Best Tempur Mattress 2022: What Sets Them Apart?

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Best Tempur Mattress

Best Tempur Mattress 2022: What Sets Them Apart?

We spend more than a third of our lives on our beds. I think this alone should be why we hunt for a mattress that can be the best for us. With so many brands of mattresses on the market, how will you pick the right one?

That is where you will let people like me help you out. You can sit back, relax and use my experience to your advantage. Read on to find out more about one of the best mattress manufacturers and their choicest collection.

I have been trying, testing, and reviewing mattresses for some time now. There are several mattress manufacturers that I enjoy studying, primarily due to their commitment to quality or innovative technology.

Furthermore, only a handful of them offers excellent mattresses to impress me. Well, Tempur Mattresses is one of them. They have set high standards in the mattress industry for the longest time.

They are not the cheapest, yet they manage to provide value to every penny you pay. After testing these mattresses, I can vouch for the numerous advantages these mattresses come with. That includes the way it can serve so many types of sleepers.

Before you move on to find the best Tempur mattress, let me give you a short introduction to these popular Tempur mattresses. They have been in the mattress business for over 30 years now. Also, it is the only mattress recognised by NASA that has also been certified by the Space Foundation.

  • – Best For Side Sleepers
  • – Best For Back Sleepers
  • – Best For Front Sleepers
  • – Best For Combo Sleepers
  • Tempur Hybrid Mattress Range – Best For Couples
  • – Best For Hot Sleepers
  • – Best For Back Pain

My Top Pick- Tempur Cloud Mattress Range

Key Features

  • This Tempur mattress has a cloudlike feeling that can provide instant cushioning.
  • These mattresses offer an ultimate level of softness with the help of Tempur material.
  • This mattress does not require any flip or turn. Hence, it is easy to maintain.
  • You can easily remove the cover of this mattress as it is a zip-off type and washed.

Recommended For

  • Back sleepers: The support provided by the Tempur material provides a required level of back support. If you are a back sleeper, I’d highly recommend this mattress.
  • Side sleepers: This mattress provides good support for your shoulders and your hips. I felt this could be suitable for any side sleeper like me.
  • Combo sleepers: This mattress showed an excellent ability to adjust my body movements. If you are a combo sleeper, this is the feature that you must look for. So, you can pick this mattress.

Avoid If

  • Couples: This mattress has good motion isolation capacity. However, if either one of the partners is a restless sleeper, this mattress can’t help all that much. Hence, couples should avoid this mattress.
  • Heavyweight sleeper. As a heavyweight sleeper, you may need a mattress with better firmness than this one.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

Tempur Cloud Mattresses is my top pick in this list of the best Tempur mattress for numerous reasons. That was the first Tempur mattress I tried out, and I was impressed. I thoroughly enjoyed the cloudlike comfort this mattress provided me all night.

If you are looking for a mattress with numerous advanced features, this is for you. I highly recommend it for people searching for soft alternative mattresses that are firm enough to support a bad back. This range of mattresses is an excellent way to upgrade your bedroom to the most comfortable sleeping den.

This mattress has a top breathable layer made of Tempur extra soft material. This collection of cloud mattresses provides you with a soft cushioning feeling. I liked the way it enveloped me into a deep sleep all night.

It has an instant cushioning effect as you fall back into it. This mattress also has surprisingly high support for its softness. The support is strong enough for back sleepers as well as shoulder sleepers.

This range of cloud mattresses is known for their ultimate softness. It helps in re-energising yourself after a long day. The layers work in unison to provide a support and comfort design.

I felt the weight distribution of the mattress went a long way. Once I slept on it, I could feel the pressure relief from this distribution and support. That can be good for you if you toss and turn around all night.

The mattress has layers of foam that work to adapt to your body shape as you sleep on it. All these mattresses are made of a material developed by NASA that can support astronauts during the lift-off. The viscoelastic cells present in the mattress also add to the body contouring features of the mattress.

The top cover of this mattress is made of a washable material that is easy to use, and it comes with the Quick Refresh feature. It is made of 99% polyester and 1% elastane. The off-white mattress is also lovely and enhances any room’s aesthetic appeal.

The cover is an easy to remove zip-off type that can make it easy to maintain this mattress. The cover adds to the breathability of the mattress and makes it more relaxing to sleep on. Also, it regulates the flow of fresh air across the mattress to provide a cool and comfortable sleeping surface.

This mattress is available in three different variants. Supreme Tempur Cloud, Elite Tempur Cloud, and Luxe Tempur Cloud Mattresses. Each of them has unique qualities that can impress you.

Let us discuss in detail these variants as you read on. The Supreme Tempur Cloud mattress is a highly comfortable mattress that balances softness and support perfectly. It has a layer of support that provides strength and the required sturdiness to the mattress.

It has three layers to ensure long-lasting support and softness. The first layer is made of Tempur extra soft material that is 5 cm deep and responsible for the cloudlike feeling. The second layer of Tempur Support material is also 5 cm deep and is responsible for that additional support.

The third and final layer is composed of materials using a unique DuraBase technology. It is 11 cm deep and is responsible for the balance and support provided by this mattress. The layers are the same as Elite Tempur Cloud, but the first two layers are 7 cm deep.

In Luxe Tempur Cloud Mattresses, the first and second layer is 7 cm and 9 cm, respectively. The third layer is 6.5 cm, and it has an additional DuraBase layer which runs 7.5 cm deep.

Best Pick for Back Sleepers –  Tempur Sensation Mattress Range

Key Features

  • This mattress has excellent firmness due to dynamic Tempur layers’ intelligent packing.
  • This mattress is designed to provide full-body conformity and relief in pressure points.
  • It also has a dynamic support technology that ensures ease of movement on the mattress.
  • It has 2 layers of Tempur to provide comfort and support, which also adds to the strength and sturdiness of the mattress.

Recommended For

  • Back sleepers: This mattress is designed specifically for people who sleep more on their back. It can provide the required back support and the necessary firmness for back sleepers.
  • People with a bad back: If you have any back pain and are looking for a mattress that can support you, this can be the one for you since it helped me with my bad back.
  • Couples: If you or your partner are restless sleepers, it is common to see the other person getting disturbed. This mattress can isolate the motion from the other side of the bed. So, this can be a good choice for couples.

Avoid If

  • Combo sleepers: This mattress does not have the required responsiveness for a combo sleeper. Although it provides excellent body contouring, it can not adjust to all the movements as quickly as necessary.
  • Lightweight sleepers: You should pick a mattress with lesser firmness if you are a lightweight sleeper. This mattress can be too firm for a lightweight sleeper.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

Tempur Sensation Mattresses is one of my favourite mattresses list of the best Tempur mattresses. This mattress is famous for its bounce effects. They have managed to achieve it in this mattress without springs.

This mattress provides an excellent level of back support. That can be a good choice for back sleepers. Although I am not a back sleeper, I liked its support for the spine.

This mattress can be an excellent replacement for people looking for a support mattress without springs. The Tempur material in the mattress can provide a high back support and comfort level. It has Dynamic Base tech that has an impressive level of bounce.

The high-quality Tempur provides traditional spring features without the hardness of the springs. The mattress is softer, enhanced by features such as a soft quilted top cover. It ensures that you get the best of both worlds.

The pressure-relieving support is something I enjoyed in this mattress. I have chronic back pain, and features like these can go a long way to provide relief. I would recommend it to anyone who has a bad back and finds it challenging to find a suitable mattress.

The soft top cover adds to the ‘Sensation’ of the mattress. The comfort material is also easy to maintain since easily removed and washed. This cover is also relatively beautiful and can add to your room decor.

This mattress is designed to provide ultimate back support. However, it is suitable for side sleepers too. I enjoyed the support for my shoulders, hips, and limbs.

It is also made of viscoelastic materials that are good at actively adapting to any position change. That adds to the body contouring properties of Tempur material. It also has an excellent motion isolation property which can be good for couples.

This mattress is available in three different ranges. They are Supreme Tempur Sensation , Elite Tempur Snesation, and Luxe Tempur Sensation. Their thicknesses are 21 cm, 25 cm, and 30 cm, respectively.

The Supreme range of mattress is four layers to provide the most comfortable conformity to your body shape. The first layer comprises a 2 cm deep Tempur comfort material. The second layer is made of a 4 cm deep Tempur support material. The third layer is made of a Dynamic Support technology that runs 4 cm deep.

The fourth and final layer is made of DuraBase technology 11 cm thick. That is the layer that provides the extra support required for a mattress with this exceptional level of back support. This layer also adds to the strength and firmness of the mattress.

The Elite range of mattresses has three layers apart from the Quick Refresh cover. The first layer is made of a comfort layer, and the second layer is made of Dynamic Support technology. They are 7 cm and 4 cm deep, respectively, while the final layer is 14 cm of DuraBase.

Luxe Tempur Sensation Mattress is made of four comfort layers to provide maximum support. It is my favourite range among all the three Sensation ranges of mattresses. It is one of the best at providing body contouring generously.

The first layer is made of a Tempur comfort material that runs 7 cm deep to provide a comfortable sleeping environment. The second layer is made of Dynamic Support technology that runs 8 cm deep. These layers ensure the necessary support and softness.

The third and fourth layer of the mattress is made of DuraBase. They are both 7.25 cm deep.

The Most Comfortable Pick – Tempur Original Mattress Range

Key Features

  • This mattress is made of Tempur material that provides a medium-firm feel.
  • It has layers made of DuraBase technology that provide strength and sturdiness to the mattress.
  • This mattress delivers an extraordinary response to body temperature, weight, and shape.
  • This mattress is also straightforward since you do not have to flip or turn them over.

Recommended For

  • Side sleepers: The Tempur material is layered to make it a medium-firm mattress suitable for side sleepers. This mattress has an excellent level of shoulder and hip support. If you are a side sleeper like I am, this can be a good choice.
  • Back sleepers: This mattress has enough firmness to support a back sleeper. The unique layering provides exceptional spinal support that is the most suitable for back sleepers.
  • Heavyweight sleepers: Although this mattress is medium in firmness, it is a good choice for heavyweight sleepers. If you are a heavyweight sleeper who does not like mattresses that are not soft enough, this can be a good choice.

Avoid If

  • Lightweight sleepers: This mattress can be too firm for you if you are a lightweight sleeper. So, it is better to choose a softer mattress than this one.
  • Couples: This mattress lacks the motion isolation features required for couples. If you or your partner are restless sleepers or have different sleeping schedules., this mattress can not eliminate the disturbances.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

There is a fantastic range of mattresses in my list of the best Tempur mattresses. These mattresses are made of easy to maintain Tempur materials. These are also easy-to-maintain no, turn mattresses with washable covers.

So, if you are searching for a mattress that is not only excellent but also easy to take care of, this is the one I’d suggest you go for. That is is also one of the most durable mattresses available on the market.

Numerous types of sleepers popularly choose this mattress for its uncompromising support. I experienced it all night throughout the time I tried this one out. Furthermore, this mattress is incredibly soft and gives you a feeling of sinking into silk.

The material used in this mattress is the Tempur material developed by NASA. It is impressive when it comes to relieving pressure on pressure points. It can be good for you if you are a side sleeper like me.

They claim that the core benefit of this mattress is outstanding support and comfort. After using it, I could not agree more. This mattress does have an impressive level of support, and it is incredibly comfortable. The numerous layers work to give all the comfort.

If you are searching for a mattress with medium firmness, you can choose this one. It can be a suitable mattress for heavyweight sleepers as well. The firmness is not too soft or too hard; it is perfectly optimal.

This mattress is also engineered to be highly responsible for body movements all night. It provides excellent spinal alignment and can adjust easily with the shape and weight of the sleeper. It perfectly moulds to your body.

The top cover adds to all the benefits of the mattress. It is easily removable and washable; hence it is low maintenance. Also, they look highly appealing and suit most types of bed frames.

This mattress is also available in three different variants. They are Supreme Tempur Original, Elite Tempur Original, and Luxe Tempur Original. They are 21 cm, 25 cm, and 30 cm in thickness, respectively.

The Supreme Tempur Original mattress is my favourite in this range for various reasons. One of the reasons is that it is excellent in body contouring while only 21 cm thick. It is made of three different layers to provide comfort while contouring your body shape.

The first layer is made of Tempur comfort materials responsible for outstanding comfort. The second layer is made of a Tempur support material that enhances the support and firmness of the mattress. This layer is 8 cm deep.

The third layer is made of a DuraBase technology that runs 11 cm. That helps in providing support even if you are tossing and turning around. All the layers are encased in a beautiful and breathable Quick Refresh cover.

Elite Tempur Original has the same first two layers that run 3 cm and 9 cm deep. However, it has an additional fourth layer of DuraBase which is 6.5 cm. It can provide more support than the Supreme variant of mattresses.

The Luxe variant of Tempur Original mattresses also has four layers of comfort. The first layer is made of Tempur comfort, which provides the extraordinary comfort seen in this mattress, and it is 5 cm deep. The second layer is made of a 9 cm deep Tempur support material that ensures the strength and firmness of the mattress.

The third layer is made of Tempur’s DuraBase technology. The fourth layer is made of the same material as the third, and they both provide strength and durability to the mattress. Both the layers are 8 cm deep.

Best Pick for Couples – Tempur Hybrid Mattress Range

Key Features

  • Tempur Hybrid Mattresses are made of advanced Tempur materials and micro coil pocket springs.
  • This mattress is made of Dynamic Support technology to provide support and strength.
  • This mattress is encased in a beautiful Quick Refresh cover that is also easy to maintain.
  • This mattress is easy to take care of since it does not require flipping or turning for maintenance.

Recommended For

  • Couples: The hybrid of Precision pocket springs and the Tempur layer provides a high level of responsiveness. This responsiveness and the motion isolation feature make this mattress suitable for couples. So, I’d highly recommend it for couples looking for a hybrid mattress.
  • Combo sleepers: This mattress has good responsiveness and a capacity to contour well to the body shape. These features remain good even when you toss and turn all night. Hence, this can be a good choice for combo sleepers.
  • Heavyweight sleepers: This mattress has a firmness suitable for heavyweight sleepers. The Precision springs in this mattress ensure the firmness is intact all night and over a long time of usage.

Avoid If

  • Back Sleepers: Although this mattress has an excellent level of firmness that can suit back sleepers, it lacks spinal support. The spinal alignment is not significant enough for people who sleep on their backs throughout the night.
  • Lightweight sleepers: This mattress can be too firm for lightweight sleepers. The pocket springs and the thick layering of Tempur material make it too firm for a lightweight sleeper.

Mattress Firmness:

Mattress Guarantee:

Tempur Hybrid Mattress is my last pick in this list of the best Tempur mattress. However, it is the most suitable pick for couples looking for a Tempur mattress. Also, this is one of the best hybrid mattresses available on the market.

This mattress has several layers of advanced Tempur material for softness and support. It has an added layer of superior quality Precision micro coil pocketed springs for firmness.

This range of mattresses is made of a fusion of various sleep technologies. This mattress combines the best model of springs and the Tempur material. That will ensure you perfect a Hybrid mattress that is very hard to find.

The mattress can provide dynamic support to various types of sleepers. It can be a good choice for you, even if you are a restless sleeper who moves around a lot all night. The responsiveness of this mattress is very high, which is why it is one of the best choices for a combo sleeper.

The firmness of the mattress is also very optimal without being too harsh or too soft. The pocket springs ensure that the mattress is firm enough, whereas the Tempur layer provides softness. It can be suitable for heavyweight sleepers as well.

With this mattress, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. All the layers are carefully encased in a soft quilted cover. The top cover ensures breathability and temperature regulation.

In addition to Tempur, some layers are made of viscoelastic cells. These cells help in the body contouring properties of the mattress. It can adapt to your body when you move around in your sleep.

This mattress is also available in three different variants. They are Tempur Hybrid Supreme, Tempur Hybrid Elite and Tempur Hybrid Luxe. These mattresses vary in depth from 21 cm, 25 cm, to 30 cm.

Tempur Hybrid Supreme is a fantastic mattress that has tremendous pressure relieving features. It has four different layers of comfort; each layer enhances the features of the springs to increase support.

The first layer is made of an advanced Tempur material that runs 3 cm deep. The second layer is made of a 5 cm Dynamic Support technology. The third layer is made of 10 cm Precision micro coils for ultimate support. In contrast, the final layer is made of DuraBase.

In the Elite variant, there are four layers as well. Each of the layers adds to the dynamic support of the mattress. The layers are 4 cm, 8 cm, 10 cm, and 3 cm, respectively.

The first and second layers are an advanced Tempur material and Dynamic Support base, respectively. The third layer is made of micro coils that add to the firmness of the mattress. The final layer is made of DuraBase technology which provides the mattress with the required sturdiness.

The Luxe range in this collection comprises five different layers of comfort. All these layers combine to balance an optimal level of softness and firmness. That is my favourite in this Tempur Hybrid range.

The first and second layer is similar to other ranges. It is made of an advanced Tempur material and Dynamic Support technology. It runs 4 cm and 3 cm deep, respectively.

The third and fourth layer comprises two sets of Precision micro coils. Each of these layers is 10 cm deep. They ensure the mattress has the required bounce as well as firmness.

The final layer is made of a 3 cm thick DuraBase for strength and sturdiness. Combining these five layers makes this particular range of mattresses an excellent choice in this list of the best Tempur mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions – Best Tempur Mattress

Choosing the perfectly right mattress for you is crucial as it can impact your health and lifestyle. So, people often ask me many questions about mattresses before purchasing one. I usually recommend them mattresses from reputable brands like Tempur.

However, even Tempur mattresses are kept under a microscope to know perfect. Hence, I decided to answer some of the most frequently asked questions on the best Tempur mattress.

What are Tempur mattresses made from?

Tempur mattresses are made from a unique material known as Tempur. It is a fabrication of billions of spherical shaped viscoelastic open cells. These cells are crafted to respond to the weight and the temperature of the human body.

That means they can move and shift with your body to provide precise body contouring. This property makes it an excellent choice to use in making mattresses.

These mattresses are good at contouring the body, but they are also good at eliminating pressure. They allow for good blood circulation throughout the night. They also let you enjoy a sound sleep even if you toss and turn around all night.

Tempur material is often confused with latex or memory foam. However, it is neither since it has an entirely different construction. Nonetheless, it has properties similar to memory foam to latex materials.

NASA designed this material, and it was made public in the 1980s. It was designed to help astronauts during lift-off by providing support and sufficient cushioning.

Can I sleep on my Tempur mattress right away?

To answer shorty, yes. You can sleep on your Tempur mattress right away. Moreover, it would be best to start spending time on your mattress as soon as possible. That is so because it will help you get used to a new Tempur mattress.

Suppose you are used to sleeping on a traditional mattress or something not made of Tempur material. In that case, you may need to adjust to the Tempur mattress since it may feel different at first. That may include traditional innerspring mattresses and the latest memory foam mattresses.

The features of a Tempur mattress need some time to adjust. That includes a high level of body contouring sensitive to your body heat, weight and support.

If you want to get adjusted to a Tempur mattress before the first night of sleep, I have a piece of advice for you. You can start by using the mattress when it arrives by spending time on it. That could be by reading, simply lying down, or watching a movie while on it.

However, it will not take more than a few weeks to get adjusted entirely to the support and softness of Tempur mattresses.

Is Tempur the same as memory foam?

Although Tempur is different from memory foam in terms of construction and properties, we can compare them. Furthermore, comparing a Tempur mattress to a memory foam mattress will not be wrong. Tempur is similar to memory foam in many ways.

So, are these materials two the same or different? Tempur can be described as a superior version of memory foam.

Let me explain how they are different in terms of certain features. These features are design, durability and production value.

Let us discuss the first feature as you read along. NASA designed Tempur, and many competitors have tried to make a replacement. However, they were never successful.

Tempur material has over 3% less rebound rate than memory foam in body contouring. Also, the open cell structure makes it more sensitive to body heat and weight.

Tempur material is more durable than memory foam. Also, it has a very high production value compared to other materials. These features make Tempur differ from memory foam, but they also make it a better alternative.

Is a Tempur mattress good for people with back pain?

All Tempur mattresses have an open cell structure designed to adjust to the shape of your body. They do this by spreading your body weight evenly across the mattress, helping to relieve pressure points in the back and other limbs.

If you want to know more about something specific, I recommend you. Tempur Sensation Mattress Range can be the best Tempur mattress for back pain. That is because it is specifically designed to provide ultimate back support.

So, yes, a Tempur mattress is suitable for people with back pain. Although it is true in most of the options mentioned earlier, there are some exceptions.

The Tempur material is designed to help in reducing the pressure and stress exerted on the spine. It is also good at actively relieving muscle tension in the lower back. However, if you have severe back pain, it is recommended to consult your physician before making any final decision.

You can try several tricks to obtain maximum back support from these mattresses. One of them is using it with a bed base range, preferably Adjustable Zero-G.

How long does a Tempur mattress last?

Spending money on a mattress is a significant investment, hence, knowing what you are paying for. That includes the quality of the material as well as the durability. So, does a Tempur mattress last long? Or should I have to chase behind another mattress in two years?

I always recommend people to change their mattresses in eight to ten years. I give this advice even if the guarantee provided by the manufacturer is more than ten years.

That is because no matter the quality of the mattress, they tend to sag and become lumpy. It means that they can not provide the necessary support anymore. If you use a mattress when it is saggy, your mattress will likely give you back problems.

An excellent durable mattress from a reliable brand can last up to ten years without becoming unsupportive. Tempur mattresses are one such reliable brand, and they last up to ten years.

Additionally, the manufacturer provides a full ten years replacement guarantee. However, it is only applicable if you purchase it from Tempur directly or an authorised retailer.

Also, I made some calls to my friends and relatives who have been using Tempur mattresses. They also assured me that it could last up to ten years with the same amount of strength.

I hope that my reviews of the best Tempur mattress were helpful to you. Also, I’d be delighted to know if you picked any of the mattresses that I suggested. After all, I do all the testing and reviewing to help you find the most suitable mattress for yourself!

Fortunately, all the mattresses mentioned above have a 100-night risk-free sleep trial. That means you can try them for hundred days and decide if they suit all your requirements or not.

Written by:

Max Stevens