Simba Hybrid Luxe Mattress Review

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Max Stevens
Simba Hybrid Luxe Mattress Review

Simba Hybrid Luxe Mattress Review

The Simba Luxe is suitable for most types of sleepers. Whether you are a back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or a side sleeper like me, you will find the mattress comfortable.

Simba claims that their Hybrid Luxe can withstand a weight capacity of 114 kgs (250 lbs). However, it is not the right fit for heavier people since the mattress tends to sink in. If you are a heavyset person, your best option would be to choose any of the other alternatives mentioned.

Buying a mattress is serious business since you do not change it every year. You want a mattress that you can use for a long time, even if it costs a little higher than your budget. When I choose a mattress, I look more into the features it provides than the price.

 If you follow the same buying pattern as I do, you might have some questions during the selection process. Here I have mentioned some of the queries that arise in my mind which can help you make decisions.

  • Are you a lightweight or average-weight sleeper?
  • Are you a back, side, or stomach sleeper?
  • Do you find a medium-firm mattress to be comfortable?
  • Are you looking for a mattress with exceptional motion isolation?
  • Do you want a mattress that provides support for your backaches?

If you have answered yes to all or most of these questions, you should read to the end of this review! You will find out more about the mattress and why this might be a very suitable choice for you.

If most of your answers are no, this might not be the perfect choice for you. However, you can still check out this review, or I can guide you to other suitable mattresses that you can choose from!

Simba Hybrid Luxe Mattress – A Brief Introduction

Simba Sleep started as a mattress thread provider in 1979. Till 2002, they supplied threads for more than 50M mattresses. In 2002, they decided to use the same high-quality thread and start manufacturing their own mattresses.

With this idea in mind, the company started its mattress line. Within a short span, Simba Sleep mattresses became a huge success. It is mainly due to their high-quality products and innovative solutions for sleep-related issues.

Knowing where Simba Sleep started and where it now makes me excited to try another one of their mattresses. I would suggest that you go for a company that has been in the market long enough to understand what their customers want!

Simba Hybrid Luxe Mattress Construction

You can understand the comfort and performance of a mattress by its layers. The Simba Hybrid Luxe is a hybrid mattress. I find hybrid mattresses exceptionally comfortable since they offer both contour and support.

The Simba Hybrid Luxe has ten layers to enhance comfort when you sleep.

[Mattress Cross Section Image]

Before I tell you more about the mattress, let’s look at the different layers below.

  • Soft Breathable Sleep Surface: The top cover of the mattress is exceptionally soft and breathable. Moreover, you can remove this cover and wash it, which is a bonus.
  • Open Cell Casing: The open cell casing keeps the mattress together when you remove the cover. It is another breathable surface that ensures that your body temperature remains regulated.
  • Bamboo Wool: The bamboo wool layer is exclusively found in the Simba Luxe mattress. It is made from 100% bamboo wool to provide a heat-regulating surface. 
  • Open-cell Simba Pure Foam: You will find this open-cell pure foam layer in most foam mattresses. These have large airspaces so that the airflow is more extensive. Simba has added graphite to this layer to enhance the cooling.
  • Double Aerocoil® Springs: There are two layers of 25 mm conical mini springs named Aerocoil® springs. This layer has 5000 mini springs, which gives you the bounce you need.
  • High-Definition Simba Pure Foam: There are two layers of high-definition Simba pure foam in the mattress. The foam offers exceptional edge support and makes the whole experience smoother and more comfortable.
  • Carbon Steel Spring: Simba adds the carbon steel spring layer to give you extra bounce. This layer has 40 mm high springs, and the mattress has about 1000 of them.
  • High-Definition Simba Pure Foam: This is the second layer of the Simba pure foam. The presence of the two foam layers on either side of the spring layers ensures better transition and support when you sleep.
  • Zoned Support Base Foam: The last layer of the mattress is the zoned support base foam. This layer supports specific body zones, mainly the shoulder and hip areas.

The overall feeling of the mattress is bouncy and cushiony at the same time. If you are a side sleeper like me, you will feel the mattress cradling your body and providing good spine support. Moreover, if you sleep with your partner, this mattress can restrict motion transfer.

Off-gassing and Unboxing

Two of the most important things you need to do when getting a mattress are unboxing and off-gassing.

The packaging for the mattress was quite sleek, but it was on the heavier side. Make sure to move the mattress into your room in its packaging. If you unpack it outside, you’ll find it hard to lug up the stairs. 

The Simba Hybrid Luxe takes more time to rise than most mattresses I have tested. However, this is not something that I have any complaints about. The one part that I dread about this process is the off-gassing.

Simba claims that their Simba-Pure foams do not have any TCPP, biocides, persistent organic pollutants, parabens, and phosphates.

I left the mattress in my room for a whole day and returned to it in the evening. Imagine my surprise when I found that the claim was almost true! A mild smell emitted from the mattress, but it was bearable. It is mainly because of this factor that I would rate the unboxing and off-gassing process 3.5 out of 5.

How Firm Is the Simba Hybrid Luxe Mattress?

One of the most important aspects of a mattress is its firmness. However, this is a very personal description of what I felt about the mattresses’ firmness. The overall factor is very subjective and will vary for each person.

My brother and girlfriend helped me test the mattress. Since we are of different weights and heights, I can tell you more about how the mattress reacts to different body types.

I am an average weighted person at 75 kgs and found the mattress to be medium firm. It is perfect for me since I put all my weight on one side, being a side sleeper. If the mattress is too firm, it could lead to body aches. However, an extensively soft mattress can disrupt my spine alignment.

My girlfriend is relatively lightweight at 45 kgs, and she felt the firmness more than I did. Due to her lightweight, the mattress did not sink and gave her a small cradle. However, she loves sleeping in plush mattresses, so this was not the ideal one for her.

On the other hand, my brother is heavy at 110 kg, so he needs a highly firm mattress to sleep comfortably. The Simba Hybrid Luxe has a medium-firm rating for an average person, equal to a soft mattress.

As soon as he lay down on the mattress, it sunk in and did not give him any sort of support. Therefore, this mattress would be perfect for average-weight people. You can also find it comfortable if lightweight and love a slightly higher firmness.

Heavy-weight people can look for other mattresses that would adequately support their bodies.

How’s Simba Hybrid Luxe for Back Sleepers?

What back sleepers need: 6 to 8 = Medium-firm to firm

Sleeping Pressure Points: Shoulder, heels, head, tailbone

Back sleepers can sleep best in medium-firm to firm mattresses. This helps them get support in the relevant pressure points and align your spine.

Lightweight Back Sleeper

My girlfriend (45 kg) is lightweight and loves to sleep in plush mattresses. The mattress was on the firmer side but was not altogether uncomfortable. When in the back sleeping position, the mattress supported the pressure points. However, it was not as effective as she would have liked.

Overall, the mattress may be good, but it is not suitable for lightweight back sleepers.

Average Weight Back Sleeper

I tested the Simba Hybrid Luxe since I am of average weight. The mattress gave just the right amount of support to the pressure points in the back sleeping posture. That is due to the double layer Aerocoil® springs present in it.

The zoned support base also ensures that your body is supported in the right areas. It is especially great if you suffer from backaches.       

Heavyweight Back Sleeper

My brother helped me test the mattress at the back sleeping position. As I mentioned, he is 110 kgs which means he needs a firmer mattress to sleep comfortably. However, the 5000 Aerocoil® springs supported him to a great extent.

Despite that, this mattress might not be the first choice for heavy-weight back sleepers.

Back Sleepers: 8.5/10

How’s Simba’s Hybrid Luxe Mattress for Side Sleepers?

What side sleepers need: 3 to 6 = Soft to medium-firm

Sleeping Pressure Points: Shoulder, ankle bones and hips

I am a side sleeper, so I know how crucial the firmness of the mattress is for a comfortable position. Depending on your weight, the firmness would vary, but the aim is to get the proper support in the pressure points.

Lightweight Side Sleeper

Just like me, my girlfriend is also a side sleeper so testing the mattress was pretty easy. She finds great comfort in soft mattresses, which the Simba Hybrid Luxe could not provide. The mattress tensed her muscles which led to slight pain in her body.

 Lightweight side sleepers with a history of body aches might benefit from this firmness. Your spine stays at the right angle because your body does not sink in.

Average Weight Side Sleeper

The Simba Hybrid Luxe was by no means the perfect mattress for an average weight side sleeper. I cannot completely deny that the mattress did not have the necessary bounce and support.

Personally, I would have liked a firmer mattress that could provide more support to my spine.

Heavyweight Side Sleeper

In the side sleeping position, your body targets one zone of the mattress, so the chances of sinking are high. My brother could not sleep on the mattress for long since it could not withstand his body weight.

The mattress kept sinking after a short time, and my brother started feeling uncomfortable. It is better to avoid this mattress if you are a heavy-weight side sleeper.

Side Sleepers: 5/10

How’s Simba’s Hybrid Luxe Mattress for Front/Stomach Sleepers?

What front sleepers need: 6 to 9 = Medium-firm to firm

Sleeping Pressure Points: Ribcage, thighs, knees

Front sleepers exert a lot of pressure on their upper body. Due to this, the spine does not stay in alignment. The mattress needs to be on the firmer side to keep the spine aligned and avoid body aches.

Lightweight Front Sleeper

Being a lightweight person, my girlfriend did not have any significant issues with front sleeping. She found this position to be the best for the mattress. Since she did not put much pressure on the mattress, there was no sinking. So, she got the desired support on the pressure points.

Average Weight Front Sleeper

Even I had no complaints with the mattress in the front sleeping position. I could sleep comfortably with my spine aligned at the right angle. However, it would have been better if the mattress was slightly firmer.

Heavyweight Front Sleeper

The Simba Hybrid Luxe is not at all suitable for heavy-weight front sleepers. My brother received no support from the mattress, which disrupted his spine alignment. If you are a heavy-weight front sleeper, you will probably end up with intense body aches every morning.

Front/Stomach Sleepers: 7/10

Do You Flip from Position to Position?

What combination sleeper need: 5 to 7 = Medium-firm to firm

Sleeping Pressure Points: Hips, shoulders, lower back

If you change positions in your sleep, you need a mattress suitable for all positions. Most combination sleepers look for mattresses with a bit of bounce. That makes it easier for them to change positions without putting much pressure.

Lightweight Sleeper

My girlfriend loved the Simba Hybrid Luxe for different sleeping positions. There was a slight bounce which made it easy for her to move. Moreover, the bounce ensured that she did not have to pressure her body whenever she wanted to change positions.

Average Sleeper

When I tried out the mattress, I found it quite comfortable for combination positions. Even when I changed positions, I found no difficulty. The 5000 Aerocoil® spring layer gave the mattress a bounce, making changing positions easy.

Heavyweight Sleeper

Since my brother is heavy, he has to be very picky about mattresses. However, he found the mattress to be quite good for combination positions. Despite being heavy-weight, the mattress did not sink much and also provided support to his spine.

Combination Sleepers: 9/10

Does Simba Hybrid Luxe Help Hot Sleepers?

What hot sleepers need: springs, latex foams, breathable covers, ventilation, gel-infused foams

If you are an extremely hot sleeper like me, you need a mattress that enhances heat regulation. I get hot even with the AC on, which prompted me to search for a mattress with good airflow.

The Simba Hybrid Luxe has two main features, which enhance air circulation. These are the double Aerocoil® spring layers and bamboo wool layer. In addition to that, the open-cell Simba pure foam layers and two layers of the high-definition Simba pure foam increases the airflow.

You will not have any issues with the ventilation and heat regulation of the mattress. I was pretty happy since I woke up without being drenched in sweat.

Temperature Control: 9/10

Looking for a Mattress for 2?

What do couples need: Motion isolation, heat control, ease of movement, responsiveness

When you sleep with your partner, the major problem is the difference in sleeping styles. My girlfriend and I are both side sleepers, but she tends to move a lot in her sleep. That is why we look for mattresses that have sound motion isolation.

What Do Couples Require?

Motion isolation is a requirement for everyone who sleeps with their partners. This way, when one person moves or gets up from the bed, the other is not disturbed. Moreover, the mattresses need to have easy movement and high responsiveness to have sex without any problems.

Is Simba Hybrid Luxe Suitable for Couples?

The best couple mattress would be the all-foam or hybrid mattress. However, the Simba Hybrid Luxe gives minimal motion isolation. I could feel every time my girlfriend moved around in the bed. Still, the heat regulation was good, so we could stay cool even cuddling.

Couples: 6/10

Does Simba Hybrid Luxe Have Good Edge Support?

Edge support is necessary for a mattress to give you support around the edges. A slight curve around the edge ensures that the mattress does not sag around the edges. Even when you sit at the edge, the edge support keeps it from sinking.

The Simba Hybrid Luxe has an edge support layer which is quite good. However, since this is a medium-firm mattress, the edge support worked well for my girlfriend and me. There was no sagging or struggle while getting up.

When my brother tested the edge support, he faced slight issues. But, he was able to get up with a bit of effort. On the other hand, if you use the mattress with your partner, the edge support will not do much for you.

You can face issues when having sex since the edges will sink when you move to the sides. However, the edge support in the Simba Hybrid Luxe is much better than foam mattresses.

Edge Support: 6.5/10

Written by:

Max Stevens