress comes with a polyfoam quilted cover that provides a cushiony feel over the mattress surface. The layer also uses the cashmere blend cover to offer a softer feel and adequate airflow.

Being a hot sleeper, I need a mattress to maintain and regulate comfortable sleep temperature. The cashmere blend can wick away the heat to keep all sleepers comfortable and cool throughout the night.

Another layer is gel-infused memory foam, which relieves the pressure points and expels excess heat from the body.

The mattress’s coil core makes use of individually wrapped springs. The coil can move to reduce the motion transfer between the springs. Further, the polyfoam acts as a transition layer to provide deep contouring. It will prevent the sleeper from sinking in against the coil core.

The sleepers would find it easy to make movements and change position on this mattress. The combination of materials balances the bounce and contouring.

The DreamCloud mattress is available in all six standard sizes. You can choose any mattress you want depending on your height and weight, also the price.

Lastly, it offers a 365-night trial to allow sleepers to have all the time to adjust to the new mattress.

Luxury Pick: Eve Original Foam Mattress

Key Features

  • The mattress comes with three layers of memory foam.
  • It is highly breathable and does not build up excessive heat.
  • The dense foam layer cradle the body to improve alignment
  • It comes packed in a vacuum-packed box and regains its original shape a few hours after unpacking.

Recommended For

  • Side sleepers – The Eve Sleep Original mattress is a good choice for a medium-sized individual. It will provide sufficient pressure relief, especially under your shoulders and hips.
  • Stomach and back sleepers – The mattress comes right in the middle of the firmness scale to support the shoulders and hips of back and stomach sleepers.  
  • Combination sleepers – The mattress will enable you to make easy movements at night.  

Avoid If

  • You want a peaceful sleep – The mattress offers a high level of bounce which comes with more motion transfer.  
  • Hot sleepers – This is a heavy mattress; therefore, it does not breathe as expected and can create a hot spot for heavier bodies.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

The luxury mattress is designed with a “universal comfort” tag well suited for a combination of sleepers.

The mattress comes with a comfortable and cushiony three layers combining polyfoam and memory foam. The top layer is memory foam to provide bounce, comfort, and pressure relief.

The second layer is polyurethane foam. Its layer is essential to support the sleeper. The second layer will make a protective layer if you sink through the memory foam layer. It also helps you to breathe better while increasing the airflow.

The last layer offers the high-density support foam base layer. It is a foundational base that provides a strong base and good shape. Moreover, it provides deep compression support for the mattress.

I immensely enjoyed the breathable, soft and stretchy cover made from polyester. Even the side panels offer additional mattress protection. Also, the cover is aesthetically pleasing, and my girlfriend loved the colour combination.  

Next, the level of support the mattress provides is fantastic. It gives you enough support in every sleeping position. Its memory foam can contour your body in every position to provide combined support between the poly foam middle layer and memory foam top layer.

Do you tend to fall over the edge of your bed? It won’t be a concern anymore with this mattress. It offers the best edge support.

Best for Lightweight Sleepers: Puffy Original

Key Features

  • It offers a conforming feel to alleviate pressure points.
  • Gel-infused memory foam to maintain a convenient sleep temperature
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Balances comfort to provide proper spinal alignment.

Recommended For

  • Couples – The Puffy Original is suitable for couples as it has minimal motion transfer.  
  • Lightweight sleepers – If you weigh over 104 kgs (230 lbs), the mattress is incredibly supportive and well-cushioned.
  • Side sleepers – This mattress relieves pressure, making it an ideal mattress for side sleepers. Its medium firmness provides spinal alignment and the proper support.  

Avoid If

  • Hot sleeper – The memory foam mattress traps the heat and builds up body temperature.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

You’re a stomach sleeper- A stomach sleeper requires a more responsive and supportive mattress. In contrast, the deep contouring of this mattress will put uncomfortable pressure on the neck.  

For a cushiony soft, and heavenly feel, you need an all-foam mattress. If you like deep contouring, this mattress is a perfect gift.

The memory foam comfort layer of the mattress offers a hugging sensation from the mattress. So, you will feel like sleeping “on” the mattress instead of resting on the top. Further, the top gel-infused layer prevents heat from being trapped inside the mattress.

The third layer is the Cloud Climate transitional poly foam layer. This transition layer is softer and firmer. So, you will provide enough cushioning and support. Moreover, the side sleepers like me would benefit from it. It improves spinal alignment while reducing pressure points on the shoulders and hips.  

Sleeping with your partner can be disturbing if your mattress causes the motion transfer. But, this Puffy mattress excels at reducing the motion and transferring it across the mattress surface.

Pressure relief is yet another excellent feature of this mattress. The pressure-relieving mattress does not let you develop pressure points while lying on it.

The best part is the stretch-knit and soft 100% polyester cover. It is sufficiently thin to allow airflow regulation. Also, the cover is stain-resistant machine-washable. You can unzip it thoroughly to remove it and then cover it back.

The Puffy mattress comes with better temperature neutrality. The memory foam can retain heat, but temperature-neutral polyfoam and gel-infused memory foam can maintain a neutral temperature while sleeping.

Lastly, the mattress is quiet and do not make any noise. Whether you climb or shift positions at night, it remains silent. It is mainly because of foam’s natural dampening qualities and lack of coil, which muffles the sound.

Best for Average Weight Sleepers: Tempur Cloud Supreme Mattress

Key Features

  • The mattress easily adapts to provide personalised support and comfort.
  • The cover is easy to remove, making it easily washable.
  • The mattress is backed by ten years of guarantee.
  • Tempur offers 100-night risk-free trial.

Recommended For

  • Side sleepers with back pain – The Tempur-cloud is a good choice for side sleepers as they need a medium-firm mattress with mild contouring to relieve pressure points.
  • For those who want a hug and deep sinkage, the mattress provides an excellent hug and deep sinkage level. Also, the softer feel of memory foam makes it a perfect choice for back sleepers.
  • Couples – The mattress is great for couples as it has very low motion transfer and high density.

Avoid If

  • You enjoy spring mattress – The spring mattress has a different bounce feel than what Tempur offers. So, if you are used to the bounce and comfort of a spring mattress, you would not like a Tempur mattress.
  • Stomach sleeper – People weighing below 58 kg (130 pounds) require a more supportive mattress. It could get suffocating when the face is positioned downward.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

Tempur is a well-known brand in the mattress industry for providing the most comfortable sleeping mattress. Its innovation in terms of comfort is unmatched compared to fibre mattresses available in the market.

The mattress is made with a secret formula that many manufacturers are trying to crack but are unsuccessful. Moreover, the NASA approved Visco foam has made Tempur among the most recommended mattress for relieving back and other body pain.

The high-quality memory foam mattress comes with a lot of history. Dated back to 1966, NASA commissioned a resilient and temperature-sensitive material. It was to protect the astronauts from extremely high-pressure load while launching.

Tempur soon came to be used in public and became the best mattress for sciatica.Until today, it holds the official NASA certification.

The Tempur Cloud mattress is ideal for those who prefer to sleep on a softer mattress. It’s like sleeping on a cloud. Further, the extra-soft material conforms to the body. It offers a light and heavenly feel to anybody who lies on it.

That’s why the mattress is best-suited for medium-weight and lightweight people. Cloud supreme is the most affordable mattress when it comes to Tempur. So, you get the best quality at a reasonable price.

I love how the mattress offers freedom of movement while sleeping. The brand describes the freedom of lying as weightless.

The mattress comes with an all-foam construction with three interior layers. The two layers at the top provide comfort as they are made from Tempur memory foam. Also, the contouring of the mattress offers improved spinal alignment and a solid ability to reduce motion transfer.  

The second layer is slightly on the firm side to protect from coming out of the comfort system. Its support core has a dense layer of poly foam that makes the sturdy base of the bed.

The cover is made of stretchy fabric that is smooth and soft. It is made from spandex and polyester blend, breathable and soft. Also, I like how the material is stretchy, which snaps back to its original place, so you don’t feel the cover moving as you move at night.

Best for Heavyweight Sleepers: Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

Key Features

  • The mattress comes with 3-layers of CertiPUR certified foam.
  • It comes with Nectar Polyester Cooling Cover with a polypropylene base.
  • It has premium memory foam to provide exceptional body support.
  • The mattress is certified by ClimatePartner as a Climate-neutral product.

Recommended For

  • Those with allergies – The CertiPUR certification would mean that the mattress is made with high-quality hypoallergenic materials. It doesn’t contain any toxic additives or chemicals.  
  • Stomach and back sleepers – The firmer mattress gives all the comfort in the world to support stomach and back sleepers. It supports the trunk and the hips while relieving pressure points.
  • Hot sleepers – The hot sleepers would love the temperature control of the mattress. It is integrated with some excellent cooling technology.  

Avoid If

  • You prefer a bed with a bounce – If you would like to bounce on your bed, such as a bed with high responsive materials or an innerspring, you would not like the sinking of this mattress.  
  • Lightweight sleepers – The mattress can feel too firm for lightweight sleepers. They might find themselves sinking in too deeply.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

Sleeping with partners means you need a mattress that can provide undisturbed sleep for a more extended period. While sleeping with my girlfriend, I found this mattress highly comfortable and convenient for limiting motion transfer.

Also, I had severe injuries during my teenage years and sometimes had back and shoulder pain. The Nectar mattress has even contouring which can alleviate the discomfort who experiences pressure points in the hips, shoulders, and lower back.

The mattress has three layers. A base layer is made from dense polyurethane foam to support your weight. The second layer is the transition layer, a memory foam layer providing a firmer feel.

Lastly, you have the comfort layer. The Nectar Smart Layer claims to provide 30x breathability compared to traditional memory foam.  

The nectar cover is made with polyester. It comes with a comfortable mesh-like exterior and feels good on the skin. Further, it comes with a cooling technology that expels the heat from the sleeper’s body.

The zoned ergonomic support of the mattress helps alleviate common sleeping problems. If you have been using a stiffer mattress that aggravated the pressure points in the shoulder and hips, the mattress will also help you there.

The mattress can easily support average to heavyweight sleepers. Also, it does a great job of accommodating most people while providing comfort and satisfaction.  

The best part of this mattress is the minimal smell. Besides, the minimal gas disburses quickly, and it is non-toxic.

You will get a forever guarantee on this mattress and a 365-night trial period. That means you can quickly return the mattress without any questions after using it for a year. Also, the manufacturer will refund your money without cutting the shipping charges.  

Best for Side Sleepers: Dormeo Memory Plus Memory Foam Mattress

Key Features

  • It supports the comfort and core layers to balance pressure relief and support.
  • Its breathable Ecocell foam, the three-dimensional cellular structure, provides support and excellent air circulation.
  • The mattress comes with anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-dust mite protection.
  • The memory foam reduces the motion transfer.

Recommended For

  • Side sleepers – The Dormeo Memory Plus mattress is the best mattress for side sleepers as it provides support and excellent comfort.
  • Hot sleepers – The Dormeo Memory Foam Mattress provides high airflow and cooling to the sleeper. It promotes breathability.
  • For those concerning hygiene– The sleepers who are allergic to dust and asthmatic might find this mattress highly suitable. It comes with Sanitized protection.

Avoid If

  • You prefer a medium-firm mattress – If you want a medium-firm mattress, this is not the right product. This mattress is firm and soft.  
  • You need an odourless mattress – The mattress contains a chemical smell when you open it, and it tends to stay for quite some time.  

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

The Dormeo Memory Foam mattress was one of the original mattresses among Dormeo’s products. I loved the rotating design of the mattress. So, there is no need to flip it; you can easily rotate it from head to toe.

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My girlfriend doesn’t have to struggle with flipping the mattress all alone. It is lightweight, so rotating itself becomes pretty comfortable and convenient.  

The mattress has two layers and comes covered in a luxuriously soft cover. Further, a Florentine stitched cover comes with woven carbon fibres to provide an anti-allergic sleeping surface.

So, you have a hygienic surface to sleep on as the carbon fibres will create a barrier to particles and dust present in the air. Moreover, the mattress and cover use anti-fungal and anti-dust mite Sanitized protection.

The Sanitised protection will prevent fungi development on the mattress if you have asthma, which irritates asthmatic people.

The memory foam layer is made with Dormeo’s latest technology. It makes sure that pressure-relieving memory foam remains functional throughout the years. Also, the layer conforms to your body and responds to its shape and position to provide exceptional support and comfort.

The most advanced layer is the second layer, the Ecocell layer. It has a 3D cellular structure and is made to be permanently elastic to allow smooth airflow throughout the mattress. Additionally, the structure guarantees to provide adaptable support.

While sleeping, the layer’s elasticity will relieve you from painful pressure points as you change positions. The mattress will support your neck, shoulders, and hips if you’re a side sleeper.

If you are a hot sleeper, this cool mattress comes with four air vents to allow the air to flow and escape through the mattress. So, it will keep the mattress clean while preventing heat buildup.

With a 15-year manufacturer’s guarantee, you can enjoy the confidence of owning a quality and durable product.

Best Seller:  REM-Fit 500 Ortho Hybrid Mattress

Key Features

  • It comes with 2000 firm encapsulated pocket springs that provide exemplary back and neck support.
  • 50 mm memory foam layer that helps with proper airflow and maintains a cool temperature.
  • Even balance of pressure is created by a zoned memory foam layering.
  • Best for hot, back, and side sleepers.

Recommended For

  • Side and back sleepers – The premium quality springs and foam used in the layering of the mattress make it a perfect match for those looking for proper back support and comfort.
  • Hot sleepers – If you are a bit heavy on weight, you can sleep hot. This mattress will ensure proper airflow to keep you cool and comfy.  
  • For those who like a firm bounce, a balanced combination of memory foam and spring makes it an excellent choice for those who want a firm mattress with a touch of bounce.

Avoid If

  • Heavyweight sleepers – If you weigh more than 114 kg or 230 pounds, you will need more support and a firmer feel from a mattress.
  • You need a more responsive mattress – some people are a fan of mattress that resemble clouds. On the other hand, if you like a soft, bouncy mattress, this might not be the right match for you.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

Rem – Fit did not make an ordinary mattress. It is one of the best sellers in the UK market and will win your heart away.

This mattress is not just designed to give you comfort; it has redefined supported and relaxed sleep. This mattress is made with memory foam and springs that offer just the right firmness and bounce.

I have often struggled to pick between a spring mattress and a foam mattress. However, having to deal with some back trouble myself, choosing the right mattress is necessary.

But this mattress is a great deal in itself!

It uses 2000 premium quality pocket springs with a scientifically determined height. As per research, any spring lower than 8 cm does no good for the sleeper.

Rem-Fit has considered that fact and designed this mattress that delivers support and provides movement isolation. Every spring is 15 cm tall, placed perfectly to give a good night’s sleep.

It also comes with a zone pressure relief system brought in by the memory foam layer. The layer’s purpose is to distribute pressure throughout the body and reduce the impact on bony areas.

As a result, the discomfort induced by counter pressure from the mattress is reduced to a minimum.

The memory foam used is also one of its kind. It is an open-celled memory foam that provides advanced temperature regulation. Therefore, unlike your standard memory foam mattress, this one won’t heat up, leaving you feeling sweaty and moist.

The company offers a 100-night free trial so that you get accustomed to the new mattress. After that, you can decide with ease whether it is a suitable match for you or not. They also provide a 15-year guarantee on the product, so you are in for a long run of comfort and support.  

Excellent Customer Rating: Relyon Ultimate Ortho Support 1500 Pocket Sprung Mattress

Key Features

  • Extra firm mattress, specially designed for heavily weighted sleepers.
  • A perfect blend of spring, cotton, and fibre to bring you the comfort you need.
  • Cotton filling to ensure a proper flow of air and temperature regulation.
  • Double side usability. So you can flip it when one side feels a bit saggy.

Recommended For

  • Suffering from back pain and aches: This mattress can be a great choice if you have been facing disturbed sleep due to backache and sciatica.
  • Who likes a frim feeling: This mattress can be placed towards the firm side of the spectrum. The material used makes it a little tough if that is what you are searching for.
  • Hot sleepers – Unlike memory foam mattresses, this one does not tend to get hot and sweaty as you sleep—it is cotton fibre to ensure thermal regulation.  

Avoid If

  • You prefer a softer mattress – this mattress is quite far from a soft jumpy mattress.  
  • You are a light sleeper – If you weigh light, you might find the counter-pressure generated by the mattress a bit uncomfortable.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

Relyon’s Ultimate Pro ortho support mattress is an excellent product for those looking for a cure for their back pain.

You have my sympathy when it comes to losing a night’s sleep because of the discomfort caused by back pain. It can leave you even more tired and irritated the next morning.

The support your back will get from this mattress is truly remarkable.

It is made with a perfectly balanced blend of spring and fibre. The polyester-cotton combination provides hypoallergenic features, making it the perfect choice for allergy sufferers.

It also comes with 1500 springs that hold the ability to move individually. As a result, your back will support whatever position you are lying in.

The natural absorbing properties of cotton make it a great thermal regulator. It helps keep a constant airflow in the mattress without any heat buildup.

You might worry about the cotton fibre loosening up over time. Well, your worries can rest. The mattress is hand tuft to add extra tension to the mattress. It keeps all the goods inside intact and in the right place.

People often complain about spring mattresses being a bit noisy. So, the slightest movement can result in disruption of your sleep.

But with Reylon mattresses, the top has been loaded with extra cushioning. As a result, the spring system gets densely packed, suppressing the sounds it may create. It adds to the appeal of this beautiful mattress.

The company offers an 8-year guarantee to the users. Make sure to flip the mattress and use it on both sides, as it makes your mattress last longer. The company has provided sturdy handles on the side that lets you move the mattress with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

While searching for the best mattress for sciatica, I had no one to guide me. I looked for several questions that came to my mind, and I know you must have those questions too.

So, here I am, taking some time to answer the most commonly asked questions by people suffering from sciatica.  

How can a lousy mattress worsen sciatica symptoms?

A bad mattress is not the prime reason for causing sciatica, but it heightens the pain in your back and shoulders.  

A mattress supports your spine, so if your spine is not aligned correctly, it results in misalignment problems. Also, long-term spine misalignment can put the sciatica nerve under pressure.

I have read a Harvard Health article that says that sciatica worsens if you lie in the same position for a long time. Even if your health is in good condition, how do you feel if you lie on a poorly constructed mattress for a long time?

I guess that’s what might have enhanced my back pain. So, a bad mattress negatively impacts sciatica pain and exacerbates the situation.

Which mattress is suitable for sciatica?

The best mattress for sciatica is that it provides support and comfort. The firmness level should be in the medium-firm range, and it should feel comfortable while sleeping.

My shoulder pain was enhanced when I started sleeping on firm mattresses. So, it’s a big NO for me, and I would recommend the same to you. I would suggest a memory foam mattress as it helps to relieve pressure points and distribute weight evenly.

You can also buy a hybrid mattress which is excellent for back support. It provides both a contouring comfort layer and supportive coils. Moreover, the coils improve the airflow and keep the sleeper cooler throughout the night.

Does my body type affect the choice of mattress for sciatica?

I am more of an average weight, but heavyweights will sink deeper into the mattress. That’s why lightweight people like a conforming and plush mattress while heavier people like a mattress with a supportive and firmer surface.

For instance, if a person weighs 58 kg or 130 pounds, they feel extra relief from an all-foam mattress. Moreover, people weighing about 104 kg or 230 pounds would like a hybrid mattress will a more supportive feel.

What type of mattress is best for back and side sleepers with sciatica?

I am a side sleeper, and I prefer a mattress that eases the pressure points. I would look for a mattress with a strong support core to support the spine. Side sleepers should try medium-soft or medium mattresses.

It’s a tough choice when it comes to back sleeping with sciatica. I have had back pain since my teenage years due to the injury. Since then, I have changed many mattresses and finally decided on a medium-firm feel mattress that is responsive and provides uncompromising support.

Written by:

Max Stevens