How Long Can a Memory Foam Mattress Stay in the Box?

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How Long Can a Memory Foam Mattress Stay in the Box?

Is your new mattress in the box still? Maybe you don’t have the time to unpack and set it up yet? You’re not alone. In fact, many people have this dilemma too, so now they ask, “how long can I let the mattress inside the box?”

On average, even the best mattresses in a box can stay inside the box for 1 week and up to three months. Longer than three months will permanently damage the mattress and void its warranty. However, apart from a timetable, there are also factors involved. 

With this in mind, we’ve written this article to give you detailed information on how long you can leave the mattress in its box and what factors affect its longevity while still inside the box. Keep reading as we answer your question! 

Consequences of Leaving the Mattress Inside the Box for Too Long

It’s important to understand what a mattress in a box is and the big consequences when you leave it inside the box for extended periods and wait too long to set it up. And we’ll be honest: these are not “good” consequences, even if you have the “best” mattress: 

Premature Damage

Premature damage is typical when leaving your mattress in its box for an extended period. In foam mattresses, early damage can manifest in a variety of symptoms: 

  • There are visible creases and wrinkles on the surface, and the foam layers have become thinner
  • The surface is uneven and has a crater-like (circular) or trench-like (linear) shape, and firmness levels are unequal
  • The sleeper wakes up with aching in the body, particularly in the neck and lower back area (indicators of loss of comfort and support)
  • Hybrid and innerspring mattresses may manifest sagging issues such as the above, significantly when the coils inside are already compromised, which also stresses the layers of foam

Expanding Issues 

Apart from visible damage, there may be expanding issues from your mattress in a box left for a long time. These issues may manifest through: 

  • The mattress hasn’t expanded fully after 72 hours (three days)
  • The mattress has expanded fully on both ends but only partially expanded on the area where it was folded/rolled 
  • The mattress has uneven expansion and different softness/firmness levels after decompressing

Expanding issues are considered severe, indicating the mattress is already damaged and compressed for too long it can’t fully expand.

In this state, we can assume a mattress has been voided of its warranty for failing to unpack and set up in due time rather than being defective.

Voidance of Warranty 

As introduced, once you fail to unpack your mattress in a box as soon as possible, you risk permanently damaging your newly-purchased mattress’s lifespan. Negligence is not covered by warranty, and damages caused by outright negligence automatically void the warranty. 

It’s best to buy one when you have free time to unbox and set it up as soon as the mattress arrives rather than waste money keeping it in its box and having the warranty voided later. A mattress within a trial period may also be deemed nonrefundable if it’s already damaged.

Comfort Issues 

Sagging issues is not only seen but it’s also felt. One awful symptom that your mattress is already damaged is the feeling of diminished comfort when you use it. You often wake up aching in the morning, and you feel your muscles are tight as pressure relief is nonexistent. 

Uneven, saggy surfaces make your body ache, and it’s common for mattresses to develop these when left too long inside the box. Again, it’s better to unbox it as soon as possible than wake up with aching and pain every single day and buy a new bed as a remedy. 

How Soon Should You Unbox Your Mattress? 

Simple answer: open the mattress as soon as you can. Even though mattresses in a box have a safe period when they can be left inside their box, it’s best to unbox them soon. Doing this helps ensure your mattress won’t be damaged, and the warranty will never be voided so early.

You should also read the tags or labels and see if there’s a specific timeframe to unbox your mattress. If there are no detailed tags or labels, check with the manufacturer by contacting them. 

The best advice we can offer is that whenever you buy a new mattress in a box, make it a habit to prepare for its arrival (don’t forget to prep the bed frame, too) so you can expedite the process and set up the mattress immediately. 

How Long Does It Take For A Mattress To Expand? 

Mattresses in a box generally expand within a few hours or up to a few days at most. For any longer than three days, you’ll need to check the mattress for damages and contact the mattress manufacturer. 

Some factors can also interfere with the rate a mattress expands and assumes its original shape. Room humidity, temperature, and ventilation levels can either slow down or quicken the expansion of your mattress. 

It’s also great to note that the best quality and ideal mattresses in a box are quicker to expand than standard and low-quality ones—a testament (or even a justification) for higher product prices. 

Can You Rebox the Mattress Yourself? 

Unfortunately, you can’t rebox a rolled mattress. Producing and packaging the mattress involves using specialised equipment in the industrial setting. We’re talking about using a vacuum machine and industrial rollers to compress and roll the mattress and put it inside a vacuum bag and the box. 

If you’re unsatisfied with your mattress and want to return it for a refund, you’ll never be able to put it back in its box if you don’t have the machinery. Instead, call the manufacturer’s hotline, inform them of the situation, and let their team handle the product. 

In this way, returns and refunds will be way easier than finding ways to rebox the mattress yourself. If, however, you have an old mattress and you want it reboxed as you’re waiting to move out of your residence, rent a moving company instead. 

How Long Can You Keep a Memory Foam Mattress in the Box?

You can leave a memory foam mattress in its box safely for several weeks. A foam mattress in a box is not new to compression since it’s meant to be compressed, which is why they’re particularly resistant to damage when keeping them in the box for a longer time.

However, the density of the layer of memory foam might make them vulnerable to creases and wrinkles. 

To combat this, we recommend you open and unroll a new memory foam mattress as soon as you can. If you have a hybrid mattress with a memory foam or latex top layer, we recommend unboxing it within a week to preserve its firmness.