Otty Pure Plus Hybrid Review

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Max Stevens
Otty Pure Plus Hybrid Mattress Review

Otty Pure Plus Hybrid Review

Whether you are a back sleeper or side, the Otty Pure Plus Hybrid mattress has adaptive foam. It is a seven-layered comfort mattress that rectifies tensions from your body when asleep. Its memory foam smartly isolates the movement you make, ridding you of body sores and aches from before. However, if you find comfort in softer beds, you might have to continue your search. 

If I still have your attention, it means you want to know more about this revolutionary mattress! And if you are anything like me, you want every little detail before making the final decision. You will be sleeping on that mattress for years, so why should you not be thorough?

I acknowledge and appreciate the technicalities you are probably looking for right now. I’m here to save you the trouble of visiting ten different sites for the complete picture of one mattress. 

So, let’s take a little quiz:

  • Are you a rigid back or side sleeper?
  • Do you consider yourself as an extremely sensitive or a light sleeper?
  • Are you a heavyweight sleeper?
  • Do you tend to twist and turn continuously through the night?
  • Would you instead go for a firmer mattress than soft and flimsy ones?
  • Do you find yourself sweating off the heat from your previous mattress?

Was your answer to any or most of these questions a ‘yes’? Then, you will not find a better-suited review! Chances are, the OTTY Pure Plus Hybrid Bamboo & Charcoal Mattress might be your one true match.

However, if you find yourself answering most of those questions negatively, I suggest you still consider going over this review. Who knows, maybe the upsides might win you over and convince you to invest in this revolutionary mattress too!

Halfway through, if you feel like it is just not the right fit, worry not. I have reviewed many other mattresses, and there is undoubtedly one out there for you!

OTTY Pure Plus Hybrid Bamboo & Charcoal Mattress – A Brief Introduction 

The OTTY Pure Plus is the first hybrid bamboo and charcoal mattress in the UK, with memory foam as the icing on top. The fact about infused charcoal might get your mind-boggling already. 

Well, you better believe this one is a unique kind from the usual bed-in-a-box lot. 

Michal Szlas founded the company just a few years ago, and it is currently based in Yorkshire. Despite being a young establishment, its range of mattresses has found a way to comfort every type of sleeper. 

You know it’s popular since it has over 8000 reviews on, Trustpilot, Feefo, and others!

OTTY Pure Plus Hybrid Bamboo & Charcoal Mattress Construction 

One of the most prominent features that caught my attention is the mattress’s six + one layer mechanism. This intelligent combination of springs and foam comes with the benefits of bamboo and charcoal. As a result, your body will remain free of irritation and aches without compromising on the coolness. 

[Mattress cross-section image]

Let us understand more of what is going on inside this mattress on which you sleep:

  • Layer one comes in the form of a memory foam quilted cover. This cover makes up for the top 2cm and latches onto the rest of the mattress. Believe me; it changes the whole game by keeping you from getting hot in your sleep! 
  • Layer two is made of bamboo memory foam. It also contains charcoal that wicks away any signs of heat and moisture. You will love how effectively it proves to be antibacterial. It leaves no space for odours and retains its shape like brand new. 
  • Layer three is where things start getting juicy! OTTY smartly incorporates 8cm of 2000 packets of springs here. It minimises your motion transfer. So, you need not worry about losing sleep if sharing the bed with a restless and toss sleeper. 
  • Layer four and five consists of high-density reflex foam that maximise airflow and keeps your mattress cool.
  • Layer six consists of another set of 2000 springs. These tensile packets support the mattress from its very core. That is how you know that a lot of thinking has gone into designing and manufacturing this masterpiece. 
  • Layer seven comes in the form of high strength base form. It interlocks the side support reinforcing the stability of your mattress. If you are just as picky about longevity as I am, this mattress ticks all boxes.

Off-gassing and Unboxing 

Have you picked on the peculiar smell when you unpack some new cushions and sofas? You might notice a similar chemical odour with bed-in-a-box mattresses, too, as they start to inflate. 

OTTY Pure Plus Hybrid Bamboo and Charcoal mattress are no different. When I first unboxed it, the stench was prominent. However, it is not an issue that air cannot fix! I left my windows and door open for maximum airiness and ventilation. 

So, if you are sensitive to off-gassing just as much as me, simply let the mattress breathe for a day. Using the bed at night will not cause worry after that. 

The rest of the unboxing is reasonably manageable with a partner or two. You can put its user manual to use. It lacks side handles to help you adjust it, but that is pretty much the only flaw here.

How Firm Is the OTTY Pure Plus Hybrid Bamboo & Charcoal Mattress?

Now we come to the most crucial technicality. I say that because the firmness of a mattress decides how your body accepts it. Each of us reacts differently, given the variations in our sleeping patterns and position. 

Every little thing, such as our body weight, shape, and size, affects how we accept the firmness of the mattress. 

I would rate this mattress a 6.5 out of 10 in this regard. If you count under the majority of the UK demographic, the mattress will suit you the best. So tell me: have you been waiting to stumble upon the right firm mattress for a while now?

All we have been talking about so far is your ideal mattress!

Is OTTY Pure Plus Hybrid Bamboo & Charcoal Mattress for Back Sleepers?

What back sleepers need: 6 to 8 = Medium-Firm to Firm

Sleeping pressure points: Head, neck, tailbone, and heels

The ideal firmness that back sleepers need lies between six to eight on a scale up to ten. Too much of anything can be detrimental to our body; the same goes for the firmness of the mattress. 

It affects your pressure points accordingly. But your body weight and size also contribute to the verdict. So, let’s take a peek:

Lightweight Sleeper

Well, my girlfriend tells me that this mattress has been a delight for her. She is a lightweight back sleeper weighing about 45 kg and never ceases to twist and turn in her sleep.

If that is a close description of how you or your partner sleeps, the mattress offers a good deal. Since it slightly tends to be on the firmer side, you need to assess that with your experience.

If you have permanently settled for softer mattresses, consider the spring technology in this mattress. The two sets of 2000 spring packets might just be the change you have been looking for!

Average Weight Sleeper

The OTTY Pure Plus Hybrid Mattress would suit you even if you are an average-weight back sleeper. So, do you weigh between 59 kg to 104 kg and have a preference for beds on the firm side? 

Well, I weigh just about 75 kg myself, and I can confirm for our group that this is it! Most people would find 6.5 to be firmer than usual. However, I believe that the double layers of spring really up the game. 

The memory foam supports the way my body falls into the mattress. So if you are worried about the stiffness affecting your lumbar, let me assure you otherwise. 

To be completely honest, I am more of a side sleeper mostly because I never found the right mattress before. But this mattress has changed everything, and sleeping on my back is no longer an issue for me. 

For an average weighing person, the OTTY Pure Plus Hybrid seems ideal.

Heavyweight Sleepers

The trouble of being a heavyweight back sleeper is the alignment mismatch of your body. A lot of times, your lumbar receives no support while your hips sink deeper than necessary. 

These can lead to severe concerns affecting your posture. I understand its gravity, mainly because my brother fits in this category.

As I mentioned earlier, this mattress has mastered the combination of spring and memory foam. So unless your condition is severe, this mattress has got your back too (literally)!

Back sleepers: 9.5/10

How Is OTTY Pure Plus Hybrid Bamboo & Charcoal Mattress for Side Sleepers?

What side sleepers need: 4 to 6.5 = Soft to Medium-Firm

Sleeping pressure points: Shoulders, hips, thighs, ankle bones, feet

Unlike back sleepers, side sleepers usually go for a softer mattress. After all, it allows your body to melt into the mattress after an exhausting day. 

So naturally, all your body weight distributes itself along your side. 

You would need a mattress on the soft to a medium-firm range of the scale.

Lightweight Sleeper

The OTTY pure plus hybrid mattress works quite well for lightweight individuals, regardless of how they sleep. 

My girlfriend keeps tossing and turning frequently, but she has not faced any issues as a part-side-sleeper. Although she usually prefers mattresses on the softer side, a firmness of 6.5 suits her well.

Average Weight Sleeper

I have already testified for this category of weight. I am not strictly a back sleeper, so I suppose my experience with the mattress counts here too!

The double spring layers definitely contribute to the plus side. The mattress takes the shape of your body without necessarily letting it sink to the ground. The memory foam ensures it. 

So you can probably imagine how well the synergy plays out. I also believe this mechanism has a lot to do with the well-thought-out combination foams.

Heavyweight Sleeper

Now comes the tricky but relieving part. You would think that all side sleepers would prefer a soft bed. However, as your weight increases, so does the necessity for a bit of firmness. 

Of course, too firm a bed would lead to body sores across your sides. However, the OTTY Pure Plus Hybrid mattress smartly takes care of you a lot!

As it turns out, 6.5 is the perfect degree of firmness in this case. The springs allow your body to relax on your side, but the memory foam ensures you do not hit the ground. 

Side sleepers: 8.5/10

How Is OTTY Pure Plus Hybrid Bamboo & Charcoal Mattress for Front Sleepers?

What front sleepers need: 6 to 9 = Medium-Firm to Extra-Firm

Sleeping pressure points: Face, Chest and Ribcage, Knees

I will not lie; front sleepers are probably a unique kind. As opposed to the case of side sleepers, the position sleepers needs firmness in their mattresses.

I mean, imagine sleeping like that in a soft bed and sinking face down immediately! Not really ideal.

Lightweight Sleeper

Let us be honest here; lightweight sleepers hardly ever face discomfort when adapting mattresses. Memory foam is the key ingredient to their perfect night’s sleep.

While my girlfriend is not a front sleeper, she thinks it would not necessarily be a problem on this mattress.

Front sleepers usually need a firmer side of mattresses, and OTTY Pure Plus Hybrid mattress’s 6.5 checks the box. The memory foam offers support to your chest and lumbar. Meanwhile, the springs make sure that you do not feel like you are sleeping on a stone!

Note that a complementing pillow is of just as much importance in this case.

Average Weight Sleeper

Weighing around 75 kgs myself, I can testify that my body did not necessarily sag when I tried front sleeping. 

If you find yourself under this category, you need to look for a medium-firm to a firm mattress. A higher level of support would definitely be perfect for you. 

I felt like the OTTY Pure Plus Hybrid mattress offered me enough support for the experience. However, my preference could also prejudice my opinions because I am not a regular front sleeper. 

Heavyweight Sleepers

Unfortunately for you lot, the OTTY Pure Plus Hybrid Mattress might pose an issue if you are a front sleeper.

My brother, who fits the category, shared his experience that front sleeping is not comfortable with the mattress.

He finds that the mattress is firm but not quite firm enough to support the weight and fall of your body. You could try to customise the mattress, but it will take additional effort.

If you feel like you fit this category, you might want to keep looking for your dream mattress.

Front Sleepers: 7/10

Are You a Combination Sleeper?

What combo sleepers need: 5-7 = Medium to Firm

Sleeping pressure points: Shoulders, hips, lower back

Are you someone who keeps tossing and turning through the night? Well, then you qualify for this category! You lot are probably the universal category of sleepers. So, if everything is in moderation, you get ticks across all boxes!

The double layers of spring packets allow the mattress to move in synchronisation with your body. That said, the memory foam combination isolates your movements so it does not disturb your partner. 

Combination sleepers: 9/10

How Is OTTY Pure Plus Hybrid Bamboo & Charcoal Mattress for Hot Sleepers?

Sadly I must admit that I am a hot sleeper. If you are anything like me, finding the right mattress has been an issue for you before. 

However, it does not have to get the better of us! Thanks to the OTTY Pure Plus Hybrid mattress, we can rest our worries peacefully (pun intended)!

You already went over the cross-section description. So you know that this mattress is one of the very few breathable kinds!

Most of the credit goes to the double layer of 2000 spring packets. The manufacturer has definitely been thorough with this aspect! And well, it has paid off really effectively. These springs are responsible for successful airflow.

Its bamboo memory foam infused with charcoal wicks away any signs of heat and moisture. So, a dry spell or not, my experience tells me that you are unlikely to get hot in this mattress.

However, if you are an extremely sensitive hot sleeper, you might have to look for additional customisations.

Hot sleepers: 8/10

Do You Have a Sleeping Partner?

What do partner sleepers need: Highly responsive, temperature control, motion isolating mattresses

It is doubtful that any two given sleepers have the same sleeping preferences. So what you want is a mattress that meets the demands of both. 

You already have my case study before you! My girlfriend is a lightweight back sleeper, while I am an average-weight side sleeper. However, our experience with the OTTY Pure Plus Hybrid mattress has been quite splendid. 

The mattress perfectly isolates both of our movements without compromising our individual comfort levels and preferences.

Sleeping Partner: 9.5/10

Does the OTTY Pure Plus Hybrid Mattress Provide Edge Support?

The support that your mattress offers around the edges is known as edge support. The encasement that runs along your mattress box is responsible for the structure retention and sleeper’s support.

My experience with the edge support on this one was pretty satisfactory. And I also gather this conclusion from my girlfriend and brother’s experiences. 

Edge support is a concern not only for individual sleepers but also for couples. If you have a partner, your sleeping positions and behaviour will differ. So, you will need a mattress with a robust structure. 

I admit that the OTTY Pure Plus Hybrid matters could do better with additional edge handles. It will allow you to adjust the mattress as you want, rendering the edge support more effective.

Edge Support: 7.5/10

Written by:

Max Stevens