Otty Original Hybrid Mattress Review

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Max Stevens
Otty Original Hybrid Mattress Review

Otty Original Hybrid Mattress Review

The Otty Original Hybrid Mattress is a high-quality design that offers optimal pressure relief for people. Moreover, it has exceptional edge support and minimal motion transfer making it ideal for couples. Back and front sleepers will benefit from the supportiveness of the mattress. However, it does not house proper ventilation or hypoallergenic qualities. The firmness makes it uncomfortable for lightweight and combo sleepers but is ideal for heavyweight sleepers! 

Choosing a mattress can be a daunting task since there are many aspects you need to consider. 

There are many ways in which a hybrid mattress can be uncomfortable to sleep on. The balance between the foam and spring needs to be symmetrical. Or else, the mattress would either be too bouncy or too firm. 

The mattress I chose to review for you was the – Otty Hybrid Mattress! 

There are a lot of positive and negative aspects revolving around this mattress. Therefore, make sure to go through the entire review. 

Here is a list of questions that I will answer about this mattress to make it easier for you. Feel free to skip to the portion that appeals to you! 

  • Are you a front sleeper or a back sleeper?
  • Are you a heavyweight sleeper? 
  • Do you require a mattress that has adequate temperature control? 
  • Looking for a couple’s mattress? 
  • In need of edge support? 

If going through these questions made you empathise with one, then this Otty Original Hybrid Mattress is review is just for you! 

However, if you do not find these questions relevant, I wrote numerous mattress reviews that you can go through. 

Otty Sleep – A Brief Introduction 

Otty Sleep is an underrated gem! 

The founder, Michal Szlas, started this company in 2016 after negative experiences from existing mattresses. Moreover, he believed that some brand advertising relied on false promises. He wanted to revolutionise the way people slept, so he crafted the mattresses offered by Otty Sleep. 

All their mattresses undergo a CertiPUR and Europur certification. Therefore, all their products are free from harmful toxins. 

The most intriguing part aspect about Otty Sleep is their FIRA regulations! It means that the components are compliant with the UK’s fire regulation department, so you are free from any fire hazards. 

Due to the perfect infusion of high-quality layers to offer people a peaceful sleep, Otty won the “Which? Best Buy January Award for 2018.” 

The company has 7,192 reviews on Trustpilot with a rating of 4.5/5 

Otty Original Hybrid Mattress Construction 

Any mattress I review needs to pass this stage to be considered worth checking. The Otty Original Hybrid mattress housing memory foam infused with pocket springs.  

Each of these layers has innovative features that are worth mentioning. Moreover, the six layers offer unparalleled supportiveness in the industry! 

Let us take a look at the mattress construction with the help of this image. 

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  • The first layer is a removable top cover that has a luxurious feel. It is a thickly knitted surface that enhances the sleeping experience making the surface soft. 
  • Then comes the second layer, a foam with temperature regulating features. Moreover, this patented and innovative cooling technology helps keep the mattress environment cool. 
  • The third layer of this mattress is another foam layer made from high-density material. It is a supportive foam that has a unique reflex technology. This layer provides supportiveness along with the right amount of comfort. 
  • Consequently, the fourth layer is the 16 cm pocket springs with an unrivalled encapsulated texture. This layer ensures that the mattress remains firm by maximising the support. It has 2,000 pocket springs that work together to minimise motion transfer. 
  • The fifth layer is side support that offers optimal airflow. This layer helps enhance the edge support of the mattress. Furthermore, providing support to every edge and aiding in temperature regulation. 
  • The sixth layer is the foam foundation of the mattress that is solid and ensures a durable nature. 

These layers come together to form a 25 cm of bed-in-a-box firm support. 

The perfect pocket springs and foam distribution makes it an ideal fit for sleepers looking for firmness. (36% foam and 64% pocket springs). Moreover, the most intriguing aspect of this Otty Original Hybrid Mattress is its size variations. 

Unlike other mattresses, this one comes in nine different UK size variations. 

Every size will have different dimensions and sizes. But I can say that neither of the mattresses will be less than 20 Kgs (44 lbs). You do not have to worry about flipping the mattress! 

Rotating it every few months will give you ample comfort and supportiveness. It ensures that the pressure distribution is equal and your mattress is free from sagging. 

Off-Gassing and Unboxing 

The moment a mattress arrives at my door is when I start analysing it. 

This bed-in-a-box reached my house in a big cardboard box. However, the size of the box was surprising. It took me a while to take the packaging back to my room because of the weight. 

There were no cut-outs on the cardboard box to make it easier. 

When I opened it and laid it down on the floor, the mattress slipped out quickly. Moreover, there was a cutting tool inside. I used it to open the mattress, which was vacuum-packed to perfection! 

Looking at the mattress, I could see the innovative design and top-notch quality. 

The mattress itself seemed a little smaller than I expected it to be. Consequently, it did not become its 25 cm of goodness right from the bat. I kept it in a ventilated room to let the foam air out and expand. It took at least 48 hours to reach its full potential. 

If you want to feel the absolute comfort and supportiveness from the mattress, I suggest you wait at least a day to inflate. 

Talking about off-gassing smells, this Otty mattress did not have much. When I opened the vacuum seal, there was a slight odour that was not overpowering. 

Again, if you are very sensitive to smells, I would recommend not to sleep on it the first day! 

Overall, the Otty Original Hybrid Mattress comes in good packaging with little off-gassing. 

Rating: 3.5/5

How Firm is the Otty Original Hybrid Mattress? 

According to the Otty Sleep website, the mattress has a firmness rating of 7. However, after testing it out, I deduce that the firmness is 7.5/10. 

The entire idea of firmness depends on the amount of sinkage and pressure an individual exerts on the mattress. 

The firmness of this mattress is due to the performance variables. Some would consider this too uncomfortable since the firmness is on the “stronger” side. 

This mattress has little sinkage depending on your weight. Consequently, the surface remains supportive, minimally conforming for those who like firmness. 

Unfortunately for my girlfriend, a lightweight sleeper, this mattress was incredibly uncomfortable. My brothers and I are all in the average weight category, but we have different sleeping positions. 

Being a side sleeper, Leon found the firmness a bit extra. In comparison, Sean, a combo sleeper, found it uncomfortable and hard on his pressure points. 

Dale is an average-weight back sleeper, and he considered the pressure-relieving attributes to be just right. I agree with Dale, as I found this mattress to have the right firm feel. 

I suffer from recurring back pains throughout the night. So, a firmer mattress will offer less sinkage and proper spinal alignment. 

But I suggest that people looking for comfort refrain from getting this mattress. 

Due to the intense density of firmness, heavyweight sleepers will benefit the most! However, people weighing less than 130 lbs will find this mattress extra firm.

Is the Otty Hybrid Mattress for Back Sleepers? 

Firmness required: Medium-firm to firm (6 to 8/10)

Sleeping pressure points: Heels, tailbone, and back of the head (mid to lower back)

Back sleepers need a mattress that keeps their back naturally aligned. If you are a back sleeper, you will prefer a sag-free surface with even pressure relief on the back of your head. 

Therefore, a back sleeper will need a medium to firm mattress that ensures no sinking. 

Lightweight Sleepers 

My girlfriend did not like the firmness this mattress had to offer. 

She did not exert much pressure on the mattress to feel its pressure-relieving attributes. She is a back sleeper with a weight of 99 lbs. So, she was the perfect tester! 

Looking at her uncomfortable reaction, I deduced that this mattress is not for sleepers below 130 lbs. 

Average-Weight Sleepers 

Dale is a back sleeper who is 81 kg (178 lbs), making him perfect for reviewing this!

He laid down on the mattress from the start, and he was intrigued. He told me that his spinal alignment was accurate without being too harsh. Moreover, he had pressure relief from areas like his head, tailbone, and heels. 

Heavyweight Sleepers

The firmness level of the Otty Original Hybrid Mattress will be ideal for people over 230 lbs.

You will have relief from pressure points due to the softness of the breathable foam. Moreover, your body will remain levelled and supported. This mattress will keep your spine aligned without making it problematic. 

Along with that, you will have pressure relief from the back of your body and your tailbone. No portion of your body will feel arched up due to the firmness of a back sleeper. 

Back Sleepers: 8.5/10

Will the Otty Original Hybrid Mattress Be Good for Side Sleepers? 

Firmness requirement: Soft to medium-firm (4 to 7/10)

Sleeping pressure points: Ankles, shoulders, hips, and ears

Doctors consider this sleeping position to be the healthiest. Usually, a side sleeper without any back issues will require a softer mattress. They need the surface to have a soft feel that conforms to your pressure points. 

You will need a mattress that has firmness to offer spinal alignment. Moreover, an even spine will refrain you from having aches on your back. 

Lightweight Sleepers 

Lightweight side sleepers will need a soft mattress that allows proper sinkage. However, this one does not have that feeling. 

My girlfriend did not have comfort as she lay on her side. Instead, she developed a little pain in her neck. 

Average-Weight Sleepers 

Due to the proper spinal alignment, I consider this a fantastic choice. 

This mattress kept my side from developing any aches. Moreover, there was pressure relief from the side of my head and my hips. The surface foam was softer, and the high-density foam had firmness! 

Overall, the Otty Original Hybrid Mattress is a good choice for average-weight sleepers. 

Heavyweight Sleepers

The firmness and the conforming abilities of this mattress make it an excellent choice for you. 

You will have proper spinal alignment and pressure relief, along with a feeling of softness. Moreover, your back will remain even that will eliminate the possibilities of backaches. 

Side Sleepers: 7/10

How is the Otty Original Hybrid Mattress for Front Sleepers? 

Firmness required: Firm to extra-firm (6 to 9/10)

Sleeping pressure points: Knees, stomach, thighs, and back

These sleepers will need support for spinal alignment. Moreover, requiring proper weight transfer that will allude to pressure relief. 

You will need pressure relief from your knees and stomach and keep your spine alignment proper! 

Lightweight Sleepers 

As I have mentioned before, this mattress is not an excellent choice for lightweight sleepers. However, it is a different story for front sleepers. 

A soft mattress will sink too much that will offer uneven support. Therefore, this would be an ideal choice for lightweight front sleepers having backaches! This mattress will keep proper spinal alignment by keeping pressure off your knees, stomach, and thighs. 

Average-Weight Sleepers 

Such individuals will need a mattress that is on the medium-firm side. However, there will be spinal alignment and less sinkage. 

If you like strong support while sleeping, this would be ideal for you if you are 130 to 230 lbs!  

Heavyweight Sleepers

All heavyweight front sleepers will need a mattress that is firm and supportive. 

This one allows you to keep your spinal alignment accurate by relieving pressure. Your head and your hips will remain even! 

Front Sleepers: 7.5/10

How is the Otty Original Hybrid Mattress for Combo Sleepers? 

Firmness combo sleepers require: Medium-firm to firm (5 to 7/10) 

Sleeping pressure points: Hips, spine, shoulders, tail bone, and lower back

Combo sleepers find it hard to get a mattress that suits their requirements. I would recommend a moderate firmness that keeps pressure off all the pressure points! 

Lightweight Sleepers 

This mattress will be very firm for people weighing less than 130 lbs. Moreover, they will not receive any comfort on their lower back or hips. 

Average-Weight Sleepers 

Combo sleepers like Sean will find this mattress to be uncomfortable. It is because of the high-density foam! 

He did not receive any pressure relief on his hips or lower back. 

Heavyweight Sleepers

A heavyweight combo sleeper will need less resistance as they toss and turn in their sleep. This mattress offers that! Therefore, making it a good choice. 

Since this mattress is great for heavyweight sleepers, I would recommend people above 230 lbs to get it. 

Combo Sleepers: 6.5/10

Should Hot Sleepers Get the Otty Original Hybrid Mattress? 

Hot sleepers’ requirement: Cooling technology, breathable covers, proper ventilation and airflow 

Hot sleepers like me require proper temperature control on the mattress. Usually, pocket spring mattresses are more ventilated, but the innovative technology used in hybrid mattresses makes them an ideal choice. 

Even with its luxurious feel and high density, the Otty Original Hybrid Mattress offered a less suffocating feeling. 

The first layer of memory foam that remains closer to your skin has an innovative cooling formula. It acts as a barrier between you and the heat. Moreover, it keeps the temperature regulated by trapping the heat in the memory foam and refraining it from seeping up. 

You will feel comfortable throughout the night if you sleep hot. I found myself feeling peaceful and somewhat comfy while trying to get a good night’s sleep. 

What gave this mattress the extra temperature control support was the airflow sides. 

I had adequate support and comfort as I was hanging off from the sides. However, I would have felt better if the top cover had moisture-wicking technology. 

The memory foam and the springs work together to keep the optimum temperature. It will be great for any season as the foam traps the heat to keep you warm in the winter. Whereas, during the summers, it captures the heat to keep you cool! 

I have to inform you that if you are an extremely hot sleeper, refrain from getting this! Nevertheless, it was enough to keep me adequately comfortable throughout the night. 

Temperature control: 7/10

Should Couples Get the Otty Original Hybrid Mattress? 

Requirement while sleeping with a partner: A good responsiveness and low or no motion transfer 

Motion isolation is the most important if you are sleeping with a partner. 

Other than that, the responsiveness of a mattress is also a crucial factor. I believe in having good sex, so the mattress needs to be firm enough to offer less sagging. While being with your partner, a good amount of supportiveness will make everything enjoyable. 

And, the Otty Original Hybrid Mattress has it all! 

The individually coiled pocket springs are in abundance. It means that you will receive the optimal amount of motion transfer. Furthermore, the side support makes it easy to sleep with a bed hugger. The high-density support foam gives support and enough responsiveness! 

Since the mattress was too uncomfortable for my girlfriend, she did not sleep on it for too long. 

When she did, I asked her to do her best at being her fidgety sleepy self. I was astonished to see that there was minimal motion transfer. I did not feel her movement even one bit. 

Usually, mattresses in a 4 to 6 firmness rating range are ideal for sex. While indulging in a late-night endeavour, I found the mattress to be very supportive and responsive! Hence it is a good choice for couples. 

Couple’s Rating: 8.5/10

Is There Any Edge Support in the Otty Original Hybrid Mattress? 

Another thing that is important for couples is edge-to-edge support. The Otty Original Hybrid delivered on this! 

Edge support is a support layer around the edges of the mattress that helps provide comfort and resistance. It keeps everything encased in the mattress and prevents you from falling off. 

The Otty Original Hybrid Mattress has exceptionally great edge support. My girlfriend takes half of the bed whenever she has the mood to cuddle. Therefore, I find myself hanging off the side of the bed. 

So, when I was hanging off the Otty Original’s side, I did not fall off, nor did I find it uncomfortable. 

Then, to test it even further, my girlfriend sat on the edge of the bed to do her night routine, and she slipped off. I deduced that her lightweight stature did not have enough pressure on the edge to offer resistance. 

Therefore, the edge support is only suitable for average-weight and heavyweight sleepers! 

All of this is due to the innovative side support. The construction is high-quality, and airflow technology ensures hot sleepers do not feel uncomfortable. 

Overall, the edge support is great and will keep you from slipping off the bed. 

Edge Support: 8/10

Written by:

Max Stevens