Best Pocket Sprung Mattress 2022

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Best Pocket Sprung Mattress

Best Pocket Sprung Mattress 2022

Choosing the best pocket sprung mattress might be a confusing task. With numerous mattresses in the UK market, it can even be daunting. Further, the bed industry might not even be transparent about its materials.

I have analysed and tried each of the mattresses I will review in this article. Each of these mattress retailers has a detailed list of the materials used. Moreover, the best pocket sprung mattress will give you optimal comfort and support.

Many models to choose from vary in spring types and other things. Therefore, I have tried and tested each of the different kinds of best pocket sprung mattresses to give you the most satisfactory results. To inform you, I tried out all the king sizes in the best pocket sprung mattress.

I will guide you through this adventure that will eventually give you the best pocket sprung mattress. This guide will have a comprehensive review of these mattresses in the UK. Along with the list, I have also answered some questions about pocket sprung mattresses that might interest you.

You need to understand that the best pocket sprung mattress will come in hybrid form. Are you ready to choose the best pocket sprung mattress in the industry?

  • – Best For Side Sleepers
  • – Best For Back Sleepers
  • – Best For Front Sleepers
  • – Best For Combo Sleepers
  • – Best For Couples
  • – Best For Hot Sleepers
  • – Best For Back Pain

My Top Pick – DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress

Key Features

  • Quilted foam cover with colling technology
  • 15 cm ActiveEdge coils
  • Motion absorption
  • Adequate spinal support

Recommended For

  • Every type of sleeper: The innovative softness and perfect firmness make this mattress suitable for all sleepers.

Avoid If

  • Looking for a softer mattress: This mattress is more on the firmer side, making it comfortable for many.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

To me, the best pocket sprung mattress means DreamCloud! I do not need to think about its comfort and longevity as I have already used it for a long time. One of the reasons I love the DreamCloud trademark is because they analyse their carbon footprint.

They find strategies to reduce the waste produced during manufacturing. Therefore, they use environment-friendly materials FSC approved and CertiPUR certified. What surprised me, even more was their donations towards charity.

They give away their old mattress to the British Heart Foundation. It helps to avoid any unnecessary disposal that might pollute the environment. Coming back to their mattress, they arguably manufacture the best pocket sprung mattress I have ever tried.

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress is an authentic model. Unlike other trademark bed-in-a-box mattresses, this one has high-quality foam and premium pocket springs. It has a unique depth of about 29 cm, making it stand out against its competitors.

Even for the price, I believe it is worth it. When you open the mattress, you will find a one-of-a-kind beauty. Indeed, living up to its price and name. Further, this classic mattress has the ultimate luxury feel that will make you just the right amount of comfortable.

Overall, it is supremely comfortable and has the perfect firmness that I like. The supportiveness is precise, what you will expect from a high-end pocket sprung mattress. Moreover, the material has a softness that instantly lets you sink into the bed and fall asleep.

The high-quality materials inside the mattress give it the feeling of feathery softness. Moreover, DreamCloud makes it out of uber-soft three layers of foam. I would say they have appropriately named their company. This mattress is drifting you off to a cloudlike dream!

Two of the three layers of foam construction are viscoelastic foam. Upon research, I found out that they are CertiPUR certified. Moreover, it has a “dream plush” feature unique to the company.

Further, the quilted top has a luxurious softness that relieves you as you climb into the bed. This luxurious top has colling technology that regulates your body temperature as you sleep.

It will ensure that you do not get sweaty during the night. It helped me keep myself cool during a hot summer night. Under this, the first layer of dream plush memory foam is breathable and stops the mattress from overheating.

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DreamCloud uses its special design to intricately infuse this mattress with a unique breathable nature. I believe this makes it the best pocket sprung mattress in the industry.

After this layer, you will find a supportive foam layer with a medium to firm feel. Further, the best quality 15 cm ActiveEdge Coils make up the all-powerful pocket springs. I call them the star of DreamCloud.

These heavy-duty coils have an edge to edge support for everyone to sleep on. Moreover, providing the best contouring comfort and pushback support. Therefore, making it perfect for side, front and back sleepers.

This luxury comfort level can give you the best sleep you will have in your lifetime. Further, DreamCloud’s unparalleled lifetime guarantee protects your investment! Each of the individual springs supports the movement.

If your partner is a fidgety sleeper, you will not feel them moving around. Thus, making it the best pocket sprung mattress for couples. Moreover, as I mentioned earlier, the springs support the edges.

Therefore, giving you a chance to witness the best sleep experience ever! The last layer of the mattress has a foam base that provides you with extra support. With this mattress, you can snuggle in as you sink into the comfort.

The mattress is available from single to super king sizes that range only in price, not quality. Finally, DreamCloud has won four awards for this exceptional mattress to top it all off.

My Luxury Pick – Vispring Shetland Superb

Key Features

  • 2-layers spring for utmost comfort
  • Made with natural Shetland wool and British fleeced wool
  • Air vents to make it breathable and cooling
  • Made with 100% natural fabric and 2242 springs

Recommended For

  • Side sleepers and front sleepers: The foam layers used in this mattress make it soft and comfortable to sleep on.

Avoid If

  • People with chronic back pain: Even if this is a pocket sprung mattress, the foam layers make it softer than usual and make you sink.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

The Shetland Superb mattress designed is aptly named after its material, Shetland wool, which comes from Shetland sheep. The Shetland Superb is an all-wool mattress with cotton pockets and steel coil springs.

I felt warm and fuzzy as I sank into this mattress’s deep slumber. They claim to give you a dreamy comfort which is undoubtedly the case. It comprises multiple layers of wool that provide you with the utmost warmth in winters and a cooling feel in summers.

The mattress is a firm yet soft mattress with slightly less sinking. It supports the back, shoulders, hip, and head perfectly. It helped me sleep faster, and the next day I woke up with lots of energy. Moreover, the mattress relieved my stress for a few days.

The pocket sprung has an innerspring coil system with individual movement to support you. It responds to the shape of your spine and your body weight to support you evenly. Further, each of these springs reacts to any movement you make without disturbing the other springs.

Being a restless sleeper, your partner can get annoyed when you move around at night. Therefore, this is the best pocket sprung mattress to refrain from affecting your partner’s sleep.

The Shetland Wool mattress enables you and your partner to comfortably sleep with its 2242 springs well distributed. Moreover, its borders are also made with wool and have horizontal handles to help you rotate the mattress quickly.

Are you tired of feeling hot when you wake up? You can take ventilation advantage of the Shetland Vispring Superb mattress. It will help you sleep better with a cooler effect on your body with its air vents located on the borders.

The perfectly balanced coolness of the mattress is exceptional. However, I found this mattress quite expensive. So, if money is of no concern, you can go for this mattress. Otherwise, there are other pocket sprung mattress options listed in this article.

Further, the firmness is perfect, and so is the softness. The harmonious balance between these two features makes it the go-to pocket sprung mattress.

This best pocket sprung mattress has 2 layers of springs and more layers of wool upholstery to offer you comfort that gives you a good night’s sleep.

The borders are made with 3 rows of side-stitching done by hand for aesthetics. My girlfriend appreciated this detailing. The mattress’s depth and doming made for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Further, the foundation foam layer coming after this layer has a stable firmness that gives it a balanced feel. And lastly, the high-quality springs! These springs make it a premium quality mattress.

It comes with a 30-year guarantee. Plus, you also have a lifetime warranty on this mattress to address any issues that you might face.

This best pocket sprung mattress is a match if you are not budgeting.

My Comfortable Pick – Simba Hybrid Original

Key Features

  • Medium-firm mattress
  • Made with patented Titanium Aerocoil springs
  • The airflow comfort layer regulates temperature.
  • Reflex layer and zoned base

Recommended For

  • Back and side sleepers: The comfort level is out of this world! Thus, giving 95% of people a good night’s sleep.

Avoid If

  • Couples: The motion transfer control is very minimal.
  • Front sleepers: Some front sleepers might find it too soft.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

The perfect amalgamation of Simba’s patent pocket springs and luxurious memory foam created this mattress of comfort. Since 2002, they have diversified their foam and pocket spring designs in the market. Moreover, every mattress they manufacture is backed by relevant research and scientific data.

The hybrid original by Simba has a depth of 25 cm. Further, sleeping on it for a long time, I concluded it to be a medium to a firm mattress. According to Simba, this mattress is perfect for almost 95% of sleepers.

Combining the memory foam with the pocket springs makes it ideal for a comfortable sleep. I assure you that this will be the comfiest of them all amongst all the mattresses I will review. Therefore, I call it the ultimate comfort best pocket sprung mattress.

There are 2,500 conical pocket springs in the king-sized version of this mattress. These springs are manufactured with British steel. Therefore, you will have access to the best kind of support. You are in for a treat with the foam’s ability to contour your body and the spring’s supportiveness!

It features five layers of top-notch materials built to provide optimal comfort. The best part about this mattress is the zip-off washable cover. Further, it comprises 500 g knitted hypoallergenic materials that will never give you the sniffles.

This layer also helps regulate the temperature, thus giving you a comfortable sleep throughout the night. After which, you will find the 2.5 cm thick “airflow comfort layer.”

It is breathable and has high levels of airflow along with responsiveness. Therefore, letting the hot air pass through without accumulating under you. The open cell graphite feature guides it out of the mattress.

The comfortable layer of snuggly Simbatex foams tackles overheating. Therefore, enabling a super-boost in comfort. Under this comfortable layer sits the patented Simba springs.

These cone-shaped springs make up a 25 mm layer that is best for providing support. It is made out of Titanium Aerocoil, only manufactured by Simba. Moreover, it helps to distribute your weight evenly throughout the surface. When I lay on this mattress, I had the feeling that it relieved my pressure points quite well.

It also reduces motion transfer; however, it is not exceptional. After this layer, you will find a reflex support layer of 4.5 cm foam. Furthermore, ending the design by adding a 16 cm high-density foam base. It comes with seven areas of zoned support.

You will get this mattress in five variations of UK sizes, from single to super king. Further, it comes in three EU sizes, from single to queen. Additionally, it has a unique size variation for kids as well.

Simba has twelve awards for supplying the best pocket sprung mattress to top it all off. It comes with a ten-year guarantee with a 200-night risk-free trial for which you require 0% financing. I believe this is the best pocket sprung mattress and a hybrid like no other in the market.  

Perfect For All Sleepers – Eve Sleep The Premium Hybrid Mattress

Key Features

  • Instant pressure relief
  • Perfect for all sleep alignments
  • Zero motion transfer
  • Hypoallergenic properties

Recommended For

  • All types of sleepers: This mattress is versatile with comfort and firmness.

Avoid If

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

This mattress is a glorious fusion of premium quality pocket springs and authentic foam. Being a side sleeper, I have always found it hard to find the right amount of support. However, this mattress surprised me with its quality build.

Their patented foam immediately relieved pressure as I sunk into the mattress. Moreover, I found out that the foam used in the manufacturing of this mattress is unique in every possible way. Any trademark in the UK never used it.

I was left feeling astonished by the weightless support of this mattress. Further, I allowed most of my family to try out the bed when they came over. My brother, a combo sleeper, found the mattress suitable for any side he was on.

With seven layers of plush cushioning, this premium hybrid mattress has been my favourite for a long time. The first layer consists of a quilted and washable cover. Moreover, it will give you a luxurious feel while you hop on.

Are you allergic to new furniture? This luxurious top layer has strands of silver woven into it. Further, making the fabric antibacterial! These tiny strands will offer antimicrobial properties as well.

With this mattress, you can say goodbye to your sniffles in a royal manner. After that, you will find the unique foam that gives this mattress its softness. Moreover, the softness will let you sink into it!

My girlfriend has a long night-time routine. Ever since I got this mattress, she seemed to have shifted from her vanity chair to the bed. This act alone corroborates the indulgent softness this mattress possesses.

However, this layer is about softness and pressure relief. I felt a soothing relief that I had never felt before when I lay on the bed. I am sure that this unique quality foam excels all my expectations.

With this, my girlfriend and I had a blissful sleep the first night. Moreover, we woke up feeling happier than usual. The next layer has memory foam that will give you lighter relief.

This layer adds to the snug softness of the mattress. Further, I felt that this helps give you a hug-like feeling as you sleep. It also adds to the pressure relief by a lot.

The top two layers have graphite that removes heat from your body. Thus, regulating it to ensure you have a cool temperature as you sleep. This technology will actively remove the sweat to get a cooler feeling if you sleep hot.

It means a better sleep without worrying about getting uncomfortable. The softness and the pressure relief feature combined with the graphite technology drift you off to a pure slumber.

Are you a back sleeper? If so, you will feel that the next layer is crafted just for you! The first two layers help you fall asleep by cradling you. At the same time, the fourth layer gives you optimal spine alignment.

It has firmer foam that makes you feel great as you wake up. Therefore, the mattress is not too soft or too hard. I call it the perfect balance. Before the innovative spring layer, you will find the two protective foam layers.

It helps to protect the springs and gives you extra side support. Thus, you will not have that “rolling off” feeling if you hang on the edge. Then comes the start of this mattress, the pocket springs.

Unique in every way, these pocket springs are made with technology that has been perfected over the years. This layer gives the mattress overall medium-firm support. Therefore, making it ideal for all kinds of sleepers.

Eve Sleep infused 1,500 individually coiled pocket springs. These are 12 cm full-sized pocket springs that give you full support. Moreover, the no-motion transfer feature adjusts to every movement you make without waking up your partner.

These breathable pocket springs are perfect for hot sleepers. The final layer is the very foundation that keeps everything together. The bed base has a non-slip coating keeping all the layers in place.

The unique design caters to all your sleep alignments. The foam and the pocket springs create a perfect balance of pressure relief, softness, and support. Moreover, you can wash the top cover as I did.

Just unzip the panel and wash it. Easy, simple, and essential! But, make sure not to bleach or dry clean.  

Further, you will have access to a 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty! With a depth of 28 cm, this is the best pocket spring mattress anyone can dream of. Surely, the perfect haven for all types of sleepers.

Pure Pocket Sprung – Happy Beds Ambassador Pocket Sprung Orthopaedic Natural Fillings Mattress

Key Features

  • Luxurious 100% natural filling
  • 3000 sturdy pocket springs
  • Ideal firmness for people with chronic pain
  • Supportive and durable mattress

Recommended For

  • Back sleepers with back problems: The support is perfectly sturdy and well-distributed.

Avoid If

  • Looking for a medium-firm or softer mattress: Even if this mattress is listed as a medium-firm one, I believe the firmness is too much due to the pocket spring count.
  • Side sleepers: This mattress will be a nightmare if you sleep on your side.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

I will say that this mattress is firmer than what Happy Beds advertise. However, it is not extra firm, just firmer than a medium-firm mattress. It gave me good back support when I lay on it.

I have had few injuries in my lifetime, thus making me prone to chronic pain. This mattress seemed to be perfect for supporting that. I was happy with the amount of pressure on my back as I fell asleep.

The mattress itself gave me much support. Moreover, it is durable and ideal for orthopaedic needs. I would not call it exemplary, but it gets the job done. The mattress provides ultimate luxury while providing a good sleep.

It has natural fillings of cotton and cashmere that give it a luxurious feel. The pocket spring count is 3000, making it sturdy and stable. Further, this incredible design pushes it to the firmer side.

The high firmness level gives you support, and the luxuriousness provides comfort. Each pocket spring can move independently with your body. Thus, ensuring that you can rest without getting disturbed by movement.

Using the Ambassador Pocket Sprung Mattress, you will have personal space for sleeping. Thus, giving you a sound sleep. The top layers of the mattress are made with soft hand-crafted materials.

Once I laid the mattress down and touched it to feel the layer, I was sure that this softness contradicted the firmness. I mean, the 3000 pocket springs make it firm and sturdy. Whereas the linen adorned in the padding is softer than a feature.

Made exclusively by hand in the UK, this one has exemplary quality in the spring and the padding. This method makes sure that there is room for air transference, thus keeping you cool at night. Further, the natural materials used in the manufacture make sure that the mattress remains breathable.

The natural fillings contribute to the durableness of the overall mattress. To get the best results from this mattress, you will need to flip and rotate it every 6 to 7 weeks. I found it easy because of the stitched handles on the head and foot side.

It has a depth of 25 cm which adds to its supportive and sturdy features—further contouring your body well. Overall, I found this mattress to have a luxurious feel due to the natural fillings and supporting aspects of the 3000 high-quality springs.

It is available in six different sizes for you to choose from, starting with small single to super king size. Further, the price of the king-sized bed was on the cheaper side of life, making it an ideal purchase.

The use of the finest quality materials, organic fabric, and the spring counts makes it the best pocket sprung mattress for its purpose.  

Best For Balanced Support – Hypnos Regency Clarence Sublime

Key Features

  • 17 pocket springs of UltraSens
  • Medium Firmness
  • Insulating wool for warmth in winter and coolness in summer
  • Excellent durability and quality

Recommended For

  • Sweaty sleepers: The luxurious natural fillings made of wool are insulating and keep the heat at bay.
  • People with allergies: The mattress has good hypoallergenic qualities.

Avoid If

  • Looking for side support: The side support is not strong enough to hold you as you hang off on the side of the bed.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

Right off the bat, this mattress will give you good support! I was impressed by how well it supported my back, even though I was a side sleeper. However, I rolled off the mattress as the side support was not rigid enough.

It did not hurt much and seemed to make my girlfriend laugh. So, if you are a fidgety sleeper, do not get this mattress. Other than that, I believe this is worth the money.

The mattress has 17 patented UltraSens Pocket Springs. These make the mattress supportive, and the individual springs have high-quality materials. Further, a 3-in-1 pocket spring reacts to downward pressure to integrate active turns and support your body well.

The several layers of wool and pocket springs are breathable enough to give you a comfortable sleep. It will also make sure that you will sleep cool. I was happy every time I got out of bed in the morning as I didn’t wake up drenched in sweat.

Further, the multiple layers of wool-like Pashmina, New Zealand wool, and alpaca wool layers gave a smooth, cool, and exquisite comfort while sleeping. Moreover, there is a bamboo layer that makes it hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.

These materials used in manufacturing the mattress have hypoallergenic qualities. Yet again, say goodbye to sniffles! Therefore, making it excellent for people with dust allergies. You can have an enhanced freshness every time you hop into bed.

I found the chrome vents give me excellent air circulation and temperature regulation. It helped keep the mattress fresh and made it easier for me to breathe.

The mattress’s chrome vent airflow system optimises your sleeping experience. As I mentioned before, the mattress will stay dry and comfortable as you drift off to sleep. Further, keeping the environment clean.

No more sweat flashes in the middle of the night! The mattress’s core has air channels that refrain from capturing hot air. Instead, they can pass it through the mattress. Thus, contributing to this feature of keeping your body subjected to a healthy flow of cool air.

It also helps increase the rate of moisture evaporation from the mattress lining. Therefore, soothing your skin and reducing overheating.

The support surrounding the mattress system tries to reinforce support. However, as I have mentioned twice, it fails. However, you will have access to 25% more space for sleeping than other mattresses.

Plus, you’ll have a mattress that moulds your and your partner’s body perfectly. You won’t disturb your partner while getting off the mattress.

You will have a balance between medium-firm to high firmness, thus making it a good fit for all sleepers. The soft wool layers and pocket springs give it a good balance!

Further, its cover is a soft Wool and Viscose Damask cover that is soft to touch and provides a fresh, soft, and hygienic sleep surface.

The mattress is single-sided, thus making sure that you will never have to flip it over. However, it would be best to rotate it once a week for three months for optimal coverage. I found this to be very convenient, plus it helped settle the mattress’s fillings evenly.

The depth of the mattress is optimum at 30cm. Further, it comes with a ten-year guarantee. It comes in five UK variants, namely single to super king.

Moreover, the mattress is 100% recyclable and comes with flag-stitched handles for ease of positioning in your divan base.

FAQs – Best Pocket Sprung Mattress

With this, I have not successfully familiarised you with every best pocket sprung mattress in the UK. Each of these mattresses has unique features that will help you sleep better. Therefore, make sure to choose one and make it your best pocket sprung mattress.

Even so, there are many questions you could ponder about. Thus, I have tried to answer a few of the most asked questions about pocket sprung mattresses. Here we go!

What are the benefits of the best pocket sprung mattress?

In general, pocket sprung mattresses are different from traditional spring mattresses. Further, they provide a massive benefit for you as you sleep. I call it an enhancement of the conventional spring.

The best pocket sprung mattress can react to your body. It means that each of the springs present in the mattress has independence. Well, not in the literal sense.

The springs have the independent ability to react to all types of body movements and curves. Therefore, facilitating less pressure and more comfort. Moreover, it will give you even more support as you sleep.

Further, being the perfect alignment for your spine. The pressure point pain is non-existent in the best pocket sprung mattress. Additionally, providing everyone with significant amounts of comfort.

The best pocket sprung mattress will give your body comfier benefits. Therefore, making them one of the most luxurious mattresses in the UK. In terms of customer satisfaction and reviews, they tend to have more excellent points than most mattresses.

The best pocket sprung mattress is in demand because of the high levels of comfort. Moreover, the industry-grade comfort layers fixed onto the layers of the springs make them the perfect contributor to long-term comfort.  

In short, the benefits of the best pocket sprung mattress are:

  • No movement transfers, thus promoting restful sleep. Further, making it perfect for couples.
  • Consistent tension facilitates firmness across the mattress.
  • It gives you total body support hence providing an ideal level of comfort.
  • The pressure relief benefit will make you feel supported and comfortable. Further, reducing pressure point risks.

Will the best pocket sprung mattress help with a bad back?

I believe that a pocket sprung mattress will help you ease your pain. The springs react to your body weight and give you sturdy support. Moreover, the combination of foam and other materials gives you comfort.

The correct spine alignment is only available in the best pocket sprung mattress. Each of these springs reacts individually to your body contours. Further, this type of mattress can support your body weight.

It is great for a bad back. However, it would be best to consider the mattress firmness as well. If you have chronic pain, you need to go for a mattress with orthopaedic properties. On the other hand, if you have slight pain, a medium-firm mattress will do the job.

You can also consider the layers of comfort that will contribute to a good night’s sleep. Thus, allowing you to choose the correct option for your bad back. If you suffer from severe chronic back pain, it is best to consult a doctor.

What is a pocket spring count?

Most people might not have the best understanding of what the best pocket sprung mattress has. The number of springs in a mattress is the pocket spring count to put it into perspective. The best pocket sprung mattress can house anything between 600 to 6,000 springs.

Every mattress model differs in the number of springs it has. Moreover, the size of these mattresses will determine the pocket spring count. It will not hamper the quality and effectiveness of the mattress.

What are the features of the best pocket sprung mattress?

There are different types of pocket sprung mattresses that you will find in the UK. Mostly, they are made with natural fibres or good-quality memory foam. Moreover, you will find pocket sprung mattresses made with latex comfort layers.

These have different features based on the materials mixed with the pocket springs. The best pocket sprung mattress will have memory foam to enhance independent support. I always find pocket sprung mattresses to have a sense of luxurious comfort.

It is convenient and has a great overall value, thus making it popular amongst UK residents. Further, the introduction of micro-springs has facilitated significant enhancements over the years. Most pocket sprung mattresses now have integrated micro-springs to give durable softness.

This feature enables the best pocket sprung mattress to offer a feeling of heavenly softness and comfort. Moreover, you will find that any pocket sprung mattress gives you versatile and enduring support and immense pressure relief.

What are the steps to buy the best pocket sprung mattress?

You may find getting the right pocket sprung mattress for sleep is tricky and daunting. The right one will give you the most comfortable experience. Therefore, it is crucial to get the best pocket sprung mattress with optimal features in your budget.

With my experience and research, I have accumulated a buying guide to help you choose.

Fixing A Budget

I believe the first step in buying the best pocket sprung mattress is setting your budget. It will help you narrow down the mattresses based on your established budget! There are cheap pocket sprung mattresses available starting from under £500.

On the other hand, exclusive hand-made pocket sprung mattresses start from £5000 and above. Therefore, I suggest it is best to analyse the type of mattress you want and how much you are willing to pay.

Understanding Different Types

Companies make pocket sprung mattresses of synthetic fibres, polyester, or foam. Moreover, mid-range mattresses are made from natural fibres. Further, the high-end mattresses will have authentic hand-crafted and sophisticated materials.

Therefore, once you understand what is inside the mattress, you will choose the best pocket sprung mattress. I have already made your job easier by giving you a list of the best pocket sprung mattress.

Understand the Best Pocket Sprung Mattress

You may be confused when you confront the choice of buying this mattress. As a first-time buyer, you may find it similar to cage sprung or open coil ones. However, you need to understand that the best pocket sprung mattress is superior to any other spring mattress.

Therefore, before buying, you need to go through the materials present in the mattress to understand it better. Every mattress I mentioned is the ultimate and good quality sleep inducer.

Follow these three steps before investing in the best pocket sprung mattress to enhance sleep.

Are pocket sprung mattresses firm?

I can assure you that the best pocket sprung mattress will have all the firmness options. Here are the options to choose from:

  • Soft to medium – Those who love to sleep on a smoother surface with a more petite build and no chronic back pain.
  • Medium – Accommodates all body types and people who have mild back pain.
  • Medium to firm – Benefits people suffering from back pain and those who prefer a firmer surface.
  • Firm – Best for people looking for solid support for orthopaedic reasons but will not have much comfort.
  • Extra-firm – The sturdiest and the most supportive type of mattress for people with chronic back pain.

Wrapping Up

I hope my reviews and questionnaire help you choose the best pocket sprung mattress for your requirements. I always believed that getting the perfect bed is crucial for a good night’s sleep. Moreover, it is harder for people to get the rest they deserve in today’s busy age.

Having the best pocket sprung mattress in your bedroom will help you sleep better. Further, you will have enough support for your back and sides. I have mentioned mattresses for each type of sleeper. Moreover, most of the best pocket sprung mattress suits everyone. Thus, making you happier! So, get one today and say goodbye to your sleep worries!

Written by:

Max Stevens