Eve Lighter Mattress Review

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Max Stevens
Eve Lighter Mattress Review

Eve Lighter Mattress Review

Ever heard of The Eve Mattress? It is a UK-based sleep firm that made its comfy, all-accommodating foam mattress. Famous London designers and their own UK factory launched this product.

People say sleep is like a cat. It only comes to you if you ignore it. Well, you may choose to ignore, but not Eve! The Eve Lighter is a foam-only mattress with a traditional, comfortable memory foam sensation. It is 9.5′′ thick in total. 

How did I trust it? Well, CertiPUR has examined all of the foam in the Eve mattress. This specific examination guarantees that no hazardous substances are present in the mattress.

My future depends on my dreams, so I’m going to jump right into the features!

Eve Mattress – A Brief Introduction 

No day is so bad that you can’t fix it with a nap. For that good nap, we all need an even better mattress! What’s so special about Eve mattresses, you ask?

First of all, hybrid mattresses are popular right now. You’re probably already looking to get one. The Eve Original is what you need precisely. Oh no, don’t just trust us; we’ve got facts. 

Let’s start with the fact that it comprises foam and has three layers. The rest comes easy, quite literally. 

Eve Mattress Construction 

I can surely agree that nothing relieves stress better than getting into your bed with a comfortable mattress. So, does Eve’s construction really help with this? 

I sure do know the value of a well-structured mattress. It is definitely one of its most endearing features. Eve’s mattress construction is what distinguishes it from the rest truly. 

Eve is a foam-only mattress with a traditional, comfortable memory foam sensation. They are healing the world with a mattress. How cool is that?

It is 9.5′′ thick in total and comprises three layers that are industry tested and TSC approved. Yes, I have a say! 

So, let’s look into each of the mattress layers:

  • The Top Layer: 2″ layer of Eve’s “new-generation” foam padding on top. This level of memory foam offers bed comfort, coolness, pain reduction, and bounce.
  • The Middle Layer: 1″ layer of reactive memory foam in the centre. This layer can breathe better, improving air movement and assisting in preventing heat retention problems.
  • The Bottom Layers: An 18-centimetre layer of Eve’s “Support Foam” This foam layer merely serves as the mattress’s fundamental basis, giving excellent form and a firm base.

Don’t get mad if you feel like you’re not getting any sleep. Get a hold of this mattress! With all the nuances in their construction, I can say that this is the mattress of my dreams! Dramatic, but true. 

Editor’s Note

I advise rotating the mattress every six months or four months if you are really heavy.

Written by:

Max Stevens

Off-Gassing and Unboxing 

I recently got my package and was excited to tell you everything about it. 

The mattress arrived in a compacted, air-tight box, approximately the size of a compact fridge. All we had to do was pull the box in, discard all of the wrappings, and place the mattress on our bed frame.

It comes with an instruction manual that will walk you through the process of effortlessly set up your mattress. 

It is unnecessary to remove the product’s cover if you ask me. However, be sure to vacuum both sides of the mattress and the wrap. It is critical to use the brush attachment to avoid tearing the cloth or breaking it down quickly.

There were no toxic smells from the mattress when I got it. When you initially unbox a mattress, it is typical to smell like a chemical in most cases. It is normal. That is known as off-gassing, and it is a relatively common occurrence. 

Is the Eve Mattress Firm to Sleep On?

My mother, too, told me to follow my dreams, so I took a nap on a great mattress. You’re probably wondering if it was a firm or soft one. I’m here to answer that!

Like other memory foam, Eve foam is sluggish to respond, which means an impression may remain on the bed for a few moments after you exert force on it. 

The material drags you in and cuddles you, but not in an overpowering way. Since the bed is medium-firm, I only got a little stuck-in-the-mud sensation. It is familiar with memory foam mattresses, so I wouldn’t overthink this if I were you.  

It would be around a 7 out of 10 on the frim scale if I had to rate it. This mattress’s strain property enabled me to be versatile with my sleeping pattern and provided an overall comfortable feeling.

The medium-firm feel resulted in bolder edges of the mattress. Eve’s form has significantly contributed to the edge support, an important aspect. 

How Are Eve Mattresses for Back Sleepers?

What back sleepers need: 6-8 = Medium-Firm 

Sleeping pressure points: The head, the tailbone, and the heels. 

There are several ideas as to why humans require sleep on a good mattress. I’m pretty convinced it is to finally get time to charge my phone! So what if I sleep on my back? 

There is a spread throughout the mattress while laying correctly on the back with all your weight. That equates to a 4 cm sinkage.

If your bedding is excessively firm, it might put undue strain on your lower spine.

So, if you sleep on your back, it is suggested that you stick to the more rigid mattresses. If you’re on for a softer, medium-firm feel, these quality mattresses are your go-to. Think it over, and then sleep on it! 

Lightweight Sleeper

Since the mattress is firm and solid, back, you might just enjoy it immensely. If you are a lightweight back sleeper, you might find the mattress extra firm, as your body will not apply too much pressure.

My girlfriend, who’s super petite, had her spine is in the ideal position. It helped her relieve the aches and back pain she was suffering from. It sure seemed attractive to my girlfriend and me. 

Although my girlfriend is primarily a side sleeper, she does toss around a lot and often ends up on her back. According to her affirmation, this mattress is comfortable for lightweight sleepers who might wind up lying on their back frequently. 

If you’re light, you can sleep tight! 

Average Weight Sleeper

I’m about 75 kg; therefore, I’m in the typical weight range. I agree that the Eve Lighter mattress does me well by offering the best of both worlds in terms of position.

I can say that the mattress does not sink under pressure from his body. It also does not push me up by being too hard. This perfect balance is a feature that not most mattresses can offer!

The different layers that constitute the overall structure of the mattress are the main driving factors behind this level of comfort and durability.

Now I start each day with a positive thought like, “I can go back to bed in 18 short hours!” 

Heavyweight Sleeper

My brother Dale is a back sleeper who weighs around 81kgs. So, of course, I let him try it out. More like forced him, because why not right!

The common problem he faced with many mattresses as a heavyweight was the discomfort of the spine. This situation can become a chronic problem if you do not tend to it effectively. 

With the Eve Lighter mattress, this issue will not torment you anymore! He experienced a peaceful sleep, and his body weight or position did not hinder his comfort. I have heard the feedback of several heavyweight users who claim that this mattress provides the best relief ever too! 

Back Sleepers: 9/10

How Are Eve Mattresses for Side Sleepers?

What side sleepers need: 4-6 = Soft-Medium

Sleeping pressure points: The shoulders, the hips, and the ankle bones

Are you a fellow side sleeper like me? Then you will also appreciate the presence of a soft bed that offers utmost comfort and relaxation. It is essential for body regions like shoulders, ankles, and hip.

Most mattress manufacturers design their products with firmness as the primary objective and fail to understand the significance of appropriate softness. It is a factor that can have a make-or-break impact on the quality of the mattress.

A soft-medium firm mattress will do the trick for you, as suggested by my brother Leon, a side sleeper! He is pretty tall (guy’s 6’4!) and, therefore, he needs to avoid excessive pressure on his spine.

Lightweight Sleepers

My girlfriend is a side sleeper. She weighs around 41kgs and hence, falls under the lightweight sleeper category. She requires softer mattresses to be able to rest without discomfort. The Eve Lighter mattress is slightly more firm than she would like. 

She experiences a rigid feeling when she sleeps on her side on this mattress. Therefore, lightweight sleepers can opt for a softer mattress.

Average Weight Sleepers

I belong to this category of a side sleeper who weighs average. I weigh 75kgs, and I always use my right shoulder to support my sleep. When I sleep on my side, my body requires extra support to maintain ease.

Since I often experience sleep apnea, my sleep cycle is haphazard. As a result, I usually wake up regularly and endure sleep deprivation. I have always looked for an excellent mattress to solve all these disorders.

The Eve Lighter mattress has helped me resolve this issue by providing the right amount of softness and firm base for my weight and sleeping position. I initially thought I would cause a great depression, but it turned around. 

 The flexible nature of the mattress adjusts the base according to my movement. 

Heavyweight Sleepers

I couldn’t sleep and sought help from a counsellor. “Sleep on the edge of the bed; you’ll soon drop off!” Literally. Is it the same for heavyweight sleepers too? I got my brother to try it out. 

“The Eve Lighter mattress is not bouncy and too squishy”, he pointed out. It suits the needs of a heavyweight side sleeper perfectly. A sleeper who weighs greater than 104kg will experience heavy pressure on their sides, especially near the shoulder and the hip.

Prolonged sleeping with this inconvenience will lead to several health issues. Therefore, my brother required a firm mattress that did not let them sink in. That’s the ‘Great Depression’ I was talking about. 

The multiple layers of the Eve Lighter mattress helped support his body and enhanced his sleep routine.

Side Sleepers: 8/10

How Are Eve Mattresses for Front Sleepers?

What front sleepers need: 6-9 = Mid Firm-Extra Firm

Sleeping pressure points: The ribcage, the thighs, and the knees

Zzzzz! Same night, twice as deep! We’re all looking for a mattress to give us this. So does the Eve Mattress provide a deep sleep to Front Sleepers?

The requirements of front sleepers are slightly more specific and non-negotiable than other sleeping styles. That is due to the extra pressure on the lower back region, which will experience a bend when you lie on your stomach.

The hip and the shoulders require proper alignment, irrespective of the position in which you sleep. Hence, it would be best to opt for a firmness range of 6-9 to support your preference for sleeping on your stomach.

Lightweight Sleepers

So what did my girlfriend think? She had no issues with the Eve Lighter mattress as it is firm enough to distribute their bodyweight equally. 

The lumbar region did not experience any stress due to the ideal alignment of her body. If the mattress were human, it probably wouldn’t feel a thing with her weight. 

My girlfriend is basically a side sleeper. However, she does sleep on her stomach at times. Since she is a lightweight sleeper, I could get first-hand confirmation from her regarding the overall comfort level.

She states that she experienced top-notch sleep on the Eve Lighter mattress. It’s recommended to everyone who’s a front-sleeper.

Average Weight Sleepers

I come under the category of average-weight sleepers since I weigh 75kgs. Yeah, I know you know this by heart. 

I can tell you The mattress is firm indeed. However, I did experience a dip near my hip region that disrupted my body’s alignment. I do not have a tummy either.

This mattress will best suit average-weight sleepers under 70kgs to be truly effective! Therefore, you can decide to buy this mattress for your front sleeping habits based on your precise body weight.

Heavyweight Sleepers

I’ve heard them say that comfort is king. So do the heftier ones feel the same while sleeping on the side? Let’s find out, shall we? 

My brother personally tried it out. He said this did not really suit him. Why? That’s because it increased the pressure exerted on his body. He, who is a combo sleeper, weighs around 87kgs. When he slept on his stomach, he experienced discomfort regularly. 

Heavy people who sleep on the front of their bodies will have to opt for a firmer mattress to ensure that their body is not misaligned.

Front Sleepers: 7.5/10

How Are Eve Mattresses for Combo Sleepers?

What combo sleepers need: 5-7 = Medium-Firm

Sleeping pressure points: The hips, the shoulders, and the lower back

According to popular surveys, this is the most slept-in position amongst people. Most people constantly switch places throughout their sleep routine. As a combo sleeper, you do not conform to a single position for the entire duration, right?

Combo sleepers require a mattress that will provide overall support and comfort irrespective of the sleeper’s position at any given point. Remember how I said my brother is a combo sleeper? According to him, the flexible nature and the bounciness of the mattress are crucial factors. 

It is imperative to aid the combo sleeper to switch the position smoothly without disturbing their sleep.

Lightweight Sleepers

The Eve Lighter mattress is firmer compared with other market counterparts. Lightweight sleepers will enjoy sleeping in these mattresses, as they will love the bounce factor they provide. 

My girlfriend constantly moves around in her sleep, and she vouches for the bounce quality of this mattress, hands down! 

Average Weight Sleepers

The proper contouring of the body and the supported position is of crucial importance. This mattress helped me maintain an aligned position throughout the sleep duration, without any inconvenience.

I sure do find the mattress comfortable enough to keep switching his position free of hassle. I sure didn’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed! 

Heavyweight Sleepers

If you’re a heavyweight sleeper, you will require the best possible flexibility that a mattress can offer. 

Earlier, my brother’s body sure did need extra support, especially near the shoulders and the lumbar regions. This Eve Lighter mattress’s design catered to his needs and ensured that he did not face any health issues as a result.

He felt cosy, like a bit of baby. 

Combination Sleepers: 8/10

How Are Eve Mattresses for Hot Sleepers?

Hot sleepers will face multiple concerns due to their body’s natural disposition. Therefore, you will require a mattress that suits their temperature requirements and assists them to sleep better irrespective of the weather.

My brother Leon is a hot sleeper who sweats extensively and cannot do without an air-conditioner. Similarly, a bed with breathable fabric is another essential requirement for him. It will determine his overall sleep cycle’s nature.

Bubble-Like Cells

According to Eve Lighter’s manufacturers, this mattress has tiny cells that resemble bubbles. This design ensures that the airflow within the mattress is maintained effectively.

Polyester Top

The top of the mattress features a polyester covering on the top. Since polyester is a breathable fabric, it ensures that the sleeper does not experience stuffiness or humidity. As a result, the temperature is ideal for a hot sleeper!

Temperature Control: 8.5/10

How Are Eve Mattresses for Couples?

Couples require a customisable mattress that can adapt to both the individuals’ needs and sleep patterns.

My girlfriend and I are side sleepers. However, she cuddles excessively and moves around quite a lot as a result. Her primary requirement with these mattresses is the scope for low motion transfer.

Requirements for Couples

Since two individuals lie on the mattress, it should wade off the heat without letting it accumulate and cause discomfort to the sleepers. Couples also engage in love-making, putting forth the need for a mattress that allows movement.

The lack of a roll-together factor is another welcome trait for couples. You do not want to disturb your partner when you wish to shift positions, do you? Motion isolation is the way to go!

How Does Eve Lighter Fare for Couples?’

My girlfriend and I have no issues with this mattress at present. There is enough bounce in this mattress for intimacy, and our cuddling causes no problems!

The mattress permits enough movement for each of us to move around without disturbing the other in any way. So, we are satisfied with all of its couple-friendly features.

Couple Friendliness: 9/10

Does Eve Mattress Provide Edge Support?

The factor of edge support is highly essential to note while looking for mattresses. It provides you with proper skirting. Although most sleepers fail to consider this factor while hunting for the best mattress, it is vital.

How Does Eve Mattress Fare?

Eve Lighter mattress is a budget-friendly mattress. Therefore, it does not provide significant edge support as we would like it to provide. You can still opt for it if you do not have an issue with slippery edges and do not move around in your sleep.

Edge Support: 6/10

Written by:

Max Stevens