Simba Hybrid Pro Mattress Review

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Max Stevens
Simba Hybrid Pro Mattress Review

Simba Hybrid Pro Mattress Review

Our Simba Hybrid Pro mattress review isn’t just another standard mattress review. Perhaps you’ve spent days reading one review after another because it’s a decision that affects the next 10 years of your life. I don’t blame you at all. 

We spend ⅓ of our lives asleep on our mattresses. It’s one serious investment! So without wasting your time, I’ll ask you straight away if this mattress is for you:

  • Do you prefer to sleep on your back or tummy?
  • Are you a hot sleeper?
  • Are you a heavyweight sleeper?
  • Looking for a mattress with decent edge support?
  • Do you prefer a medium-firm mattress?
  • Do you like memory foam and springs in ONE MATTRESS?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this review is made for you! Please feel free to use the table of contents below to skip to the best section for you!

But if you answered “no”, then have a look at these round-ups I made to help you decide which mattress fits your needs nicely! INSERT INTERNAL LINK

Why I Do What I Do

Sleep is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? Not until you’ve caught the wrong side of a flying tackle on a supposedly uneventful local Sunday footie league match, and now you’ve got a back injury to show for it. That happened in 2017, and it still hurts

How can this lad get some sleep with such pesky injuries? Welp, I guess I just had to look for mattresses that can help alleviate my back pain. Fast forward, and I’m still testing out mattress after mattress!

Did I not find the right mattress, you ask? Oh sure, I did! A lot of ’em. But I developed an unusual obsession with mattresses from that experience. I thought, why not unleash my mattress knowledge. I understand your sleep struggles because I’ve been there before. 

And so, the Sleep Checklist was born. 

Simba Sleep – A Brief Introduction

Simba, founded in 1979, spent years honing their craft as a mattress thread supplier, with their thread found on over 50 million mattresses worldwide. In 2002, they finally had the thought, “why not use this thread to create our own mattresses?” So they, James Cox and Steve Reid, founded Simba Sleep in London with the mission of bringing back the importance of sleep and helping you wake up winning!

And what makes the Simba Hybrid range stand out? It’s their patented open-cell Simbatex foam and Titanium Aerocoil® springs, both dedicated to keeping you cool even during the warmest night! 

The Simbatex foam has an open-cell structure, allowing for more airflow through the mattress. It also contains graphite particles for active cooling to help dissipate heat so you wouldn’t drown in sweat. And the Titanium Aerocoil® springs? Think of them as pumps pushing air through the mattress. Are these Simba patented technology enough to stop a hot sleeper from sweating out at night? Find out below!  

Mattress at a Glance

The Simba Hybrid Pro mattress contains both springs and foam – meaning you get the plush contour of memory foam and the breathable support of springs! 

Simba sleep offers two mattresses: the more affordable Simba Hybrid and the more expensive Simba Hybrid Pro. Taking an inside look at the Simba Hybrid Pro mattress we have: 

  • Super soft, hypoallergenic, and non-removable sleep cover
  • 100% heat-regulating British Wool Layer
  • Open-cell Foam Simbatex layer with graphite for active cooling
  • Two Aerocoil® spring layers (5,000, 25mm conical springs)
  • High-Definition foam with edge support
  • Zoned support base

Off-Gassing & Unboxing

Off-gassing refers to the new chemical odour you smell when the rolled mattress starts to inflate. How did the Simba Hybrid Pro fare in the off-gassing department? 

When unboxing the Simba Pro mattress, I immediately noticed the handy cutting tool they included in the package so you can slice off the thick plastic wrapping without damaging the mattress. Hooray for Simba! Then I left it for a few hours to inflate in peace. When I came back home from work, I immediately noticed the pungent smell that came off it. 

When you get your own Simba Pro, please remember to open your windows and turn on your fan to help dissipate the odour. It can linger for a couple of days, so it’s helpful to leave it in a well-ventilated room and let the fresh air do its job. 

Rating: 2 / 5 


Firmness is probably the most subjective part of any mattress. Why do I say that mattress firmness is subjective? Because it all goes down to how our body reacts differently, even with the exact same mattress!  

I have an average weight of 75 kg (165lbs), and I feel the Simba Hybrid Pro is medium-firm. If you’re heavier than me, you will exert more pressure on the mattress, making it feel softer for you than it is for me.  

How then do we find out if you’ll feel comfortable with the Simba Hybrid Pro’s firmness? The simplest solution I can give you is: get one and lay on it yourself! Simba offers a 200 free nights trial, so what’s stopping you?

Go ahead and try it out! It may be the life-changer you never knew you needed. With over 4.8 stars from more than 50,000 ratings on their review site, you can’t lose!

Rating: 6.5/10

Is it Good for Backsleepers?

What back sleepers need: Medium-firm to firm

Pressure Point: Lower Back

Back sleepers need a medium-firm to firm mattress to prevent your lower back from sinking in. If it did, it’d wreak havoc on your spinal alignment!

Average weight Back sleeper: Between 59-104kg (130-230lbs)

When back-sleeping on my Simba Hybrid Pro mattress, I felt soft and well-supported at the same time. The “soft” feeling came from the “softest sleeping surface” and the Simbatex layer. In contrast, the well-supported feeling came from the two layers of 5,000 Aerocoil® springs. Not to mention the zone-support base that makes the mattress feel softer on my shoulders and firmer on my hips. 

Overall, my back stayed on top of the Simba Hybrid Pro mattress. Didn’t sink in at all!

Lightweight Back sleeper: Less than 59kg (130lbs)

Since you exert less pressure than me, you wouldn’t sink in either! The Simba Hybrid Pro may feel much firmer for you. Still, I’m confident that the soft top cover and the Simbatex layer will cushion your lower back for a very comfortable rest. 

Heavyweight Back sleeper: More than 104kgs (230lbs)

Since you exert more pressure than me, you’ll feel that the Simba Hybrid Pro mattress is much firmer. Will your lower back sink in? Nope, not at all! You’ve got a massive amount of springs integrated into the Simba Hybrid Pro mattress (5000!) Plus, you have the softcover and the Simbatex layer to provide a nice cradle around your lower back for that plush feel. So don’t worry. You’re well covered with your back sleeping needs! 

Rating: 5/5

Is it Good for Side sleepers?

What side sleepers need: Very soft to medium-soft

Pressure Point: Shoulder

Side sleepers need a very soft to medium-soft mattress because they need more “give” so your heavy shoulders can sink in for maximum pressure relief. If the mattress is too firm, your shoulders will feel strained between your body and your bed.  

Average weight Side Sleeper: Between 59-104kg (130-230lbs)

Since I find the Simba Hybrid Pro medium-firm, I don’t think it’s shoulder-friendly. You may have noticed how the dual spring layer is right underneath the 1st foam layer (Simbatex). Meaning? There’s not much comfort layer for me to sink into. So my shoulder ended up feeling strained under the weight of my body.

Lightweight Side Sleeper: Less than 59kg (130lbs)

Since you exert less pressure on the mattress than I do, you’ll find that the Simba Hybrid Pro is much firmer – which isn’t very good for a side sleeper. The dual spring layer (with 5,000 springs) may be too supportive for a lightweight sleeper like yourself who needs a soft mattress with more “give” so your shoulder can have pressure relief. Maybe you’d want to check out INTERNAL LINK as I think it’s much softer for your shoulder. 

Heavyweight Side Sleeper: More than 104kgs (230lbs)

Since you exert more pressure on the mattress, you’ll find that the Simba Hybrid Pro is much softer – somewhere along medium-soft, which is perfect for a side sleeper! However, there is still the issue of not having a thick enough comfort layer to really cradle your burdened shoulder. This is because there’s only one foam (Simbatex) to cushion you from the springs. Perhaps you’d want to check out INTERNAL LINK for a thicker comfort layer. 

Rating: 3/5

Is it Good for Front Sleepers?

What front sleepers need: Medium Firm to Firm

Pressure points: Stomach and Hips

Stomach sleepers need the firmest mattress of all sleeping positions because your spine is naturally pulled down due to the pressure on your stomach. So if your mattress were any softer, it’d pull down your spine even further (we NEVER want that to happen!)

Average Weight Front Sleeper: Between 59-104kg (130-230lbs)

I had no stomach-sinking problems at all with the Simba Hybrid Pro. The dual spring layer containing 5,00 springs was enough to help me with proper spinal alignment. Thanks to the softcover and the Simbatex layer, I didn’t feel like I was sleeping on a concrete floor. 

Lightweight Front Sleeper: Less than 59kg (130lbs)

You’ll feel the Simba Hybrid Pro is firmer than what I felt because you exert less pressure on the mattress. Result? Zero stomach sinking problems for you! And maximum plush comfort on your body because of the softcover and the cushioning Simbatex layer.

Heavyweight Front Sleeper: More than 104kgs (230lbs)

You’ll feel the Simba Hybrid Pro is softer than I felt it to be because you exert more pressure on the mattress. Does this mean your stomach will sink in? Nope. The dual spring layer of the Simba Hybrid Pro with impressive 5,000 springs can easily support your weight! Plus, you’ll feel the soft comfort of the cover and the contouring Simbatex layer!

Rating: 4/5

Is it Good for Combo Sleepers?

What combo sleepers need: A bit of a bounciness 

You’re a combo sleeper when you change sleeping positions several times a night. And I bet you love a tad of bounciness to help you move around on the mattress with complete ease. 

That’s not a problem at all with the Simba Hybrid Pro! You’ve got 5,000 individually wrapped Titanium Aerocoil ® springs. This gives you all the movement support you need- which is TWICE the number of springs you’ll get in the Simba Hybrid! 

Unlike with traditional memory foam, where I tend to sink in, with the Simba Hybrid Pro, I didn’t sink in at all. I slept instead on top of the mattress without the “stuck” feeling. Changing positions from side to back to front was relatively easy.

There’s no doubt about it. The Simba Hybrid Pro is the combo sleeper’s dream!

Rating: 5/5

Is it Good for Hot Sleepers?

I’m a hot sleeper because I quickly get drenched in sweat when I sleep on warm mattresses.

Is the Simba Hybrid Pro breathable enough for hot sleepers like myself? A big “YES!”” Simba made an impressive move in coming up with a more breathable Simba Hybrid Pro, considering how the Simba hybrid was more on the warmer side in my experience. But not so with the Simba Hybrid Pro. I suppose the double spring layer and the British Wool makes a significant difference! 

It’s no secret that springs promote airflow. That’s why you hardly feel warm in your grandparents’ traditional spring beds. When the Simba Hybrid Pro added another layer of springs, they automatically made the mattress more temperature neutral than the Original. 

All in all, I didn’t feel warm with the Simba Hybrid Pro mattress, not even during dry spells!

Rating: 4/5

With Sleeping Partner

This is a downside for added springs because they also mean more motion transfer. When my girlfriend and I tried out the Simba Hybrid Pro, we immediately noticed the difference from our previous memory foam. 

Memory foams are very renowned for motion isolation. You hardly feel anything at all! But it’s good to remember that the Simba Hybrid Pro still has a layer of memory foam for comfort. So even if it’s not as motion silent as all-foam mattresses, it’s still much better than all-spring mattresses!

Do I feel my partner move in and out of bed? Yes. Does it wake me up? Nope. As it’s not that bouncy. However, if you’re a light sleeper, you may want to consider all-foam mattresses instead. INTERNAL LINK.

Rating: 3/5

Edge Support

Do you sleep with a partner? Then you’d definitely appreciate the extra space firm edge support can give, especially if you’re an edge sleeper!

Would I recommend the Simba Hybrid Pro to edge sleepers or to anyone in general who’d like to maximize their bed space? Sure. Simba Sleep intentionally popped in the HD foam with reinforced edges to make the edges strong enough to support you. 

Rating: 4/ 5

Best Features

So what are my 3 favourite bits with the Simba Hybrid Pro?

  • Breathability
  • Handles
  • Edge support

As a hot sleeper, I recommend the Simba Hybrid Pro’s breathability. The added spring layer and British Wool pushed the Simba Hybrid Pro to my top picks of Hybrid beds. I absolutely love sweat-free mornings!

Of course, Simba Hybrid Pro’s handles (there are 4 of them!) for easy rotation are proof of Simba’s attention to detail. Making it more convenient for users. 

And who wouldn’t want firm edges? If you prefer to roll in and out of mattresses with soft edges, maybe you’d want the Simba Hybrid instead. But if you like to sleep on the edge, go for the more robust Simba Hybrid Pro!

Mattress Rating  

That’s a large ground we covered with the Simba Hybrid Pro! For a quick recap, here are the ratings:

  • Off-gassing – 2/ 5
  • Firmness – 6.5/ 10
  • Back sleepers – 5/ 5
  • Side sleepers- 3/ 5
  • Front sleepers- 4/ 5
  • Combo sleepers- 5/ 5
  • Hot sleepers – 4/ 5
  • With partner – 3/ 5
  • Edge support – 4/ 5

Which factors do you find important? Did the Simba Hybrid Pro make the cut for you?

Wrapping things up, here are the sleepers I would recommend the Simba Hybrid Pro mattress to. I’ll also mention those who may not like it. If you don’t find the Simba Hybrid Profit for you, don’t forget to check out other potential mattress choices!

  • Hot sleepers. 
  • Back sleepers and Stomach Sleepers. 
  • Heavyweight folks. 

Parting Words

That’s about it for the Simba Hybrid Pro! Still, torn whether the mattress is for you or not? You have 200 free nights to try it out! 

Sleep checklist is here to be your sleep companion! Don’t forget to bookmark this page for easy reference. Thank you!

Written by:

Max Stevens