Best Latex Mattress 2022 Edition- Which ONE To Choose?

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Best Latex Mattress

Best Latex Mattress 2022 Edition- Which ONE To Choose?

Finding the best latex mattress is challenging with so many possibilities. Especially when you consider your weight, sleeping position and what makes you fall asleep at night.

Our testing team will break down various features these mattresses possess and how they can benefit you. The main points to look out for? Comfort, durability, temperature regulation, pressure relief, and spinal alignment.

Scroll down to find the list of the nine top-rated latex mattresses.

  • Rest Assured Knowlton 2000 Pocket Latex Pillow Top Mattress – Best For Side Sleepers
  • – Best For Back Sleepers
  • – Best For Front Sleepers
  • – Best For Combo Sleepers
  • Dunlopillo Orchid Latex Mattress – Best For Couples
  • – Best For Hot Sleepers
  • – Best For Back Pain

The Top Pick- Dunlopillo GO Energise Mattress

Key Features

  • Hybrid latex with premium quality spring pockets to help with responsiveness.
  • Natural latex helps provide the perfect level of support and comfort.
  • Easy maintenance with no need to rotate.
  • Hypoallergenic – great for allergy sufferers.

Recommended For

  • Front sleepers: Pocket springs enhance
  • Side sleepers: Offers relief to the main side sleeper contact points: shoulders and hips
  • Hot sleepers: Latex is naturally ‘cool’, but added pocket springs helps spread away heat.

Avoid If

  • Couples: The movement contouring is not optimal enough for couples.
  • Heavyweight sleepers: The firmness provided by this mattress is not optimal for heavyweight sleepers.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

This hybrid latex mattress with pocket springs is crafted to provide luxurious support and excellent body contouring. It helps ease chronic back pain throughout the night.

The mattress is made of natural latex that accords a perfect combination of support and relaxation. It can move with your body every time you roll around while supporting your spine.

This mattress is suitable for back sleepers since it has excellent independent movement and quickly relieves pressure. This is suitable for front sleepers as well as side sleepers like me.

It has a good roll together feature, where you will not be disturbed if your partner moves around. However, I felt that this feature could be more efficient since it slightly affected contouring.

The surface of the mattress is made of hypoallergic materials. It can be beneficial if you suffer from allergies. The finish is made of high-quality components to provide a smart cover.

It can combat the moisture and heat that the body produces during sleep. This gave me a cool and comfy sleeping environment all night.

The mattress is easy to maintain since it is a no-turn mattress that does not require you to turn over or flip. However, you should rotate it regularly from head to toe. It also comes with an 8-year warranty with a repair or replacement options.

Best Pick For Side Sleepers- Rest Assured Knowlton 2000 Pocket Latex Pillow Top Mattress

Key Features

  • Good Housekeeping Institute approves it
  • The 2000 springs are individually wrapped in cloth pockets.
  • The pillow top is exceptionally cosy and comfortable.
  • This mattress is easy to maintain since it requires only top-to-bottom rotation.

Recommended For

  • Side sleepers:  The thick latex layers provide the necessary comfort for side sleepers. It can ease their shoulder and limb pains.
  • Stomach sleepers: The latex layers in a mattress can be soft as you lay on your stomach over the mattress.
  • Back sleepers: This mattress provides enough pressure relief to sleep on your back all night!

Avoid If

  • Hot sleepers: This is not the best choice for hot sleepers. I felt that I needed more cooling all night.
  • Heavyweight sleepers: The mattress is not ideal if you are a heavyweight sleeper.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

If you are a side sleeper like I am, this can be one of the most comfortable latex mattresses. In addition to the excellent latex, this mattress has 2000 individual pocket springs. The combination provides splendid support for your shoulders, hips, and limbs.

The pocket springs are placed in zones to help support your pressure points and react to your movement and body shape. It has excellent cushioning that keeps my entire body.

Its dense structure with 2.5 cm of latex layers provided an ultimate comfort level. This mattress has a medium-firm feel necessary for back and side sleepers. Also, the latex layers can deter moulds and dust mites.

The cover is made of superior quality materials and is embroidered to provide an attractive appeal. It is also hand-tufted to provide durability and reliability. The pillow top adds an extra layer of comfort. Rest assured, you can have a heavenly sleeping experience!

All the components involved in this mattress are hypoallergenic. If you are worried about allergies, you do not have to be with these mattresses. The materials are also highly responsive and adaptive to body movements.

The air vents are adequate, although they could have been better. Due to this, it is not an ideal choice for hot sleepers.

Best Medium Tension Mattress- Sealy Activsleep Latex 1400 Pocket Spring Pillowtop Mattress

Key Features

  • The pocket springs can provide edge-to-edge support that can maintain the mattress structure.
  • It has Sealy’s patented Unicase technology that increases durability.
  • It is made of Innergenic latex that offers additional comfort.
  • The cover is made of viscose and polyester.

Recommended For

  • Back sleepers: The high-quality pocket springs and naturally sourced latex provide enough contouring to your back. This can be supportive for back sleepers.
  • Side sleepers: If you are a side sleeper, this mattress can be helpful since the Innergenic latex can support you sufficiently on the sides.
  • Combo sleepers: This mattress offers support for versatile positions. Hence, you can pick this if you are a combo sleeper.

Avoid If

  • Hot sleepers: The lower composition of viscose has reduced cooling. Thus, it is not an ideal choice if you are a hot sleeper like me.
  • Couples: The reduced breathability and the flexibility in the body contouring have made this unideal for couples.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

If you are looking for a mattress that can provide medium firmness and excellent pressure relief, this is the one. It is crafted with superior quality pocket springs and naturally sourced latex.

The pocket springs are manufactured to increase the durability and reliability of the mattress. It has a spring count of 1150 in addition to the latex layering.

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It has an edge-to-edge format that can provide consistent support to your back. If you are a combo sleeper, this can be the optimal choice.

Sealy’s patented Unicase technology encloses the pocket springs helping to ensure more firmness and support. These qualities make your mattress soft and non-sagging yet sturdy.

The Innergenic latex layers can offer the comfort and pressure relief back sleepers require. It can soothe sore muscles on the back as well as limbs.  

Also, the superior pillowtop cover enhances the effects of the Innergenic latex layers. It also helps in providing an outstanding level of comfort and support that you need throughout the night.

The cover is made of about 70 per cent polyester and about 30 per cent viscose. This has increased its durability. However, the breathability of the cover has been reduced owing to the lower levels of viscose. Thus, hot sleepers would be at a disadvantage.

Best Pick For Couples- Dunlopillo Orchid Latex Mattress

Key Features

  • It is made of 100 per cent pure Dunlopillo latex plus 2000 individual pocket springs.
  • It provides 7 zones of comfort.
  • The cover is made of Actipro technology.
  • The mattress is hypoallergenic and durable.

Recommended For

  • For couples: It can provide different firmness levels in one single mattress. Hence, it is perfect for couples.
  • Side sleepers: It provides enough support for the shoulders to make it a good choice for side sleepers.
  • Hot sleepers: The knitted cover increases the breathability of the mattress. This makes it more suitable for hot sleepers.

Avoid If

  • Severe back pain: It does not provide enough support and strength for people with severe back pain.
  • Lightweight sleepers: The firmness is too high for a lightweight sleeper. Hence, you can avoid it if you are one.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

The latex in the Dunlopillo Orchid mattress is exceptionally responsive to adapt to the movements of your body. It provided surprisingly high support for a mattress with such responsiveness.

The mattress has a beautifully knitted cover that provides the most velvety feel. It can be soft if you have sensitive skin. The cover also adds breathability to the mattress.

It can evenly distribute weight and provide roll around features. This can be very useful if you and your partner have different sleeping styles.

The mattress is responsive on the sides that are required only. This makes it one of the best picks for couples.

It is optimally firm, and the firmness is also customisable. If your partner requires a different level of firmness, it can be possible. The support is also just enough to roll around.

This works amazingly well on pressure points. It can be good for back as well as side sleepers. The latex used is 100 per cent pure Dunlopillo latex.

The components are all sourced naturally, making the mattress hypoallergenic. This reduces the allergens as well as the fear of allergens. It can provide you with a healthier sleep environment.

This mattress is fire-resistant, and it comes with an eight-year guarantee. So, you can sleep with peace of mind without worrying about replacing it with a new one.

Best Luxury Pick- Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign Latex Mattress

Key Features

  • It has a 100 per cent latex core
  • The fillings are made of eco-friendly materials that are sourced sustainably.
  • The mattress materials are inherently anti-bacterial, anti-allergenic, and anti-microbial.
  • Actipro technology is employed to provide natural resistance against allergens.

Recommended For

  • Back sleepers: The seven comfort zones and high-level body contouring can provide extraordinary support for back sleepers.
  • Couples: It can provide the bounciness required for noiseless movements. This will prevent waking your partner up when you toss and turn around.
  • Environmentally-conscious buyers: All the components are sustainably sourced from rubber trees. You can find it particularly good if you care about the environment.

Avoid If

  • Budget-minded buyers: This is a pricier luxury pick than most other latex mattresses available in the market. If you are a budget-minded buyer, you can avoid this choice.
  • Heavyweight sleepers: The firmness range may not suit you if you are a heavyweight sleeper.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

Luxury comes with a price, and this mattress costs more than the other mattress on this list. It is ingeniously engineered to offer you seven zones of comfort. The core is also made of a hundred per cent superior quality latex.

The material is excellent, with components derived from the sap of rubber trees from the best places in the world. The fillings are sustainably obtained from rubber trees. It is inherently anti-bacterial; Dunlopillo’s manufacturing has enhanced its anti-bacterial property.

The mattress is exceptionally responsive to body movements. It also provides noiseless movements. Hence, you do not have to worry about disturbing your partner.

The latex has an open-cell structure made of numerous interconnecting microscopic air bubbles. This promotes air circulation as well as body contouring. These attributes impart cushiony comfort and help you get a night of refreshing sleep.

It is durable as well as easy to maintain. Also, it requires high ventilation. Thus, a ventilating base is needed.

Best Affordable Pick- Dormeo Options Latex 

Key Features

  • It is made of high-quality latex wrapped with pocket springs.
  • It’s a hypoallergenic and anti-microbial mattress.
  • This mattress has optimum breathability.
  • FIRA safety certified mattress

Recommended For

  • Couples: It allows multiple movements without disturbing the person on the other side of the mattress. This can be excellent for couples.
  • Hot sleepers: It is manufactured using breathable materials, and it has breathable air meshes on the sides
  • Non-Slip Base: It’s made with non-slip material to ensure you stay on the bed and gives you an effortless sleeping environment

Avoid If

  • Heavyweight sleepers: The firmness is not optimal for heavyweight sleepers.
  • For side sleepers: Although it has good body contouring, it is not suitable for shoulders and hips. Hence, avoid this if you are a side sleeper.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

The Dormeo Options Latex mattress is a medium-firm mattress that provides you heavenly comfort. It is a hybrid mattress with 728 pocket springs placed in fabric pockets and gives you tremendous support and ease of movement. The Hybrid mattress is also made with foam layers 2cm in-depth and 2.5 cm latex layer depth.

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Plus, it contours your body beautifully if you are a back sleeper.

I found the latex foam of the Dormeo options latex mattress superior. It is hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and comes with memory foam with less sink.

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The mattress has cool and breathable air mesh sides. It enhances air circulation and is a perfect mattress for hot sleepers. Moreover, you will not wake up drenched in sweat with this mattress.

It gets delivered to you vacuum-packed for supreme hygiene. You needn’t flip this mattress; just rotate it as per the instructions.

Overall, I found this mattress moulding my body and giving it its support. Plus, I didn’t face any allergies or reactions due to the mattress. What’s more, you can order this mattress online and have a contactless delivery.

The Dormeo Options Latex is FIRA certified and adheres to UK standards for mattresses. It is reasonably priced and provides pressure relief and excellent comfort for a dreamy and heavenly sleep.

Best Pick For Pressure Relief- Sealy Posturepedic Jubilee Latex Mattress

Key Features

  • Sealy PostureTech Core Support springs make it highly responsive.
  • The Innergetic latex provides body contouring.
  • Sealy Edge Guard increases durability.
  • It has a knitted Tencel top cover that is soft and cool.

Recommended For

  • For heavyweight sleepers: The PostureTech Core Support spring system provides this mattress with enough firmness to support heavyweight sleepers.
  • Severe back pain: If you have severe back pain, this mattress can help you ease it when you sleep since it aligns with the spine.
  • Combo sleepers: This is highly reflexive and relaxing. It can be perfectly suitable for combo sleepers.

Avoid If

  • Couples: It does not have the customised contouring that couples require.
  • Hot sleepers: It does not provide optimal cooling for hot sleepers.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

Sealy Posturepedic Jubilee latex mattress is the best latex mattress if you want excellent pressure relief. It is remarkable for relieving pressure due to the deep layering of latex and the ability to align with your spine.

It has a fantastic response to weight and movements as you roll around in your sleep. This can give you a peaceful sleep throughout the night, even if you are a restless sleeper. The Sealy PostureTech Core Support system has highly responsive springs.

The Innergetic latex layer provides the required high level of body contouring for a combo sleeper. It also aligns well with the spine as you move around.

You will not find another mattress that works this good on pressure points! It can be soothing on the shoulders and tired limbs. The combination of springs and latex ensures this at all positions.

It also has a Sealy Edge Guard that increases the durability of the mattresses. This provides a greater level of comfort and support. This also prevents the mattress from sagging over time.

Knitted Tencel makes up the top cover, a premium material that provides a hygienic sleeping experience with hypoallergenic components.

Meticulously crafted in the UK, this mattress has a 5-year warranty and is handmade. This can ensure its quality and reliability.

Best Pick For Reflexive Mattress- Dormeo Octaspring 9500 Latex Memory Foam Mattress 

Key Features

  • It has an orthopaedic reflex foam mattress that has a high density.
  • The fabric has Ecofresh treatment.
  • It offers excellent support and comfort with healthy sleeping.
  • It has a Stretchable removable and washable cover that is easy to care for

Recommended For

People with joint pains: The memory foam moulds to your body and gives you supreme comfort

Severe back pain: The memory foam mattress sinks less. So it contours your body and provides proper support to your back.

For back sleepers:  It is good on pressure points and provides support for your head, shoulder, legs, and torso

Avoid If

  • Lightweight sleepers: The firmness is not optimal for lightweight sleepers.
  • Heavyweight sleepers: You might find it makes you sink too much due to the memory foam

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

The Dormeo Octasprings 9500 Latex mattress offers me superior comfort. The Octaspring technology gives me a luxurious feeling. I feel like I am sleeping in heaven. It gives me unparallel support with its 8 zones of varying density and strength Octasprings.

The mattress has an impressive design. It’s a next-gen mattress with memory and Ecocell foam—the combination of these layers with a fantastic latex of 4cm depth makes it an exceptionally comfortable sleep. Moreover, the bed has a trademarked Superstretch cover that is removable and washable.

Further, the mattress is made with 3 layers of Octasprings that give excellent support for several zones of your body. My girlfriend and I found this mattress comfortable as we could sleep and get up without disturbing each other.

The mattress has an Ecofresh treatment with probiotic ingredients to protect the mattress from dust, allergens, and bacteria. It is a heavenly mattress if you have asthma or any breathing issues.

The mattress works well for various sleeping positions and is a breathable mattress. It pushes warm, humid air out and provides a constant airflow. It is an excellently ventilated mattress that 8/10 people prefer, including me.

Moreover, you can try out the mattress for 60 nights to ensure comfort. You’ll be able to analyse whether it’s the right mattress for you. Dormeo mattresses come with a 20-year warranty, so you can get them repaired in case of any issues.

The mattress is made in the UK in compliance with all the British safety standards.

The Easiest To Handle- Sleepeezee Latex 1000 Pocket Adjustable Mattress

Key Features

  • It has 1000 individual pocket springs
  • The mattress is easy to handle
  • It is highly responsive to movements.
  • It has a beautiful cover and woollen tufts.

Recommended For

  • Side sleepers: The latex layering can be soothing on the pressure points in the shoulders.
  • Hot sleepers: It is crafted to provide a high level of air ventilation.
  • For back sleepers: The mattress is good on pressure points in the back.

Avoid If

  • Heavyweight sleepers: The sturdiness and firmness are not optimal.
  • Couples: The firm layers may not work well for couples due to less motion isolation capacity.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

This is among the best latex mattresses for many reasons. It has latex layers and an added benefit of 1000 individual pocket springs. If you want a high level of responsiveness, comfort and support, this is for you.

It has about 4 cm of latex layering to offer eminent relief for your pressure points. The mattress can also ease aches and pains in the shoulders and limbs. This can be very good if you are a back sleeper.

The mattress is crafted with high-quality breathable materials. It can prevent overheating by improving air circulation throughout the time you sleep. Multiple air vents in the mattress can keep you cool and feel fresh.

The cover is beautiful and is designed to provide a high level of breathability. It is knitted and lasts longer. The woollen tufts also ensure the cooling of the mattress.

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It is hand-tufted to provide secure fillings that can improve the longevity and consistency of the performance. The tufts hold together high-quality materials that offer high levels of comfort.

The manufacturer of this product provides a 60-night sleep trial to help decide if it can suit you well. It is also easy to maintain, and you do not have to flip the mattress over. Additionally, it has turning handles that aid in handling and moving around the mattress.

FAQs- Best Latex Mattress

Among the numerous things latex mattresses stand out for, the various questions and confusion about latex mattresses are also included. I am answering some of the most frequently asked questions to clear the common doubts.

Are latex mattresses better than memory foam mattresses?

Latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses are similar since they are both layered beds designed to provide body contouring.

Memory foam mattresses have open-celled structures that can improve breathability. Also, their effects can be enhanced using cooling gels. Latex mattresses are made of three different types of latex: synthetic latex, natural latex, or blended latex.

Memory foam is extraordinary at moulding to body shapes and relieving pressure points. They have excellent motion isolation, which can help restless sleepers who sleep with their partners. Generally, memory foam mattresses are inexpensive when compared to latex mattresses.

However, the memory foam mattresses are not good at dispersing heat and lack edge support. Also, they are less responsive than latex mattresses.

On the other hand, latex mattresses are bouncier than memory foam mattresses. Latex is a naturally cooling material that enables mattresses to provide more breathability.

Hence, latex mattresses are better for hot sleepers and people who prefer a bouncier mattress. To answer which one is better depends on individual requirements.

What are the advantages of using latex in a mattress?

Advantages of this latex mattress include. Let me explain to you with some pointers.

  • Latex material can provide a high level of comfort for sleepers.
  • It can provide pain relief as it is good at contouring your body shape.
  • They are hypoallergenic since latex naturally contains anti-microbial properties. It can repel harmful microorganisms collected on the mattress, such as fungi and bacteria.
  • Latex has a high level of breathability; hence, it can provide coolness when you sleep on it.
  • Using latex materials can make the mattress more durable.
  • Latex is one of the most eco-friendly materials used in mattresses.

Is the latex in mattresses harmful to your skin?

It is perfectly safe for people to use a latex mattress. However, some people show allergic reactions when exposed to latex.

As long as you are not specifically allergic to latex, you have nothing to worry about. In that case, latex is not harmful to your skin.

Natural latex is entirely safe and does not contain any synthetic chemicals. However, synthetic latex is made of petroleum-based components. Nonetheless, it is used in mattresses after rigorous testing for safety.

Your allergies to latex may differ according to the different compositions of latex. In some cases, if you are allergic to latex gloves, you may not be allergic to latex mattresses.

If you have any latex allergies, it is better to contact your physician to understand the effects of the mattress on you. However, the latex in the mattresses does not contact your skin. It is always covered with other layers, including the top covers.

The latex mattresses mentioned above are safe to use and have undergone the necessary safety testing. They can provide you with a good night’s sleep without any worries.

Is blended latex mattress 100% latex mattress?

To answer shortly, yes, a blended latex mattress is a 100% latex mattress.

It is a mixture of synthetic and natural latex components. Usually, a blended latex mattress will have 60 to 70 per cent natural latex, and the rest will be synthetic latex.

So, a mattress is 100% latex if labelled ‘Blended Latex.’ However, it is not made of a hundred per cent natural latex components.

I hope my explorations with these mattresses helped you find the best latex mattress. Hopefully, you will be sleeping soundly in your brand-new latex mattress in no time!

Written by:

Max Stevens