Otty Aura Hybrid Mattress Review – Is It Worth It?

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Otty Aura Hybrid Mattress Review

Otty Aura Hybrid Mattress Review – Is It Worth It?

The OTTY Aura Hybrid mattress review caters to sleepers of all sizes and weights, providing exceptional comfort for side sleepers’ shoulders and hips.

You don’t have to compromise on essential features when choosing an affordable mattress. The Aura Hybrid excels in offering comfort without breaking the bank.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want a mattress suitable for all types of sleepers?
  • Do you share your bed?
  • Are you a sleeper over 100kg?
  • Are you a hot sleeper?
  • Do you need adequate support for your shoulders, hips, and knees? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this review is for you.

OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress – An Introduction

OTTY mattresses are known for their comprehensive features, such as motion isolation, comfort, and temperature control.

Founder Michal Szlas, a workaholic and fitness enthusiast, understands the importance of a good night’s sleep. The Aura Hybrid utilises high-quality materials to prevent issues like permanent sagging.

This successful Yorkshire-based mattress brand is already expanding to cities like Berlin and Amsterdam.

OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress Construction

The OTTY Aura Hybrid mattress’s design accommodates all types of sleepers.

This medium-firm mattress is suitable for average-weight sleepers, featuring five layers that collaborate to deliver a luxurious sleep experience.

The removable cover is easy to wash and dry, ensuring a clean and healthy sleeping environment. Its tiny pores enhance airflow, helping hot sleepers stay cool.

Here’s a brief overview of each layer:

  1. Removable cover: A soft, machine-washable cover.
  2. Temperature-regulating memory foam: Enhances sleep comfort and reduces motion.
  3. Support foam: A transition layer that supports your muscles.
  4. 16 cm pocket spring layer: 1000+ individually pocketed coils enhance responsiveness.
  5. Temperature regulation layer with side support for airflow: Keeps hot sleepers cool by dissipating heat trapped in memory foam.

The mattress has a depth of 23 cm, and the double size variant measures 190 cm x 135 cm (L x W). Single, King, and Super King sizes are also available, all offering the same comfort!

Off-Gassing and Unboxing

The OTTY Aura Hybrid mattress arrives vacuum-packed in a robust box. Unboxing is straightforward, and a blade is included to open the vacuum pack.

Off-gassing, or the unpacking smell, is mild and can be reduced by opening windows. This is typical for vacuum-packed mattresses as chemicals become trapped.

I prefer unboxing the mattress myself, but for an additional £10, you can have the delivery team do it for you. However, this service was unavailable during the coronavirus pandemic, so make sure to arrange help if needed.

One notable downside is the absence of handles on the mattress.

How Firm is the OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress?

The OTTY Aura Hybrid mattress has a medium-firm feel, rated around 6.5/10 on the firmness scale for average-weight sleepers (60-105kg). However, firmness is subjective and may vary between individuals; a heavier person may perceive it as less firm than an average-weight person.

As a 75 kg sleeper, I found the mattress to have the ideal medium-firm feel, approximately 6.5 on the scale (with 10 being the firmest).

However, our lightweight mattress tester (45kg) found the mattress firmer, but still comfortable due to the Aura Hybrid’s supportive layers.

How is OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress for Back Sleepers?

Ideally, back sleepers need: 6-8 firmness scale rating = Medium-firm to firm

Pressure Points: Head, Neck, Shoulders

Back sleepers need consistent pressure distribution to maintain spinal alignment. The OTTY Aura Hybrid achieves this with a combination of foam and springs that respond to your body weight.

Overall, the mattress conformed naturally to our testers’ curves without letting any contact points sink in excessively.

Lightweight Sleeper

Our lightweight tester, a side sleeper, thoroughly enjoyed the OTTY Aura Hybrid mattress. The pocket spring layer gives it a nice bounce, allowing lightweight sleepers to rest comfortably. The mattress provides excellent spinal alignment.

Overall, the second transition foam layer and spring layer effectively offer a comfortable feel for lightweight sleepers.

Average-Weight Sleepers

As an average-weight sleeper myself, I find this mattress comfortable and supportive. It supports my back and helps alleviate my hot sleeper issue.

The thicker foam layer serves as a crucial bridge between the memory foam and pocket springs. I tested the mattress while sleeping on my back and appreciated its cushioning support. I woke up without lower back pain in the morning, which was a relief.

Additionally, my shoulder discomfort decreased in intensity. Therefore, the Aura Hybrid mattress offers a comfortable night’s sleep for average-weight sleepers.

Heavyweight Sleepers

Most heavyweight sleepers need a highly firm mattress. The OTTY Aura Hybrid mattress does not offer a firmness level of 7 or above. 

My brother Leon felt that the mattress performed reasonably well for him. However, for heavier individuals, the softness becomes more apparent.

My 92 kg brother noticed a slight dip around the bum region, while the shoulder and upper back areas remained firm. As a result, heavyweight back sleepers might find the mattress slightly too soft.

I recommend heavyweight sleepers (those above 100 kg) opt for a firmer mattress.

Back Sleepers: 8.5/10

How is OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress for Side Sleepers?

What side sleepers need: 4-6 firmness scale rating = Soft to Medium firm

Pressure Points: Shoulders, ankles, arms

Side sleepers prefer a contouring mattress that alleviates pressure from specific body points. As a side sleeper myself, I understand your needs.

Generally, side sleepers enjoy sinking into a mattress to relieve back and shoulder pain. The OTTY Aura Hybrid is excellent for light and average-weight side sleepers because the foam layer contours nicely around the shoulders and hips.

However, for heavyweight side sleepers, it may be slightly too soft to support the weight coming through the shoulders.

Lightweight Side Sleepers

The OTTY Aura Hybrid mattress is comfortable for lightweight side sleepers. The memory foam compresses slightly for lightweight sleepers.

My girlfriend didn’t experience a significant dip after getting on the mattress, which is a positive sign for lightweight sleepers.

While lying on her shoulders, she could easily change sides, and the springs provided adequate firmness.

Overall, lightweight sleepers won’t experience the cosiness of a soft, firm mattress initially, so you might need some time to adjust.

Average-Weight Side Sleepers

I noticed more sinking when sleeping on my side compared to the back sleeping position.

The pocket springs provided excellent back support, while the first two foam layers offered fantastic cushioning. As a result, average-weight sleepers can expect a comfortable experience with the Aura.

Overall, the OTTY Aura Hybrid mattress will impress average-weight side sleepers.

Heavyweight Side Sleepers

Leon, as you might have expected, felt slightly uncomfortable on the Aura. Heavyweight side sleepers will undoubtedly find this mattress softer than back sleepers.

However, Leon adjusted well to the OTTY Aura Hybrid mattress, which is firmer than other medium-firm mattresses.

Most heavyweight sleepers can adapt to this mattress over time. However, if you’re looking for an orthopaedic mattress, this isn’t the right choice.

Generally, heavyweight side sleepers need a firm mattress. While this mattress satisfies most sleepers, some might prefer a firmness rating of 8.

Side Sleepers: 8/10

How is OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress for Stomach Sleepers?

What stomach sleepers need: 6-10 firmness scale rating = Medium-firm to Extra firm

Pressure Points: Belly, hips, chest, knees

Stomach sleepers have unique needs, such as sleeping on their belly, which requires adequate firmness and proper hip elevation.

When buying mattresses, stomach sleepers should focus on proper back support to avoid waking up with a sore back.

Depending on their weight, stomach sleepers have different firmness preferences. Ideally, the mattress shouldn’t be as hard as your rib cage.

Lightweight Stomach Sleepers

Memory foam mattresses often lack the crucial support stomach sleepers need. However, the OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress compensates for this with its 16 cm spring layer.

Although my girlfriend isn’t a natural stomach sleeper, she adjusted well to the Aura mattress during testing.

The pocket springs aligned her back effectively, and the pressure relief was satisfactory for lightweight stomach sleepers.

The hip and shoulder alignment felt decent as well. Overall, my girlfriend slept reasonably well.

Average-Weight Front Sleepers

As you’re aware, I’m in the 75 kg weight category. I could sleep on my stomach and experience substantial pressure relief. However, the flex memory foam felt somewhat softer this time.

Apart from the soft feel, the comfort remained adequate. I appreciated the motion isolation due to individually wrapped springs. Additionally, the large number of springs kept my hips well-aligned.

Overall, I didn’t sink too much, which is a positive sign for a medium-firm mattress. Thus, average-weight stomach sleepers can find enough comfort in the OTTY Aura Hybrid mattress.

Heavyweight Front Sleepers

Heavyweight front sleepers need a firm mattress for proper spinal alignment. A soft mattress can lead to discomfort.

Leon found this mattress to be on the softer side. Due to his weight, the foam compressed quickly, and sinking into the foam layer isn’t desirable for heavyweight sleepers.

Aside from the 16 cm spring layer, the other layers are quite thin. Consequently, heavyweight sleepers on their bellies may find the Aura Hybrid mattress uncomfortably soft.

In summary, this mattress doesn’t suit heavyweight front sleepers.

Stomach Sleepers: 6/10

How is OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress for Combo Sleepers?

What combination sleepers require: 5-7 = Medium to Firm

Sleeping pressure points: Hips, neck, lower back

Combination sleepers need a responsive mattress, and the Aura Hybrid delivers just that. Traditional foam mattresses can make you feel trapped when trying to change positions, whereas the OTTY Aura Hybrid’s individual pocket springs create a more responsive environment for combo sleepers.

Lightweight Combo Sleepers

Our lightweight tester spent considerable time tossing and turning between different positions to assess the Aura Hybrid’s responsiveness. Due to the tester’s weight, they could move easily and found no issues at all.

Average-Weight Combo Sleepers

Our average-weight sleeper was also pleased, attributing the 1000 pocket springs in the Aura Hybrid as the key factor in easily switching between positions.

These pocket springs move independently, aiding motion isolation compared to other mattresses with the same firmness.

For average-weight combo sleepers, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more affordable mattress that provides the sleeping environment you need.

Heavyweight Combo Sleepers

However, heavyweight combo sleepers may find the Aura Hybrid too soft and struggle to change positions. The memory foam compresses too much, causing the sleeper to feel stuck.

The springs offer adequate support for heavyweight individuals.

Combo Sleepers: 6.5/10

Does OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress Help Hot Sleepers?

Yes, the Otty Aura Hybrid is good for hot sleepers because the pocket-springs help dissipate the trapped heat in the memory foam layer.

Yes, the OTTY Aura Hybrid is suitable for hot sleepers because the pocket springs help dissipate heat trapped in the memory foam layer.

Overall, it provides impressive temperature control for its price range.

The All-Important Breathable Cover

The Aura Hybrid mattress features a superb mattress cover composed of 97% polyester and 3% spandex.

Polyester covers are more breathable and help the Aura Hybrid mattress dissipate heat quickly.

You can easily remove and wash the cover. Machine washing is recommended for maintaining a clean surface, which promotes hygienic and restful sleep.

Please follow the care instructions, as washing at too high a temperature can potentially damage your mattress cover.

Memory Foam Layer

The memory foam layer incorporates OTTY’s innovative temperature regulating technology, preventing excessive heat build-up during summers compared to traditional memory foam.

It complements the first cover layer exceptionally well.

While memory foams tend to heat up, the breathable cover ensures proper airflow to counteract this.

You might notice that the foam does not have a gel infusion, which is present in some mattresses. However, those mattresses come at a higher price

Airflow Side Support

The airflow technology creates a conducive temperature regulation design. Alongside the pocket springs, this layer helps control temperature.

This layer surrounds the pocket springs, providing a unique design to dissipate heat and keep the mattress ventilated.

Overall, hot sleepers need not worry, as the OTTY Aura Hybrid mattress caters to their needs. You can wake up feeling refreshed without breaking a sweat.

Temperature Control: 8/10

How is OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress for Couples?

What do couple sleepers need: Motion isolation, responsiveness, ease of movement, heat control

Couples need a mattress that caters to their unique sleeping styles and isolates each partner’s motion. Motion isolation ensures that the mattress absorbs energy and reduces vibrations caused by movement.

Two testers tried the OTTY Aura Hybrid, with one staying stationary while the other moved around. Regrettably, they could feel each other’s movements due to the 1000 pocket springs. However, the memory foam layer did help dampen the sensation.

Although pocket springs offer better performance than open coils, they still experience the typical issues associated with spring mattresses compared to pure foam.

Couples: 8/10

Does OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress Provide Edge Support?

In simple terms, edge support refers to a mattress’s resistance around its edges.

But why is edge support necessary? A mattress with good edge support prevents you from falling off the bed and expands the sleeping surface area. This feature is crucial for sleepers who tend to move a lot during the night.

Furthermore, edge support enables you to sit comfortably on the edges without sliding off.

Overall, the edge support is firm but not the best on the market. However, considering the price, it’s a reasonable compromise.

Edge Support: 6.5/10

Written by:

Max Stevens