Best Vispring Mattresses 2021 – Which One Should You Buy?

Updated June 2021

Best Value


Vispring Plymouth
Supreme 1200 King-Size

Luxury Pick


Vispring Signatory Superb King-Size Mattress

LIghtweight Sleeper


Vispring Elite King-Size Mattress

Average Weight Sleeper


Vispring Maristow Supreme 1700
King-Size Mattress

Heavyweight Sleeper


Vispring Fursdon Bedstead Supreme 1500
King-Size Mattress

The Best Mattresses

I tend to travel a lot and you know what that means – a whole lot of jetlag. There have been times where I had to go on these dreadfully long 13 hr flights. You can imagine just how wrecked my sleeping patterns were.

Imagine this kind of routine combined with my chronic back problems. It was no easy task getting myself to sleep peacefully. So I decided to use my mattress addiction to my advantage.

That’s when I tried out the luxury bed mattresses of Vispring. I am not going to lie, these mattresses can be expensive. However, their use of luxury materials gave me the most pillowy comfort!

So let me take you through my top picks for the best Vispring mattress. I hope you can find my experience with these mattresses useful to your search for the right mattress.

Vispring Plymouth Supreme 1200 King-Size Mattress review

Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress with Natural Foam & New Zealand Wool.


Furniture Range Plymouth Supreme
Depth 21 cm
Weight 58kg (172 lbs)
Dimensions 150cm x 200cm
Materials New Zealand fleece wool and cotton

Key features

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The Vispring Plymouth Supreme 1200 has a total of 1200 pocket springs. These steel springs are individually placed and carefully encased in organic cotton pockets to form a “honeycomb” design. Thanks to this craftsmanship, back sleepers get the perfect amount of tailored sturdy back support to rest comfortably!

Are you worried about the springs hurting you? Let me put this misperception to rest. Vispring hand-stitches its mattresses together with comfort and support layers of the softest New Zealand fleece wool and cotton.  So you can enjoy the heavenly balance of springy and soft mattresses!

It also comes with an M-Pure Cover ticking made from chemical-free cotton felt tufts. You will find that the bed has an amazing weightless feel to it, almost like you are on a cloud!

The best part about this mattress is that you can customize the tension level on both sides. So you and your sleeping partner can choose two different firmness levels for your side of the bed. No more sleepless nights and rolling about!

The more than generous layers of organic material offer great breathability and insulation. Rest assured, you will get your cool sleeping haven with this mattress.

Overall, I found the Vispring Plymouth Supreme 1200 giving me a luxurious feel with its extra pillowy comfort top layers. Moreover, this was a practical choice for me as I tend to run hot and like an insulated cushioned bed.

This is the best Vispring mattress you can buy to access the makers’ signature craftsmanship without breaking your wallet.

Vispring Signatory Superb King-Size Mattress review

Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress with Natural Foam & New Zealand Wool.


Furniture Range Signatory
Depth 23 cm
Weight Approx. 100kgs (220lbs)
Dimensions 150cm x 200cm
Materials Cashmere, Shetland wool, and Mooseburger horsetail

Key Features

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Avoid If

The Signatory Superb mattress is made up of high-quality organic material like horsetail. Vispring craftsmen give the horsetail a curling property so you get a mattress feel that is bouncy and cushiony! Horsetail, pocket springs, and the soft Shetland wool provide the floating plush feel that you will love as a side sleeper!

Do you sleep hot? Then definitely consider this mattress! Besides giving you a comfort layer, horsetail fibres are added to trap heat and moisture.

Moreover, this mattress comes with vents on the edging for airflow circulation. You will feel the coolness of the surrounding air as the air puffs in and out of the mattress.

As you hop out of bed, you will see no sagging or body impressions. That’s because the horsetail fibres and pocket springs spring back immediately. This pressure relief will be great for you if you consider yourself a heavyweight sleeper.

Do you suffer from back pains a lot? So do I and that is why I found the 2 layers of Vanadium steel pocket strings in a honeycomb shape beneficial. These layers give your back the support and stability needed for a restful sleep!

When buying this mattress, you also get the option of customizing the firmness level. So whether you prefer something firmer or softer for your back, you will have no issue in getting it.

It is definitely a splurge, even by Vispring standards. If you want something that specifically caters to your needs, then this mattress will give you that level of customization. You will find the immense relief and weightlessness of this mattress particularly enjoyable!

Vispring Elite King-Size Mattress review

Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress with Natural Foam & New Zealand Wool.


Furniture Range Elite
Depth 21 cm
Weight N/A
Dimensions 150cm x 200cm
Materials Bonded British fleece wool and cotton, and blended British fleece wool and cotton

Key Features

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It has all the makings of a premium Vispring mattress with some subtle but impactful differences.

Vispring Elite mattress is topped with bonded British fleece wool and cotton. This coat is overlaid with two more layers of blended British fleece wool and cotton for the plushiest comfort. If you are a lightweight sleeper then you will find this pillowy texture especially beneficial.

Vispring puts a lot of work into securing the comfort layers with hand-tufted felt washers. It maintains the neatness of the layers so there is no uneven shifting. You will not sense any gaps or feel like you are sinking deep into the mattress.

Over 1200 pocket springs are individually placed in a honeycomb fashion, like all Vispring mattresses, contouring your pressure points. As you move around, you feel its soft and springy qualities that give the perfect cushioning for side and lightweight sleepers!

This mattress also comes with customizability options. You can choose from soft, medium, and firm tension levels to fit your comfort preference.

Vispring only uses British fleece wool with the Platinum Wool Mark i.e. 100% chemical-free wool and no sheep were harmed. The wool is also steamed and cleaned, giving it hypo-allergic qualities for long-lasting comfort.

Are you extra sensitive to allergens? Then Vispring Elite is your go-to choice with its Belgian Damask cover. The cover is tightly woven preventing contaminants from collecting on the mattress. This promotes a healthier sleep environment for you so you can get a good night’s sleep without any sniffing or irritation!

Although at a high-selling point, lightweight sleepers will find Vispring Elite to be a good investment. The springs perfectly match how you sleep while providing you with sumptuous comfort.

Vispring Maristow Supreme 1700 King-Size Mattress review

Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress with Natural Foam & New Zealand Wool.


Furniture Range Maristow Supreme
Depth 21 cm
Weight 54kgs (119 lbs)
Dimensions 150cm x 200cm
Materials New Zealand fleece wool, Shetland fleece wool, cotton, bamboo, silk, horsehair, and Alpaca wool

Key Features

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Avoid If

Vispring Maristow Supreme contains several different fillings like Shetland fleece wool, bamboo, silk, and cotton. Their durable and breathable qualities as natural materials will absorb all moisture, keeping your sleeping side clean and cool.

If you are an average weight sleeper, then this mattress will be more than satisfying. The organic material and the 1700 cotton calico pocket springs create a feeling of a supportive yet extra pillowy mattress. So you will sleep like a baby!

Do you find yourself tossing and turning all night? The hand-stitched cotton felt tufts of this mattress keep the mattress fillings tightly packed. You will no longer have to move around to find the right spot. Just take joy in the comfort of your bed from wherever you want to sleep!

Once again, Vispring puts together individual pocket springs to form a honeycomb shape for your comfort. Whatever your curves are, every spring will move independently to provide tailored head-to-toe support. Thanks to the use of soft material, you never feel this movement of the spring.

The final cover that you will see on the bed is an M-Pure Cover. It is made from completely natural materials to give the mattress long-lasting durability. Your mattress, therefore, will last you for years without becoming unhygienic or dirty.

Many average weight mattresses come with basic specs. Vispring Maristow Supreme does not come cheap, but it certainly leaves an impression on you.

Vispring Fursdon Bedstead Supreme 1500 King-Size Mattress review

Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress with Natural Foam & New Zealand Wool.


Furniture Range Fursdon Bedstead Supreme
Depth 21 cm
Weight 53kgs (116 lbs)
Dimensions 150cm x 200cm
Materials New Zealand fleece wool, cotton, bamboo, alpaca wool, and horsehair

Key Features

Recommended for

Avoid If

Heavyweight sleepers will find this to be the best Vispring mattress for them. The 1500 spring count is plentiful to cushion your body type without causing sagging impressions.

As you already know, the cotton calico pocket springs are hand nested in a honeycomb unit. So every spring will move independently to correctly contour your spine. Your back will get the focussed support it needs and you get to enjoy a tranquil sleep.

Every organic filling included in the Vispring Fursdon Bedstead ensures a good airflow and plushy comforting sensation. You will stay cool and calm throughout the night with this sturdy yet cushioned mattress.

Are you experiencing sleep discomfort from shifting of fillings after initial use? Vispring gives this mattress a cotton-felt tuft finish through hand tufting. The finish provides the mattress with beautiful aesthetics and helps keep the organic fillings in place.

What’s new about this Vispring mattress is the added protective layer. It has a tough wool protective layer on either side of the tightly stacked pocket springs as the mattress is designed for a slatted base. This wool not only protects your bed from wear and tear but gives your mattress highly breathable qualities for a comfy sleep!

Like Vispring Plymouth 1200, Vispring Fursdon Bedstead comes with the sustainably sourced and chemical-free M Pure Cover. It is an initiative by Vispring towards reducing their environmental footprint. In turn, you get a mattress with a premium finishing touch!

I felt the Vispring Fursdon Bedstead does a good job of giving you the best of both worlds. It achieves the delicate balance between a firm tension for back support and a velvety feeling for a cushy sleep.  

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Buying Guide

Features to look for in Mattresses.


One of the prime checkboxes that your mattress must tick is the flexibility one. You are likely to adjust your bed to multiple positions, and your mattress needs to move with ease. Plus, this will also reflect the longevity of your mattress.

Comfort Level

What kind of a sleeper are you? Identify your sleeping habits and health conditions, if any, and choose the mattress accordingly. This piece of bedding has a prime role in ensuring your comfort, and that is what you need to check. Look for features like pressure relief, motion transfer, contouring, etc.

Type of Mattress

Another essential aspect that directly determines whether a mattress is for you or not is its type. While a latex mattress excels at providing a bouncy feel, the hybrid ones ensure pressure relief — ideal for back discomfort. The other two options include innerspring, which is relatively budget-friendly and foam — exhibiting the highest flexibility rate.

Air Circulation

Whether you are a hot sleeper or not, air circulation and temperature regulation are necessary features for your mattress. They allow you to sleep in a healthy environment while also preserving the mattress condition.


TIt is one of the basic points that you must double-check. You do not want to order a mattress that does not fit your bed base, do you? Therefore, thoroughly skim through the mattress measurements and compare them with that of the bed.

Split vs. Solid

If you have a split bed base, purchasing a mattress compatible with this design is the unspoken wiser decision. It will allow you and your partner to change position and firmness level independently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that I have successfully familiarised you with the best value mattress in the market let us discuss some questions that people tend to ask me. Further, being a mattress enthusiast, I must answer all the queries one may have before buying a mattress.

Vispring mattresses have time and again shown their ability to produce deluxe comfort with their “bespoke” mattresses. The hand-crafted work and customization of firmness can do a lot for you if you have very specific sleeping needs.

If you have the budget for it, then definitely give their mattresses a go! The use of luxury materials and craftsmanship will keep you happy with extra pillowy comfort. Furthermore, every mattress comes with a 30-year guarantee!

So you are essentially spending to get a mattress that lasts you a lifetime. All you have to do is turn the mattress from time to time to avoid sags and dips.

Nevertheless, it is up to you to decide as there are cheaper alternatives in the market.  

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