Otty Aura Hybrid Mattress Review

by Max S
Otty Aura Hybrid Mattress Review

The OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress is, as the name suggests, a hybrid. It has an alluring combination of memory foam and pocket springs.

Regardless of your weight and size, the OTTY Aura mattress will suit your needs. As a side sleeper, this mattress gave me a feeling of convenience and comfort.

An affordable mattress doesn’t need to lack vital features. I understand when people want to get the highest value from budget mattresses. However, most budget mattresses fail to provide a satisfying level of comfort.

I have done some research (in fact, much research) on the OTTY Aura Hybrid mattress. Importantly, this mattress is one of those ‘affordable’ ones.

But, before moving on, I want you to consider these questions:

  • Do you want a mattress that supports all types of sleepers?
  • Do you share the bed with any family members?
  • Are you a bulky person?
  • Are you a hot sleeper?
  • Do you want sufficient support for your shoulders?

If your answer to any of the above was affirmative, this review is your definitive resource. I am sure you won’t need to browse for any other OTTY Aura mattress review again.

Still, you can assess and read other reviews on my website. Who knows, you might find your dream mattress right here!

OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress – An Introduction

In the UK, some sleepers say – ‘when you want to get naughty, rely on OTTY.’ Mattresses from this prominent brand are famous for their well-rounded features. Motion isolation is a massive advantage of OTTY mattresses.

The story of OTTY, as a mattress company, is captivating. The founder, Michal Szlas, is a workaholic and fitness enthusiast (just like me). So, naturally, he knows the value of a good night’s sleep.

Consequently, his brand, OTTY, manufactures mattresses with a fine blend of comfort, support and temperature control. This Yorkshire-based mattress brand is expanding in locations like Berlin and Amsterdam.

In my view, these folks know what they want to deliver.

OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress Construction

The OTTY Aura Hybrid mattress has a construction that suits all types of sleepers. This distinctive combination makes the mattress a top-notch product in the UK.

This well-rounded medium-firm mattress has five layers. So, these layers work in tandem to offer you a paradise-like sleep.

Importantly, I love the removable cover. It is easy to wash and dry and feels thick and soft. This cover has tiny pores that improve airflow. So, hot sleepers here is your best friend.

[Mattress cross-section image]

Though the image is pretty self-explanatory, here’s an in-depth explanation of what each layer offers:

  • Removable cover: I love its soft texture. Importantly, you can machine wash this cover at 40 degrees Celsius. The heat dissipation ability allows me to sleep cool.
  • Temperature-regulating memory foam: The comfort from this layer makes me feel at ease. 
  • Support foam: Some call it a transition layer between the second and fourth. This layer does the job of supporting your muscles. It is perfect for someone like me who has a history of physical pain.
  • 16 cm pocket spring layer: This layer is ideal for folks who have a girlfriend like mine. Now, you can sleep calmly even if your partner tosses in their sleep due to the spring isolation. 
  • Temperature regulation layer with side support for airflow: This layer wraps around 1000 individually packed springs and keeps them intact.

Overall, the OTTY Aura Hybrid mattress is undoubtedly a well-built sleep platform for couples. The base has a decent depth of 23 cm. If you are looking for the double size variant, the measurements are 190 cm × 135 cm (L × W). Still, you can find other variants like Single, King and Super King for variety. 

Off-Gassing and Unboxing

The OTTY Aura Hybrid mattress comes in a sizeable vacuum-packed box. The unpacking smell is evident in almost all mattresses. Similarly, I could notice its mild yet unmistakable off-gassing odour.  

To overcome the off-gassing smell, I recommend you ventilate the mattress. In other words, let the airflow in abundant quantities. You will notice the odour depleting after a couple of days.

For unboxing, I prefer to do it all by myself. However, you can pay £10/- and avail the delivery team’s services. I believe this service is inactive due to the coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, the unboxing is simple and regular customers can use a blade or two.

The lack of handles is one of this mattress’s most prominent missing features. 

How Firm is the OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress?

Technically, the OTTY Aura Hybrid mattress comes under the medium-firm category. However, firmness is subjective and varies from person to person.

I weigh around 75 kg and found the feel of this mattress nearly perfect. I would easily rate the firmness a 6.5 on the scale in terms of a rating. (The firmness scale ranges from 1 to 10, 10 is the most firm mattress).

However, the mattress felt hard for my girlfriend (who weighs around 45 kg). Still, she could sleep easily in different positions. 

My brother, Leon, who weighs 92 kg, enjoyed the feel of the OTTY Aura Hybrid mattress. Compared to my girlfriend and me, Leon found the mattress softer. He also acknowledged the spring support. 

Still, the firmness depends on your sleeping style. We will cover the feel in the following sections. However, it is crucial to realise that the Aura Hybrid mattress feels medium-firm. 

To sum up, this mattress supports side sleepers and back sleepers equally. The firmness will never be an issue for regular sleepers. 

How is OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress for Back Sleepers?

Ideally, back sleepers need: 6-8 firmness scale rating = Medium-firm to firm

Pressure Points: Head, Neck, Shoulders

Back sleepers need a consistent pressure distribution. Moreover, a mattress with a medium feel and above works ideal for back sleepers. If you are a back sleeper, it is crucial to focus on the spine’s alignment. 

A mattress should support your spine and hips to ensure you do not wake up with a sore back. Predominantly, people with back pain prefer firm support to the spine region. Hence, the OTTY Aura Hybrid is a good choice for those looking for a mattress supporting the body’s posture.

Lightweight Sleeper

Since my girlfriend fits this category, I could review the Aura mattress for lightweight sleepers.

She is a side sleeper but adores the OTTY Aura Hybrid mattress. It has a good bounce due to the pocket spring layer. Hence, lightweight sleepers can sleep with excessive cuddling on this mattress. The spine alignment of this mattress is great.

Overall, the second transition foam layer and spring layer prove capable of providing a comfy feel to lightweight sleepers.

Average-Weight Sleepers

I belong to this category and feel this mattress is comfortable and fun. It supports my back and rectifies my hot sleeper issue.

The thicker foam layer proves as a vital bridge between the memory foam and pocket springs. I tested the mattress sleeping on my back and felt its comfy cushioning support. I woke up without lower back pain in the morning, which was a great feeling.

Also, my annoying shoulder issue noticed a reduction in intensity too. So, the Aura Hybrid mattress is soft and provides a good night’s sleep to average-weight sleepers.

Heavyweight Sleepers

Most heavyweight sleepers need highly firm mattresses. The OTTY Aura Hybrid mattress does not provide a level 7 or above firmness. 

My brother Leon felt that the mattress performed satisfactorily for him. However, if you weigh more, the softness is evident.

My 92 kg brother did notice a slight slump around the bum region. In comparison, the shoulder and upper back areas remained firm. So, heavyweight back sleepers may find the mattress to be on a slightly softer side.

I will recommend the heavyweight sleepers (lads above 100 kg) to opt for a firmer mattress.

Back Sleepers: 8.5/10

How is OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress for Side Sleepers?

What side sleepers need: 4-6 firmness scale rating = Soft to Medium firm

Pressure Points: Shoulders, ankles, arms

Side sleepers prefer a contouring mattress that relieves pressure from specific body points. If you are a side sleeper, I know your requirements. 

Generally, side sleepers like to sink into a mattress for relieving pain from the back and shoulder muscles. (Take the opinion from a hard-core side sleeper like me!) 

So, if you are someone like me, be sure to go a bit easy on the firmness.

Lightweight Sleepers

The OTTY Aura Hybrid mattress is quite comfortable for lightweight side sleepers. The memory foam deflects by a minuscule margin for lightweight sleepers.

My girlfriend didn’t feel a massive slump after hopping on the mattress. I think it’s a good sign for lightweight sleepers. 

Lying on her shoulders, she could easily toss herself and change sides. In addition, the springs provided adequate firmness.

Overall, lightweight sleepers won’t feel the cosy feeling of a soft, firm mattress. So, you might need to adjust in the beginning.

Average-Weight Sleepers

I could quickly notice sinking in the mattress while sleeping on my side compared to the back sleeping position. 

The pocket springs did an excellent job supporting my back. The first two foam layers did a phenomenal job of cushioning. So, average-weight sleepers, get ready to experience comfort with the Aura.

Overall, the OTTY Aura Hybrid mattress will impress average-weight side sleepers. 

Heavyweight Sleepers

Leon (I know you anticipated this) felt a tad uncomfortable on the Aura. Undoubtedly, heavyweight side sleepers will feel this mattress softer than back sleepers.

However, Leon adjusted well to the OTTY Aura Hybrid mattress, which is firmer than other medium-firm mattresses.

So, most heavyweight sleepers can adapt to this mattress eventually. But if you are looking for an orthopaedic mattress, this is not a suitable product.

Generally, heavyweight side sleepers require a firm mattress. While this mattress can make most sleepers happy, some might prefer a firmness rating of 8. 

Side Sleepers: 8/10

How is OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress for Stomach Sleepers?

What stomach sleepers need: 6-10 firmness scale rating = Medium-firm to Extra firm

Pressure Points: Belly, hips, chest, knees

Ah, stomach sleepers! There is something unique about these folks. Firstly, they sleep on the belly, hence requiring adequate firmness. Secondly, their hips need proper elevation.

While buying mattresses, stomach sleepers should pay attention to appropriate back support. After all, you don’t want to end up with a sore back, do you?

Depending on their weight, stomach sleepers prefer different firmness levels. Ideally, the mattress shouldn’t be too hard as your rib cage. 

Lightweight Sleepers

Memory foam mattresses often lack the vital support stomach sleepers need. However, the OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress compensates for this support with its 16 cm spring layer.

Though my girlfriend isn’t a natural stomach sleeper, she adapted well to the Aura mattress while testing.

The pocket springs could align the back pretty well. Also, the pressure relief is satisfactory for lightweight stomach sleepers.

The hip and shoulder alignment felt decent too. Overall, my girlfriend could sleep reasonably well. 

Average-Weight Sleepers

As you know by now, my weight ranges in the 75 kg category. I could sleep on my stomach and feel substantial pressure relief. However, the flex memory foam felt a lot softer this time.

Apart from the soft feel, the comfort remains adequate. I enjoyed the motion isolation due to individually packed springs. Also, the large number of springs kept my hips well-aligned.

Overall, I didn’t sink right in, which is a good sign from any medium-firm mattress. So, average-weight stomach sleepers can find enough comfort in the OTTY Aura Hybrid mattress.

Heavyweight Sleepers

Heavyweight front sleepers need a firm mattress for proper spinal alignment. If you buy a soft one, things can get uncomfortable.

Leon felt this mattress to be on the softer side. Due to his weight, the foam deflected instantly. And trust me, no heavyweight person likes to dip down in the foam layer.

Apart from the 16 cm spring layer, other layers are pretty thin. Hence, heavyweight sleepers on their bellies can find the Aura Hybrid mattress an uncomfortably soft product.

All in all, this mattress does not suit heavyweight front sleepers.

Stomach Sleepers: 6/10

How is OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress for Combo Sleepers?

What combination sleepers require: 5-7 = Medium to Firm

Sleeping pressure points: Hips, neck, lower back

Combination sleepers are highly flexible when they sleep. They do not favour a particular position and often flip sides.

If you are a combo sleeper, you’ll mostly want a mattress that provides an optimum balance. Combo sleepers do not prefer soft mattresses as sinking in the foam can create spine issues.

But at the same time, combo sleepers love a certain level of bounciness. So, does the OTTY Aura Hybrid mattress suit flip sleepers? Let us find out now!

Lightweight Sleepers

Mun Mun (my girlfriend) does move while sleeping. She had no issues getting a comfy sleep on the Aura. The mattress supports the movements of lightweight sleepers effectively.

Also, the springs play a vital role in supporting the overall body. Thus, lightweight sleepers can enjoy rolling on this hybrid mattress.

Average-Weight Sleepers

I agree with my girlfriend that the Aura exceeds all expectations in this department. I didn’t sink in the first layer of foam. Also, the mattress gave decent support for changing positions.

I could flip sides without any issue. The 1000 pocket springs work well even for average-weight combo sleepers.

The OTTY Aura Hybrid mattress has a good level of motion isolation compared to other mattresses of the same firmness.

All in all, I did not feel any problems moving around. That said, I didn’t feel super cosy either. So, for me, the mattress is an excellent value-for-money pick for average-weight combo sleepers.

Heavyweight Sleepers

If you are like my brother, the Aura mattress can feel soft. Flipping positions for people over 90 kg weight requires a firmer mattress.

My brother didn’t enjoy a lot of movement on the Aura. The memory foam proves ineffective in this case and sinks by a considerable margin.

The springs do an okay job of supporting heavyweight folks. However, the medium-firm feel doesn’t support the spine and lower back.

Overall, Leon’s experience, especially sleeping on the sides, wasn’t cosy. However, heavyweight combo folks can feel marginally comfortable compared to side sleepers.

Combo Sleepers: 6.5/10

Does OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress Help Hot Sleepers?

What hot sleepers need: Temperature regulating memory foam, springs, breathable cover, airflow side support, plant-based foam

The OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress is indeed a delight for hot sleepers. It didn’t make me feel hot throughout the night.

The mattress offers excellent temperature control. So, the multiple layers do not make you feel too hot or too cold.

The All-Important Breathable Cover

The Aura Hybrid mattress has a great cover comprising 97% polyester and 3% spandex. 

I always prefer polyester covers as they have better breathability. This is the main reason why the Aura Hybrid mattress dissipates heat quickly.

Furthermore, you can even remove and wash the cover easily. I recommend machine washing just like the company. A clean surface is always good for a hygienic and sound sleep.

Always ensure you follow the care instructions, as it’s the cover that forms the first layer of contact. 

Memory Foam Layer

The memory foam layer has OTTY’s innovative temperature regulating technology and does not get too hot during summers.

It compliments the first cover layer exceptionally well. Overall, the memory foam doesn’t increase heat considerably.

Though memory foams tend to heat up, the breathable cover ensures proper airflow to balance this. This combination makes the OTTY Aura Hybrid mattress an excellent pick for hot sleepers.

You might have noticed that the foam does not have a gel infusion. Some mattresses have this feature. However, the price tag of such mattresses is higher.

Airflow Side Support

The airflow technology creates a conducive temperature regulation design. Hence, along with the pocket springs, this layer helps control temperature.

You can find this layer encompassing the pocket springs. It provides a unique design to dissipate heat and keep the mattress ventilated. 

All in all, hot sleepers need not worry as the OTTY Aura Hybrid mattress can handle our needs. You can wake up without any sweat in the morning.

Temperature Control: 8/10

How is OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress for Couples?

What do couple sleepers need: Motion isolation, responsiveness, ease of movement, heat control

Since couples have unique sleeping styles, a well-rounded mattress works well.

When testing mattresses, I make sure we test them in all possible ways. First, my team tests each mattress individually. Later, my girlfriend and I tried it to ease the buying process for other couples.

My girlfriend prefers sleeping on her back and sides. On the other hand, I like my right side. Also, my average weight improves the mattress testing conditions.

Defining Features

When two people are sleeping on a mattress, expect lots of cuddling and movement. Hence, the motion isolation feature becomes essential.

Motion isolation ensures that the mattress absorbs energy and isolates vibrations due to excessive movement.

You want to choose a mattress that doesn’t disturb your partner when you move. This feature is highly beneficial, especially for partners of different weight groups.

Generally, you get low motion transfer from most hybrid mattresses. However, the OTTY Aura Hybrid mattress takes this function a step ahead.

Is OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress Good for Couples?

Since the springs (all 1000 of them!) have individual packing, the Aura Hybrid mattress excels in this department. Thus, you can expect a decent reduction in motion transfer on this mattress.

Although my girlfriend tosses herself while asleep, it didn’t bother me much. The medium-firm feel compensates for a lightweight sleeper’s movement.

The two layers of foam reduce noise. This feature is undoubtedly laudable. Overall, this mattress offers an excellent experience for couples.

Couples: 8/10

Does OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress Provide Edge Support?

In simple words, edge support is the resistance a mattress provides around the edges.

But why is edge support necessary? A mattress with good edge support can prevent you from falling off the bed. This support is crucial for sleepers who tend to move a lot. In addition, edge support allows you to sit comfortably on the edges without sliding off.

However, the Aura Hybrid’s edge support can seem a bit firm to some users. We were happy to stay in the middle as a couple due to a high comfort level. So, you might have to restrict yourselves to the centre.

Overall, the edge support is firm but certainly not the best in the market. So, I suggest you test the mattress before buying.

Edge Support: 6.5/10

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