Eve Original Hybrid Mattress Review

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Max Stevens
Eve Original Hybrid Mattress Review

Eve Original Hybrid Mattress Review

Hi there, it’s very taxing to flip through one review after another, isn’t it? But, don’t worry, this Eve Original Hybrid mattress review will be the last one you read.

I’ve gone through the process hundreds of times, and I know exactly the dizzying-overwhelming feeling you may have at this moment. And I dare say searching for a mattress is serious business – it’s your sleeping companion for the next 10 years! 

Knowing how you feel, I placed the recommended for and avoid if table at the very top of the page, so you’ll know immediately if this mattress review is for you or not. Helping you navigate through various mattress options so you can find the right one is my mission!

To help you find out more if this mattress is potentially the one you’ve been looking for,

I’ve got a few questions to assist you:

  • Are you a back sleeper?
  • Are you a stomach sleeper?
  • Do you prefer a medium-firm mattress?
  • Do you sleep with a partner?
  • Have you any pets who sleep with you?
  • Are you a hot sleeper?
  • Do you dislike the “sinking” feeling that traditional only-memory-foam mattresses give you?
  • Are you a fan of hybrid beds that contain both springs and memory foam?
  • Are you looking for a budget-friendly mattress?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this review is meant for you! Feel free to use the table of contents below so you can skip to your desired section.

But if you answered “no”, don’t worry! We’ve got mattress recommendations for everyone. You may check out these round-ups I made to help you find the mattress of your dreams. INSERT INTERNAL LINK.

Why I Do What I Do

If you’re wondering why I have this website dedicated solely to all things sleep, it’s because I’ve struggled with sleep for a few years now.

It began on Sunday in August 2017, when I sustained horrible injuries to make falling asleep a torturous task. 

What injury, you ask? Excruciating back injuries! How in the world did I manage to get myself in trouble? I played good ol’ footie for our local league match when BAM! I got caught on the wrong side of a flying tackle. There goes my once healthy back. I still experience terrible back pains when trying to get some sleep until this day. 

Good thing I now have a mattress that’s gentle on my back. Well, actually…I got tons of mattresses. I’ve developed a keen interest in all things sleep, especially mattress-related, that I’ve become your neighbour-friendly mattress geek!

So if you have body pains like mine or are simply looking for your next bed, you can ask me. Because chances are I’ve tried them myself!

And so I made the Sleep Checklist – your faithful companion in all things sleep-related. 

Let’s check out Eve Sleep and how they came to be one of today’s top bed-in-a-box mattress companies!

Eve Sleep – A Brief Introduction 

Eve is a UK-based online-selling mattress company. Its founder, Jas Bagniewski, launched Eve in 2014. Today they’ve expanded to Germany and are planning to launch in the US. 

Once upon a time, Jas worked at Rocket internet – a venture capital company before founding Eve Sleep. After leaving Rocket, he and his friends exchanged ideas related to sleep that eventually led to the making of the first-ever all-foam Eve Original.

They were frustrated with the sleep industry, and they observed that: “We found the sleep space to be very elitist – it seemed like only rich people could afford to sleep really well” their mission was to manufacture a mattress that’s affordable even to the average folk. 

After several experiments and product-testings, the Eve Original mattress was born. Since Jas worked formerly at Rocket Internet, you can easily see why they chose to confine their mattress entirely to the online market. On a side note, you can check out their mattresses in showrooms at Debenhams, Next, and Fenwick across England.

The all-foam Eve Original mattress soared with its patented Evercomfort® layer, which is “30x more breathable than the old stuff”. 

By “old stuff”, they’re referring to traditional memory foam, which can grow pretty hot to the point of waking up drowning in sweat! 

Today they have 6 mattresses you can choose from:

  • Original Mattress
  • Original Hybrid Mattress
  • Premium Mattress
  • Premium Hybrid Mattress
  • Lighter Mattress
  • Lighter Hybrid Mattress

You’d be hard-pressed not to grab one of these for yourself!

Do you wanna know how Eve currently performs? If 4.6 out of 5 stars from a massive 6,000 ratings on Trustpilot is anything to go by, it clearly shows that Eve sleep is still smashing it! 

This review will take a closer look at the Eve Original Hybrid Mattress. Excited? C’mon!

Mattress at a Glance


The Eve Original Hybrid Mattress combines memory foam and springs to provide a supportive cloud-like sleep experience! 

Do you know that the Eve Original Hybrid isn’t Eve Sleep’s first hybrid mattress? Yeah! This is the more recent model. What used to be called the Eve Original Hybrid is now called the Eve Lighter Hybrid mattress. They did this so you can have an Eve mattress regardless of your budget! 

Here’s what I mean: the Eve Original Hybrid is the middle-priced option in the hybrid range. The Eve Lighter Hybrid mattress is budget-friendly, and the Eve Premium Hybrid mattress is high-priced. All mattresses from Eve Sleep strictly comply with health standards. Such as:

  • All foam materials used are CertiPUR® certified and CFC and PBDE free.
  • Eve Sleep gets its raw materials from National Bed Federation members to ensure high quality. 
  • Each Eve mattress complies with UK fire regulations BS 7177:2008 +A1:2011 Low hazard for domestic use.
  • Eve Sleep also manufactures its mattresses using ISO 9001 quality standards.

If you want a healthy sleep, choose Eve!

  1. Top Cover 

The OEKO-TEX® certified moisture-wicking top cover of the Eve Original Hybrid is removable and washable at 40°C. If you’d like to know what it’s made of, I’ll drop it here: 98% polyester and 2% elastane. 

  1. Evercomfort® layer with active cooling

The springy Evercomfort® layer of the Eve Original Hybrid mattress achieves two purposes:

  1. To prevent that “sinking” feeling you usually get with memory foam  
  2. To have a “30x more breathable” mattress meant especially for us hot sleepers. 

The Evercomfort® layer cushions you, but it won’t smother you!

  1. Memory layer 

Now that you’re safely cushioned on top of the mattress, this memory layer can add more light relief to get that weightless feel. Go with the Eve Original Hybrid if you want a soft-cloud, on-top of the mattress sleep experience!

  1.  Support layer

This layer focuses more on protecting your springs for added durability. It also strengthens the edges, so they don’t compress to anything when sitting on it!

  1. Spring layer

The Eve Original Hybrid packs over 800 individually wrapped, 12cm full-sized springs for maximum responsiveness to your body’s every movement. And since it’s individually wrapped, you won’t have problems with motion transfer. You can change positions all you want, and your partner won’t feel it!

  1. Extra Support

Why not have another foam layer for added support? Yep, that’s probably what Eve Sleep thought when they popped this layer in. 

  1. Side and Base Cover

A breathable wrapping is added to encase all the layers mentioned above, forming one quality mattress for the finishing touch. 


Off-gassing refers to the initial chemical smell of your newly inflated bed-in-a-box mattress. Yes, it happens to all rolled mattresses, but I think the smell from the Eve Original Hybrid lasted for a week or so. Which is much longer than I’m used to. You can throw open your windows (when it’s not snowing or raining!) to let in the fresh air and make off-gassing a more bearable experience. 

Rating: 3/ 5 


Firmness is probably the most subjective part of any mattress. You could weigh 75kg (165lbs) like me and lay on my mattress, and we may still disagree about its firmness! Why so? Because at the end of the day, it rolls down to how your body reacts to the mattress.

Maybe you like to sleep on your back, and you’d feel heaviest on your hips, while I like to sleep on my side, and I’d experience heavy pressure on my shoulder. These various body parts interact differently with the mattress. That’s why we feel the mattress differently as well. And we haven’t even factored in how your hips and shoulders are shaped differently from mine!

I’m sure you’re beginning to realise how subjective mattress firmness can be.

Going back to the Eve Original Hybrid, the overall experience is a 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness mattress scale, which is medium firm

How do you find out if your body reacts snuggly to the Eve Original Hybrid? The simplest solution I can give you is: grab one and try it yourself! Eve sleep offers a 100 free night’s trial, so you can check out the Eve Original Hybrid in the convenience of your own home. What better offer can you get? Go ahead and grab one by clicking on this link. 

Rating: 6.5/10

Is it Good for Backsleepers?

What back sleepers need: Medium-firm to firm

Do you like sleeping on your back? Then you must’ve noticed how your lower back carries most of your weight in that position. That’s why back sleepers like you require a medium-firm to firm mattress that’s strong enough to keep your spine straight.

If your mattress were any softer, your lower back might sink in! I can feel my back ache just by thinking of a curved spine and the resulting potential back pains when you wake up in the morning.   

Average weight Back sleeper: Between 59-104kg (130-230lbs)

How did I find the Eve Original Hybrid when I slept on my back? Very supportive! The 800 full-sized springs were entirely capable of keeping my back straight. The best part? I didn’t sink in at all! Thanks, Evercomfort® layer! 

There was also excellent contouring around my lower back due to the cushioning property of both the Evercomfort® layer and the memory layer underneath it. A HUGE plus right there. 

Lightweight Back sleeper: Less than 59kg (130lbs)

Since you, as a lightweight sleeper, exert less pressure on the mattress, you’ll find the Eve Original Hybrid firmer than I did. Which is a good thing! If I didn’t sink in, you wouldn’t sink in either. And that’s what matters for back-sleeping! The cushioning of the Evercomfort® layer and the memory layer underneath it completes the experience with fantastic overall relief

Heavyweight Back sleeper: More than 104kgs (230lbs)

Heavyweight back sleepers will experience the most superb comfort since you’ll perceive the mattress to be softer than I did. The pressure you’ll exert on both the Evercomfort® layer and the memory layer underneath it promotes greater hugging comfort. And nope, you don’t have to worry about sinking in at all. You’ve got 800 full-sized springs to back you up (pun intended). 

Rating: 5/5

Is it Good for Side sleepers?

What side sleepers need: Very soft to medium-soft.

Are you a side sleeper? I’m a side-sleeper too! Naturally, we side-sleepers need a much softer mattress to cradle our shoulders. Why? Because most of our weight is distributed on such a small surface area (our side), causing our shoulders to exert great pressure on our beds.

And if we sleep on a firm mattress, our shoulders get squashed between our body and the mattress! Oh, I can imagine the shoulder pain resulting from this unfortunate circumstance. *cringes internally 

Average weight Side Sleeper: Between 59-104kg (130-230lbs)

So how did the Eve Original Hybrid fare with my side sleeping needs? Quite poorly, I’m afraid. The 800 full-sized springs made the Eve Original Hybrid mattress a bit too firm for side-sleeping, in my opinion. Plus, the Evercomfort® layer also prevents me from sinking in (not very ideal for side sleepers!).  

If you need a softer, shoulder-friendly mattress, feel free to check this out INTERNAL LINK.

Lightweight Side Sleeper: Less than 59kg (130lbs)

If the 800 full-sized springs of the Eve Original Hybrid Mattress made me feel that the mattress is a bit too firm for my side-sleeping needs, you’d find it much firmer! Definitely not very shoulder-friendly. Don’t forget to check this out if you want a softer mattress INTERNAL LINK.

Heavyweight Side Sleeper: More than 104kgs (230lbs)

Since you exert more pressure on the mattress than I did, you’ll feel that it’s softer. Meaning you’ll experience contouring on your heavy shoulder, but still not enough to make you sink in – which is needed for a genuinely comfortable side-sleeping experience. 

Perhaps this INTERNAL LINK will give you the deep, cradling comfort you need for your burdened shoulder. 

Rating: 2.5/5

Is it Good for Front Sleepers?

What front sleepers need: Medium Firm to Firm

Do you prefer to sleep on your stomach? I’m sure a lot of you do! Stomach sleepers require a firm mattress. More than any other position! Why? Because it’s the most spine-hostile position of all. How so? Try laying on your stomach for a minute. Do you notice how most of your weight is in the middle of your body? Sleeping on your stomach automatically pulls your spine down!

And if your mattress were any softer, it’ll pull your spine down even farther. That’s why you need a medium-firm to firm mattress

Average Weight Front Sleeper: Between 59-104kg (130-230lbs)

I felt that the sinking-preventing property of the Evercomfort® layer plus the 800-cm full-sized springs easily kept me straight and flat atop the Eve Original Hybrid mattress. Did it feel hard-rock? Nope, not at all. The combined contouring sensation of both the Evercomfort® layer and the memory foam underneath it ensured I had a weightless-feel sleep experience.   

Lightweight Front Sleeper: Less than 59kg (130lbs)

If I didn’t sink in, neither will you! The combined support of the Evercomfort® layer and the 800-cm full-sized springs makes sure that you wouldn’t sink in and your spinal alignment remains in tip-top shape. While both the Evercomfort® layer and the memory foam layer underneath it makes sure that your stomach feels soft on the mattress. 

Heavyweight Front Sleeper: More than 104kgs (230lbs)

You’ll feel that the Eve Original Hybrid is softer than how I felt it to be because you exert more pressure on the mattress than I do. But will you sink in? Nope! You’ll stay safely atop the mattress because both the Evercomfort® layer and the 800-cm full-sized springs work together to prevent your stomach from sinking in.

Rating: 5/5

Is it Good for Combo Sleepers?

What combo sleepers need: A bit of a bounciness 

Do you change positions multiple times a night? Then you’re a combo sleeper, no doubt! What do combo sleepers want from a mattress? A bit of bounce to help you roll around and shift positions, of course. 

If you were to get a dead-feel mattress with zero springiness, you’d potentially feel like you were squirming on the floor for all the support it gives you. 

So was the Eve Original Hybrid mattress bouncy enough? I’d give it an average yes. It’s not as bouncy as you may like, but neither is it squirming-on-the-floor kind of unresponsive. Just a bit lacking

Why? Aren’t there 800 full-sized individually wrapped springs to give all the bounce you need? That’s right! But if you noticed, it’s quite buried underneath 3 foam layers (2 of which are motion-silencing memory foams!) So you may not prominently feel the bounce as much as you may like. 

If you wish for a bouncier mattress, maybe this is what you’re looking for instead. INTERNAL LINK

Rating: 3/5

Is it Good for Hot Sleepers?

Do you easily drown in your sweat? I sure do (my girlfriend’s endless teasing never lets me forget about it!) What do we hot sleepers need? A cool, breathable mattress, of course. At the very least, a temperature neutral mattress can help keep the icky sweaty nights away. 

Is the Eve Original Hybrid mattress worthy of hot sleepers? Positive! I won’t say it’s a cool mattress, but it is breathable. Thanks to the “30x more breathable” Evercomfort® layer plus the 800 full-sized springs that promote airflow, I’m sweat-free even during warm nights!

Rating: 4/5

With Sleeping Partner

There’s no question about it. You desperately need a motion silent mattress when you have a sleeping partner! Otherwise, you’d wake each other in turn, especially during midnight toilet trips! I’m delighted to say that the Eve Original Hybrid mutes motion very well. It has 2 motion-silencing memory foam layers, and the 800 springs are individually wrapped. So when you move, only the springs directly underneath you move! Leaving the other springs still and quiet. 

No wonder my longtime partner has zero complaints when I shimmy in, and she’s already asleep (as I tend to sleep later). Neither do I bolt awake when she gets out of bed earlier than me. 

Need a motion silent bed? The Eve Original Hybrid mattress is yours for the taking!

Rating: 5/5

Edge Support

If you want to use the entire area of your bed and you dislike rolling off at the edges, you’d like them edges firm and strong enough to support you. Especially if you’re an edge-sleeper!

I love to sit on the edge of the bed to check my emails or put on my house slippers. How did the Eve Original Hybrid mattress fare? 

Sadly, not very much. The foam casing that adds strength to the edges is firmer than many pure foam mattresses that squish to nothing when you apply pressure. But it isn’t as firm as I won’t either. If you’re looking for firm edges, you might want to check out INTERNAL LINK.

Rating: 2.5/ 5

Best Features

So here are my 3 favourite points with the Eve Original Hybrid:

  • Breathability
  • Motion Isolation
  • Budget-friendly option

I love how I didn’t wake up sticky and sweaty when sleeping on the Eve Original Hybrid. And I didn’t wake my partner when getting in and out of bed! Both of these for such a consumer-friendly price? I say the Eve Original Hybrid mattress is worth the money!

Mattress Rating  

Wrapping up our discussion with the Eve Original Hybrid, here are the ratings we’ve covered:

  • Off-gassing – 3/ 5
  • Firmness – 6.5/ 10
  • Back sleepers – 5/ 5
  • Side sleepers- 2.5/ 5
  • Front sleepers- 5/ 5
  • Combo sleepers- 3/ 5
  • Hot sleepers – 4/ 5
  • With partner – 5/ 5
  • Edge support – 2.5/ 5

Which factors do you find important? Did the Eve Original Hybrid cater to your preference? 

Parting Words

That’s it for this review! Thanks a lot for sticking with me ’till the very end! Still not sure whether you should try the Eve Original Hybrid or not? You’ll never really know for sure if it fits you unless you try it out for yourself! Besides, Eve sleep offers you a free 100 nights trial. There’s nothing to lose! 

I’d be very delighted to know if I accomplished my mission as your very own mattress guide and sleep companion!   

Helping you is a great way to bring some good out of my footie injury I shared with you at the beginning of this post.

I’ve got tons of other mattress suggestions to help you or your friends. You can check them out here. 

Sleep checklist is here to be your sleep companion! Don’t forget to bookmark this page for easy reference. Thank you!

Written by:

Max Stevens