How To Store A Latex Mattress For Future Use

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how to store a latex mattress

How To Store A Latex Mattress For Future Use

Storing a latex mattress is no small feat, especially if you don’t know the proper conditions and techniques. For instance, did you know they’re sensitive to extreme temperatures and humidity?

This means improper storage can result in damage, loss of shape and once you want to use it again a bad night’s sleep.

No one wants that, so this guide will make sure you know everything about storing a latex mattress the right way for years at a time. The last thing you want is to worry about buying a new mattress when you need to use it.

8 Steps To Storing A Latex Mattress Without Damaging It

If you have a top rated latex mattress then you’ll want to ensure you store it well for future use. While latex is durable, it doesn’t mean they’re invulnerable to storage-related damage. Follow these steps to bring your mattress out of storage as good as new

1. Strip Off Bedding

Strip off any beddings and bed accessories including pillows, sheets, blankets, mattress toppers, protectors, and pads.

Throw your used bedding into the washing machine and dry them afterwards by hanging them outside to sun-dry.

2. Do A Visual Check

Visually inspect for stains for signs of wear and tear such as staining, sagging, lumpiness or indentations. Start by checking the top layer, look for dents, cuts, and discolouration, and check the bottom layer afterwards.

If there are signs of wear and tear, get them repaired as soon as possible before you go into the cleaning phase. We do not advise mattress cleaning when there’s loads of wear and tear as it can cause further damage.

3. Clean Your Mattress

We always recommend making sure your latex mattress is clean before storing it away. Follow these steps:

– Vacuum the bed first and focus on every nook and cranny, as these areas accumulate dirt the most.
– You can use the all-famous baking soda, liquid dishwashing soap and vinegar combo for stains.
– Blot any previous spills and stains away once you’ve left the solution applied for 5-10 minutes
– For stubborn stains and nasty smells, you can use an enzyme cleaner or hydrogen peroxide.
– Finish it up with a spritz of your favourite linen deodoriser (optional)
Call a professional mattress cleaning surface if you don’t have time.

4. Air Dry Your Mattress

After the cleaning session, it’s time to dry it. For some mattress types, direct sunlight is fine, but do not sun-dry latex. Sun-drying can cause the latex foam to deform and lose its original texture and support.

To properly air dry your mattress, search for a well-shaded area outside and let it dry from the cool breeze of wind. If this is not possible, you can use a fan indoors or a well-ventilated spot away from the sun.

5. Prepare For Storage

packet of silica gel

Once your latex mattress is completely dry to the touch, you can now prepare it for storage. It’s best to have a heavy-duty mattress bag or plastic, so the mattress is completely safe inside. You can easily search for mattress bags online on Amazon and eBay.

Ensure the mattress bag or plastic is completely airtight and waterproof. Read the label carefully, and seal the bag completely according to the product label.

To prevent moisture buildup inside the bag, add some packets of silica gel to absorb moisture and avoid mold and mildew growth in your mattress.

6. Choosing A Storage Location

Storing the mattress in a cool, dry, well ventilated place is our most recommended course of action. If you’re storing it in your house then popular locations include:
Dedicated storage room
Spare bedroom

Out of house locations are best although more expensive:
1. There are professional storage facilities that specialise in mattresses and home furniture by using climate and pest control measures.
2. A self-storage unit which has climate control and good ventilation
3. Some larger moving companies have their own climate control locations to store mattresses

Here are other helpful storage tips:
– Ensure that moisture and heat are kept to a minimum to prevent damaging the mattress.
– Use a dehumidifier to suck out moisture from the air in the room you want to store your mattress.
– Clean the room before storing the mattress, and periodically check and clean the room once every month or so.
– You can leave your mattress for many years in a temperature-controlled storage unit

7. Transporting the Mattress

Proper mattress transport is your top priority if you intend to move out of your current residence. You might have already known or experienced firsthand how logistics can be stressful and damaging for our packages.

It’s the same for mattresses. In fact, a latex mattress should be well-secured, so it won’t jump back and forth inside the delivery vehicle.

When transporting your latex mattress, you can lay it on its side and secure it so it won’t move. It’s also good to hire a trusted moving company so they take care for your latex mattress.

To search for a moving or removal company online, just type in “best removal companies UK” or “removal companies UK” and you’ll get results that are based on your location.

8. Storing It Properly

A proper storage position is essential for mattresses since they are heavy and bulky. Laying your latex mattress on its side should only be a short-term, temporary storage (like when moving in or moving out) but not advisable in the long term as it’ll reduce the lifespan of your mattress and damage the latex.

This is because gravity can drag down on your mattress resulting in sagging and indentations. Lay your mattress flat for safer storage, and don’t put other heavy things on top of it to prevent denting from forming.

How Long Can I Store A Latex Mattress?

A latex mattress can be stored for up to several years, as long as it is stored in a cool, dry place and is properly protected from dust, moisture, and pests. Just remember to check the manufacturer’s instructions or warranty for specific storage guidelines. 

Can You Store The Mattress On Its Side?

No, you should not store your latex mattress on its side as it can potentially cause it to bend or become misshapen and may negatively impact the mattress’s overall comfort and support.

The mattress should be stored flat and on a sturdy foundation or a flat, clean floor. This makes sure that it’s properly protected from dust, moisture, and pests.

What Should I Do If My Stored Mattress Gets Wet?

If your latex mattress gets wet in storage then remove it from the affected area as soon as possible and dry it thoroughly. We recommend a well-ventilated area, near plenty of windows and fans to reduce moisture.

Exposure to direct sunlight can potentially damage a latex mattress, as the UV rays from the sun can cause the latex to degrade over time.

Can I Store My Mattress In An Outhouse?

It is not recommended to store a latex mattress in an outhouse or any other type of uninsulated or damp storage area. These areas are susceptible to high humidity and poor air circulation which can cause the mattress to attract moisture, mould and mildew.

Can A Stored Mattress Get Bed Bugs?

A stored mattress can potentially get bed bugs if the storage area is infested with the insects. This is why it’s important to choose a place with regular pest-control and use a mattress storage cover to protect it from outside critters.

Can I Store A Mattress With Its Frame?

Yes, you can store a latex mattress with its bed frame, as long as the frame is sturdy, can support the weight and keep the mattress from sagging. Also make sure that the frame isn’t in contact with any moisture as this can eventually be absorbed by the mattress.

Can you fold a mattress in half for moving?

It is not recommended to fold a latex mattress in half for moving as even though they are flexible, resilient material folding it in half can cause permanent crease or damage the structure of the mattress.

Store Properly & Save Money

In summary, storing a latex mattress is an easy task. All you need to do is follow what we’ve discussed above in every detail and heed all the precautions we’ve talked about.

With attentive care and a little bit of your time and effort, your latex mattress will be as good as new once you use it up from storage! We promise it’d feel new and smell good!

Written by:

Max Stevens