Nectar Mattress Review

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Nectar Mattress Review

Nectar Mattress Review

Nectar Sleep is one of the best and most popular mattresses online and this is why I had to create the Nectar mattress review. Demanded by many for its comfort, this bedding product is a must-have for your bedroom. If you are looking for a memory-form mattress, keep this in your option.   

If you experience pain in your shoulders (like me), you should keep your search for the dream mattress. It took me a while to understand that most of my body pains can be sure if I sleep the right way on the right mattress.   

Ever since I have become picky about the mattress, I sleep on it, which has done wonders. If you relate to my problems or even pain in the hips and lower back, I can assure you that this is the right place.   

If you want to learn in detail about Nectar mattresses, this review will benefit you. Since I have already slept on it for a while, I thought to compile a review and help you decide if this is worth your money.    

So, answer me,   

  • Do you feel too hot while sleeping?   
  • Do you deal with pain in the hips, shoulders, and back?   
  • Do you share the bed with a partner?   
  • Do you or your partner move a lot in sleep, causing the disturbance?   
  • Do you prefer a noise-free mattress for soundless sleep?   

My review will be worth your five minutes if you have answered yes to the questions above. 

Even if you don’t relate to the above questions, exploring this mattress can help you. The mattress pros can even outweigh the cons for you. 

Nectar Mattress – A Brief Introduction 

Nectar mattress consists of three layers of memory foam and offers you a restful night’s sleep after a tiring day. The firmness of this product rates 6 out of 10, which evenly spreads comfort and lightness throughout your body.   

The thickness of the flagship Nectar mattress is 12 inches. Unlike most mattress, which makes you feel like you are sleeping on, the Nectar mattress will give you a feeling of sleeping in.   

A highlighting fact about this mattress I love is that the form mixes with a cooling gel. Yes, if you are a hot sleeper like me, you’re going to enjoy this to your heart’s content with, of course, stress-free sleep.   

Unlike the softest mattress out there, this one does hug your body too closely. I have noticed that it contours to my body which is helpful. I think this one is worth trying and worth your money.   

Nectar Mattress Construction 

Nectar mattress build sets the mattress part from the others in the market. Here, I will discuss the construction of the mattress, yes, each layer of it.   

As I mentioned earlier, even if you are a hot sleeper, the market fulfils your needs with a cooling mattress. Yes, a Nectar mattress is one of them and suits your needs. No more restless night sleep then.   

Let us explore each layer of the Nectar mattress and its constriction:   

  • The prime layer: This layer is coated with gel foam to give you a cooling effect on a hot day. The material used in this layer is breathable polyethene and lets the top layer remain cool whenever touched.   
  • The middle layer: This layer uses a conventional and soft foam. Compared to the top layer, it has a higher density and firmness. The middle layer is transitional, which acts as a supporting layer for the last one.   
  • The third layer: The last layer has the highest intensity with a very thick form to support the base. Therefore, the base is supported, making the mattress durable for a long time.   

Additionally, I would like to note that the size of the Nectar mattress is average. This 12-inch-tall mattress is the ideal size for all foam-based mattresses. So, you do not need to worry about that part.   

Off-Gassing and Unboxing 

The best part of this mattress is how easily I can unbox it. If you get it directly from the brand and avoid intermediaries, you save up a little extra. The unboxing was so easy that you could do it by yourself.   

After the mattress conveniently came to my home in a box, I quickly laid it out on the bed. The assembling is one step to take it out of the box and expand.   

It is important to note that all mattresses give a chemical odour when opened, but this does go away in 2-3 days. I noticed a slight chemical odour after unboxing, and this odour is called off-gassing.   

However, I did not worry about it. The odour left my home in no time. All I did was open the windows and let it air.

Rating: 4/5

Is the Nectar Mattress Firm to Sleep on? 

Now you know a brief about Nectar mattress. So, I think it is time to share some details about its firmness. It is an important factor to consider since you learn how it feels on your body when you sleep.   

The Nectar matters rates as a medium-firm; 6 on the scale of 1 to 10. However, it is important to note that the firmness of the Nectar mattress is subjective. It means that what works for me might not work for you and vice versa. I am 75 kgs (165 lbs), so it was too firm for me.   

My girlfriend has a pretty different experience sleeping on it, she weighs 99 lbs (45 kgs), and since she is much lighter than me, she said it was too firm for her.  

If you weigh over 58 kg (130 lbs), you will notice the mattress firmer if you sleep on your side. However, I felt that my comfort did not waver according to the firmness. And my girlfriend felt the same way.   

Is the Nectar Mattress for Back Sleepers?

Firmness requirement for back sleepers: Medium-firm to firm (6 to 8/10)

Sleeping pressure points: Heels, tailbone, and back of the head (mid to lower back)

Back sleepers will need direct support on their lower back. They will also require pressure-relieving attributes for their tailbone, heels, and back of the head. 

An extremely firm mattress will make it hurtful on the pressure points. On the contrary, a soft mattress will disrupt spine alignment. So, what do they need? A mattress that is neither too firm nor too soft! 

Something ranging between 6 to 8 on the firmness level is ideal for most back sleepers. Moreover, this adequate firmness level ensures that the hips do not sink deeper than the shoulders. Such a firmness will keep everything symmetrical and comfortable. 

Lightweight Sleepers 

The firmness of this mattress will ensure alignment for people under 130 lbs. 

The supportive and transitional foam layers will help minimise sinkage for people in this category. My girlfriend, who weighs 45 kg (99 lbs), experienced proportionate support throughout her body. 

She received pressure relief from the mattress in her heels and especially the back of her head. Her hips did not sink deeper than her shoulders, and her spine was perfectly aligned. 

She loved sleeping on this mattress, and she recommends all lightweight back sleepers to do the same. 

Average-weight Sleepers 

This mattress is in the 6/10 firmness rating, making it a good choice for back sleepers. 

Usually, a rating below 7 might seem a little too saggy for average-weight sleepers. However, a back sleeper, Dale (178 lbs), found it a good choice. 

It means that anyone between 130 lbs to 230 lbs. will find this mattress sag-free. This firmness rating also ensured that Dale’s body remained aligned and did not sink into the mattress. 

He informed me that the mattress supported his lower back, and he did not feel any discomfort. 

It was because of the dynamic layer that keeps the mattress bouncy and supportive. Furthermore, the pressure-relieving memory foam also made it a good choice for average-weight back sleepers. 

Heavyweight Sleepers

Anyone weighing more than 230 lbs. will find this mattress saggy. You will not receive the necessary support from the foam layers as the firmness rating you need is 7 to 8/10. 

Your weight will exert more pressure that will make your back uneven. Moreover, making the alignment disproportionate and hurtful. There will be sinkage if you sleep on such a mattress for a prolonged period. In addition, you will develop aches in your back and torso. 

Therefore, I recommend heavyweight sleepers to stay away from the Nectar Mattress. 

Back Sleepers: 8/10

Will the Nectar Mattress Be Good for Side Sleepers? 

Firmness requirement for side sleepers: Soft to medium-firm (4 to 7/10)

Sleeping pressure points: Ankles, shoulders, hips, and ears

As a side sleeper myself, I can vouch that we like softness and supportiveness all in one. 

The softness will help side sleepers sink into the mattress, and the supportiveness will ensure everything is aligned. Moreover, the mattress needs to alleviate pressure on the ankles, shoulders, and hips. 

Besides that, side sleepers will need a mattress that keeps proper spinal alignment. The firmness needs to be adequate to maintain a balanced weight distribution to offer optimal comfort. 

Therefore, side sleepers will need a soft to medium-firm mattress! 

This way, you can have a peaceful sleep without worrying about any joint pain. I have to admit that I have chronic aches in my shoulders and back, making it challenging to find the perfect mattress.  

Lightweight Sleepers 

Even though my girlfriend was not a side sleeper, she agreed to test it out just for you! 

With her 99 lbs. weight, she found the Nectar Mattress accommodating. The foam layers ensured proper contouring of her body, and she had proper cushioning from the softness. However, she informed me about the slightly uneven pressure relief on the ears and hips as she lay on the side. 

Due to the snug softness, she did not receive adequate spinal alignment. 

Average-Weight Sleepers 

As an average-weight side sleeper myself, I can vouch for this mattresses’ perfectness. It cradled my body as I fell asleep. Consequently, making the tensionless form vital pressure points. 

I am 165 lbs, which makes me exert adequate pressure on the mattress. This pressure allows the mattress to contour my body and distribute my bodyweight evenly. 

It cradled and conformed my hips and shoulders to offer an even surface. Moreover, what intrigued me the most was the minimised sinkage or unevenness. My head was at the same level as my hips, making my spine alignment correct. 

All of this was because of the supportive foam and pressure-relieving layers. 

Heavyweight Sleepers

As I mentioned, heavyweight sleepers will find this mattress extra soft. Being more than 230 lbs, you will exert more pressure on the surface of the foam, which will result in sinkage. 

Because your body sinks into the softness of the foam, there will be minimal spinal alignment. However, the supportive base will ensure that your hips and shoulders proportionately sink into the mattress. 

Ideally, such sleepers will require a firmer mattress, but you can go for this mattress if you do not have any back issues! 

Side Sleepers: 9/10

How is the Nectar Mattress for Front Sleepers? 

Firmness requirement for front sleepers: Medium-firm to extra-firm (6 to 9/10)

Sleeping pressure points: Knees, stomach, hips, thighs, and back

I find this sleeping position to be the most intriguing of the lot. As a front sleeper, you will exert a lot of pressure on your back. Therefore, you will require a firmer mattress that allows you to remain aligned and supported. 

A softer mattress will cause you to sink into the foam and have a tremendous backache. Moreover, being on your stomach will exert pressure on your thighs and hips, requiring much support. 

The firmness level will keep your hips from sinking a few inches into the mattress. If this happens, there will be no alignment in your spine, and you will wake up with backaches. 

To prevent that from happening, I recommend that you get a mattress with a medium-firm to extra-firm rating. 

Lightweight Sleepers 

As a lightweight stomach sleeper, you might feel this mattress to be firm due to its supportiveness. 

My girlfriend agreed to test the mattress by being a front sleeper for a few days. She told me it aligned her shoulders and hips, but she felt more minor pressure relief from her thighs. 

However, she had a natural spinal alignment due to the supportiveness of the base foam layer. This reinforcement ensured a proportionate sinkage while she slept on her front. 

Average-Weight Sleepers 

I will be honest; I did not expect the Nectar Mattress to work well for an average-weight front sleeper. However, I was proven wrong as I tried out this theory! 

I slept as a front sleeper for a few days and deduced that this mattress could work well for you. 

The perfect amount of firmness in the mattress ensures that the pressure is off your stomach and thighs. As I lay on the bed, I found my shoulders to be at par (sinkage-wise) with my hips. 

I believe that the supportive base layer and the other foam layers worked together to offer dynamic support and comfort! 

Heavyweight Sleepers

A heavyweight front sleeper will have difficulty falling asleep on this mattress. 

Such people will have a significant weight in their stomach and torso. Therefore, making the mattress sink deeper. It will result in an uneven spinal alignment and lousy support. 

It means that individuals weighing over 230 lbs. will find front sleeping a nightmare on this mattress. 

Front Sleepers: 6/10

Is the Nectar Mattress for Combo Sleepers? 

Firmness requirement for combo sleepers: Medium-firm to firm (5 to 7/10) 

Sleeping pressure points: Hips, spine, shoulders, tail bone, and lower back

A combo sleeper will need support, softness, and pressure relief. These sleepers will also require adequate edge support, which I have discussed in a previous section. 

Your pressure points will be on your lower back, shoulders, hips, and spine. Therefore, a proper alignment of your spine is needed. Without that, combo sleepers will find it uncomfortable to toss and turn. 

You will need a mattress that offers comfort and supportiveness in all the previous sleeping positions. 

However, the most crucial aspect of a combo sleeper to consider is their weight. As a combo sleeper, your weight will determine the amount of pressure you exert on the mattress. 

In turn, giving you resistance to toss and turn in your sleep. So, is the Nectar Mattress good for combo sleepers in all weight types?

Lightweight Sleepers 

My girlfriend likes to toss and turn in her sleep but has a dominant back sleeping position. 

Due to her weight, she did not find the mattress resisting. As she mentioned after sleeping on it, “Nectar embodies everything that a lightweight combo sleeper will need.” 

The firmness and all-foam structure provided her with conforming and pressure-relieving attributes. 

Average-Weight Sleepers 

Sean, who weighs 191 lbs, found this mattress to have a little bit of resistance. 

He did not find that to be uncomfortable, though! While tossing and turning in his sleep, he felt adequate support, especially from the mattress’s edge and middle. However, due to a bit of sinkage, he did not find the spine alignment great. 

However, he insisted that it was a personal preference for him, and combo sleepers would find the Nectar Mattress ideal. 

Heavyweight Sleepers

As a heavyweight combo sleeper, you will have a lot of resistance from this mattress. Usually, you might find it uncomfortable and annoying to a point. 

Your weight will exert too much pressure on the mattress every time you turn, and it will sink too much. Therefore, making it hard for a proper spinal alignment. You will not have much pressure relief. 

I recommend that heavyweight combo sleepers seek out another mattress! 

Combo Sleepers: 7/10

Is the Nectar Mattress Ideal for Hot Sleepers? 

Hot sleepers’ requirement: Cooling technology, breathable covers, proper ventilation and airflow 

Like me, a hot sleeper will always try to find a breathable mattress with temperature regulation. 

The Nectar Mattress comes with a quilted top cover that keeps the heat away from your body. Moreover, the material helps in the proper ventilation of air. The dynamic support layer comes with an innovative breathable foam that helps regulate temperature and maintains airflow.  

However, memory foam has a natural ability to trap air in its pores. For extremely hot sleepers, this will be a downside. It traps the heat and can make you feel uncomfortable. 

As for me, I considered the temperature regulation to be adequate. The top cover and the foam cover ensured that the heat gets drawn away from my body. Therefore, even during the summers, I did not wake up in a pool of sweat. 

The foam is breathable and keeps a well-ventilated mattress environment. 

I felt that the foams worked together to offer me support and comfort. I did not wake up hot, and neither was I left in a pool of sweat. 

The Nectar Mattress kept my body temperature regulated throughout the night to offer me a peaceful sleep. 

As I mentioned earlier, the Nectar Mattress would not be ideal for extremely hot sleepers. 

If you are an average sweaty sleeper like me, I recommend you get this mattress! 

Temperature control: 7/10

Should Couples Get the Nectar Mattress? 

Requirement while sleeping with a partner: A good responsiveness and low or no motion transfer 

Couples who sleep with a fidgety partner will require a minimal motion transfer mattress. My girlfriend tosses and turns in her sleep, even though she is not a combo sleeper. Therefore, making it a problem for me as I feel her moving around, and guess what? I am a light sleeper! 

For that reason, I would consider the Nectar Mattress to have minimised motion transfer. The foam contoured my girlfriend’s body as she turned in her sleep, but sometimes I could feel her movement. 

It was minimal, but I could still feel her fidgeting around. However, it was not as extreme as some other mattresses I have tried out. 

The motion transfer in the Nectar Mattress is minimal, but it is present! 

I have to let you know it was not severe, and neither was it uncomfortable. I would recommend that you get a king’s size of this mattress to offer optimal comfort. 

On the other hand, the conforming and traction on this mattress was how we liked it while having sex. It was comfortable for both of us, and we had a great time. However, we noticed sinkage (primarily because of my weight). 

It might be a problem for people who like to change positions now and then. Furthermore, the edge support made it an issue for us to stay on the edge of the bed. We were restricted to the middle! 

What intrigued me was the low noise production, making it discreet. Well, it is evident given that this mattress is an all-foam one. 

I did not like the Nectar Mattress because it minimised ease of movement. Just like combo sleepers would find the response slow, it is the same for couples. Moreover, it made it a little too uncomfortable to change positions without resistance. 

However, my lightweight girlfriend found moving around to be very easy. 

She exerts less pressure on the memory foam, and it does not sag for her. But I struggled since I fall in the average-weight category. 

Therefore, couples who love changing positions might find it hard. 

Overall, I would recommend this mattress for people who are into a slow-paced sexual endeavour. 

Couple’s rating: 5.5/10

Does the Nectar Mattress Have Any Edge Support? 

Do you overlook this feature while choosing a mattress? Let me tell you why edge support is a crucial aspect that you need to consider. 

Edge support is the extra support layer on the sides of the mattress that ensures an all-rounded comfort and cosiness. You may be wondering why such a feature is important. 

Well, this support keeps your mattress from sagging and provides extra support to its structure. It ensures that the edges of your mattress remain stable and makes the mattress durable. Yes! Edge support plays a vital role in keeping the layers of your mattress intact. 

It acts as a high-quality foundation that prevents the internal materials of your mattress from sagging and wearing out. Most importantly, it ensures that you do not fall off the bed! 

I have come across various foam mattresses that add an extra layer to enhance the edge support. 

Coming back to the Nectar Mattress, I was intrigued by the performance of its edge support. However, I have to admit that there was a little sinkage for me. My girlfriend did not lose support because of the firmness level. 

Talking about my girlfriend, she usually likes to hog the bed as she keeps cuddling and tossing in her sleep. It means that I find myself sleeping on the edge most of the time. Therefore, making me an ideal candidate to test out the edge support quality. 

The medium-firmness of this mattress prevented the loss of support, but there was a little sinkage. 

On the other hand, as my girlfriend and I took turns sitting on the mattress, I noticed that the weight made a huge difference in terms of sinkage. Individuals weighing over 230 lbs. will feel the edge sinking due to the softness. 

As mentioned before, firmness is a very subjective matter that depends on many aspects. 

So, the edge support will feel pleasant for people in the average and lightweight category. However, Heavyweight individuals will find it to be soft. 

While having sex, you might find the edges uncomfortable, depending on your weight. Moreover, I noticed sinkage while getting in and out of the mattress. If that is not a problem for you, this mattress is a good choice! 

Other than that, I did not find any other problems related to the edge support. 

Edge support: 7.5/10

Written by:

Max Stevens