Eve Lighter Hybrid Mattress Review

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Max Stevens
Eve Lighter Hybrid Mattress Review

Eve Lighter Hybrid Mattress Review

Eve Lighter Hybrid mattress consists of adaptive foam that supports your back, shoulders, hips, and other pressure points. So, you will no longer wake up with body sores and aches like before. That said, if you are used to softer beds, this one might not be the best choice. 

If you’re reading this, it seems like I still have your attention! Well, I believe that every little detail matters before we end up choosing a mattress. And why should you not be picky? After all, it is going to be your mattress for years!

A word of honesty for you: I completely understand the place you are in right now. Having been in that position myself, I’m hoping to ease your extensive research into finding the ideal mattress for you. 

Allow me to take you through a small questionnaire:

  • Are you a combination sleeper between the back and front?
  • Or do you strictly stick to back, front or side sleeping? 
  • Are you a lightweight sleeper?
  • Would you prefer a mattress on the firmer side than soft ones?
  • Do you find yourself irritated by the heat of your previous mattress?

Were your answers to most of my questions a ‘yes’? Well, that is good news because it is highly likely that this review suits your needs! The Eve Lighter Hybrid Mattress can satisfy most of your requirements if you are anything like me. 

Eve Lighter Hybrid Mattress – A Brief Introduction 

Eve Lighter Hybrid Mattress is one of Eve Sleep’s magnificent creations. It is essentially a UK-based company, but it also delivers its products across France and Ireland. It designs and manufactures all of its mattresses and sleeping goodies at its Camden headquarters.

Amongst all their creations, believe me, this mattress is one of a kind on the thinner side of mattresses. 

The founders began their journey back in 2015 with one goal in mind: ridding everyone of the worries about buying a mattress that is ideal for them! And ever since its establishment, the company has sold over 75,000 mattresses!

Let us help you figure out if Eve Lighter Hybrid is the right choice for your needs.

Eve Lighter Hybrid Mattress Construction 

The first thing that had my complete attention was the Eve Lighter Hybrid mattress’s four-layer mechanism. It consists of a smart combination of different types of foams and pocket springs. The result of bringing the best of both worlds is a cool, comfortable, and firm mattress for your ideal sleep cycle. 

[Mattress cross-section image]

Let us delve into the details of the image and understand the composition of this mattress a little better:

  • Layer one: It is made of the Evecomfort® foam, essentially a high resilience PU foam. It has open cells, and its upper layer has peculiar micro-particles. This combination regulates air continuously, leaving no scope for heat to build up. As a result, the mattress’s breathability is inevitable! 
  • Layer two: It is made of a special foam that acts as the first layer sandwiching the pocket springs. This layer adds to the enhanced stability and firmness of your mattress. It is also responsible for the support you receive for your lower back.
  • Layer three: The mattress solely dedicates this layer for pocket springs. It forms the core of the entire mattress and consists of more than 650 full-size spring pockets. This layer is the prime contributor to optimal comfort. Amongst all, it supports your lower back and your pressure points. 
  • Layer four: It is the last layer in the mattress and acts as the foundational base foam. It is responsible for the proportionate distribution of your body weight when you sleep. Along with the spring pockets, this layer also releases the tension in your pressure points.

Off-gassing and Unboxing 

Have you ever unpacked a new sofa and found a particular stench coming out of it? If you were lucky enough never to have experienced that, I am talking about a chemical-like smell. This odour fills the room as your bed-in-a-box mattresses start to inflate. 

But that does not mean that your mattress is of a terrible quality! It is just the general off-gassing process that your mattress goes through. Eve Lighter Hybrid Mattress is no exception to this little phenomenon. 

However, it is a relatively thin mattress, and getting rid of the smell should not be difficult. If you are just as sensitive to the smell as I am, all you need to do is let the air do its job! Open the windows in your room and turn on the fans. 

The unboxing process itself is pretty manageable, too, more so if you have a partner to help you. The mattress is on the thinner side, and adjusting it should come as a simple task. 

How Firm Is the Eve Lighter Hybrid Mattress?

Well, it is time we got to the more technical parts about the mattress! I emphasise that the mattress’s firmness is crucial to how our bodies respond to it. 

Based on my experience with the mattress, I would rate it 7/10 in firmness. Most of the UK’s demographic prefers to go for mattresses on the firmer side, and this one just manages to make the cut without being too firm. 

That said, generalising hardly ever does us any good; our body types are different, and so is the case with our sleeping styles and patterns. 

For example, an average weight (75 kg) side sleeper found the mattress comfortable. Meanwhile, a lightweight (45kg) combination sleeper, my girlfriend found the mattress a little too firm. My brother Leon, a heavyweight (110 kg) sleeper, thought that the mattress was ideal for him. 

So, let us see how the firmness of Eve Lighter Hybrid Mattress affects your weight, shape, and size.

Is Eve Lighter Hybrid Mattress for Back Sleepers?

What back sleepers need: 6 to 8 = Medium-Firm to Firm

Sleeping pressure points: Head, neck, tailbone, and heels

If you consider yourself a strict back sleeper, you need a mattress that ranges between six to eight on a firmness scale. And luckily for you, Eve Lighter Hybrid Mattress makes the cut! 

Its build and combinational mechanisms help relieve your pressure points: head, neck, tailbone, and heels. The weight and size of your body matter just as much. So, let us take a peek at each scenario.

Lightweight Sleeper

Starting with a reliable example, my girlfriend thought this mattress was a little too firm for her. She weighs about 45 kgs and is a combination sleeper who loves to twist and turn while asleep.

Is that description close to you or your partner? Well, then the chances are that you might also find the mattress a tab bit firmer. 

While back sleepers need firmness in the range of six to eight, lightweight sleepers prefer firmness on the lower end. 

Average Weight Sleeper

The Eve Lighter Hybrid mattress would suit you better if you are an average-weight (59 kg to 104 kg) back sleeper. As an average-weight sleeper, I can testify that I prefer slightly firm beds but not too hard.  

I weigh about 75 kg, so degree 7 of firmness suited me better than it did my girlfriend.

I also felt that the interplay between foam and springs positively affected my lumbar. Sleeping on my back used to be an issue for me earlier because of back pain. However, I might just start opening myself up to the option, and the mattress makes it possible!

Heavyweight Sleepers

The issues with heavyweight back sleepers begin with a mismatch in the body’s alignment. The lower back often lacks the ideal support because the hips sink deeper than expected. 

My brother falls in this category and has expressed his worries before. After all, it could lead to problematic postures. So, I understand the gravity here. 

But as expected, my brother had positive feedback for this mattress. As he very proudly put it, he felt like the mattress had got his back literally!

Back sleepers: 8/10

How Is Eve Lighter Hybrid Mattress for Side Sleepers?

What side sleepers need: 4 to 6.5 = Soft to Medium-Firm

Sleeping pressure points: Shoulders, hips, thighs, ankle bones, feet

If you are a side sleeper, your requirements fall in opposition to back sleepers. You need a mattress on the softer side of the scale. After all, you want the mattress to let you melt into it after a tiring day! 

At the risk of stating the obvious, the weight of your body here falls along your side. And so, you would want a mattress between soft to medium-firm on the firmness scale.

Since the Eve Lighter Hybrid Mattress falls on the firmer side, it might not be the most comfortable deal in this case.

Lightweight Sleeper

The Eve Lighter Hybrid mattress tends to be too firm for lightweight sleepers, regardless of their sleeping style. 

However, the issue becomes more prominent if you are a side sleeper in this category. My girlfriend testifies to the same. 

She would much rather go for a mattress that is not too harsh on her shoulder and hips when side sleeping. 

Average Weight Sleeper

I have never been a strict side sleeper, so perhaps my opinion is biased. I felt like the mattress was slightly firm on my shoulders, to be completely honest with you. 

While the spring pockets at the core did help out with the flexibility, I would prefer a softer bed for side sleeping. 

Still, I will admit that the Evecomfort® foam was quite impressive and a smart choice for the first layer. 

Heavyweight Sleeper

If you are a heavyweight side sleeper, I have some good news to deliver!

While one might think that side sleepers resort to softer beds, we need to incorporate the factor of weight! Meaning as our body weight increases, our requirement for a firmer mattress sees a rise too.

Now, a mattress too firm would cause body sores along your sides. However, my brother tells me that a seven on the firmness has left him impressed. 

The springs present in the core of the mattress let your body relax. Meanwhile, the Evecomfort® foam layer perfectly supports the side sleeping.

Side sleepers: 6.5/10

How Is Eve Lighter Hybrid Mattress for Front Sleepers?

What front sleepers need: 6 to 9 = Medium-Firm to Extra-Firm

Sleeping pressure points: Face, Chest and Ribcage, Knees

I will admit that front sleepers might just be the unique kind of sleepers out there. Unlike side sleepers, this demographic needs a lot more firmness in their mattresses.

Imagine throwing yourself that way on a flimsy soft bed. Sinking with your face down is inevitable, and who would be a fan of that? 

Let us see if the case changes with the difference in weight categories. 

Lightweight Sleeper

Alright, I will admit that the lightweight sleepers have not been having a splendid time with the review so far. But here is where it changes!

If you are a lightweight front sleeper, this mattress is going to be the answer for your perfect night’s sleep. My girlfriend found a significant difference with the mattress when she tried sleeping on her stomach.

With a firmness at 7, the Eve Lighter Hybrid mattress checks all boxes. The Evecomfort® foam combined with the spring pockets offers excellent support for your chest. 

Average Weight Sleeper

I weigh about 75 kgs, and my front sleeping experience has been relatively satisfactory. 

Unlike my experiences before, my body did not sag, leaving my head elevated on the pillow. So, if your situation and preference like the sound of my testimony, nothing like it! 

I felt like the Eve Lighter Hybrid mattress supported my body perfectly. 

Heavyweight Sleepers

My brother came back with a positive response. He found the mattress just from enough to support his weight. 

While the springs helped with comfort, the foam layers prevented him from feeling like his body would hit the ground. 

Front Sleepers: 9/10

Are You a Combination Sleeper?

What combo sleepers need: 5-7 = Medium to Firm

Sleeping pressure points: Shoulders, hips, lower back

We rarely ever stick to one position when we sleep. If you constantly switch between styles, any mattress ranging between five to seven on the firmness would suit your needs. Since Eve Lighter Hybrid falls under this range, you should have no problem with it. 

But do keep in mind that it could be a bit too firm while you side sleep. The other positions should perfectly blend with the way this mattress accommodates itself. The main reason behind this fact is the smart combination of Evecomfort® foam and spring pockets. 

Combination sleepers: 8/10

How Is Eve Lighter Hybrid Mattress for Hot Sleepers?

Embarrassing while it might be, I can recall waking up in the middle of the night because my mattress got too hot. 

If your situation sounds like mine, you can join the club. So you know why I could not just come to terms with my hot sleeper tendencies; there had to be a solution!

One of the best mattresses that did away with this trouble is the Eve Lighter Hybrid mattress. If you might recall, the key lies in the cross-section composition of the mattress. The kind of foam that it uses allows scope for breathability.

Moreover, the springs at the core allow air to regulate and maintain a cool temperature. So, thanks to this mattress, we can now put this worry to rest (pun intended)!

Hot sleepers: 8.5/10

Do You Have a Sleeping Partner?

What do partner sleepers need: Highly responsive, motion isolating mattresses with temperature control

You might rarely find a partner who has the same sleeping pattern and style as you. But that does not have to mean that you go looking for two different beds!

What you need here is a mattress capable of meeting both ends. 

Take my case as an example. While my girlfriend is a lightweight sleeper, I fall under the category of an average weighing sleeper. Our experience with the Eve Lighter Hybrid mattress has been sort of varied. 

My girlfriend found the mattress too firm in most cases while I was comfortable with it. That said, the mattress falls a bit short in isolating the partner’s movements. So if you are a sensitive sleeper, you might have to seek extra customisations. 

Sleeping Partner: 7/10

Does the Eve Lighter Hybrid Mattress Provide Edge Support?

Well, we have almost come to the end of this mattress’s review! And our last stop is at the edge support it offers. While you might not think of it as necessary, the concept is crucial to your experience. But before all that, what do we mean by edge support?

The help that your mattress provides you with at the edges forms the impression of its edge support. The mattress’s encasement running along the box determines the structure retention it offers for the sleeper’s support.

My experience with Eve Lighter Hybrid Mattress’s edge support was satisfactory. I got the same response from my girlfriend and brother too. 

It might be a deeper concern, especially if you are a heavyweight sleeper or have a partner. So, the structure and framework for the ideal edge support in a mattress need to be robust enough.

Edge Support: 7/10

Written by:

Max Stevens