5 Best Mattress For Slat Beds 2022

by Max Stevens

What is the best mattress for slat beds, you ask?

Do you ever consider the base of your bed while purchasing? I mostly looked for aesthetics, durability, and an overall solid structure when bed shopping. Plus, I thought my search was over when the salesman informed me about how a slat bed aids mattress longevity.

Besides, the constant backache problem that I have since my teenage years made me vouch for a solid base. But, little did I know about the mattress dilemma that followed. Searching for a mattress exceptionally compatible with slats — I did not sign up for that.

Nevertheless, I had to bear the weight of my choices until I could find a mattress to maintain my weight! It turns out it was all worth it and also extremely easy. Slat beds are compatible with latex, memory foam, spring, and hybrid mattresses but are mostly pocket sprung and lightweight.

Let me also mention that my sleep obsession makes me love trying out different mattresses. So, picking out my favourite was a rather fun journey, and I’m sure you would love it. Except, you need not squirm through multiple mattresses. Let my experience be of some help!

So, here are the 5 best mattresses for slat bed reviews.

  •  Best For Side Sleepers
  • – Best For Back Sleepers
  • – Best For Front Sleepers
  • – Best For Combo Sleepers
  • – Best For Couples
  • – Best For Hot Sleepers
  • – Best For Back Pain

 Best for Hot Sleepers – Puffy Mattress

Key Features

  • Features a higher-end memory foam.
  • It is constructed with additional layers of cooling technology which works great for me as a hot sleeper.
  • Features a dynamic pressure relief system.
  • 101 nights free trial period.

Recommended For

  • Lightweight Sleepers: It makes the ideal fit for people below 130 pounds as they compress the mattress’s foam to a limited amount.
  • Hot Sleepers: The mattress offers tremendous comfort for hot sleepers like me with immense breathability features. It makes cuddling easy!
  • People with back pain or arthritis are specifically designed to offer comfort to people with back pain or arthritis.
  • Side Sleepers: The mattress works wonderfully for side sleepers as the foam supports the hips and shoulder with even weight distribution.

Avoid If

  • Strict stomach sleepers: The softness level of the memory foam of the Puffy Mattress isn’t recommended for the hips of strict stomach sleepers.
  • Heavy sleepers: The soft material of the mattress is not recommended for sleepers over 230 lbs. The depth of the comfort layers is excessively shallow for heavy sleepers.
  • Combination sleepers: The body-contouring memory foam doesn’t let the combination sleepers meet the responsiveness of a foam they expect.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

The high-grade three-layered memory foam of the Puffy Mattress is one of the best finds because it has features for different sleepers. I like it for its conformity to my body as a side sleeper.

With firmness levels at five on the scale, the mattress features excellent hip and shoulder support for side sleepers. Furthermore, the pressure relief system and temperature regulation features offer maximum breathability while sleeping.

Being a hot sleeper myself, sweating very quickly, this mattress becomes the go-to mattress when I want to cuddle with my girlfriend without sweating quickly (perks, right?).

The memory foam of the mattress is quite responsive with optimum durability. Moreover, the airflow within the three layers keeps the body cool for both my girlfriend and me when we share the bed.

The design and construct of the mattress worked ideally for me, owing to my childhood injuries causing my back and shoulder issues. Thanks to the Puffy mattress, I can say goodbye to shoulder and back pain while sleeping. The mattress is also suitable for people with arthritis.

The construct of the mattress perfectly conforms with the body while offering adequate support and comfort. The 135 x 195 cm double size mattress provides ample space for you and your partner. While you can sleep any way you like on the bed alone, you need not worry about disturbing your partner while sharing the bed.

The washable cover of the mattress is built with high-end premium quality material. Plus, with a 25 cm thick foam mattress, you can imagine the weight distribution capacities and the pressure relief system with adequate firmness.

Moreover, with its 101 nights trial period, it becomes utterly convenient to test out the highs and lows of the mattress to your satisfaction.

Best Luxury Pick— John Lewis & Partners Natural Collection Egyptian Cotton 5900, King Size

Key Features

  • Includes a total of 5,900 Cortec pocket springs with medium tension
  • Chemical-free fabrics and 100% recyclable springs
  • Comprises natural fillings like British wool and linen with Egyptian cotton
  • It does not require flipping; regular rotation will do

Recommended For

  • For couples: Each pocket spring moves independently, so you can turn all you want without disturbing your partner.
  • For hot sleepers: Its moisture-wicking Egyptian cotton and pocket springs make the mattress highly breathable.
  • For heavyweight sleepers: Unlike a memory foam mattress, this pocket spring mattress will not make individuals weighing over 230 lbs sink. Thus, it is ideal for heavyweight sleepers.

Avoid If

  • Allergies: A few individuals may be allergic to natural wool used in the mattress. Therefore, check thoroughly or skip to the next.
  • Budget-buyers: If you are looking for an economical option, you will have to pass this relatively expensive mattress.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

The John Lewis & Partners Natural Collection Egyptian Cotton 5900 offers a perfectly comfortable sleeping position for most kinds of sleepers. The cloud-soft, comfy viscose cover to the pocket springs providing a minimal bouncy feel, is an ideal luxurious option.

Apart from its feel, I loved this mattress’s sustainable nature. It comprises natural fillings along with Cortec springs sealed with heat. Therefore, the mattress is 100% recyclable, allowing me to contribute to the environment (even if that will be after seven to ten years).

The John Lewis & Partners mattress features a whopping 5,900 Cortec pocket springs. Additionally, it has a layer of 2,500 high-density pocket springs that further add to body comfort. Despite my chronic back pain, I woke up feeling fresh, without body soreness.

Therefore, it is not wrong to say that this mattress construction allows for higher contour accuracy. Moreover, it helps in evenly distributing your weight over a larger area, preventing sinking, and proving to be great for heavyweight individuals.

If you think the multiple layers of this mattress reduce its breathability, know that this piece is different. It has ultra-light Cortec springs that combine with natural fillings, allowing high-level ventilation. So, if you are a hot sleeper like me, this mattress will work just fine for you.

The John Lewis & Partners mattress is an excellent luxurious piece for slat beds. You need not flip it, which is not feasible for a slat bed mattress. Plus, it evenly distributes your weight and prevents sagging.

Best for Lightweight Sleeper – Dream Cloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress 

Key Features

  • Five-layer hybrid construction, including gel foam and coils
  • Falls in the soft-to-medium firm category with its plush top covers
  • The cashmere-blend cover makes for a plush mattress.
  • Includes a gel layer to provide cooling while the top layer is breathable

Recommended For

  • For lightweight sleepers: The mattress has soft upper layers and firmer lower layers, preventing them from feeling pressure in any position.
  • For back sleepers: It is perfectly comfy for back sleepers as it distributes weight, creating balance.
  • For hot sleepers: While cashmere blend cover and individually wrapped coils allow air passage, the gel-induced foam further helps regulate temperature.

Avoid If

  • Side sleepers: Owing to the softer top layers, side sleepers may feel pressure on their shoulders and hips, driving into the firmer, more rigid layers.
  • Heavyweight sleepers: Individuals weighing around 280-300 lbs may not feel comfortable enough, especially while sleeping on the side.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

I am an average-weight side sleeper, so I find this mattress satisfactory enough, if not the best. I can slightly feel the lower firm layers around the hips and shoulders. However, the Dream Cloud mattress is perfectly comfy if I lie on my back (which I usually do not).

If you are a light sleeper, rest assured you will love the cloud-like, soft feeling. Its five-layer construction has got your back (literally)!

Another feature that I love about this piece is its gel-infused memory foam. Additionally, its breathable cashmere-blend cover and springs allow well-rounded air circulation.

So, if you are a hot sleeper like me, this mattress will allow you to have a long, trouble-free sleep. Get ready to wake up in a new, dry environment.

Its fabric will make you dream about your bed the entire day (if you don’t already)! It is simply a luxurious experience with unparalleled back support provided by its ActiveEdge pocket springs and balanced weight distribution.

The best thing about this mattress is that it comes with a 365-night home trial, so you can experiment. Additionally, the mattress has several awards and recognitions that further its authenticity.

The Dream Cloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress is the perfect blend of soft and supportive — making it ideal for lightweight sleepers. Though most hybrid mattresses are relatively expensive, this mid-ranged one is a significant exception.

Best for Average-weight Sleeper—Simba Hybrid Mattress UK King

Key Features

  • Five-layered mattress including foam and a titanium Aerocoil spring layer comprising 2,500 springs
  • Super-breathable mattress surface and a cool layer of Simbatex with a zoned support base that lets hot air flow out
  • Hypoallergenic cover to keep dust and mites at bay
  • Simba-Pure foam is chemical-free and eco-friendly.

Recommended For

  • For average-weight individuals: Its medium to firm nature and the perfect blend of foam and coils will completely support your body.
  • For side sleeper: If you sleep on your side like me, get ready to find just the proper support on your hip and shoulders. Now you can say goodbye to body soreness.
  • For back sleepers: Its independent springs function separately, providing customised support for your back.

Avoid If

  • Front sleepers: If you sleep on your stomach, your hip area will sink into the mattress, thus causing discomfort.
  • Bouncy experience: Though it has springs, they are only 25 mm and relatively smaller, providing a slight bouncy feeling.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

The Simba Hybrid Mattress UK King is a medium-firm mattress, ideal for average-weight individuals. Because I fall in that category, I can say that with a weight of 75 kg (165 lbs) at 6 ft. This was indeed one of the best mattresses for slat beds.

I’m a hot sleeper, so I’m not always up for foam mattresses, but this one is different. It comes with a strategically designed five-layer construction, with an open foam Simbatex (cooling) layer, zoned support base, and soft knitted cover. All three layers significantly keep the sleeping environment moisture-free.

The hybrid mattress also includes 2,500 patented titanium Aerocoil springs forming the centre layer. It allows a balanced weight distribution, letting you and your partner relish a perfectly comfy sleep.

Your sleep will not be disturbed if your partner moves a lot (like mine, who loves to cuddle). Rest assured, you will get a cool, tranquil, and fresh environment for a sound sleep.

Another aspect that raises Simba in my regard is the detail and concern for their customer. The company sent a convenient tool to unpack the mattress, which is a very considerate gesture. You need not flip this mattress, so it is perfect for a slat bed.

Overall, the Simba Hybrid Mattress is excellent for average-weight sleepers. It is neither too firm nor too soft, but only for an individual weighing 150-220 lbs (that’s me!). If you weigh less or more than the given range, you might find it firmer or softer.

Best for Heavyweight Sleeper—Relyon Hurley Memory 1500 Pocket Mattress

Key Features

  • It comes with 1,500 pocket springs that contour to your body.
  • Robust construction with two lines of stitching and firmer springs along the edge for support
  • Hand-tufted to guarantee longevity and secured fillings
  • Hypoallergenic and does not require flipping

Recommended For

  • Heavyweight sleepers: A pocket sprung mattress is better than a traditional one for individuals weighing above 230 lbs.
  • Couples: Pocket springs move independent of the other, allowing you to have a sound sleep.
  • Front and back-sleepers: The upper memory foam (5.5 in) conforms to your body while distributing weight evenly.

Avoid If

  • Hot sleepers: Those who often wake up due to sweaty nights probably want to skip this one due to its dense foam.
  • Side sleepers: Owing to its dense memory foam layer, your shoulder and hips may sink when you lie on your side.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

The Relyon Hurley Memory 1500 Pocket Mattress offers one of the best firm support. Are you wondering if it will be too hard for you? Not at all. The piece comes with a 5.5-inch-thick memory foam layer, providing you with body-hugging, cushy comfort. So, if you are suffering from body soreness or chronic back pain like me, you will love this one!

The prime highlight of this mattress is its 1,500 spring pocket construction. These pockets do not work like traditional springs that move simultaneously. Instead, it customises a sleeping environment for you by offering individual spring tension.

Therefore, if you go to bed before your partner arrives, rest assured your sleep will not get disturbed. Your side of the springs will remain isolated from the movement.

The mattress has firm edges that support the entire mattress and lets you sleep with ease. The solid structure of this piece and the dual stitching lines on the side further enhance its durability.

If I get to counting its positives, the mattress is also hypoallergenic. So, if you are a cleanliness enthusiast or allergic to dust, the mattress has got your back (and your sleeping environment)! Moreover, it is a one-sided mattress that you need not flip, thus, being perfect for your slat bed.

If you are a heavyweight sleeper, the Relyon Hurley Memory 1500 Pocket Mattress is an excellent option. It will distribute your weight evenly and let you fall into a perfectly dreamy slumber.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of mattress is best for a slat bed?

Though almost all mattresses are suitable for a slat bed, the best option is the spring mattress. That is because springs help distribute your weight evenly over a larger area, preventing your mattress from sinking. However, that is not all.

You got to purchase a one-sided mattress for a slat bed that you need not flip. Also, consider your sleeping position, weight, etc., while choosing the best mattress for a slat bed.

Can I use a memory foam mattress for a slat bed?

Yes, you can surely opt for a memory foam mattress for your slat bed, given a few conditions. Make sure the slats are not far away from each other—a maximum of 100mm. Also, you need enough slats to support the edges of the mattress and the centre. Memory foam mattresses are rather comfy and might slag if used with an inaccurate bed frame.

Are slats suitable for mattress durability?

Slats are suitable for a mattress’s longevity as they provide better air circulation. That is unlike other options like box springs or flat bases. Furthermore, slats help distribute your weight evenly to prevent the mattress from sagging.

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