The Best Mattress For Adjustable Beds For Your Ultimate Comfort

Updated June 2021

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Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

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Saatva Solaire Adjustable Mattress Queen

LIghtweight Sleeper


Amerisleep Mattress AS5

Average Weight Sleeper


GhostBed Flex Mattress

Heavyweight Sleeper


Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress Luxury Firm

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Despite a long history of back injuries, trouble sleeping, and a severe sleeping disorder — sleep apnoea, I’m still obsessed with sleep. I do not really sleep; still, finding the best mattress for adjustable beds was more of a necessity than a need.

Did you know that almost 1.4 million individuals in the UK have sleep apnoea (apparently undiagnosed)? Well, neither did I, though it does sound alarming. This disorder primarily refers to difficulty breathing while you sleep. As a result, you may wake up feeling discomforted.

I have had this issue as a gift in my genes that I cannot really get rid of. But what I can do (already did) is find a mattress that can aid my condition. Apart from a health concern, you may have chosen an adjustable bed due to your TV watching habits, reading book, etc.

And why wouldn’t you! Its countless benefits are features you would expect in any dreamy mattress. Well, at least I found each of them the best in their category.

I have enlisted them here with the hope of helping you find the best adjustable bed that matches your comfort levels!

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress review

Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress with Natural Foam & New Zealand Wool.


Furniture Range Nectar
Depth 25 cm
Weight 41 kgs (90 lbs)
Dimensions 200 cm x 150 cm
Materials Quilted cover, foam composition

Key features

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The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress caters to the needs of sleepers with varying requirements at considerably reasonable prices.

I’m a 75 kg (165 pounds) side sleeper, making me fall in the category of average-weight sleepers. After using the mattress, I can confidently admit it supports my hip and shoulders well.

Owing to my teenage injury (sports enthusiast), I mostly woke up with soreness in my shoulder. However, I do not experience this pain anymore, thanks to the body-hugging Nectar mattress.

Apart from being slightly on the softer side, the Nectar mattress also prevents me from disturbing my partner. Thus, the five layers of this foam feature a slow-moving material, perfectly suitable for couples.

Are you wondering whether this mattress is suitable for hot sleepers? Well, I’m a hot sleeper, too, and I completely understand your struggle of waking up due to discomfort at night. Not with the Nectar mattress, though!

Despite being a memory foam mattress — famous for trapping heat and moisture absorbing skills, I can sleep comfortably. This particular piece includes a cooling cover along with gel-infused memory foam, keeping you cool throughout!

The top mattress layer features polyethylene — breathable and soft touch. Next, the mattress includes a gel-infused foam layer followed by a transition layer and the main, 7-inch base layer. The construction of this mattress further reflects how supportive the mattress is.

Its full foam construction allows you to use the mattress with an adjustable bed without ruining the quality. While spring mattresses may wear out after a while or restrict flexibility, this one is highly durable and bendable.

If you are looking for premium features and quality without breaking the bank, the Nectar Mattress is for you. It provides complete value to customers like you and me, seeking relief from body discomfort and sleep in a cloud-like, soft, and cushy environment!

Saatva Solaire Adjustable Mattress Queen review

Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress with Natural Foam & New Zealand Wool.


Furniture Range Saatva Solaire
Depth 33 cm
Weight 52 kg (114 lbs)
Dimensions 200 cm x 150 cm
Materials Cotton and polyfoam

Key Features

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Who does not enjoy luxury, especially when it comes with a perfect set of features! At least I do, which is why I truly loved the Saatva Solaire Adjustable Mattress.

From the plush, dreamy touch to the cloud-like sleeping experience, this mattress has it all. Plus, it boasts the unique feature of controlling the firmness level, that too a total of 50 options!

For average weight sleepers like me, the mattress works perfectly well in all positions. When I laid on my back, the air chambers completely supported my body even though my hips sunk slightly.

For my favourite position — on the side, I could feel the pressure relief from my shoulder and hips. And the same goes for when I tried sleeping on my stomach. Therefore, I think it is an excellent option for all types of sleepers. All you need to do is adjust the firmness level with the remote control, and you are good to go!

Another highlight that I love about Saatva Solaire is its moisture-wicking qualities. I have a terrible time coping up with my daily chores due to discomfort and sweaty nights. However, this mattress is nothing closer to that.

According to my knowledge, latex is way better than memory foam in terms of breathability. Plus, the memory foam layer used here is gel-infused, which automatically balances the situation. So, I’d say it is a great package deal for hot sleepers like me (except the price tag, of course!).

Besides, the Saatva Solaire Adjustable Mattress works harmoniously with your adjustable bed, allowing you to experience the ultimate comfort. It is just like the dreamy options you may see in television ads, providing a cloud-like, cushy experience every night!

Amerisleep Mattress AS5 review

Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress with Natural Foam & New Zealand Wool.


Furniture Range Amerisleep
Depth 35 cm
Weight 33 kg (73 lbs)
Dimensions 200 cm x 150 cm
Materials Breathable fabric cover along with Bio-Pur and Bio-Core foam

Key Features

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Amerisleep offers a whole range of all-foam and hybrid mattresses, from AS1 to AS5, each one with varying firmness levels. Still, I, for one, love the AS5 for more than one reason, and I know you will too! It is an all-foam mattress that is highly flexible, proving to be compatible with all kinds of adjustable beds.

Though I do not fall in the lightweight category, this mattress still provides 100% support for my side position. Plus, this is the perfect firmness level (5.5/10) for all kinds of lightweight sleepers.

When you sleep on your back, the AS5 lets your hips sink just right, hugging your body for the ideal support. Plus, its unique Active Flex (third) layer significantly ups the softness intensity, offering high-level comfort as soon as you lie down.

Similarly, you can expect paramount support while on your side position. However, it may not be the best when you lie on your stomach, which I don’t usually do. So, it is not a problem for me!

What makes this mattress one of the best options for me is its Bio-Pur comfort layer. This section elevates the cooling effect of the mattress and targets your pain and pressure points. Additionally, the foam is relatively more responsive than others, giving you a bouncy feeling.

This point comes in handy for those of you who sleep with your partners. You can quickly shift positions without feeling stuck even though this full-foam mattress is body-hugging.

Lastly, if you tend to wake up due to sweaty bedding and moisture at night, this mattress will be of great help. It boasts moisture-wicking qualities that allow air to circulate rapidly, providing a perfectly dry and comfortable space for you. So, rest assured you will say hello to fresh mornings!

GhostBed Flex Mattress review

Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress with Natural Foam & New Zealand Wool.


Furniture Range GhostBed
Depth 33 cm
Weight 40 kg (89 lbs)
Dimensions 200 cm x 150 cm
Materials Quilted cover, latex foam

Key Features

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Everyone assumes finding a mattress for our category is the easiest part, don’t they? After all, almost every bed is designed to meet the needs of an average sleeper. But little do they know, the more the choices, the harder the decision making!

So, here I am with the best adjustable mattress for the average weight sleeper — the Ghostbed Flex Mattress.

Despite my wrecked sleep patterns due to my guilty pleasure — UFC (that runs from 1 AM to 6 AM), this mattress treats my back perfectly. Moreover, my fondness for travelling and my girlfriend from Thailand — whom I love dearly, make me end up on 13-hour flights. Such a mess!

Well, the Ghostbed Flex Mattress is the ideal option for me, I would say. It provides a  body-hugging experience to the back, targeting each muscle point. It prevents back discomfort, instead helps me wake up fresher in the mornings.

Besides, this mattress caters to the needs of hot sleepers. From a breathable cover to heat-dissipating gel memory foam, it has all the necessary cooling features. To top it all, the mattress comprises coils that further enhance air circulation.

Other features of this mattress that make me choose it over others include motion transfer management. Thus, being perfect for couples and those of you who sleep with kids and pets. Additionally, it has a robust edge, providing a larger space for sleeping. So, if you often find yourself at the edge of the mattress, rest assured it is a solid, anti-slip edge.

Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress Luxury Firm review

Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress with Natural Foam & New Zealand Wool.


Furniture Range Idle Sleep
Depth 35 cm
Weight 58 kg (127 lbs)
Dimensions 200 cm x 150 cm
Materials Thermocool fabric

Key Features

Recommended for

Avoid If

Do you think the Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress is ideal for you? Well, it indeed is one of the five outstanding options for the best adjustable mattresses for me. Plus, this luxury firm or firm mattress is excellent for heavyweight and stomach sleepers — categories that cannot find a mattress easily.

The 7-layer mattress comprises multiple flexible foam layers and a 6-inch coil section at the centre. Resultantly, the mattress turns out to be highly flexible, allowing you to use it with your adjustable beds.

Those of you who are heavyweight sleepers will understand how much value firmness holds. In fact, you prefer firm mattresses that support your body and ensure alignment. Well, this is the ultimate level firm.

The Idle Sleep Hybrid Luxury Firm will be perfect for heavyweight stomach and back sleepers. In the former case, the mattress will provide balanced support to the entire body. Alternately, if you are a black sleeper, the mattress will conform to your body while preventing your hips from sinking.

Besides, its coolant feature gives it an edge over the others. The mattress has a unique cooling buoyancy foam that is excellent for hot sleepers. Its cooling technology is four times faster than a regular one while also features efficient bounce and responsiveness.

Apart from this, know that the hybrid mattress is constructed with eco-friendly items, eliminating the use of harmful chemicals. Additionally, you can flip the mattress frequently to extend its life!

Overall, it is a superb option, especially for those of you struggling to find one suitable for heavyweight and stomach sleepers.

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Buying Guide

Features to look for in Mattresses.


One of the prime checkboxes that your mattress must tick is the flexibility one. You are likely to adjust your bed to multiple positions, and your mattress needs to move with ease. Plus, this will also reflect the longevity of your mattress.

Comfort Level

What kind of a sleeper are you? Identify your sleeping habits and health conditions, if any, and choose the mattress accordingly. This piece of bedding has a prime role in ensuring your comfort, and that is what you need to check. Look for features like pressure relief, motion transfer, contouring, etc.

Type of Mattress

Another essential aspect that directly determines whether a mattress is for you or not is its type. While a latex mattress excels at providing a bouncy feel, the hybrid ones ensure pressure relief — ideal for back discomfort. The other two options include innerspring, which is relatively budget-friendly and foam — exhibiting the highest flexibility rate.

Air Circulation

Whether you are a hot sleeper or not, air circulation and temperature regulation are necessary features for your mattress. They allow you to sleep in a healthy environment while also preserving the mattress condition.


TIt is one of the basic points that you must double-check. You do not want to order a mattress that does not fit your bed base, do you? Therefore, thoroughly skim through the mattress measurements and compare them with that of the bed.

Split vs. Solid

If you have a split bed base, purchasing a mattress compatible with this design is the unspoken wiser decision. It will allow you and your partner to change position and firmness level independently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can go ahead with a standard, regular mattress with an adjustable bed, but there is a twist. It needs to be flexible enough to be compatible. The best types of mattresses for adjustable beds include latex, memory foam, and hybrid.

Yes, memory foam is undoubtedly the best mattress type for adjustable bed bases. It is the most flexible option that often comes with added layers and features. That being said, the mattress might have problems like sagging, a warm environment, etc. Make sure to look for one that has cooling and responsive features.

Once you have set up the adjustable bed base, add rubber or anti-slip pads to each of its corners. It will prevent your mattress from sliding sideways, giving well-rounded stability.

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