Best Hybrid Mattress 2022 (GREAT Options)

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Best Hybrid Mattress

Best Hybrid Mattress 2022 (GREAT Options)

Due to my sleep deprivation, sleep apnoea, and various old injuries, sleep generally evades me. Not to mention, the 13-hour plane journeys weren’t very conducive to a good night’s rest. I knew I had to make some changes to my bed before getting a goodnight’s sleep.

I heard about hybrid mattresses while on my quest for the perfect sleep. They seemed like an absolute dream, and I knew I had to try them. But, with the multiple options from the best mattress companies in the country, I couldn’t just decide on the best one using reviews online. I had to try them for myself.

My sleep journey led me to try out multiple hybrid mattresses, and I have come out knowledgeable and ready to share. If you’re prepared to commit to your sleep journey, read on to find out which hybrid mattress is best for you!

  • – Best For Side Sleepers
  • – Best For Back Sleepers
  • – Best For Front Sleepers
  • Tempur Hybrid Mattress – Best For Combo Sleepers
  • Simba Hybrid Pro – Best For Couples
  • – Best For Hot Sleepers
  • – Best For Back Pain

Best Value Mattress – DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress

Key Features

  • 5-layered comfort
  • ActiveEdge Coils
  • Medium-Firm Luxury
  • Cooling

Recommended For

  • Side sleepers and back sleepers: Side sleepers and back sleepers will feel most comfortable on this hybrid mattress.
  • Lightweight sleepers: Lightweight sleepers are more likely to enjoy this hybrid mattress

Avoid If

  • Medium to heavyweight sleepers: You might find this mattress too firm if you’re a medium to a heavyweight side sleeper.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

When I started on my journey to find the best hybrid mattress, I was instantly bombarded with suggestions to try the DreamCloud hybrid mattress. Anyone who had used it before immediately felt at ease describing it as an actual luxury mattress. I have to say they weren’t lying.

When I first got onto this mattress, I could see why it would be too firm for some side-sleepers. As a side sleeper myself, the various levels are optimised for support, which can get a bit much if you’re not a lightweight sleeper.

There are five layers to this mattress, and each one contributes to the overall support you get. It starts with a quilted top cover that is incredibly soft and meant to have active cooling properties. It controls the temperature while you sleep.

The memory foam, support foam, and ActiveEdge Coils support your entire body and across the mattress. I found my back, shoulders, and neck supported very well by the mattress, so that there was no pain in the morning.

The support foam, memory foam, ActiveEdge Coils, and foam base were all incredible to lay on. My old injuries occasionally flare up at night; however, I felt no pain because of the DreamCloud hybrid mattress. It is the best hybrid mattress and is worth every penny you spend on it.

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This mattress is incredibly supportive for side and back-sleepers and even cradles your whole body as you sleep. While it was a little firm, it worked brilliantly to ease my back pain and give me a great night’s sleep.

While it is incredible to sleep on, I did find that it didn’t live up to the cooling features. While the marketing for the mattress focuses mainly on the luxurious feel and support, I did expect it to be more cooling. As someone who runs hot when they sleep, I was disappointed that the mattress retained a little heat.

Despite the minor issues with heat retention, I was super impressed by the motion absorption. The springs worked very well, and I couldn’t tell when my girlfriend moved around in bed. It was also quite remarkable in other aspects.

Despite the five layers and memory foam, the bed provided a nice bounce. The ActiveEdge Coils ensured there was no dipping sensation, so there was that much more of the bed to enjoy. This hybrid mattress takes the cake when it comes to sex and sleep. It is definitely worth its value.

Apart from the incredible sleeping experience, the DreamCloud hybrid mattress has a 365-night trial period and a forever warranty. DreamCloud is highly confident that you’ll love the mattress, and I understand that confidence completely!

Best Luxury Hybrid Mattress: Simba Hybrid Mattress

Key Features

  • 5 Layers
  • Temperature control and cooling features
  • Hypoallergenic zip-off cover
  • Patented cone-shaped springs

Recommended For

  • Side sleepers and back sleepers: There is lots of support and comfort for those who sleep on their side and back.
  • Medium weight sleepers: Medium weight sleepers will feel supported and comfortable on this mattress.
  • Hot sleepers: If you run hot, this mattress is excellent for you!

Avoid If

  • Lightweight stomach sleepers: You won’t find this mattress comfortable if you’re a lightweight stomach sleeper.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

Simba is a UK-based mattress company that has gotten very popular. It is known for its hybrid mattresses, and I just had to try it out for myself. While there are three different versions, I decided to try the most recommended – the Simba Hybrid Original.

The company has been well-known for its great mattresses. On my journey to find the best hybrid mattress, the Simba Hybrid mattress had to stop. There are five layers like other hybrid mattresses, including foam and spring layers.

Every layer on the Simba Hybrid leans toward comfort like no other. The sleep surface, open-cell pure layer, and the Simbatex foam offer cooling and temperature control. For some like me, that runs hot; it was a dream come true. It lived up to its claims and kept me cool through the night, with no heat retention!

Another incredible feature of the Simba Hybrid mattress is the thousands of patented cone-shaped springs. Unlike other hybrid mattresses where you can feel the springs poking into you, with the Simba, you get pure relief. This mattress was great for someone with occasional back and shoulder pain!

I fall in the same range that the Simba Hybrid mattress is perfect for. I’m a medium weight side sleeper, so the mattress was divine for me. My girlfriend is on the lighter side and found it too firm for her taste. Regardless of the firmness, she loved the temperature control and pressure relief.

My girlfriend also loved the zip-off hypoallergenic cover with the Simba hybrid mattress. Not only can it be removed, but it is machine washable. I loved the fact that even a king-sized mattress was only 32 kg. Even though you don’t have to flip it, moving around and setting up is still convenient.

While it was great for me, it may not be great for stomach sleepers who are also lightweight. There isn’t much support if you’re a stomach sleeper. If you are heavier, you might even find this medium-firm mattress softer. If I’m honest, the mattress leans more toward the medium side of medium-firm, so if you’re a heavyweight sleeper, this may not be the ideal mattress for you.

If you’re curious about the Simba hybrid mattress, you’ll be happy to know that they offer a 200-night trial. After purchasing the mattress, you get a 10-year guarantee, which is pretty great!

Best For Medium Weight Sleepers: Eve Original Hybrid Mattress

 Key Features

  •  7-layers
  •  950 zoned, full-sized springs
  •  Cooling and temperature-controlled mattress
  •  No motion transfer

Recommended For

  • Medium weight sleepers: The mattress is ideal for medium-weight back or side sleepers.

Avoid If

  • Heavyweight sleepers: If you’re heavyweight, this mattress may feel too soft and can get uncomfortable.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

The Eve Original Hybrid Mattress is one of three types: the – Eve Premium and Eve Lighter. All three models are similar in most aspects, the only significant difference being the depth of the mattresses.

Of the three, I decided to sample the Eve Original Hybrid Mattress. I was curious whether it lived up to its claims with an incredible seven layers. Once again, I fit the exact mould that the Eve Original hybrid mattress caters to – medium weight, side sleeper. I was pleasantly surprised that the mattress was comfortable and supportive despite being thinner than average.

The seven layers consist of varying foams – memory foam, a support layer, and an extra support layer. Apart from the foam layers, it has 950 full-sized pocket springs to support every contour of your body.

According to the claims, the mattress supports every sleeping position. As a side sleeper, I can confirm the support on my shoulders and hips. Every time I switched sides, the springs didn’t hesitate to shift along with me. In combination with the layers of foam, the springs definitely supported me.

My brother, Sean, is a combination sleeper. I had him test out the Eve Original hybrid mattress, and what do you know, he said it was great for him. The mattress was on his back or side and effortlessly cradled his body for maximum relief.

Another aspect of the Eve hybrid mattress is temperature control. Despite the seven layers of foam and large-sized springs, the second layer and the springs allow breathability and air circulation. So, the mattress was comfortable even for someone like me, who tends to heat up when sleeping.

My brother Leon attested to the moisture-wicking properties of the mattress. Much like me, Leon tends to sleep hot and sweats a lot. The mattress had no problem dealing with the issue, effortlessly regulating the mattress temperature. None of the heat gets retained or absorbed by the mattress.

I did notice that there was a significant smell. Off-gassing is quite typical for new mattresses. Any mattress comes with a bit of smell; however, the Eve original seemed to be off-gassing quite a lot.

The smell lasted almost a week before dissipating. If you’ve got a sensitive nose, you should consider this.

At least if you’re not happy with the mattress, you can return it within 100-nights. The company also offers a 10-year warranty, so you’re covered for a while!

Best Lightweight Hybrid Mattress: Emma Original Hybrid Mattress

 Key Features

  •  5 Layers
  •  Temperature Regulated
  •  Low motion transfer
  •  Quiet Mattress

Recommended For

  • Lightweight sleepers and medium weight sleepers: If you’re a light or medium weight sleeper, you will love this mattress.
  • Side sleepers: It’s an excellent mattress for side sleepers.
  • Hot sleepers: If you run hot, this mattress is great for you.

Avoid If

  • Heavyweight sleepers: Any heavyweight sleeper who prefers to sleep on their back will not enjoy this mattress.
  • Sweat: If you sweat a lot, I’d not recommend this mattress.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

Emma is yet another British box company with a reputation for great mattresses. On my journey to find the best hybrid mattress, I came across the Emma Original Hybrid. They have options such as the Emma Hybrid and Emma Original Mattress. Still, I’d heard a lot about the Original Hybrid, so I had to try it.

The 200-night free trial was eye-opening concerning the Emma Original Hybrid mattress. As a medium weight side sleeper, I enjoyed the mattress thoroughly. The five different layers were perfectly contoured to my body no matter how I switched positions.

The patented Airgocell foam layer and open=cell foam layer were good at keeping the air flowing and temperature cool. While it isn’t the coolest mattress I’ve experienced, my girlfriend found it great. As I tend to run a bit hot myself, I wouldn’t say it was the best.

My brother Leon found himself in a pinch. He tends to sweat a lot and gets pretty overheated at night. While the mattress kept him slightly cool, Leon said the sweat was a significant issue for the mattress.

Apart from the average temperature control, the mattress has many great features that make it a good buy. Unlike other memory foam mattresses, there was no difficulty moving around. The edges were very supportive when I was lying down. Although a little firmer than you’d expect, it stays comfortable because of the top Airgocell layer.

The mattress is excellent for couples. It is quiet despite any movement, but there is also low motion transfer. So, even if you have a restless partner, you won’t feel enough to wake you up! The excellent edge support means that the whole bed is yours to use. There is no danger of falling off halfway through the night.

Best for Couples: Simba Hybrid Pro

Key Features

  •  5000 Titanium Aerocoil springs
  •  Enhanced temperature regulation
  •  A natural wool top layer
  •  Zoned support base

Recommended For

  • Average weight sleepers: It is a firm mattress and supports you well. You’ll not slide off when you reach the edge.
  • Hot Sleeper: If you feel hot while sleeping. This mattress is ideal for you. It has temperature regulation and ventilation.

Avoid If

  • On Budget: If you are on a budget, you will do your best to avoid this mattress. It is pretty expensive.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

Have you been worried about having a restless sleep? The Simba Hybrid Pro is the answer to your solution. It has medium firmness and is soft and comfy. However, it doesn’t give the sinking sensation, so it works pretty well.

As an average weight side sleeper, I was extremely comfortable on the Simba Hybrid Pro mattress. The 5000 Aerocoil springs gave me comfortable support and contoured my body perfectly. I woke up with no back pain or shoulder issues in the morning. Despite the little softness, I also didn’t have a hard time getting in and out of bed.

The natural wool top layer is something I enjoyed. It isn’t just supportive; it also provides better airflow and temperature regulation. Suppose you are a hot sleeper; the Simba Hybrid pro is perfect for you. Moreover, you can invest in a Hybrid Pro pillow to ensure your head doesn’t overheat.

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The mattress is supremely comfortable, and its zoned Simba-Pure support, high-definition, and quality edge support helps increase the sleeping area. I slept comfortably on my side, front and back.

My girlfriend also appreciated the Simba Hybrid pro mattress’s durability and comfort. Not to mention, she enjoys that it was CertiPUR certified and doesn’t harm the environment. She also remarked the mattress itself was pretty cooling and heavenly, and it helped her sleep comfortably.

We both enjoyed how the springs distributed our body weight and enabled us to sleep comfortably. We found that we could roll over and get out of the bed without waking up the other. It was a spectacular plus point for us as we both value our sleep.

The Simba hybrid pro is an investment. However, if you are unhappy, you can return it within 200 days. Plus, it comes with a 10-year guarantee. So, if you face any issues, Simba will ensure they replace your mattress.

Best For Combination Sleepers: Tempur Hybrid Mattress 

Key Features

  •  5-Layers
  •  Washable Top Cover
  •  Pocketed Micro Springs
  •  No Motion Transfer

Recommended For

  • Combination sleepers: The Tempur Supreme is great for combination sleepers. Whether you prefer sleeping on your front, back or side, the mattress is great!
  • Stomach sleepers or back sleepers: You’ll have an especially great time with this mattress if you’re a stomach or back sleeper.

Avoid If

  • Hot sleepers: If you’re someone who overheats at night, this isn’t for you.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

When it comes to finding the best hybrid mattress, I won’t go purely based on the brand. However, it soon became evident that I would be doing a great injustice by not sampling the Tempur Hybrid Supreme.

Now, Tempur is a company that worked with NASA to make mattresses and cushioning for rockets. It is safe to say I had high hopes for this five-layered hybrid mattress. I was incredibly excited to see how the advanced Tempur material and dynamic support foam worked out.

Much like I had hoped, the mattress was incredibly comfortable. It hit every single pressure point and contoured my whole body. It supported me from head to toe with its pocket springs and memory foam.

The top two layers made sure that the mattress wasn’t too firm. But, you don’t sink into the bed; instead, you’re lying on top! If you’re a heavyweight sleeper, you’ll appreciate the feeling of being able to roll around without sinking in too deep.

The response of the coils was the best I’ve experienced. Even my brother, Sean, had to agree. As a combination sleeper, Sean tends to move around a lot in his sleep. The mattress wasn’t hard to roll around because of how responsive the coils were! Despite the memory, the mattress adjusted quickly to whatever sleeping position you shift to.

If your partner is like Sean and tends to move around in their sleep, then the Tempur Supreme is great for them and you. It will support every position they choose to adopt, and you won’t feel a thing. The mattress has the best motion transfer I’ve ever experienced. There was virtually no indication that my girlfriend had moved.

Tempur lets you choose the level of firmness you want from your mattress. The Tempur Hybrid Supreme comes under their medium with springs. However, it wasn’t as soft as you would expect from a regular medium mattress.

The medium-firm mattress is terrific for those who like to sleep on their front. Stomach sleepers generally have a hard time with comfort. Still, the Tempur mattress does a great job supporting their hips and shoulders.

While the mattress was very comfortable in every other regard, it is a bit heat retentive. It did get a little stifling for someone like me who runs a little hot at night. While the mattress is supposed to be cooling, it doesn’t seem very effective.

Overall, the mattress provides a lovely sleeping experience. It does great for a mattress that has to live up to the company’s reputation. The price tag matched while the sleeping experience was out of this world. So, if you’re looking for luxury, there’s nothing better than this!

Best For Heavyweight Sleepers: OTTY Original Hybrid Mattress

Key Features

  •  4 Layers
  •  Temperature Control
  •  Airflow Side Support
  •  2,000 16 cm Pocket Springs

Recommended For

  • Heavyweight back-sleepers: If you’re a heavyweight back sleeper, you will love this mattress.
  • Side sleepers or back sleepers: if you’re a side sleeper or back-sleeper, this mattress is great.

Avoid If

  • Firm Beds: If you don’t like a firm mattress, it is best to avoid this.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

OTTY isn’t a big bed company like Tempur. It is still relatively under the radar for mattresses, which is a pity. The OTTY hybrid mattress is a milestone in my quest for the best hybrid mattress that I will not forget anytime soon.

Let’s start with the basics. This four-layer mattress combines memory foam and springs. The top two layers are a Cool Blue Gel Memory Foam and reflex foam, and both layers provide softness to this otherwise firm mattress. While not as firm as many other mattresses, it is firmer.

I am a medium weight side sleeper; this mattress was still great! It was pretty evident that the springs aren’t the only support to your person from the start. When I lay down on the mattress for the first time, it was beyond comfortable. I couldn’t feel the springs or the separate layers beneath me.

There was a lot of support, which is expected considering the firmness of the mattress. The reflex foam provided the proper relief in the pressure points, and the springs prevented any sinking situation. Since the springs are more diminutive in density and diameter, I wasn’t expecting the kind of support they provided.

Surprisingly, there was a little bounce on the mattress. Despite the two foam layers, the mattress did not allow for too much sinkage. It focused on contouring the body and maintaining alignment.

What was truly remarkable about the OTTY mattress was its temperature regulation. If there was ever a cooling and properly temperature regulated mattress, it is the OTTY hybrid.

Memory foam tends to retain heat, and even hybrids sometimes have this flaw. However, with the addition of the cool blue gel memory foam and the springs, the OTTY hybrid kept me cool and sweatless the entire night. As a person that runs hot, it was a boon.

To get a better idea of how effective the temperature regulation was, I asked my brother Leon to try it out. He tends to sweat a lot when he’s sleeping and, like me, sleeps hot. He had no issues sleeping on this mattress and even marvelled at its support.

The OTTY hybrid, with a 100-night trial, is one of the better choices for a hybrid mattress, especially for those who appreciate a firmer mattress.

Best Orthopaedic Hybrid Mattress: REM-Fit 400 

Key Features

  •  Award-winning
  •  4 Layers
  •  2,000 Premium Pocket Springs
  •  Temperature Controlled

Recommended For

  • Back sleepers: Back sleepers will love the support from this mattress

Avoid If

  • Side sleepers: Side sleepers will not be very comfortable with the mattress.
  • Firm mattress: This isn’t a good option if you don’t like firm mattresses.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

As a result of previous injuries, I tend to have back pain when sleeping. As a result, I’m constantly looking for a more supportive mattress. When looking for the best hybrid mattress, my back pain was a criterion I kept in mind.

The REM-Fit 400 is an award-winning mattress known to help with back pain issues and be considered an orthopaedic mattress. It has four separate layers dedicated to supporting and temperature control.

The first of four layers is an open cell memory foam that is breathable and allows for more airflow. It also helps to cradle the body and leave you with a soft, snug feel. The cradling provides more support and relieves pressure around the shoulder and hips.

The REM-Fit 400 has 2,000 pocket springs 15 cm tall at their highest, providing exceptional upper and lower back support and helping airflow. They produce a balance across the mattress. The mattress does not sag or dip even if you’re at the very edge. So, you have the whole mattress to spread out on.

Ideally, the springs are meant to be motion isolating so that you can’t feel any restless movements from someone else on the bed. However, I found that the REM-Fit 400 wasn’t fully motion-isolating.

The edge support has a whole layer dedicated to it. The support foam layer encases the mattress, much like a box, to prevent the sides from sagging or wearing down. So, the tension is maintained all across the mattress.

According to the company, it is a firmer mattress and works great up to 120 kg. If you’re like me and have some back issues, you’ll be pleased to know that it does help. However, I am a side sleeper, and the firmness of the mattress did not allow for the most comfort.

However, their temperature regulation was good! The mattress has a thermoregulating knitted fibre cover, apart from the open cell memory foam layer. The cover, springs, and top layer ensure a constant airflow. In turn, the mattress was cool and temperature regulated. The mattress was still comfortable and cool, even though I’m a hot sleeper.

My girlfriend faced similar issues with the firmness of the mattress. As a lightweight side sleeper, the mattress did not work well for her despite its excellent back support. It isn’t a mattress for side sleepers.

The REM-Fit 400 has excellent qualities, including temperature regulation and support. It worked well to support my back and provide immense pressure relief.

Buyer’s Guide to Hybrid Mattresses

If you’re looking into hybrid mattresses, you’re probably tired of traditional memory foam or pure spring mattresses. The hybrid mattress offers the best of both worlds and a few other benefits to boot. However, a few factors to look out for when buying a hybrid mattress!


A hybrid mattress is composed of both foam or natural filling and springs. The combination can result in different levels of comfort. When purchasing a hybrid mattress, the most crucial factor is your comfort.

Look for night trials that are long enough for you to judge a mattress accurately. Anywhere between 100 to 365-days would be the ideal trial period to look for. Make sure you consider any aches, pains, soreness, or discomfort you felt during the night or waking up!


The suitable materials can add to the comfort of a hybrid mattress. That is true for any mattress but is especially important for a hybrid. Since it is composed of several layers, it is essential to look at each layer.

You’ll find that the best hybrid mattress is made of the highest quality material. Every layer will maximise the support and comfort for any weight or sleeping position. An easy way to spot high-quality material is to look for a Certi-Pur rating. If a hybrid mattress is certified, it’s a good choice.

Density and Firmness

A big part of your comfort will depend on the density and firmness of the hybrid mattress. They can be anywhere from incredibly soft to extremely firm. However, a common misconception is that a soft bed is a comfortable bed. Manufacturers understand that hybrid mattresses must meet specific needs.

Ideally, the correct firmness will depend on your body weight. Lightweight sleepers tend to prefer softer or more medium mattresses. These offer more ‘sinkage’ and come with more memory foam.

A heavyweight sleeper will require a firmer mattress to be comfortable. If the hybrid mattress is too soft, it can be challenging to turn, get out of bed, and even get the support they require.

Your sleeping position can also have a hand in your preference. Firmer mattresses tend to be best for back sleepers. When looking into a mattress, look for one that fits your particular sleeping position.


There’s no point in buying a hybrid mattress if it will wear out very quickly. A hybrid mattress is often more expensive and can last upwards of 10-years. When looking for the ideal hybrid mattress, ensure that you consider the warranty period.

The least warranty period should be five years. But look for mattresses with a warranty period of 10 years and over. A forever warranty is a good sign that the mattress is durable and of good quality.

Another way to ensure durability is to buy from companies that have been in business for over ten years. It isn’t to say that the newer companies should be overlooked. Many have great products and combinations that might suit you best! Judge the warranty period well before you purchase a hybrid mattress.

Is It For You?

It isn’t easy to decide whether a hybrid mattress is suitable for you. However, you can consider a few factors when purchasing a hybrid mattress.

Hot Sleepers

I struggle with overheating when I sleep. Most memory foam mattresses tend to retain heat, making the experience mighty uncomfortable. If you overheat when you sleep, then a hybrid mattress is a good choice for you.

These mattresses have pocketed coils that work to improve airflow and keep the overall temperature of the mattress down. Some hybrid mattresses are even considered cooling, with separate layers dedicated to cooling and temperature regulating effects.


Sharing a bed with someone is fun and games until their movement disturbs your sleep. Hybrid mattresses are motion isolating, which means that any activity from your partner will not affect you or your rest!

The cooling effects of the mattress counteract the heat produced by two separate bodies. So, both people on the mattress are cool and comfortable.

Benefits of a Hybrid Mattress

By combining foam and spring, hybrid mattresses provide the best of both worlds. They have the comfort, support, and cooling properties that everyone loves in the right mattress. Here are a few more pros of a hybrid mattress


Pure memory foam mattresses tend to be slow to respond and even prevent movement during the night. Combination sleepers and heavyweight sleepers may find this challenging to deal with.

Hybrid mattresses may contain foam, but the springs add an element of springiness that doesn’t let the mattress prevent any movement. It makes sure that the foam doesn’t respond slowly to changes and instantly moulds to accommodate any position you choose.

It prevents you from feeling suffocated by your mattress and even gives you a little bounce!


We’ve talked about the support a hybrid mattress offers. The springs in the mattress’s core offer extra support for your back. They promote better posture and can improve spine alignment.

The edges of hybrid mattresses are also supported. You’ll still be supported and comfortable if you tend to roll to the extreme edge of a bed. It will also be more comfortable getting in and out of bed.

Quiet and Still

Hybrid mattresses are known to have excellent motion isolation. It means that your partner can be as restless as they want, and you’ll remain unaffected. Their changes in position will not affect your sleep.

These mattresses also do not make noise despite having springs or coils in them! The springs are pocketed, usually individually, to prevent any noises from disturbing your sleep.

Drawbacks of Hybrid Mattresses

For all their benefits, hybrid mattresses have their issues.


Some of the most expensive mattresses are often hybrid. Hybrid mattresses are often costly since each layer is so different and of incredibly high quality. While there are cheaper options, hybrids are not the most fantastic choice if you’re on a budget.


Most hybrid mattresses are cumbersome. Since they are composed of several layers, they tend to get heavier than the average mattress. It will require more than one person to carry and move the mattress.

Getting the mattress up and set up won’t be accessible if your bedroom is on a higher level. Many people aren’t cut out for that kind of effort.


Do you need to rotate a hybrid mattress?

You should rotate every hybrid mattress, but not all need to be flipped. Every six months or so, a hybrid mattress needs to be turned. The rotations ensure that the mattress is wearing out evenly and does not have any sag and worn patches too early.

Flipping a mattress is a different matter. While you can flip some, most hybrid mattresses have a top-down construction. They get constructed so that you have to lay on one side. Flipping the hybrid mattress will lead to faster wear and uncomfortable to lay on.

Unless it is specified and designed to be flipped, it is unnecessary to flip the mattress.

Is a hybrid mattress better than an innerspring mattress?

A hybrid and innerspring mattress are similar. The critical difference lies in the comfort of the beds. Hybrid mattresses provide better pressure relief and are longer-lasting. They offer minimal motion transfer and are quieter than an innerspring mattress. However, they are a lot more expensive.

Innerspring mattresses tend to be uncomfortable if the cushion layer isn’t thick enough. They are also noisier and have more motion transfer than the average hybrid mattress.

Can I put my hybrid mattress in a box spring?

In short, the answer is yes! You can use a box spring for your hybrid mattress; however, it will start to sag through the gaps over time. Instead of a box spring, it is better to use a foundation and metal bed frame, a platform bed, or an adjustable base.

The most commonly used setup is a foundation and metal frame combination. A basic wood foundation requires a metal bed frame to height and lift off the ground. This allows your mattress room to breathe, but it offers extra storage space below!


When I look back on my journey to pick the best hybrid mattress, I can’t say I have a clear recommendation. In the end, it is all dependent on personal preference. However, my list might make it easier to choose the perfect mattress for you.

Hybrid mattresses are a neat option for those unsatisfied with the regular kind and are looking to switch up. If you’re going shopping for a new mattress because yours is worn out, then a hybrid mattress is great.

They offer phenomenal support, motion isolation, and cooling, and they’re blessedly quiet. They work excellently for couples with different sleeping habits and cater to a wide weight range. Hybrid mattresses are made to accommodate all types of sleepers and tend to be incredible sleeping experiences for most.

Written by:

Max Stevens