Best Mattress For Hot Sleepers 2023

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Best Mattress For Hot Sleepers

Best Mattress For Hot Sleepers 2023

My brother and I, both hot sleepers, know the struggle of waking up during the night drenched in sweat. Along with my brother’s help, I’ve compiled a list of the best mattresses for hot sleepers, based on our combined knowledge and experience. We’ve tried and tested these mattresses ourselves, resulting in a fun bonding experience and some great recommendations.

Discover our top pick and other options designed specifically for those who sleep hot. These mattresses boast exceptional cooling systems to reduce sweatiness and promote better sleep.

My brother stands 6 feet 4 inches tall, so we tested super king size mattresses for his comfort. Having tried various mattresses, we decided to include his favourite for hot sleepers on this list. Together, we bring you this comprehensive mattress guide for hot sleepers.

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My Top Pick – Emma Original Mattress

Key Features

  • Breathable Airgocell foam for cooling support
  • Visco-elastic memory foam to relieve pressure
  • Adaptive and supportive HRX foam
  • Excellent moisture absorption

Recommended For

  • All types of sleepers: HRX foam provides support, while the breathable layer adds comfort.
  • Hot sleepers: Airgocell gel makes sleeping 50% more comfortable, and the cover’s split-cell technology regulates humidity.

Avoid If

  • Seeking zero motion transfer: Although advertised, we still felt minimal movement.

Emma is a reliable and high-quality brand that never disappoints. Their mattresses are known for their durability and comfort. This mattress, specifically designed for cooling, features advanced memory foam technology, offering a comfortable night’s sleep for both my brother and me.

The memory foam is made from natural materials, enhancing the mattress’s coolness. Additionally, it helped alleviate my back and shoulder pain, thanks to its supportiveness. The top cover combines 99% polyester and 1% elastane for comfort, while the side covers are 100% polyester. The bottom layer consists of 13% polypropylene and 87% polyester.

Inside, you’ll find the innovative, breathable Airgocell foam, ensuring excellent airflow beneath you as you sleep. This technology significantly improved our sleeping experience. The Airgocell foam also adapts to your body temperature, providing even greater comfort.

This new technology sets it apart from regular foam, allowing more air circulation and moisture absorption within the mattress. As a result, you’ll enjoy an enhanced sleeping experience.

The mattress also offers excellent pressure-relieving qualities, easing joint discomfort. The visco-elastic memory foam deserves credit for this benefit.

The mattress cover features split technology, which allows it to separate into two halves. The top half includes a unique fibre that regulates humidity and adjusts the mattress’s climate, reducing night sweats. The soft and elastic material adds extra comfort. Meanwhile, the bottom part facilitates air circulation and grips the bed frame.

The supportive HRX foam ensures proper spine alignment while you sleep. The point elastic in the base minimises motion transfer, although we did notice slight movement.

The mattress contours to your body, evenly distributing pressure for optimal comfort. Best of all, this temperature-regulated mattress comes with a ten-year guarantee.

The 25 cm depth accommodates all these features perfectly. You’ll also enjoy a 100-night trial period to determine if the mattress suits your needs.

Although the mattress may be on the more expensive side, its features justify the price. The super king mattress, weighing 32.8 kg, ensured both my brother and I enjoyed a restful night’s sleep.

Best Mattress For Hot Sleepers Who Sleep On Their Side – Nectar Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

Key Features

  • UK’s first climate-neutral mattress
  • Quilted cooling cover with innovative technology
  • Dynamic support layer to regulate body temperature
  • Bed-in-a-box type mattress, perfect for side sleepers

Recommended For

  • Side sleepers: This bed-in-a-box mattress provides just the right amount of sink for your shoulders and hips.
  • Hot sleepers: The porous foams offer breathability and continuous airflow to reduce sweating.

Avoid If

  • Severe chronic pain: The layers in this mattress may not provide enough support for those suffering from severe back pain.

My brother and I found the Nectar Sleep mattress to be a great fit for both of us. Designed with hot sleepers in mind, it features five layers of comfort, and the brand is transparent about the technology used in their product.

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This memory foam mattress has won four awards for providing hot sleepers with a good night’s sleep. The design is both attractive and luxurious. Nectar Sleep is the first mattress company in the UK to introduce climate-neutral emissions, ensuring continuous airflow throughout the mattress. Both my brother and I enjoyed comfortable, sweat-free sleep.

The five-layer design begins with a quilted cover that enhances the cooling feature and keeps heat away from your body. Made from polypropylene, the cover ensures the perfect circulation of fresh and cool air. This quilted memory foam layer makes the mattress 30 times more breathable, effectively wicking away heat and moisture.

Next is the dynamic support layer, a foam layer that enhances airflow and regulates body temperature. While providing substantial support with a bouncy effect, it’s also soft and comfortable. The innovative “bed-in-a-box” structure caters to side sleepers and hot sleepers alike.

The mattress also includes a memory foam layer designed to relieve pressure, although it may not be suitable for people with chronic back pain. It provides more comfort than support but offers what a side sleeper needs if they sleep hot.

With seven zones of support, the base ensures you won’t sink into the mattress but will float on it perfectly. Though it may only provide average spinal alignment, the comfort is unparalleled. If you’re a hot sleeper who sleeps on your side, this Nectar Sleep mattress is an excellent option.

You’ll also get a one-year trial period and a ten-year guarantee, making it a worthwhile investment. This mattress ticks all the boxes for temperature regulation and body support, ensuring a good night’s sleep for hot side sleepers. At 25 cm thick, it offers a medium-firm feel, and the cooling features and climate-neutral properties make it perfect for hot sleepers.

Cooling Mattress For Hot Sleepers With Back Pain – Puffy Mattress

Key Features

  • Cooling Cloud memory foam layer
  • Outstanding pressure relief
  • Very low motion transfer
  • Decent edge support

Recommended For

  • Lightweight Sleepers: Perfect for those weighing less than 130 pounds, as they won’t compress the foam too much.
  • Side Sleepers: The contouring memory foam supports side sleepers weighing less than 230 pounds by adapting to the body’s shape.
  • Couples: Minimal motion transfer makes this an excellent choice for couples who don’t want to be disturbed by their partner’s sleep movements.

Avoid If

  • Stomach Sleepers: Not suitable for stomach sleepers, as their hips may sink out of alignment with their spine, causing back pain and stiffness.
  • Heavyweight Sleepers: Not ideal for heavyweight sleepers who require more firmness in their mattresses.

The Puffy Mattress, an all-foam bed with a medium firmness rating of 5, offers a soft and cosy feel that cradles you as you sleep. The stretch-knit cover is made from 100% polyester, allowing for excellent airflow and easy maintenance.

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The mattress’s comfort system comprises two foam layers, both 2 inches deep. The top layer is the Cooling Cloud memory foam infused with gel, providing a soft feel, pressure relief, and better temperature regulation than regular memory foam. The next layer, Climate Comfort polyfoam, is denser and temperature-resistant, offering support and preventing sleepers from sinking into the support core.

The firm core polyfoam stabilises the bed and minimises sagging. The pressure relief this mattress provides is unmatched, contouring to your body and offering cushy support. However, stomach sleepers and heavyweight sleepers may experience some sinkage.

For side sleepers, the mattress adjusts to your curves, ensuring optimal spinal alignment. The Puffy Mattress is also an excellent choice for motion isolation, reducing motion transfer and ensuring undisturbed sleep.

While the mattress may not be very durable for heavyweight sleepers, lightweight sleepers will enjoy its longevity. The temperature-neutral polyfoam and gel-infused memory foam maintain excellent temperature neutrality for hot sleepers.

Puffy provides better edge support than expected for an all-foam mattress, offering a decent level of stability. Lightweight sleepers will find the mattress particularly supportive, while heavyweight sleepers may prefer a hybrid or innerspring mattress.

Lastly, the Puffy Mattress is virtually noiseless, making it perfect for noise-sensitive sleepers.

Our Favourite – Silentnight Eco Comfort Breathe Mattress

Key Features

  • Made with recycled plastic bottles for cleanliness
  • Three layers of breathable technology
  • 1200 springs for significant support
  • Microclimate sleep system creates an ideal sleeping environment

Recommended For

  • Hot sleepers: Designed specifically for those who sleep hot, with a microclimate sleep system ensuring excellent airflow and a cooling effect.
  • Side sleepers: The 1,200 springs provide even support distribution for side sleepers.
  • People with allergies: Sustainable and recycled materials make the mattress resistant to dust and bacteria.

Avoid If

  • Experiencing severe back pain: The mattress has a medium-firmness rating, leaning more towards the softer side.
  • Seeking a manoeuvrable mattress: The innerspring construction makes it heavier than other mattresses.

The Silentnight Eco Comfort range is a popular choice among hot sleepers, offering excellent features at a mid-range price and boasting an environmentally friendly, recyclable design. With a 29 cm thickness, this medium-firm mattress provides comfort and central support.

Featuring 1,200 springs for extra support, each spring is designed to evenly support your body weight. The Eco Comfort mattress is chemical foam-free, using sustainable materials to provide a refreshing sensation perfect for hot sleepers. Enhanced airflow and hypoallergenic properties are achieved through the springs and unique materials.

The patent Eco Comfort layer is recyclable and improves the mattress’s breathability, allowing hot air to pass through and increasing ventilation. The vertical alignment of the uniquely constructed fibres provides an extra level of support.

The Mirapocket spring system offers tailored support, reacting independently to movement and distributing weight to maximise sleeping space. The mattress is made from a combination of recycled plastic bottles and comprises three advanced layers from the revolutionary Microclimate sleep system.

The first layer features a breathable “Cool Max” surface, with fibres that wick away moisture, creating a cooling effect for sleepers and controlling bacteria formation. The second layer consists of “Eco Breathe” fibres that prevent overheating by drawing moisture away from the body. The third layer, containing “Eco Comfort” fibres, drains moisture and channels it away from the body, keeping the mattress fresh.

This mattress creates an ideal sleeping environment for hot sleepers, regardless of the season. However, it may not be the best choice for those with severe back pain, as its firmness leans more towards the softer side. Additionally, the innerspring system makes the mattress heavy.

Overall, the Silentnight Eco Comfort Breathe Mattress is an excellent option for side sleepers and those experiencing night sweats.

Best Hypoallergic Mattress – Dormeo Fresh Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress

Key Features

  • Memory and eco cell foam layers for breathability
  • Anti-allergic and sanitised mattress
  • Fresh silver thread reduces odour.
  • Made in Italy

Recommended For

  • Hot sleepers with allergies: The breathability of eco cell foam and anti-allergic features make this mattress suitable for you.

Avoid If

  • Experiencing back pain: As a medium-soft mattress, it may not provide the sturdy support needed.

The Dormeo Fresh Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress is a medium-soft option, offering numerous benefits for hot sleepers. Made from high-quality silver fibres, this cooling mattress is both soft and comfortable, ensuring a restful night’s sleep.

Eco cell memory foam layers provide excellent breathability, giving hot sleepers a well-ventilated sleep experience. The mattress’s softness also offers support for side sleepers, allowing for comfortable sleep. Additionally, the cellular structure of the eco cell foam ensures efficient air circulation throughout the mattress.

An anti-allergic layer in the cover protects against bacteria, creating a healthy and hygienic sleep environment for hot sleepers. Silver threads in the mattress help prevent odour caused by moisture absorption. Convenient handles make it easy to rotate the mattress, further enhancing its appeal.

Made in Italy, the mattress’s design and breathable materials cater to the needs of hot sleepers. Both my brother and I woke up feeling refreshed and rested, a testament to the quality of this Dormeo mattress.

With a 15-year guarantee and a 60-day trial, you can confidently invest in this two-layered memory foam mattress for a comfortable night’s sleep.


There will always be lingering questions concerning the best mattress for hot sleepers. That is fundamental human nature! Therefore, I have answered all the questions people ask about staying cool during the night.

Why does a cooling mattress require a breathable cover?

A breathable cover is crucial for a cooling mattress because it’s the only part that comes in direct contact with your skin. Covers made from breathable materials, such as polyester, viscose, or cotton, ensure that heat can pass through the mattress without getting trapped under your body, keeping you comfortable.

Most mattresses will indicate their breathability. For hot sleepers, the best mattress will have a breathable top cover, sometimes featuring moisture-wicking properties, which absorb sweat and help evaporate it.

Is good air circulation important in a mattress?

For hot sleepers, investing in a mattress with air vents or a porous texture that ensures good air circulation is important. Proper ventilation prevents heat from becoming trapped inside the mattress, making you sweat more. A well-ventilated mattress retains cooler air, which is heavier, and allows hotter air to move out, providing a more pleasant sleeping environment.

To identify mattresses with proper ventilation systems, check the specifications or read reviews. Some mattresses feature unique air vent systems, while others have foam with air bubbles incorporated to allow for healthy air movement.

What mattress should a hot sleeper avoid?

Hot sleepers should avoid mattresses that don’t mention ventilation or breathability and lack cooling layers. Instead, look for these features:

  • Enhanced breathability
  • Moisture-wicking properties
  • Proper air ventilation systems
  • Cooling layers

Why are pocket sprung mattresses great for hot sleepers?

Pocket spring mattresses are excellent for hot sleepers because the springs allow air to circulate, preventing heat from becoming trapped. Some pocket spring mattresses also have natural fillings made from wool or cotton, which help regulate body temperature.

Is a memory foam mattress a good choice for hot sleepers?

Previously, memory foam mattresses were not recommended for hot sleepers due to the compactness of the foam. However, recent advancements now include unique cooling mechanisms in memory foam mattresses, making them a better option for those who sweat during the night.

Is it wise to choose a hybrid mattress for a hot sleeper?

A hybrid mattress combines pocket springs and foam, providing ventilation from the pocket springs and comfort from the foam layer. If a hybrid mattress features high-end cooling technology, it can be a good option for hot sleepers. However, a pocket sprung mattress may still be the preferred choice.

This information should help you make an informed decision about the best mattress for your needs as a hot sleeper. Remember, getting a good night’s sleep is essential in today’s busy world. Choose a mattress that suits your requirements and follow sleeping environment enhancement hacks to reduce sweatiness and improve your overall sleep experience.

Written by:

Max Stevens