5 Best Zip Link Mattress 2021:
For You And Your Partner

Updated June 2021

Best Value


The Hotel Classic King Zip Link Mattress By Sleepeezee

Heavyweight sleepers


The Ortho Gold Deluxe Zip Link Mattress By Hypnos

Luxury Pick


The Wensleydale Wool Zip Link Mattress By John Lewis

Average-weight Sleeper


Sleepeezee Perfectly British Mayfair 3200 Pocket Pillow Top Super King Zip & Link Mattress

Lightweight Sleeper


Vispring Plymouth Supreme 1200 Pocket Spring Zip Link Mattress

Back Support


Sleepeezee Backcare Luxury 1400 Pocket Superking Zip and Link Mattress

The Best Mattresses

Bed shopping can be a chore, especially if you have a partner with contrasting bed preferences like me. It’s always been a compromise of comfort for one of us. Because of my sleep obsession, my girlfriend and I are always up for trying new types of mattresses that combine our sleep preferences. 

A zip link mattress was the solution to our vastly different comfort preferences all this while. Apart from the obvious reasons, we needed the zip link mattresses to make our bed portable. Meaning that it can be easily packed and transported as opposed to carrying one large mattress. 

We loved the convenience and bought zip link mattresses for our guestroom as well. With a separate headboard design for the guestroom, we can easily make the king-size bed into two singles. That gives us the flexibility that we didn’t know was possible with one single mattress. So if my brothers ever come over, they can comfortably sleep on different beds without killing each other for bedspace. 

Having contrasting comfort preferences, I found balance in zip link mattresses. The liberty to mix and match different sleep preferences to come up with the perfect zip link mattresses combination is truly revolutionary.  It also helped us evaluate what features, like environmentally sustainable, natural ingredients, double-sided mattresses, affected our buying choices. 

My girlfriend and I had a lot of fun testing zip link mattresses with different firmness combinations. Our experience in trying zip link beds can offer you a unique perspective when you go bed shopping! 

Let my experience be of some help. Let’s dive into the review of the best zip link mattresses!

The Hotel Classic King Zip Link Mattress By Sleepeezee review

Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress with Natural Foam & New Zealand Wool.


Key features

Recommended for

Avoid If

Sleepeezee is one of the leading brands in mattresses across the UK, with many awards and accolades to their name. The Hotel Classic 1000 zip link mattress provides superior firm support, perfect for the hospitality industry and your home. Why chase a goodnight’s sleep at the hotel when you can get it at home? 

The zip link mattresses are available in similar firmness, so it’s an excellent option for people that are heavyweight to average-weight sleepers. My girlfriend and I were most happy with the unique firm support and springy comfort that it offered. 

Without compromising much, this durable Hotel Classic 1000 zip link mattress will last you for a long time. This Sleepeezee mattress features convenient flag-stitched handles, which make it easier for turning. I experimented with the double-sided feature and also rotated the mattress to check the evenness of the natural wool and cotton fillings. 

My mild back pain seemed to diminish with the edge support that the Hotel Classic 1000 Sleepeezee mattress gave. The 1,000 individual pocket springs gave contoured support to my back, making my back and side sleeping position more comfortable. 

If you thought the multiple layers of this zip link mattress make it hot to sleep on, you’re wrong. Although I’m a hot sleeper (only when my girlfriend wants to cuddle before sleeping), the chrome vents on this mattress keep it feeling fresh. The air circulation makes your sleep easy-breezy without cranking the air conditioner. 

Compared to other Sleepeezee mattresses, I preferred the Hotel Classic 1000 model because of the wide usability for different sleepers and its durability. Resting on the cheaper side of the price spectrum, this zip link mattress is undeniably one of the best in the market today. 

Great for couples, especially if you guys prefer natural fillings over memory foam. All in all, if you’re looking for a sturdy zip mattress for your link beds, then this Sleepeezee Hotel Classic 1000 is a great choice. 

The Ortho Gold Deluxe Zip Link Mattress By Hypnos review

Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress with Natural Foam & New Zealand Wool.


Key Features

Recommended for

Avoid If

If you suffer from chronic back pain, this Ortho Gold Deluxe mattress by Hypnos is perfect for you. Suffering from backaches and shoulder aches since my adolescent years, I found the orthopaedic firm tension support of this mattress to be the most comfortable. 

My girlfriend doesn’t have any back pain, although she appreciated the cosiness of this mattress when sleeping on her side and occasionally stomach. The weight distribution across her hips and shoulders was equal in all her rare but unusual sleeping positions, making the Ortho Gold Deluxe zip link mattress by Hypnos unique. 

The distinct ReActive 9 pocket spring system gives the feel of memory foam with the durability of pocket springs in the design. You can also feel the breezy ventilation that comes from a single continuous pocket spring system. Great for hot sleepers, this zip link mattress promotes cosy and uninterrupted sleep.

With natural fillings like wool, cashmere and cotton, the Hypnos Ortho Gold Deluxe mattress adds a touch of grandeur to your bedding. From promoting hygiene to regulating body temperature, these layers enhance the plush yet firm feel of the mattress. 

One of my favourite features of the Ortho Gold Deluxe Mattress is the use of eOlus sustainable fibre. Being environmentally conscious, the use of sustainable fibres and ingredients is a great selling point that attracts me. While I love all things natural, I also enjoy smart and quality features like hand-tufted finish. 

If you’re someone who loves memory foam, this orthopaedic zip link mattress will be a refreshing change. You can experience the sponginess and soft feel without compromising on the firm tension support that you crave. I love the feel of a high-quality natural filling, even though it’s a pain to keep rotating and flipping them regularly. The seasonal turn is made easy by the flag-stitched handles on the side of the Hypnos zip link mattress. 

The Wensleydale Wool Zip Link Mattress By John Lewis review

Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress with Natural Foam & New Zealand Wool.


Key Features

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Avoid If

A reputed retailer for mattresses across the UK, John Lewis has an extensive collection of zip link mattresses. From the John Lewis & Partners Natural Collection, the Wensleydale Wool 13400 is truly for the decadent soul. 

If luxury and bespoke craftsmanship had a word, it would be this breathtaking Wensleydale wool zip link mattress. With over 13,400 supportive springs, this mattress is for relaxing in pure luxury. 

Hitting my soft spot with sustainable comfort technology, I particularly like this zip link mattress collection for its fully recyclable design. The heat-sealed Cortec spring technology guarantees zero waste to landfill. Apart from the environmental advantages, the spring system is truly spectacular. 

What I love most is that the springs hug all contours of my body which keeps the weight evenly distributed when I sleep on my right side. Although, this mattress will take a few flipping and rotations for the fillings to settle, which will then give you ultimate back support. 

The feel of the mattress is medium tension, which is soft as well as contouring, so it targets support where it’s needed most. The depth, appearance and feel of the mattress was all a contributor to my deep sleep in this John Lewis mattress. 

The quilted appearance of the Wensleydale wool zip link mattress also has a unique chemical-free surface. Manufactured with utmost care and no harsh chemicals, the mattress cover is naturally fire retardant. My sleep apnea makes it difficult to fall asleep, but when my body touched this luxurious Wensleydale wool zip link mattress, my backache and apnea didn’t seem much of a bother. 

Aptly named ‘Luxury Support’, the Wensleydale wool zip link mattress is soft like clouds and feels like a warm hug on a chilly evening. I also liked how breathable and hygienic the mattress was. The luxe materials like Egyptian cotton, hemp, linen, wool all contribute to the springy and fresh feel of the zip link mattress. 

Sleeper—Sleepeezee Perfectly British Mayfair 3200 Pocket Pillow Top Super
King Zip & Link Mattress review

Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress with Natural Foam & New Zealand Wool.


Key Features

Recommended for

Avoid If

Sleepeezee Perfectly British Mayfair 3200 Pocket Pillow Top Super King Zip & Link Mattress is a medium-firm mattress best-suited for an average-weight individual. I can attest to this fact since I am an average-weight sleeper with a weight of 75 kg (165 lbs).

This Sleepeezee mattress is handcrafted using British cashmere wool and high-quality cooling cotton, providing a soft and springy feel. Since I suffer from frequent backaches due to past sports injuries, this medium-firm mattress, with its 2000 SoftTech® comfort springs and 1,200 traditional pocket springs, ensures that I never wake up feeling sore the next day.

My girlfriend and I really appreciate the air vents in this mattress since I am a hot sleeper, and she loves to cuddle, making it warmer than ever. These air vents guarantee a peaceful night’s sleep without us having to worry about waking up drenched in sweat. 

What’s more, this mattress features a woven damask cover that is 100% chemical-free and does not harm your skin in any way. This way, you and your partner can sleep without any worries! Another reason why I love this mattress is that it is single-sided and does not need to be flipped. So, all you need to do is occasionally rotate it, and you’re set!

Overall, the Sleepeezee Perfectly British Mayfair 3200 Pocket Pillow Top Super King Zip & Link Mattress is perfect for individuals weighing between 140 and 210 lbs. If you want personalised comfort coupled with a ventilated sleeping environment, this is an excellent choice for you and your partner!

Vispring Plymouth Supreme 1200 Pocket Spring Zip Link Mattress review

Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress with Natural Foam & New Zealand Wool.


Key Features

Recommended for

Avoid If

The Vispring Plymouth Supreme 1200 Pocket Spring Zip Link Mattress is ideal for lightweight sleepers looking for medium-firm support. Since I am an average-weight side sleeper, this is not the best choice for me but provides a decent sleep experience.

However, if you are a lightweight sleeper, you will appreciate the softcover, bouncy pocket springs, and medium-firm support that this mattress offers. My girlfriend, who is a lightweight sleeper, found this mattress great in terms of comfort and support.

One of the most attractive features of this mattress is that it enables you to wake up feeling fresh and dry instead of soaked in sweat. It is made using breathable cotton fabric that allows airflow throughout the night.

The biggest advantage of purchasing this mattress is a 30-year guarantee. Moreover, with Vanadium steel pocket springs, you can rest assured that you will receive comfort, durability, and adequate support.

If you’re looking for a luxury and plush feel, the hand side-stitched fabric of this mattress is sure to give you a premium sleeping experience. What’s more, the cotton tufts provide individual support that guarantees hassle-free sleep even if your partner rolls over, tosses, or turns too much. 

While many of the mattresses in this range are unusually expensive, the Vispring Plymouth Supreme 1200 Pocket Spring Zip Link Mattress is decently priced. It is the perfect choice for lightweight sleepers who prefer sleeping on their back.  

Sleepeezee Backcare Luxury 1400 Pocket Superking Zip and Link Mattress review

Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress with Natural Foam & New Zealand Wool.


Key Features

Recommended for

Avoid If

I’m an average-weight sleeper, so I find the Sleepeezee Backcare Luxury 1400 Pocket Superking Zip and Link Mattress beyond satisfactory. Even though I’m a side sleeper, I have recurring backaches that lead me to require proper back support while sleeping. 

On the other hand, if you are a lightweight sleeper like my girlfriend, who sleeps on her side, this mattress is a decent choice. Its soft-knitted fabric makes it comfortable to lie on and does not result in sore muscles the next day. 

Another attractive feature of this mattress is the white fibre filling that promotes spring movement around the mattress and minimises allergens. Furthermore, this mattress offers unmatched back support through a firm base fitted with 1,400 pocket springs.

The best part is that the springs are placed in individual sleep zones. It means that you and your partner are guaranteed a sound sleep even if either partner tosses and turns more than the other. 

Essentially, this mattress is an ideal blend of support, balance, and comfort. Priced affordably, it is a wonderful choice for both average and heavyweight sleepers who require premium back support with a soft, luxurious feel. 

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Buying Guide

Features to look for in Mattresses.


One of the prime checkboxes that your mattress must tick is the flexibility one. You are likely to adjust your bed to multiple positions, and your mattress needs to move with ease. Plus, this will also reflect the longevity of your mattress.

Comfort Level

What kind of a sleeper are you? Identify your sleeping habits and health conditions, if any, and choose the mattress accordingly. This piece of bedding has a prime role in ensuring your comfort, and that is what you need to check. Look for features like pressure relief, motion transfer, contouring, etc.

Type of Mattress

Another essential aspect that directly determines whether a mattress is for you or not is its type. While a latex mattress excels at providing a bouncy feel, the hybrid ones ensure pressure relief — ideal for back discomfort. The other two options include innerspring, which is relatively budget-friendly and foam — exhibiting the highest flexibility rate.

Air Circulation

Whether you are a hot sleeper or not, air circulation and temperature regulation are necessary features for your mattress. They allow you to sleep in a healthy environment while also preserving the mattress condition.


TIt is one of the basic points that you must double-check. You do not want to order a mattress that does not fit your bed base, do you? Therefore, thoroughly skim through the mattress measurements and compare them with that of the bed.

Split vs. Solid

If you have a split bed base, purchasing a mattress compatible with this design is the unspoken wiser decision. It will allow you and your partner to change position and firmness level independently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zip and link mattresses are very comfortable as they sport a design that prevents the zips from hampering your sleep. The zips in such mattresses are attached right by the side, underneath the edge of the mattress. 

However, if you’re facing any discomfort due to the seams, you can buy a mattress topper for added comfort while sleeping. 

Yes, absolutely! It is quite convenient to use regular headboards with zip and link mattresses. However, when you require a separate bed, you will need to remove the headboard if you’re using a large-sized, single one. 

Most users prefer two matching headboards. These are single headboards that are designed specifically for zip and link mattresses so that they may permanently stay attached. This way, you don’t have to keep removing the headboard when you separate the beds. 

You are only required to zip up the top side of zip and link mattresses. It is a fairly straightforward process. When you need to separate the bed, simply turn the mattress over and unzip it. 

While putting it back together, flip the mattress and zip up the side that you won’t sleep on. Moreover, these zips are recessed, and you won’t feel them at all!

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