Best Hypnos Mattresses 2022: What Makes Them Stand Out?

by Max Stevens
Best Hypnos Mattresses 2022: What Makes Them Stand Out?

I’d love to have a consistent, undisturbed sleep cycle, but, unfortunately (or fortunately), I travel a lot. Plus, I have chronic back problems that do not make it easier.

Nonetheless, I have been trying to get proper sleep whenever I can. I can do so with the help of these numerous amazing mattresses available on the market.

On an expedition to find good mattresses, I came across Hypnos mattress. I was always aware of them because they are known as top-tier mattresses. Some of the best Hypnos mattresses possess a royal warrant as well.

So, I got pretty excited to see how helpful these beds that you find in the royal household can be. I did sleep like a royal baby when I tried out some of the Hypnos mattresses.

Let me walk you through my top picks for the best Hypnos mattress. Hopefully, you will find it beneficial to pick a mattress that suits you the best.

The Final Comparison Table- Best Hypnos Mattress

  • Hypnos Deluxe Mattress (Pocket Spring) – Best For Side Sleepers
  • – Best For Back Sleepers
  • – Best For Front Sleepers
  • – Best For Combo Sleepers
  • – Best For Couples
  • – Best For Hot Sleepers
  • – Best For Back Pain

The Top Pick- Hypnos Superb Pillow Top Mattress

Key Features

  • You do not have to turn over the mattress.
  • It has a ReActive pocket spring system that has 1600 individual springs.
  • Contains numerous layers of natural British lambswool, mohair, cashmere
  • It has additional Solotex cushioning.

Recommended For

  • For hot sleepers: It has excellent breathability and excellent heat regulation. It can be perfectly suitable for hot sleepers. As a hot sleeper myself, I felt relaxed and comfortable all night.
  • For back issues: ReActive pocket springs can be great if you have back pain. The spring provides excellent cushioning and relief in pressure points. I personally felt the effects throughout the night.
  • For couples: The pillow top is exceptionally smooth and silky and provides good support. It can avoid body rolls and disturbances. It is good for sleeping with your partner.

Avoid If

  • Heavyweight sleepers: This Hypnos mattress cannot be suitable for heavyweight sleepers since the firmness is not ideal for people weighing above 120 kg (264Ibs).
  • Lightweight Sleepers: This mattress cannot provide you with the optimum firmness if you are a lightweight sleeper (less than 59 kgs (130Ibs). However, it can still be soft and comfortable, yet it will not be worth the money you pay for it.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

This is your answer if you wonder what mattresses are used in Premium Inn and why they are so soft. They use Hypnos mattresses, and I believe this model is the one.

These are no turn mattresses with luxury features like the ReActive pocket spring system. It will be an excellent choice for you if you suffer from a lot of back pain.

It is so because the king size model has 1600 individual springs. This can provide great responsive support that you need at a reasonable cost.

This is a firm mattress with a pillow top that will suit people who like to sleep on soft mattresses. The pillows are silky enough to make me feel like I sank into the bed.

This Hypnos mattress is upholstered with layers of mohair, cashmere and British lambswool for durability and breathability. The British lambswool helps regulate heat.

Do you have asthma or common allergic reactions? Then, you can go for this mattress. It is hypoallergenic, which can be good in those cases.

Solotex is also a filling that is especially good at giving the bouncy feel that I like when trying to fall asleep. It was very soft and cushy for my arms and legs during the whole night.

The surface finish is hand-tufted, which can increase the mattress’s durability. It has edge-to-edge support for reliable comfort. The mattress also has a fine viscose cover that keeps the surface cool and soft to help you get into that deep sleep.

On a final note, it is a fantastic choice for a mattress that costs less than 1000 pounds. This is a valuable option because the Hypnos mattress usually costs 2000 to 3000 pounds.

The mattress has excellent features and reasonable pricing. Well, now you see why this is my top pick.

Best Pick For Side Sleepers- Hypnos Deluxe Mattress

Key Features

  • It provides excellent responsive support
  • It features ReActive pocket spring systems with 1800 individual springs in a king size mattress
  • Two rows of side stitching that can give additional edge support
  • It has Talalay latex and flax in addition to British lambswool, cashmere and bamboo.

Recommended For

  • For side sleepers: It is an ideal choice if you sleep on your side. The mattresses provide medium firmness to give your hips and shoulders space to feel comfortable. It has an optimum bounceback potential.
  • For couples: This is a very versatile mattress. Although it can be perfect for side sleepers, it can be terrific for couples. The pillowy feel can comfort two different types of sleepers. The springs ensure your sleeping style is not disturbing to your partner.
  • For stomach sleepers: The mattress can provide the required balance for people who sleep on their stomachs. It is very soft and provides good stability.

Avoid If

  • Heavyweight sleepers: Hypnos Deluxe Pocket Spring is not suitable for heavyweight sleepers because the firmness is not optimised for people weighing above 120 kg (264Ibs)
  • Sleepers with severe back issues: This Hypnos mattress is not ideal for people with severe back pains. However, it is soft on back issues that are not so severe. The springs are not optimised for painful back or limb pains.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

If you are a side sleeper like I am, the Hypnos Deluxe Pocket Spring can be the perfect mattress. It has a medium firmness that is enough to allow your hips and shoulder to sink in comfortably. It will also provide you with the right amount of bounceback.

If you are worried that your partner is not a side sleeper and this may not suit them, don’t be. Although it is ideal for side sleepers, it is suitable for back, front, and other sleepers.

However, most other Hypnos beds in this list are suitable for people who sleep on their side. Nonetheless, this one provides the most comfortable support for me on my side.

The mattress’s fillings are natural, and the composition is of high quality. It is upholstered with cashmere, bamboo, and flax to provide ultimate comfort.

The upholstering also contains multiple layers of British lambswool, giving these mattresses a soft, pillowy feel. Additionally, the Talalay latex provides buoyancy and gentle cushioning. This was significantly easing on my back pains.

Are you worried about the environment? Are you concerned about your carbon footprints? Then, this is a win for you.

The upholstering components such as bamboo require far less water than other materials. This environmentally friendly material can grow faster than most other upholstery materials.

The mattress also has 1800 individual springs in a king-size model. So, it was also highly responsive to my movements. I felt genuinely relaxed sleeping on this bed after a long tiring day.

The cover is one hundred per cent viscose, providing you with a soft surface that can remain cool all night. Additionally, this mattress is surprisingly lightweight for multiple layers of filling.

The king-size Hypnos Deluxe Pocket Spring costs around 1500 euros which can be worth the money you are paying for.

Best Pick for Firm Hypnos Mattress- Elite Mattress

Key Features

  • 2800 individual springs in a king size mattress
  • It has a fine viscose casing
  • It has luxury cushioning
  • Two rows of side-stitching for extra edge support

Recommended For

  • For hot sleepers: The mattress is breathable with layers of British lambswool, allowing cool airflow.
  • For people with back pain: The springs and the Solotex trade reshape according to your body and reduce back pain. It can be comfortable as you move around as well.
  • For side sleepers: The Solotex luxury cushioning will reshape your alignment.

Avoid If

  • Light sleepers: You will sometimes feel the movement if your partner or pet sleeps next to you. This can wake you up quickly.
  • For partners: The springs do not adjust enough every time your partner moves. It can be disturbing.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

This luxurious mattress is ideal if you are looking for a medium-firm mattress. It is a premium luxury mattress with the best Hypnos mattress regarding firmness. Honestly, I felt like rolling around in the clouds the first time I slept on it, even though it is medium firm.

It has a massive spring count, which is 2800 pocket springs. It is a very high number and makes this product stand apart. The mattress provides excellent firmness. Also, the springs are made of superior quality components that can last long without sagging over time.

The pocket springs provide a solid combination of stability and conformity to reduce back pain during sleeping. I believe the springs helped me get some good sleep on this mattress.

The upholstering in this mattress is as premium as its price. It has the usual Hypnos quality layers of natural British Lambswool.

This mattress also has camel wool layering that provides you with ultra-soft cushioning. The camel wool provides the required breathability. I am a hot sleeper, and this mattress felt incredibly cool for a stuffed upholstery.

The filling also has Solotex trade for a luxury cushioning experience. It is made of nylon, polyester and polyurethane to bring softness to the mattress. It helps reshape your mattress to your shape optimally while moving around in your sleep.

However, it has a drawback. I do not fall asleep quickly. So, every time my girlfriend moved around, I felt it, and my attempts to sleep got ruined.

Thus, if you are not a heavy sleeper, this mattress is for you, especially for a couple of sleepers. You will find it disturbing every time your partner moves around or gets up.

On the other hand, it is among the best Hypnos mattresses if you are a hot sleeper. The viscose covering and the camel wool kept the mattress relaxedly cool all night.

Best Luxury Pick- Hypnos Woolcott Pillow Top Mattress

Key Features

  • It has an integrated pillow-top surface
  • The mattress is filled with British wool, and it is encased in a recycled fibre padding
  • It has a ReActive Pocket Spring System
  • It has a cotton-blend fabric finish for a soft and cool surface

Recommended For

  • For hot sleepers: It is filled with high-quality British wool and densely packed with natural fibres. I felt incredibly cool while I slept on it all night.
  • For couples: It has many springs that can provide flexibility. So, you can sleep undisturbed even with all the tossing and turning of your partner.
  • For side sleepers: It can provide excellent comfort and helps you stay in the most comfortable position.

Avoid If

  • For stomach sleepers: Although it is cool and adjustable, it is not optimal for stomach sleepers. It can get very uncomfortable if you sleep on your stomach for a longer time on this mattress.
  • For lightweight sleepers: It has good firmness. However, it is not optimal for lightweight sleepers.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

These UK-made mattresses are some of the best luxury mattresses available. Hypnos has crafted this Woolcott range of mattresses to provide you with a sound sleep. The mattresses are integrated with a comfortable pillow-top surface.

This is top of my list of luxury mattresses because I fell asleep faster than usual when I slept on them. If you know my sleep routine, you will understand that it is a big deal. You can sink into the mattress and experience pressure-relieving support from the cushions.

The upholstery is filled with high-quality British wool. It is filled with natural components that give extraordinary support. The wool also provides a seemingly smooth airflow throughout the night.

It regulates your body temperature, which can benefit you if you are a hot sleeper. The fillings are a combination of superior quality wool and treated viscose. It ensures the mattress is soft and stays consistently comfortable for a long time.

The components are plant-based and free of any chemical treatment. The upholstery is naturally absorbent and promotes adequate airflow as you sleep on it. This can make sure your mattress is natural and safe.

The fibres used in this mattress are comfy, making the mattress softer and more flexible. The Talalay latex has been infused with graphite materials to provide more relief. It also has the Solotex layer to help you feel balanced as you move around in sleep.

This mattress has a huge spring count, which is 3900. You can feel the flexibility and buoyancy every time you flex or toss in your bed. They can respond remarkably well and alleviate your back pain.

They enhance spine alignment exceptionally well with their structure and help spread your weight evenly. This mattress also comes with a ten-year guarantee.

The mattress cover is 66 per cent cotton and 34 per cent viscose, which provides good breathability. The wool is from Red Tractor assured farms. However, the cover could have been a little smoother.

Altogether, the firmness is perfect, and this luxury mattress is worth the money you pay for. The higher spring count and top-quality naturally sourced materials make it the best Hypnos mattress for luxury available in the market.

Best Pick for Back Pain- Hypnos Sublime Pillow Top Mattress

Key Features

  • It has advanced ReActive Pocket Spring Systems with 3000 springs
  • It is upholstered with camel and fleece wool for gentle support
  • It has an integral pillow-top
  • Belgian damask cover for comfort and cooling

Recommended For

  • For back sleepers: The natural upholstery with the high spring count provides a comfy sleeping surface. The ultra-soft cover will be easy on the back and limbs. This is very suitable for back sleepers.
  • For lightweight sleepers: This is a soft mattress with optimal firmness for lightweight sleepers. The extra layer of cushioning offers the required flexibility and support.
  • For side sleepers: The cushioning of cashmere and camel wool can be extremely gentle on your shoulders and hips. The springs give the necessary buoyancy and support.

Avoid If

  • For heavyweight sleepers: It is not optimal for heavyweight sleepers since the spring and the surface is too gentle for heavy movements. It lacks the firmness heavyweight sleepers require for a good night’s sleep.
  • For sleepers with severe back issues: Hypnos Superb Pillow Top Pocket Spring Mattress is not suitable for people with severe back pains. The springs are not optimised for the control of pain. It cannot reduce excessive pressure on pressure points.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

This mattress seems like an upgrade to Hypnos Superb Pillow Top Pocket Spring mattresses. It has more springs, and the filling is also upgraded to camel wool. The pocket spring count is 3200, with a higher buoyancy and support.

The camel wool and layers of superior quality cashmere provide you with a soft and comfortable feeling. It also includes fleece wool that helps in giving a soft sleeping surface. The natural upholstering makes it ultra-soft, giving you a heavenly feel all night.

This also has an extra layer of cushioning above the mattress, which can be helpful if you have chronic back pain and trouble falling asleep, as I do. It will also be beneficial to cuddle your partner all night while sleeping.

The cover is made of a luxury silky Belgian damask that is incredibly soft. It is free of any chemicals and provides excellent cooling throughout the night. It can regulate the temperature to a comfortable level.

This is a no-turn mattress. You have to rotate the mattress from head to foot end often. This can ensure a durable, soft and supportive sleeping surface.

The three hand-stitched rows are tailored for perfection, making it among the best luxury Hypnos mattresses available on the market. The hand-tufted finish also provides edge-to-edge support.

The edge support, the extra layer of cushioning and the velvety sleeping surface supported my back. It was also helpful in easing the pain throughout the night. It is 31 cm deep and provides a medium level of tension that was perfect for me.

The superior quality materials have made it soft and durable. The breathability of the mattress is extremely helpful for a hot sleeper like me. This mattress also has a 10-year guarantee.

Best Upholstery Mattress- Hypnos Kingswood Turnable Mattress

Key Features

  • It has a high-density pocket spring system
  • It has two layers of Swaledale wool for extra support
  • High-quality pocket springs that can minimise pressure points
  • The finish is made of cotton-blend chemical-free fabric

Recommended For

  • For hot sleepers: This is perfectly suitable for hot sleepers. The upholstery is naturally sourced and made of breathable materials. It is absorbent enough to provide excellent insulation. It can regulate your temperature to a suitable range.
  • For side sleepers: The 1200 springs provide the buoyancy required for a person to sleep on their side all night. The mattress adjusts to the shape of the person. It can give relaxation to muscles in the shoulders and hips.
  • For couples: This mattress can keep you and your partner cool and comfortable. It can evenly spread the mass on the mattress and provide an undisturbed sleeping environment.

Avoid If

  • For severe back pain: Although it can be suitable for people with back pain, it is not an ideal choice if you have severe back pain. The mattress can alleviate tension, but only to a certain extent. The design is not optimal for people with severe back pain.
  • For side sleepers: The upholstery is not ideal for side support even though the spring system is good enough for side sleepers.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

This mattress has the best upholsteries with all the layering naturally sourced from Red Tractor assured farms. Much thought and meticulous attention to detail have made this Kingswood mattress.

This range of Kingswood mattresses can provide you with a comfortable sleep all night. It has deep cushioning support, and I felt it was helpful after a stressful day.

It has a total spring number of 1200 in a king-size mattress that gives you the buoyancy that is just enough. However, I felt that they should have paid more attention to the springs as they are best known for their fantastic upholstery.

It is filled with superior quality British wool that is naturally absorbent. This can be helpful if you sweat a lot in your sleep like me. It also provides excellent insulation that can regulate your body temperature comfortably.

The springs are ReActive pocket springs that can minimise stress on the pressure points in your body. It is designed to help you distribute your mass evenly across the mattress. It is good at alleviating tension, yet the responsiveness of this mattress is lower.

The cotton-blend fabric finish is high quality and free from any chemical treatment. The cover adds to the softness and coolness of the upholstery.

It is hand-stitched on the sides with superior quality cotton felt tufts. The cover is made of 66 per cent cotton and 34 per cent viscose.

It also provides excellent edge support. The fillings stay in place and give the required firmness even after prolonged usage.

You will have to regularly turn and rotate this mattress to use all its features for a long time. Regular rotation and adding high-quality mattress care can make this mattress more durable.

Frequently Asked Questions- Best Hypnos Mattress

Do I need a divan to use the Hypnos mattress?

You do not need a divan to use Hypnos Mattress. However, it will be more suitable than the standard bed frames that you use for other mattresses.

You can use Hypnos mattresses on any bed frame, even if slatted. However, you need to ensure the slating should be no more than three inches apart.

If it is more than that, the frame will be too firm, and you cannot enjoy the full features of the Hypnos mattress. When I say the bed frames can also impact the softness, it does. I have tried it with several mattresses and bed frames.

So, if you buy a Hypnos mattress and come home to place it on a slatted bed, you’ll be disappointed. However, some bed frames can suit the Hypnos mattress even if it is firm.

It is preferable to buy a Hypnos mattress and a divan base together. The two products are designed to complement each other for support and style. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a firm bed, you can go ahead with bed frames.

An imperfect base can also lead to premature wear of the mattress. Additionally, using improper frames can invalidate the guarantee.

How long will a Hypnos mattress last?

Hypnos mattresses last longer than most other mattresses available on the market. It is engineered to provide durability as well as reliability for its customers.

Different models of Hypnos mattresses have varying durability. It may vary anywhere from 2 years to 10 years. You can find the details of each product’s warranty in the detail sections of the website.

If you plan to purchase from a retailer, you can confirm your specific mattress’s warranty with them.

For example, the Hypnos Sublime Pillow Top Pocket Spring mattress has a 10-year guarantee. This means that this particular product can last for ten long years. It is the same for every product mentioned in this article.

However, you can increase the durability of the mattresses by following the necessary instructions. Some of those include using the right kind of base and following the care instructions, such as turning and rotating regularly.

The mattresses can wear out and give out their functionality only if the maintenance is too bad. Other than that, Hypnos mattresses are something that can last for a very long time. Most of the time, they can last longer than the guaranteed time.

Why are Hypnos mattresses tufted and not quilted like most other mattresses?

A tufted mattress can hold together all the layering. For example, the Hypnos Sublime Pillow Top Pocket Spring mattress is tufted to have layers of fillings. These fillings include fleece wool, camel wool, and Solotex.

Quilting is an alternative to tufting, where the layers of different materials are stitched together. In a quilted mattress, the layers are stitched using long threads.

Numerous quilted mattresses are stitched side to side on a mattress in tufting. Usually, tufting is found in mattresses crafted for better quality and experience.

So, now you know why manufacturers and most consumers prefer tufting. It is so because a tufted mattress is a sign of superior quality.

Also, it is preferred to use tufting of the materials used are naturally resourced. Organic materials can quickly lose their durability over time, even if they are high quality. Tufting can prevent this and make the mattress more durable.

There are numerous other ways to bring the layers together. It includes solid foam and foam top mattresses. However, it is better to use a tufted Hypnos mattress over other quilted mattresses because of the strength it can provide.

Moreover, the mattresses in the above list of best Hypnos mattresses are tufted and last longer.

I hope that my experience with these Hypnos mattresses can help you find the one and sleep all your stress away!

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