Otty Pure Hybrid Mattress Review

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Max Stevens
Otty Pure Hybrid Mattress Review

Otty Pure Hybrid Mattress Review

The Otty Pure Hybrid Mattress offers optimal support and comfort. Heavyweight sleepers find it perfect due to its firmness level. It is great for hot sleepers because of the innovative foam technology. The edge support and motion transfer are ideal, making them great for couples. But the firmness will be too much for a lightweight sleeper. Also, there are no handles for even pressure distribution. 

The trick to making a hybrid mattress is to have the perfect balance in the construction process. Moreover, hybrid mattresses should have a plethora of unique features. 

I base my analysis on a wide range of features. For example, I sleep hot, so I expect the mattress to have a cooling effect. 

Other than that, I have recurring back pains, so I would need a mattress that supports my back. At the same time, I am an average-weight side sleeper, so the right amount of pressure-relieving features and comfort is essential. 

I would expect all of these from any hybrid mattress. Therefore, I was intrigued when I came across the innovative Otty Pure Hybrid Mattress. 

So, tell me, are you searching for a hybrid mattress with all these features? 

This review adventure will be productive, and by the end, you will have a mattress that can change your sleep experience.  

Let me tell you right off the bat, every little detail of the Otty Pure Hybrid Mattress was incredible. But before I divulge any other feature, here are some questions that I will be answering. 

So, if you do not have the time to read through the entire review, you can skip to the part that concerns your sleeping habits. 

  • Are you a combo sleeper? 
  • Are you a hot sleeper? 
  • Do you need a mattress that has edge support? 
  • Looking for a mattress with minimised motion transfer? 
  • In need of a medium-firm mattress? 

If your answer was “yes” to any of these questions, feel free to go through this Otty Pure Hybrid Mattress Review! 

If you said “no,” well, I have a vast range of reviews on other mattresses that you can check out. 

Otty Sleep – A Brief Introduction 

Founded in 2016 by Michal Szlas, Otty Sleep is a mattress company headquartered in Yorkshire. 

The founder believed that the existing brands relied on false advertising. Therefore, to help people feel energised and motivated through sleep, he created the Otty Sleep mattresses that remained unparalleled in the industry. 

Since then, the company has grown to be one of the UK’s most loved and popular mattress companies. Mainly because all their mattresses are CertiPUR/Europur certified. Every mattress comprises materials compliant with FIRA – UK’s fire regulation. 

Otty Sleep has won the “Best Buy January Award for 2018” for being flawless in its creation. 

With over seven thousand reviews on Trustpilot, Otty has dedicated its R&D division to helping everyday people have a peaceful sleep. 

Otty Pure Hybrid Mattress Construction 

You can determine the quality of the mattress with the construction. Every layer should be of high quality and have its unique feature. 

I expect a hybrid mattress to have innovative features infused in each of its layers. 

The Otty Pure Hybrid Mattress delivers on this! It has six innovative layers that offer support, comfort, and hypoallergenic features. 

According to the website, all the Otty mattresses offer temperature control, comfort, and support. Hence, giving you a perfect night’s sleep. 

Take a look at the picture and the layer breakdown below. 


  • The first layer (2 cm) is an embroidered cover with an infusion of charcoal-filled foam. It is the top layer that offers a moisture-wicking feature along with anti-bacterial aspects. Therefore, this layer will keep you sweat-free and allergen-free. Moreover, this cover is removable. You can only dry clean it using a cloth as it is not machine-friendly (54% polypropylene and 46% polyester).
  • The second layer (2 cm) is the memory foam layer made with bamboo fibre. This layer has an infusion of bamboo and charcoal that absorbs all the heat from your body. Both the properties of these elements aid in keeping the temperature regulated. The holes in the memory foam induce airflow to keep heat issues at bay. 
  • The third layer (2 cm) is a support foam of high density. This layer is highly responsive and has a unique reflex foam design. Consequently, it offers additional support and comfort before you feel the spring layer (67% Polyurethane and 33% Bamboo Visco Elastic).
  • The fourth layer (16 cm) comprises 2000 encapsulated pocket springs. The size of these springs remains unrivalled in the industry. It helps maintain the firmness level of the mattress by maximising the support. These springs react individually to your body weight, minimising the motion transfer. 
  • Then comes the fifth layer (3 cm), an airflow side support. It is an innovative way to infuse airflow technology and edge-to-edge support. 
  • The final sixth layer (3 cm) is an HD base foam that keeps everything together. This layer is not a layer, but the solid foundation and encasement give this mattress a bed-in-a-box feel. 

All of these six layers come together to offer you a 28 cm thick mattress with an average density of 97 lbs/m3. These layers come together to provide stability and comfort! 

This hybrid mattress comprises foam (36%) and pocket springs (64%). 

One negative aspect of this mattress is that it does not house any handles for easy rotation. 

You do not need to flip it; only rotate it once a month. It will ensure that you utilise every mattress side to offer proper pressure relief. 

Off-gassing And Unboxing 

Like any other bed-in-a-box mattress, this one also came in vacuum packaging. 

Initially, I thought this mattress would have a huge package, but it surprised me with the size. Being 6 ft., this mattress was just below my waist. It made it easier to pick up and take it to the bedroom. 

No matter which sized mattress you buy, it weighs more than 19 kgs (41.8 lbs). 

You will find a cutting tool inside the mattress box to help you unwrap and unfold the mattress. I guess Otty did not realise that we would need a cutting tool to cut open the box. 

I suggest keeping it in a well-ventilated room without the covers to get it to its 28 cm thickness. It is unnecessary, but it’s a great way to expand your mattress to the fullest.

Once I took the mattress out, it was smaller than I expected. The vacuum packaging was top-notch, and it was easy to lay it on the bed before opening it. 

It came rolled in a box with a portable freebie cover. I found this to be very thoughtful. Why? Well, you can use that cover to store your mattress without the risk of it getting dirty. 

Now coming to the off-gassing smell after opening it with the help of their tool. The smell was just as I expected it to be – not too overpowering. Moreover, it was not unbearable for me to sleep on. 

If you have a sensitive smell receptor, it will need a few days to air the odour out entirely.  

Overall, the Otty Pure Hybrid Mattress comes in great packaging with minimal off-gassing odours. 

Rating: 4/5

How Firm Is The Otty Pure Hybrid Mattress? 

The firmness rating I give this mattress would be 6.5 to 7/10. 

That is the ideal amount of firmness I would like from my mattress due to my weight of 75 kg (165 lbs). However, my 41 kg (99.20 lbs) girlfriend found this mattress too firm. She did not find it uncomfortable, though. 

I believe that is because of the use of the memory foam’s softness. 

My brothers, who were in the average weight category, found this mattress a little too soft. I like my mattress firmer due to my back pain, so I think the firmness rating makes this mattress very subjective! 

Is The Otty Pure Hybrid Mattress For Back Sleepers? 

Firmness back sleepers require: Medium-firm to firm (6 to 8/10)

Sleeping pressure points: Heels, tailbone, and back of the head (mid to lower back)

Back sleepers need an ideal firmness of 6 to 8. Moreover, they need pressure relief from points like their back, tailbone, and head. 

Lightweight Sleepers 

My girlfriend is a lightweight back sleeper with a weight of 41 kg. Therefore, she is ideal for the test. 

She did not find the mattress suitable for her, as it was too firm. But she liked the amount of support she had for her head. She told me she felt comfortable and did not wake up with any backaches. 

Average-weight Sleepers 

Dale is a back sleeper weighing 81 kg. He found it to be too soft but had good padding for support. 

However, when I lay on it, I found it perfect. So, I deduced that the firmness of this mattress is inconclusive, just like the previous mattress Otty offered. 

Heavyweight Sleepers

Heavyweight sleepers will love this mattress. It has the right amount of support and firmness required. Moreover, the pressure on the mattress will be just right. 

You will have pressure relief on your heels, tailbone, and head due to the durable foam layer. 

Back sleepers: 8/10

Will The Otty Pure Hybrid Mattress Be Good For Side Sleepers? 

Firmness side sleepers require: Soft to medium-firm (4 to 6/10)

Sleeping pressure points: Ankles, shoulders, hips, and ears

As a side sleeper myself, I like a firmer mattress. However, the ideal mattress firmness is between 4 to 6. We require pressure relief from our ankles, shoulders, hips, and ears. 

Lightweight Sleepers 

As mentioned before, my girlfriend tried out the side position and found it was uncomfortably firm. 

She had problems with her hips due to firmness. Thus, the mattress is the wrong choice for lightweight side sleepers. 

Average-weight Sleepers 

I found the side firmness to be the right amount for myself. However, you might find it a little too firm on your hips. 

My ankles and shoulders were aligned, and the pressure was off my ears and hips. 

Heavyweight Sleepers

For a heavyweight sleeper, this mattress would be perfect. 

It can take pressure off your neck and hips while giving you support on the shoulders. Moreover, the pressure you exert on the mattress will offer comfort. You will find this mattress to be just right! 

Side sleepers: 7/10

How Is The Otty Pure Hybrid Mattress For Front Sleepers? 

Firmness front sleepers require: Firm to extra-firm (6 to 9/10)

Sleeping pressure points: Knees, stomach, thighs, and back

Front sleepers are unique as they need support for their back. It is to ensure that your head remains aligned with the hips. Moreover, they need pressure relief from their stomach and knees in their 6 to 9 firmness-rated mattresses. 

Lightweight Sleepers 

Front sleepers like a firm to an extra-firm mattress, which delivers on it! However, your weight will determine how much pressure you exert on the mattress. 

If you like a mattress with a little more firmness, this would be ideal for you. It can keep the pressure off your stomach and thighs and support your back throughout the night. 

Average-weight Sleepers 

I did not find this mattress to be soft. However, it was great for front sleepers. 

The pressure points were supported enough to feel comfortable. Consequently, I felt proper support for my back as I tested this out. 

My head and my hips were aligned due to the amount of pressure I exerted on the mattress. In addition, the springs and the foam worked together to offer me a peaceful and pain-free sleep. 

I say pain-free because I suffer from chronic backaches. 

Heavyweight Sleepers

The Otty Pure Hybrid Mattress is the holy grail for heavyweight sleepers. 

The firmness and the comfort will offer you support. You’ll have a blissful experience with pressure relief from your thighs, stomach, and knees. 

Front Sleepers: 7/10 

Should A Combo Sleeper Get The Otty Pure Hybrid Mattress? 

Firmness combo sleepers require: Medium-firm to firm (5 to 7/10) 

Sleeping pressure points: Hips, spine, shoulders, tail bone, and lower back

As for combo sleepers, you will need a firmness level between 5 to 7. So, you will require pressure relief from all the pressure points.  

Lightweight Sleepers 

Lightweight sleepers will find this mattress to be a little too soft. However, as a combo sleeper, you will have proper pressure relief. 

The mattress will take the pressure off your spine, hips, and shoulders. It will also complement your every move throughout the night. 

Average-weight Sleepers 

Sean, who is a combo sleeper tested this mattress out. He weighs 87 kg, falling in the average-weight category. The motion transfer technology helped in contouring every move he made. 

He had support on his back and sides. He also mentioned feeling comfortable due to the firmness level. But he initially found the mattress to be soft. 

Heavyweight Sleepers

The perfect firmness level and comfort will allow heavyweight combo sleepers to achieve a peaceful slumber. 

Every move you make will be contoured by the pocket springs. Moreover, the pressure and support will be ideal for offering you a good night’s sleep! 

Combo sleepers: 9/10

Will The Otty Pure Hybrid Mattress Be Good For Hot Sleepers? 

Hot sleepers’ requirement: Cooling technology, breathable covers, proper ventilation and airflow 

The use of innovative cooling technologies helps with heat reduction and naturally wicks away sweat build-up. I am a hot sleeper, so I can vouch for this.

Let us look at what Otty Pure Hybrid Mattress has to offer us. 

Bamboo Fibres 

Bamboos have a natural ability to wick away moisture and heat formation in your body. This minimises heat issues from the memory foam layers. It is an organic way to evaporate moisture and keep a cool environment. 


The presence of charcoal makes this heat-absorbing technology more potent. Charcoal is a conductor of heat, which means it will absorb your body heat and help you remain close to room temperature. However, there is a potential for heat build-up in the foam. 

So, if you are sensitive to that, there may be a heat issue but no sweating. It is because of the top layer that contains all the sweat-wicking abilities. 

Pores In The Foam 

The use of porous foam helps with enhancing the airflow. Because of this feature, the heat trapped in the memory foam can exchange itself with cool air. 

I felt cool and fresh after waking up the next day! 

Temperature control: 8/10

Should Couples Get The Otty Pure Hybrid Mattress? 

Requirement while sleeping with a partner: A good responsiveness and low or no motion transfer 

One of the best things about this mattress is its good responsiveness and minimal motion transfer. Both will allow you to have a good experience. 

The pocket springs take in the energy when motion gets exerted on the mattress. For example, a minimal motion transfer will be ideal if you have a fidgety partner who likes to move around in their sleep. This way, you will not feel the movement on your side of the bed. 

Therefore, the 16 cm pocket springs minimise bounce and give the mattress the ability to absorb motion. 

As my girlfriend and I tested this mattress, we realised a certain bounce and less motion transfer. It was unheard of because mattresses eliminate the bouncy part to make up for a motion absorption technology. 

My girlfriend found this mattress to be a little firm but not uncomfortable. The sex was good due to the combination of firmness and bounce. 

Therefore, this mattress is an excellent choice for couples! 

Couple’s rating: 9/10

Is There Any Edge Support In The Otty Pure Hybrid Mattress? 

Does your partner like hogging the bed? Do you constantly find yourself hanging off the side of your bed? Then, good edge support will keep you from falling off. 

For people who do not know what I am talking about, let me explain. 

Edge support is the support you get at the edge of your bed. It encases everything together to make your experience comfortable and cosy. Moreover, it ensures more minor sagging at the ends of your mattress. 

Edge support will provide firmness so that you can sit or hang comfortably from the edge of the bed without falling. 

I prefer balanced edge support because of my girlfriend’s excessive cuddling. Usually, she comes over to my side of the bed and falls asleep. I do not have the heart to wake her up and ask her to move. So, I find myself hanging off the bed most of the time. 

In addition, my girlfriend likes to complete her night-time routine while sitting on the edge of the bed. So, she also needs edge support to prevent her from falling. 

An edge support layer is made from durable support foam covering the pocket springs. 

However, I believe they could have made it a tad bit firmer. I did not fall off, but my girlfriend found it uncomfortable to sit on because of her lightweight stature. 

Edge support: 7/10

Written by:

Max Stevens